Gato Community College. (game thread)

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"Well, good, I won't have to worry about waking you up when I get up to do my morning workouts then, just beware of things hanging off the side bed. Step on my tail or wings and I'll be pissed"

"Sounds good. If you don't want to deal with sweaty dudebros at the gym here, I'm pretty sure I can get you into the one I use." She said, before the last thing Sierra said clicked. "Hang on...tail? Wings? Awesome!" She smiled.

"But it's up to you and I won't be offended if you chose Alicia's room over mine."

Alicia chuckled at Ohka's awkwardness. She really doesn't get out much does she... "I don't care either way, just thought I'd offer." Moving through the people, she headed towards her room. "While you get yourselves sorted, I'm going to have a shower." She emerged a minute later, towel, soap and shampoo in hand, dressed only in her underwear. Disappearing into the bathroom, the sound of running water could be heard moments later.

"Thank you Ohka, but I think it'd be best to keep both the early risers in one place" Sierra said in reply to Ohka's offer. "And since I already brought em up and your gonna find out anyway." Sierra continued as the illusion around her faded, her horns wings and tail fading into view from nothing, to transparency to full viable, then stretched her two sets of wings a bit and 'rolled' a bit to work out a cramp. "I'm half demon" she said as she rubbed on of her eyes then the other, grumbling a little about the magic she used bother her eyes.

With her eyes now clear of what was bothering them her room mates now had a clear view of them, while they where certainly 'demonic' in coloring, much like the rest of her, they lacked that 'sinister air' pure blood demons generally have to them, Sierra basically stood there as an example of 'not everything that is dark is evil'. Her Illusion dropped she turned to Mirabelle "Thank you for the offer but no, I doubt I'll need help moving the box into the room."

Tomas seeing nothing was really within the fridge yet sigh as he closes the door. "Well gentlemen i'm heading down to the cafe. If you like to join me your more then welcome to." He said as he head out the door without waiting for them. Walking down the halls as he saw a map of the school and where to go to for the cafe. As he look over the directions he heard a small group of guys heading this way talking in low voices.

" sure you alright man?"
"For the last fucking time just drop it! She gone and I'm fine...I just want to lay down for a bit.."

'Wonder what up with that...' Tomas thought before he turn around and headed back on his way toward the cafe.

Ohka nodded. "Hang on." she said and moved back to her room. Truth be told, this was the fasted that any of them had seen the girl move. There were a few loud bangs, a cat meowing and a couple of hisses,but soon enough, she was back out with her phone and a clothing tape measure. "Hold Still please Sierra." she said and began moving around her, taking measurements and tapping into her phone without her permission, and before Sierra could really protest, she was done. "Okies, thanks." said Ohka before disappearing into her room again.

A while after she'd entered, Kaylee exited her room, stretching her arms over her head. She'd put up a few posters of some of her favorite punk and metal bands and a few other things as well. Added to the fact she had just left some of her clothing on the floor, she quickly began to feel at home. As she walked outside, she noted the others still talking and Sierra looking notably different.

The mute girl's eyes widened for a moment or two before she calmed herself down. Right... After all I've seen today, I shouldn't be so surprised... She quickly walked up toward Sierra and began typing up a message on her phone, showing the screen to the half-demon once it was complete. "Hey there. Sorry I didn't introduce myself before. I'm Kaylee. And you... weren't looking quite as demonic when I went in my room? What's up with that?"

Sierra wasn't quiet sure what to think of Ohka's mood shifts and was about to shrug it off and set to sorting out her new arrangements when Kaylee walked back up, and showed her a message on her phone, upon reading it Sierra found she was introducing her self and asking about her demonic appearance "Pleased to met you Kaylee, as for why I look different, this is how a really look, what you saw when came is is just the 'mask' I wear to blend in with the normals." Sierra explained giving her shoulder a rub "Puts a cramp in my wings something fierce though" she added "What about you?" she started, directing that, and the next question and Mirabelle as much as Kaylee "'What' are you guys?"

Mirabelle wasn't all that shocked at Sierra's transformation when she had revealed it. She just wasn't used to demons looking so...human, so the lack of attributes took her more by suprise than the attributes that she gained. She had always thought of demons as ugly, malshapened, and monsterous, not like Sierra...but maybe that had to do with her being half demon instead of a full. Still, it made her less nervous about her own form since she knew that someone else seemed to be hiding their own looks as well.

" already made a hole back there when i showed the others so..." She said before turning around and reaching her hands up. She stopped for a moment and turned her head around, saying, "Also, please don't stand by the window. I don't think anyone wants to see anyone else fall out.", before turning and continuing. She pulled the mesh from her head in the smae way she had done before, and turned around to show Sierra the unnatural eyes, the lack of a nose, the wires and metal peices that comprised her neck, all of it. This time though, she spoke, saying, "I'm like golem...though some have called me a machine. I don't really know the difference when it comes to me...".

She couldn't hide the nervousness in her voice when she talked about exactly what she was, even if she couldn't express it. She had been compared to both, thought the latter had a lead on the former. Her father had said it didn't matter, that she blurred that line, but he himself had referred to her as a golem so that's what she identified with, even if she wasn't too sure herself.

She put the mesh back on, but unfortunately, she couldn't push the mesh back together so she turned to the others and said, "Excuse me, i need to go and make some more of my mesh to cover this i still need to unpack." She left nervously then, hoping to cover the hole as quickly as possible and went into her room.

Kaylee blinked as Mirabelle revealed her mechanical form once more. Though she had seen the form once, she still couldn't help feeling a little bit of unease as the mesh was pulled off, followed by the admiration of the mechanical workings underneath.

After Mirabelle had excused herself, Kaylee typed up a response. "...Well, I'm a human... more or less. I just have this..." To show what she meant, the mute girl stowed her phone away and winced silently as her right arm began to mold into a larger scaled arm, looking like it belonged to a dragon. The claws of her newly transformed hand were a vibrant red and a small drip of clear liquid began to drip from each talon. She kept herself in this state for a few moments before reverting and looking relieved as she did.

The sound of running water died, and a minute or so later, Alicia stepped out dressed only in a towel. Looking around, she saw Kaylee giving another display to...Sierra? "Damn." She said, walking over. "You weren't kidding 'bout the wings and the horns though." Reaching up, her hands burst into flames as she ran them through her hair, drying the short bob rapidly.

"Yeah, I'm the resident human torch." She chuckled. "Oh and I can beat a man eight ways from Sunday...but that's less 'weird power' and more 'years of training'." As she was finishing up drying, she realized she hadn't tucked in the towel quite as well as she should have; before she could stop it, the towel came undone, leaving her naked in the middle of the room. "Sonuvabitch." She muttered, picking up the towel. "Guess that's a subtle way to telling me to put some clothes on." Disappearing into her room, she re-appeared dress much like she had been earlier, in a tank top and yoga pants.

Going over to the box with Sierra's bed in it, she easily picked it up. "Might as well get this set up."

Sierra was at first put off by, then incredibly interested in Mirabelle's 'true form', but before she could ask about a few questions, Mirabelle left to fix her self, so she let it go for now. Kaylee then showed her 'thing' some kind of demonic arm thing, that seemed to have some kind of venom that drips from the claws, though she didn't seem to like it if the expression of relief when the arm reverted to normal was anything to go on. "Not a fan of the arm I take." Sierra said as Alicia came out of the shower and dried her hair with her fire powers , though this seem to cause her towel to drop and Sierra to snicker, and Alicia went into her room to get clothing.

"I actually have two different 'power sets', one, your not seeing unless something is trying to kill me" Sierra said in a manner that basically said 'it'll happen sooner or later'. "The other, I'd be more then happy to show off." she said as she grabbed her duffel bag and pulled out an orange stone, on it a rune of some sort was engraved. Sierra swiped her thumb over the rune and tossed it on the floor, from the stone a white light appeared and formed a four drawer filing cabinet. Sierra pulled the second drawer from the top open and pulled the lid off a box then pulled a blue robot out of the box and set it on top of the file cabinet. The robot was stocky, and generally tough looking, as well as having a mono eye, and a 'horn' like antenna on its head then, pulled a wireless Xbox 360 controller out, which had been recolored to match the toy, she then closed the drawer with her tail and turned to stand by Kaylee again. about this time Alicia came back out, clothed and picked up the box stating it should probably be set up now.

"Could, but, you'll wanna see this." Sierra said as she pressed the 'home' button, the mono eye on the toy flashing as the toy straightened up a little bit. From the Home button a transparent window appeared, with some information on it that was relating to the toy, the name of which was in top bar along with a serial number. She pressed the left stick forward, and the toy began to walk forward, when it reached the edge of the file cabinet she clicked the button under the thumb stick and the boosters kicked on and the toy hovered there a few feet off the floor. Sierra brought the toy closer to the trio before setting it down on the box Alicia was holding "One of my 'power sets' is enchantments. Generally speaking I can only strength, weaken, or alter an objects property's, like my Bakuzan, for example. That has actually was actually a cosplay item I picked up at a convention a friend took me to, now its a fully functional weapon and my main means of self defense, enchants like that I can do in a day. The remote controlled Perfect Grade Mobile Suit model." Sierra started and sighed when she got to the MS. "I've got a little over a year into R&D to get it to the level its at now, more over its extremely complex so it's not something I can just whip out and go 'I own this bus now' and start driving it around with a game pad." she said as she clicked the boosters back on and maneuvered the model back over to the file cabinet, while she walked back over to it and opened the drawer the model rests in, setting the model down back on top then deactivating it before putting the controller and model back in their box and closing the drawer.

Ohka soon came out of her room with a smile on her face. "Well, it's on the it's way to being complete. You'll know when it's here." she said, just managing to catch the display of the magic on the toy. Slowly, she walked back towards the group and was shaking a bit. "How much do you... want for it?" she asked, amazed and awestruck to see a working gundam model. "One? two?" she asked, her head desiring the item so she could get it signed and then kept perfectly preserved in a vacuum sealed case.
"Three thousand?" she asked, wanting it so badly to add to her collection.

Kaylee quickly shook her head in response to Sierra's statement, confirming the half-demoness' suspicions. Once Alicia came back out and the little robot was produced from the file cabinet that was produced from the orange rune, Kaylee tilted her head, looking very interested. ...I really could've used something like that. Would've made packing a hell of a lot easier on me... She raised her eyebrow at the tone Sierra spoke with as she spoke about her other power set. Huh...? She says that like something's after her. ...Must be first day jitters or something. I guess even demons have those kinda problems...

As the controller and toy both proved to be something out of a sci-fi movie, Kaylee's visible eye widened and a look of admiration grew on her face. Even though she hadn't exactly done well in school, working with mechanical things was one thing that excited her and led to her doing well in some science and shop classes. She silently looked toward Sierra, having a sort of sparkle to her eye, being too excited to type out a coherent response to the toy on her phone.

Her excitement diminished and turned into a small bit of a depression as Ohka came in and offered to buy the toy. ...Damn, I can't compete with three grand... That sucks... I wanted to take a closer look at her stuff.... She sighed silently before sticking her hands into her jacket pockets and resuming a nonchalant expression, trying to hide her previous excitement as quickly as she could, looking off to the side of the room.

Sierra smiled a little at Kaylee's reaction to the model, Ohka's reaction made her happy to. "Kampfer is not for sale. First of all, its tied for my favorite Mobile Suit, and the only Perfect Grade model I own, things aren't cheap ya know. But secondly, and most importantly, it only works if I'm feeding it the magical energy's needed to make it function. It's one of the many hurdles I'm dealing with, finding a power source that doesn't require the operator to be magically inclined. Another is a more precis method of control." Sierra said as she gave the cabinet a light tap, causing the 'storage run' to activate and store the object back in the stone. "I'm flattered you'd offer though, but sorry, I can't sell it."

Mirabelle had left for her room to cover the hole in the back of her mesh...but she needed to get a few things out for that first. This was extended to just unpack everything now and fix it afterwards after she remembered the large amount of things she had brought. She took a good look around the room before getting started, trying to decide where she would put everything. Most of the stuff that she brought had no practical purpose for her, most being alchemy tools that she didn't know the purpose of, but they comforted her enough to justify bringing them. Of course, some of it she did know of and have a use for outside the purely comforting so she started putting those up first. She had a construct that resembled a bendable tree, save for the fact that each side was even and each 'branch' ended in a mirror, which was put on the desk. She decided to store her father's journal on there too, figuring that it would be hard to lose it there. There was the carry-on tool kit that she used to store the ingredients for the Alchemical soul as well as the mesh ingredients, which was put by the dresser. There were the few mixing implements that were needed which she put on the desk with the mirror tree, and the repair tools that she dedicated a drawer to. The rest of the assorted objects were put on the dresser or, if they were durable enough, on the floor against the wall. Any papers that she brought, most holding info on engineering and alchemy with the odd planned prototype of herself, were hung haphazardly on the walls, like they were at home. Finally, she put the clothes that she had brought either in the drawer or in the closet. When all was said and done, everything looked cluttered but rather neat all things considering.

With that done, she set herself to fixing the hole she had made in the mesh. First she bended the mirror tree around her head, having each mirrors reflection reflect another's so that she could see the back of her head. She cut off the streched edges around the hole, taking care to not cut some of the hair out and make an obvious patch of exposed mesh in the back of her head. Taking the ingredients out, she blended them into a foam/paste mixture (she didn't know which it was classified as) before plastering it into the hole quickly, before it set, and pushed the hole together. After a minute, she took her hand away and looked at the result. It looked fine enough that you wouldn't notice unless you were actively looking, and that was before she ruffled her hair to cover it, making it unnoticable.

She went to put her bags away in the closet, picking one up before noticing something. There was something in the side pocket of it, weighting the bad down slightly. She opened it up before she remembered what it was. She had bought some jam before she had left, and had stored them in there as a peace offering, in case she had scared or angered anyone. She didn't know why she thought it would help, especially since they were labeled in spanish, but she had read about people giving such gifts to ease tensions seemed like a good idea. Now to just stuff them in the fridge and leave them for everyone else. She grabbed the jars, 7 in total and all in different flavors, and took them out with her as she left the room.

She found Ohka counting to...something. She said 1, 2, and 3000 but skipped the 2997 numbers inbetween...was she trying to by something? Whatever she was doing, Sierra shut it down. Mirabelle decided to interject then, taking her chance and running with it.

"I back. Um...i brought some preserves from home...well, my local market. Sorry about them being in spanish...I'll, uh, just put them in the fridge in case you guys want some." She then moved to the fridge and put them in before returning to the others.

"Could, but, you'll wanna see this."

She set the box down and watched as Sierra's toy robot flew over to her, before returning to Sierra. Most of her explanation went right over Alicia's head, but the word 'enchantment' did pique her interest. As she was about to continue on, Ohka stepped out of her room.

"Well, it's on its way to being complete. You'll know when it's here."

Huh? Must've missed something while I was in the shower

"How much do you... want for it? One? Two? Three thousand?"

Alicia rolled her eyes. Fancy yes, but it's just a goddamn toy... She thought. She never got why some people got so excited over some tech. She did have to raise an eyebrow, seeing Sierra seemingly stash all that stuff in to a carved rock. "Ok that is pretty cool." She muttered.

"I back. Um...I brought some preserves from home...well, my local market. Sorry about them being in Spanish...I'll, uh, just put them in the fridge in case you guys want some."

"Ohh, food is always appreciated!" She said, smiling at Mirabelle. "Between my magic, and my training, I have a tendency to eat a lot." Stepping back into her room, she set the box down, and read the label.

Bunk bed-in-a-box
1. Place box beside existing bed/appropriate sized clear space
2. Break seal, stand back
3. Enjoy

Make sure existing bed/appropriate sized clear space is clear of all personal effects or living organisms.

Following the instructions, Alicia broke the seal on the top of the box and stepped back. There was an audible WHUMP, and then suddenly there were bunk beds where a single bed had been; there was no trace of the box. "THAT was fucking wicked!"

"Bed's all set." She said, heading back over to her roomies. "So, who wants to go see what this place passes off as food?"

As Mirabelle brought out her jars of jam, Kaylee tilted her head a small bit. ...Actually, I could go for something... Luckily for her, Alicia had already suggested what she was about to type. She smiled and gave Alicia a thumbs-up and moved toward the doorway in anticipation.

"Well gentlemen I'm heading down to the cafe. If you like to join me your more then welcome to."

'That's actually not a bad idea...'
"Oi Wilhelm, wait up!" Jarrah called out as Tomas walked out of sight. After buttoning up his shirt and putting on a pair of shoes, Jarrah followed out into the hall and started walking towards the cafe. In front of him a trio of guys rounded the corner speaking in hushed tones.

"G'day." Jarrah said as he passed them. One of the trio looked back and muttered something about the 'god damn freshmen' before he stepped up his pace and disappeared around the other end of the hallway.

'Huh, wonder what his problem was.' Jarrah though to himself as he made his way to the cafe.

"Ummm... the school does have a policy of free roaming... meaning we don't need to stay on campus for all hours. I can take us all to a good place that i know around here. You girls just need to get dressed a bit better. It's a good place, and thus you need to have finer clothes... if you don't have anything really nice, i'm sure some of my stuff could fit you need be." she offered, wanting to make a decent first impression. "You know, to starting the school year and celebrate the fact we all got in?" Ohka said to the gathered group.

Jack watched as his two roommates left the dorm area to get drinks. 'might as well' he thought to himself as he followed the two.

He passed by a trio of men but simply ignored them. Whatever they were talking about was their business, not his. He caught up with up to Jarrah and asked "what drinks do you want to get?"

He waited for a response while looking around for Tomas.

Kaylee blinked twice as Ohka began to suggest them wearing a little nicer clothing to go out in. The mute sighed a small bit before typing up something on her phone and showing it to the pale elf. "Well.... I don't have anything fancier than what I've got on now... And I guess I'd have enough cash on me to pay for a fancier place than McDonald's... You have anything in medium?"

I just hope I don't end up screwing things up once we get in there... She thought to herself as she waited for a response to her message.

As the topic shifted food, Sierra relocated her bags to her room, and since she already had that stone out, set up her file cabinet in an open corner, then leaned her bags against it, she still had one more stone to dig out and set up, her 'enchanting table' as she called it, but for now things where good enough.

"The clothing I have on is as 'nice' as its gonna get. Sides most my nicer out fits are form fitting and around all the perverts and drunks here, I'd rather not give them a reason to bother me so I don't have to hurt them." Sierra said, weighing in on the topic of finer clothing for the outing.

Alicia shuddered mentally at the thought of getting 'dressed up'. While yoga pants were currently in style, she'd never be one to follow fashion trends...she spent a lot of time working out, or training, so her current clothes made sense; otherwise she usually wore jeans and t-shirts from the thrift store.

"Sorry Ohka," She said with a shrug. "I didn't pack much in the way of clothes, other than a few sets of workout gear...was planning on hitting a second hand place when I got a moment." Despite her mother's best efforts, she'd never been much of a 'girly' girl.

"Umm... well... i'll be treating as a my sort of gift, and i'm talking about formal wear, or a kimono like this." she said and gestured to her current attire. Taking a realization that they'd probably not have something like that, she figured it'd be easier to borrow her stuff. "ummm... just follow me back i guess." she said and walked into the room and pulled out a bunch of different kimono's. "Choose your pick of floral patterns... they may all look oversized, but i can adjust the size with the sash..." she said, letting them look over the rather impressive amount.

"I guess it helps that my mother is working for one of the large fashion designers in tokyo..." she explained to them.

Following after Ohka, Kaylee tilted her head at the mention of formal wear. ....Is the place we're going that upscale...? Jeez, I'm gonna feel way outta place... but as long as the food's good... She shrugged to herself before raising an eyebrow at the large amounts of floral patterned cloth that Ohka had laid out. At least this stuff looks loose enough... Rather have this that some tight-ass dress... Bleh.... She leaned down looking stuff over before picking up a particular kimono and showing it to Ohka as she typed up another message.

"Are you sure that you ca--" Her typing stopped halfway as Ohka explained her having a fashion designer as a parent. She paused for a moment as a few thoughts ran through her head. ...If she's loaded then... "Must be nice to have a good amount of cash then, huh?" She eventually typed out and showed to Ohka, slipping one arm through a sleeve of the kimono.

"Uh, thanks." Mirabelle said as she looked at the kimonos. She had rarely seen such clothing, and usually it was on t.v. (the rare times she got the chance to watch) so having to choose one now was...rather random now that she thought about it. She thought she may have something that could work in her closet, after all, she had brought a few dresses with her since she didn't know what was appropriate. Still, she didn't have the fashion sense to tell what qualified for fine and even if she did, she didn't want to stick out amongst them as the only one in a dress while they wore kimonos. Besides, she didn't want to just pass up an opportunity to try one on and not see how it looked and worked.

she examined the kimonos, looking for an orange one since it was her preferred color. Not seeing anything that was immediatly orange, she instead chose a dark red one with flowers doing down it in rows (B-141 on page 3, if you need to know). She slipped her arms into it and tried to hold the front closed, saying, "...Now what?"

Following Ohka, she wrinkled her nose at the thought of wearing anything that even resembled a dress. But she seems to be trying so hard, I can't just say 'No' without a better reason than that. She thought.

Looking at the various kimonos, Alicia got the impression that Kaylee was of a similar mind when it came to clothes like this. Ah well, guess there's nothing to do but get it over with. Eventually finding one she could tolerate, she picked it up and put it on much like Mirabelle had. Since the other girl/automaton had already voiced the same question Alicia had, she just raised an eyebrow, and waited.

Sierra looked over the Kimonos, and frowned "They're nice and all but I think I'm a have to sit this out. I just got a massive cramp out of my wings, and these make my wings hurt just looking at them" Sierra said. While her concern about the pain a kimono would cause was very much genuine, she also really didn't wanna were one, partly cause the 'pain' issue, but also cause they didn't suit her at all. Sierra was generally to tall, and to 'big' in the front for a Kimono.

"Nonsense!" Ohka said and wen through the drawers to find a kimono. After a minute, she pulled out a purple one. She got out a few bobby pins and set about decorating Sierra. Any resistance was met with a "hush" and continuation. it took all of maybe five minutes, but when all was said and done, she looked pretty good in it.

The way it was hung on her was with the top spread apart and hanging on her shoulders (mind you, it's still a long dress, photo was just a reference for the top area) with a dip in the back to accommodate her wings being there. The kimono was also rather comfortable, being tight enough to cling and stay on her, but also loose enough to make wearing it feel even better than normal clothes.

"See... i told you you were speaking nonsense." she said, the purple dress matching her hair tips and making her look rather good.

Then she turned to the rest of the girls. "Ok, Mirabelle, watch what i do and help Alicia while i help Kaylee." she explained walking up to Kaylee, taking the kimono and pulling up the material around her waist until it was at Kaylee's ankes, she took the smaller belt and tied it underneath the material. She did this slowly and explained it to Mirabelle so she could follow along.

Ohka then took the larger belt, four meters long and folded it in half before wrapping it around Kaylee's Mid section twice, over the extra fabric, leaving just a bit exposed at the bottom then tieing it at the back. Once again, she did this slowly to let Mirabelle follow and explained it to her her along the way.

"See, it's not hard." she said happily, proud of her work.

Kaylee lifted up her arms as Ohka slowly went to work dressing her up in the kimono. She squirmed a small bit as she wasn't used to wearing these kinds of clothes and as Ohka tied the midsection of the dress. Once all was said and done, the mute girl looked herself over, a small blush coming over her as she realized she was basically wearing a dress. Despite her previous disposition against dresses, she seemed to like wearing the kimono at the moment ...Th-This isn't... so bad.... I just hope no one I know sees me in this...

She picked up her phone and quickly typed up a message a thanks to Ohka before erasing it and showing the elf one more. "So we're headed to some sort of Asian restaurant then...?"

And protest Sierra did, though she did little to try and stop Ohka, mostly cause she didn't want actually hurt her, which she figured wouldn't take much with how frail she looked, that how ever didn't stop her bopping her on the head. "Next time, ask, before just forcing a dress on some one" Sierra said as she looked at her self in the mirror, Ohka was right, she did look good, save the black bra straps anyway, she'd need to deal with those. more impressive is how comfortable it was for her lower wings, which where concealed by the kimono, they didn't feel cramped or confined at all, her upper wings hung freely so there was no issue there.

Sierra just sighed "Oh the hell with it", she reached around and unclasped the back of her bra, then a short bit of finagling later the straps where loosened and she pulled the thing off of her and tossed it on the pile of clothing, and after a minor adjustment to make sure everything was gonna stay in place, she was ready to go, even if she still didn't really want to.

Mirabelle watched Ohka and listened to her explanation while trying it on herself. She didn't know how Alicia would feel about having someone else dress her but she did it anyways, apologizing for the intrusion of space but following Ohka's instructions to the letter. Luckily, taking instructions for most of her life had accommodated her to things like this and soon she had finished with Alicia, having mimicked Ohka perfectly, and had started on herself. She found tying it on herself to be a bit harder than just tying it on Alicia but she seemed to be getting the hang of it. Soon, she had finished with herself and looked st the others, comparing her work Thankfully, she had done everything right so both girls looked exactly as they should have.

She didn't have a true sense of feeling as the others, being able to tell what was affecting her body only through pressure, but she did note that the kimono had a feeling of nonrestrictiveness to it that she appreciated. She looked at the others and said, "Ok, i think i did it correctly...i didn't tie it to tight, did i Alicia?"

While still not too thrilled at the prospect of wearing a 'dress', but she figured this was one of those moments where it would be easier to 'go-with-the-flow', so to speak. After assuring Mirabelle that everything was fine, she let herself be dressed.

Watching Ohka work on Sierra, and then moving onto Kaylee, she chuckled softly as the demoness carefully wriggled her bra off. There was no way in hell Alicia was going to do that. For one she was wearing a sports bra, so 'unclasping' anything was out of the question, and two...just no.

"Ok, I think I did it correctly...I didn't tie it to tight, did I Alicia?"

"No, its's actually a lot less restrictive than I was expecting." Still...getting out of this thing as soon as I can get away with it. fortunately, she was still wearing her regular clothes underneath the kimono. "So now that we're all kitted up...and we please go eat." The last bit was punctuated by a rather loud gurgle from her stomach.

"Hehe, don't worry, you all look great we'll all eat well." Ohka said, gazing over the girls. She pulled out her phone, and after a short conversation in japanese, she gestured for them to follow her as she put it away. "Well, it'll be a ten minute ride, but if my guess about you fighter types, are correct... well... please just trust me..." she said and led them downstairs and out to the front gate where a black cab was waiting for the ladies.

They all climbed in and The cab set off. "I'd take it none of you know how to use chopsticks?" she asked looking at the group as they drove along, fully expecting none of them to have any idea of how to use them.

Tomas was slowly starting to walk slower to let the other two join up. Not wanting to eat alone just yet and felt like he should at least treat them to some food. With that thought, he decide to skip on the school food and head out to the nearby fast food joint.

Hearing them right behind him as he said without turning around. "lets go out to eat. Any of you familiar with the area around the school? If not, then we can ask around to see whats good to eat." As they left the school and headed outside, Tomas was seeing a odd sight. Watching a bunch of girls, all wearing kimonos, getting into a limo. 'Why do I find this more strange then half of the students here?'

As they left Sierra noticed a few people staring at them 'Fan god damned tastic, we're already getting weird looks she thought as she climb into the cab and settled in for the ride to where ever.

As the cab took them to their destination, Ohka inquired if any of them knew how to use chopsticks. "I do, but I rather dislike using them." She started "They don't cramp my hand or anything, and I'm not terrible with them, I just find a fork to be the superior utensil"

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