Gato Community College. (game thread)

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Kaylee raised an eyebrow at what Ohka had hinted at before they left, but said nothing about it for the moment. ... Are they gonna expect us to fight something...? The various stares they got once they left didn't bother Kay in the slightest, walking with her hands laced behind her head.

Once they got into the cab, Kaylee leaned back in her seat and let out a silent, but relaxed sigh. "Hmm... I don't know how to use 'em..." She replied via message to Ohka's question.

Ohka's comment about 'fighter types' worried her a little bit, but seeing as there was nothing she could really do about it, she let it slide. As the group crossed the campus, she felt eyes following them, and even a 'wolf whistle' or two. Well that's fantastic...and my mum wondered why I stayed single throughout high school.

"I'd take it none of you know how to use chopsticks?"

Alicia raised an eyebrow at Ohka. "My dad is Thai, and he did most of the cooking when I was growing up...if I didn't learn, I'd have gone hungry a lot." She replied. "Just so long as they have large portions I'm happy."

Mirabelle found the walk to the car to be rather...odd. She hadn't accounted for the fact that all of them being in kimonos anyways would make them stick out. Luckily she was in a group so she didn't stick out as much. She quickly got into the car and they drove off, much to her relief. Of course, once they were in though, Ohka asked them if them a question about chopsticks, causing her much confusion, but not in the normal way.

" I had to live with a friend of my father after he passed away and he tried to teach me how to weild them...but i don't think he knew the proper way either...", she said, racking her head in confusion.

"Wow, i'm surprised that two of you do know." she commented, then took out a pair of chopstick from her sleeve. they'd notice the sleeve where was she also stored her her phone. "These chopsticks i got on the magic market and you jsut place them into your hand and they'll work." she said, giving them to Mirabell and Kaylee. "Now, i'll order for us since there's really only one reason to come to this place. The restaurant is named Shinjuku mon cher ton ton." she said and soon enough they were in tokyo, the school was only a fifteen minute drive out of the city.

They pulled up to a building and She led the group out of the cab, into the building and into an elevator. "Just remember to be polite. If any of you need anything, just ask one of the waitresses, they've handled many businessmen here and a decent portion of them being American or European, so English is a welcome language." she said as the elevator opened to the top floor.

The door to the elevator and they took the first door to the left, them being on the top floor now. She had another brief conversation with the waitress before they were led to one of the rooms in the back. Everyone took their seats and they were left there for a minute. "Well, what do you girls think?" she asked, smiling looking around the room.

"What drinks do you want to get?"

"I dunno," Jarrah replied with a shrug, "I'll have to see what's there."

Him and Jack quickly caught up to Tomas, who asked them, "Any of you familiar with the area around the school? If not, then we can ask around to see whats good to eat."

"I haven't had time to look around town, so your guess is as good as mine mate."

As the trio trio walked out the school gates, Jarrah spotted a group of girls, all wearing flower-print dresses, walk past and get into a limo. The (disguised) Yowie let out a low whistle (One of the many echoing through the courtyard at the moment) as the car drove off.

"Wonder what that was about." He said to nobody in particular as they kept walking.

As she was handed the chopsticks, Kaylee tossed them up and down casually before realizing she somehow knewhow to use the things. ...She wasn't kidding, huh...? After the reminder to be polite, Kaylee blew a sigh and nodded.

She was surprised and a small bit apprehensive about walking into the restaurant due to how clean and classy it all seemed. She was definitely out of her element, but hid it somewhat well from her face, though some people might see it. This discomfort dissipated a small amount as the group made it to their table and the view of the city and all the lights was visible. She smiled a bit as she looked out before taking her seat and giving Ohka a thumbs up in response to the question.

As Sierra sat down she could help but feel really out of place, she was never a fan of 'getting dress up to go eat', never under stood why food needed over priced clothing. "What do I think?" she started looking at the menu "It's nice, and I have no clue what any of this says ..." she said, partly replying to Ohka and partly voicing what was going through her head as she attempted to read the menu before just closing it and setting it on the table, and just looked around, partly out the window, partly at the room, but when her gaze drifted to her new room mates, this odd, conflicted look settled in for a few moments 'I should probably tell them, then again, not really their problem ..'

"Any of you familiar with the area around the school? If not, then we can ask around to see whats good to eat." No I'm not familiar with this area. I apologize." Jack said as he looked and spotted what most of the males in the area were staring at.

"So aside from Jarrah's annoyingly loud whistle. What should we do about getting food?" Jack questioned as he turned his attention back to the two. 'wait... wasn't that the girl that had that weird... aura about her?' Jack quickly sighed and shrugged off the thought. She was gone now so it didn't matter anyways.

"I suppose we could ask around to see.... but that would take too long in my tastes..."

"Well, what do you girls think?"

Alicia looked about, more than a little stunned. "I think I lack the seven figure bank account required to be in a place like this." She muttered. Looking over a menu she did a little math, converting Yen into Canadian Dollars. "Sweet Jesus titty-fucking Christ!" She yelped, just managing to keep her voice at an acceptable level. "I could eat for a week for what they're charging for some of this!" That said, the picture of the big slab of Kobe beef was making her mouth water.

Mirabelle didn't know if the chopsticks would work for her but she accepted them from Ohka anyways. In truth, she didn't know what to make of most of the building. She just stared around in a mixture of awe, high-strungness, and just general interest (though she only showed the latter on her face), taking it all in. Of course, when they were seated, Ohka asked of their opinion on the place but she still hadn't fully gotten an feel of what she thought of the place besides good which she found to be unfitting for the establishment. Eventually, she just gave up and came out with it.

"I...think it good. The place looks looks amazing. I'm just not used to this style of dining...i'm not used to dining in general. Sorry. I'm just a bit overwhelmed...I'm trying to get over it. Overall, it's good though..."

After hearing both of them say no and Jack adding that it would take way to long to ask for his taste. Tomas deciding to do it anyways as he start to walk towards a group of students hanging out by a tree. "If we try to explore ourselves Jack, then we run the risk of getting lost or taking even more time just to find the damn place."

Once he finish talking to Jack, the group was right infront of the students as Tomas spoke up. "Excuse me, My friends and I were wondering if you knew anywhere close by to eat...besides the school's cafe." Adding in incase someone wanted to do smart ass answer.

"There a burger joint down the street. Its a good bit of a walk but can't really miss it." One of them reply. Tomas smile "Thanks" he said before walking off where the student gave the directions.

"Well, it is something to get used to. Sorries for throwing you into the fire." she said to them, apologizing with a soft smile. "Well, I sure hope you like meat, since there's going to be a lot of it." Ohka said to them. Soon enough, the waitress came by and she was speaking rather fluent english. "Hello Ladies, what may i get you?" she asked, looking across the table as a chef came to the table as well, heating up the grill which was the center of it.

Ohka quickly broke off into japanese with the man after making a gesture to the waitress:

"Anata wa dono yōna sake o susumemasu ka?" she asked him, tilting her head.

"Maitoshi kono jiki wa, Yukinobousha Yamahai honjozo wa sutēki to tai ni suru koto ga yoi sentakudearu." he responded while prepping to cook.

She pressed her hands together and gave a small bow to him. "Arigatou gozaimasu" she said to him before turning to the waitress. "A bottle of Yukinobousha Yamahai honjozo Sake for myself please." she said to the waitress who promptly wrote it down and nodded.

100% of the conversation between Ohka, the chef, and the waitress went over Kaylee's head. In fact, it sailed a mile or so above her head and went off and onward into the sky. She blinked twice blankly before looking the menu over. Her eyes momentarily lit up as her eyes dropped to the picture of the sirloin and she lightly licked her lips before typing out a quick message to Ohka. "So... We're ordering drinks? I'll just have whatever you're having."

Sierra just watched the exchange between Ohka, the chief, and the waitress, and her conflicted look was replaced by one of awkwardness as she had no idea what any of them where saying and she didn't like being talked around like this. So for now she just sat silently, sipping at her water. the waitress did ask what she wanted to drink, but after coming to find the only alcohol in the place was various flavor of Sake, she said she was fine with water.

After that, she just sat in an uncomfortable silence.

Ohka could sense the awkwardness brought about by her curiosity. "I'm sorry..." She said looking down. "I was only asking what sake would go best with the meats as chefs would usually know best in these sorts of things. You're welcome to try a cup with dinner if you'd like, I ordered a bottle." She said to the table, feeling bad as she forgot she was the only one at the table who was in their native environment. Her face then lit up pink with embarrassment.

"It's ok...i don't know what to order to drink anyways...", Mirabelle said, after staring intently as Ohka and the chef had conversed. She had no idea what they said or why the chef was at the table but she was interested nonetheless. Of course, she soon realized that they may have not wanted her staring at them and busied herself by looking at the menu to see what Alicia and Kaylee may have been looking at so intently. Unfortunately, with no real idea of what they found to be appealing, she gave up and closed it. As long as she had the Alchemical soul powering her, she wouldn't need anything like food or drink.

"I'm ok for right now, thank you.", she said to the waitress, trying to sound as polite as possible.

"Sounds good to me. I'll take a few cups of it" Kaylee quickly tapped out in response. "I loved drinking back home with the others." She tilted her head as she looked Ohka over for a moment or two. Hope she's not one of those types that get drunk really easy... Her tilted a bit more as she noticed Ohka blushing.

After that thought, she went back to looking to the menu and half-drooling in anticipation.

The rapid fire Japanese between Ohka and the staff went sailing over Alicia's head; other than English she only knew a few phrases in Thai and French, and she was pretty sure she butchered those.

"I'm sorry...I was only asking what sake would go best with the meats as chefs would usually know best in these sorts of things. You're welcome to try a cup with dinner if you'd like, I ordered a bottle."

"That's probably for the best." She replied. "I...I'm not much of a drinker, so stuff like that is well beyond me." In all truth, her only experience with alcohol consisted of a beer with her dad, on her 18th birthday, and a glass of champagne when she'd graduated. "I'll just have some green tea please." She said, when the waitress came around.

Ohka smiled, looking around as the waitress left to get their drinks. "Well, what are we all going for?" she asked and then gave a quick nod to the chef and left, letting the grill come up to temperature. "I'm heading to Gato to learn to control myself... it's annoying venting electricity every time i hit something hard." she explained to the group and nodded as the waitress brought everyone's drinks and poured out a cup of sake for both Kaylee and Ohka.

"Could i bother you for a few more cups? three more?" she asked and the waitress nodded and left after serving all the drinks.

Mirabelle was confused at first by Ohka's question, since her mind hadn't yet left the topic of food. She thought that Ohka had already oredered for them so why would she ask what they were all going for if she was the only one who knew? Of course, when she got down to explaining, Mirabelle felt a bit foolish for thinking that. Still, she reasoned, it was one heck of a transition so she thought that she shouldn't fully blame herself for the confusion.

"Well...i just mostly came to Gato to learn how to socialize and act more...human. I don't think i need to tell you all how...unusual i can be...Of course, i also want to learn more about Alchemy since i only have a smattering of knowledge about it. I only learned a little bit from my father and his friends but they were either too busy teaching me other things or too caught up in their own experiments, respectively, to teach me. Also, is anyone else confused as to why the school is named after the spanish word for cat?"

Kaylee gave the waitress a quick nod in thanks before taking a quick sip of the sake. She paused for a moment as she let the taste linger in her mouth before taking another longer swig from the cup and putting the glass down as she began to type up an answer. After a moment or two, she placed her phone to the center of the table for everyone to read. "I'm here to try and find a way to get rid of this arm thing... and if I can't get rid of it, to learn to control it. My arm starts hurting a lot if I don't use that form every once in a while and it really hurts when I use the form anyway. I just want it to stop."

She simply shrugged in response to Mirabelle's question before taking another sip of the sake and taking her phone back once everyone saw her reply. ...This stuff's heavier than I expected, but it tastes awesome~

"Well, what are we all going for?"

"Well that's a fair enough question I guess." She answered, still gazing into the menu. "Really I'm here for two reasons. One is to learn to better use and control my fire, and granted I could've gone to a school in my home city, but that leads me to number two. One of the best Krav Maga gyms outside of Israel is within easy jogging distance of the campus."

Looking up from her menu, she realized her companions were pretty much all giving her blank looks. "Oh...sorry. Krav Maga is a martial art developed back in the '40s, and is the hand-to-hand school for the Israeli Defence Forces. Unlike other martial arts which either have a spiritual aspect, or rules regarding the use of certain moves, Krav Maga is all about making sure you are the last one standing in a real fight, by using any means necessary."

"My dad is an instructor back home, and I"ve been practicing it for three years." She went on, setting the menu down. "A little more practice, and a proficiency exam, and I can get my beginners instructor rating."

"...Also, is anyone else confused as to why the school is named after the Spanish word for cat?"

"I'll admit that has crossed my mind more than once."

Sierra sipped her water and listened to the others answer Ohka's question about why they where going to the school, Kaylee and Alicia sought control of their powers, while Mirabelle wanted to learn to be more human, though she wondered why she need to come to this school in particular when pretty any school would do the job, but she mentally shrugged that off, and looked into her glass 'No avoiding it now I guess'"Answers" Sierra said plainly "I seek answers, I've no problem with controlling my powers or anything, but" she paused a moment, thinking on how she was gonna word what she was gonna say. "But for the last five years I've been getting attacked regularly by demons. Aside the usual impotent threats of rape and murder, not always in that order ether, almost all of them wore the same brand, the few that didn't had no brad at all, but all of the called me 'betrayer' or 'traitor', and despite me correcting them as to my name, 'Karis'." she continued, taking a sip of water.

"So I came seeking answers, failing that, knowledge on how to slay these demons more efficiently, and reduce the harm my own power do to me when used if at all possible" she said as she poured a fresh glass of water, then looked around the table "I understand the dorms are over booked, so having me relocate is probably out of the question, so I simply ask that when an attack does happen, that you all stay out of it. I'll be fine so just worry about keeping your selves safe until I kill it."

Kaylee paused for a moment or two as she listened to what Sierra stated. So people are trying to kill her... Grand... Kaylee typed up something quickly and slid her phone toward Sierra. "Why the hell should we stay out of it? Alicia's trained, Ohka's got her energy abilities, Mirabelle's a robot, and I know my way around a fight. We'd at least keep the odds sorta fair."

She quickly downed the remainder of her cup of sake and waved toward the waitress to get a refill, showing no sign of tipsiness just yet. Nothing like alcohol to go with bad news...

Sierra sighed as she slid the phone back to Kaylee "Fighting a demon is not even remotely the same as fighting some brain-dead thug on the street." Sierra sighed, there was no way this was gonna not make her sound like an elitist bitch. "It's not a matter of 'being trained' or 'knowing your way around a fight', even the demons I've run into that are human sized can come at you with the strength of an elephant and the agility of a cat, and the ones with the brands, big or small, all fight like they have been trained as well, and to top it off, no demon I have encounter has been a mindless beasts, they have all been intelligent and cunning, and then there's you four." Sierra sighed internally at what she was going to say.

"You and Alicia might be trained or least familiar with combat, but have ether of you been in a fight where the only way out is to kill the other guy? After all, the Demons I've been fighting are just as sentient as you or I, so in a sense, killing one, humanoid or not is little different from killing a human, and then there's the much larger issue of three of you are here to learn how to control your powers. combat worthy or not, NOT having that control over your own ability's is very likely to get you killed, as there have been quiet a few demons I've seen that you do not want to get that close to. As you four are now you'll only be in the way." She said, trying her damnedest to not sound as elitist as she thought she was. "That could change later on, but for now, I will not have a group as inexperienced as you four trying to help me, you'll only be putting your self in danger and making your self a target to an enemy you currently lack the tools to fight."

Ohka had been drinking a bit and listening in, nodding when appropriate, being on her fourth cup now, she was listening to Sierra and didn't like what she said. Being a bit out of her shell now that she had sake in her system, she slammed down her cup rather loudly and caught the attention at the table.
"I... I..." she said stumbling over herself now that she was actually going through with things and looking down at the cup in her hand. "I may not know how to fight, i may sit infront of a screen and let my buttons do the talking for me... but I'll be damned if i sit around..." she said, trying to get the courage to finish what she started. "I'll... I'LL BE DAMNED if i sit down and let one of my to-be friends be assaulted by demons... no matter how well she's trained. A work load is always lighter when there's multiple people supporting the distributed weight..." she said and looked up.

"Sierra, i don't care what you say or how useless you think i... no... we are right now... I would like to think i'm speaking for the rest of the group as well... but if you think that any of us are going to sit there and watch as you suffer a burden alone, then you are shacking with the wrong group of girls." she said getting the load off of her chest and she then looked at the rest of the group gathered.

"Over this school year i think we'll all develop bonds as friends... good ones at that. we have our differences, but i feel it in my gut that we're going to be friends... it's either that gut feeling or the sake, but either way, i think my prediction will shine true." she said, finishing her miniature monolog.

As Sierra slid the phone back, Kaylee's frown turned more into a scowl before as she began to type up a response. However, she paused as Ohka slammed her cup on the table. Listening to the elf, she sighed to herself and began to let herself relax. ...Ugh... That friendship stuff only happens in movies... Still... Shouldn't be trying to fight people on the first day... Just... let it go Kay, let it go... Play nice... Now with a slightly clearer head, Kay began erasing the message she just had up and replaced it with a simpler one as she slid the phone back toward Sierra. "Fine. Whatever."

She quickly downed her cup of sake and poured out one more, an obviously annoyed look on her face and a bit of color being added to her cheeks. She blinked as she noticed Ohka was actually beginning to stumble a little bit. Hot damn, she can lay 'em back...

"So aside from Jarrah's annoyingly loud whistle. What should we do about getting food?"

Jarrah gave an embarrassed smile and gingerly rubbed the back of his head. "Heh, sorry." Wordlessly he followed Tomas as he walked over to another group of students and asked them if they knew of a place to eat.

"There a burger joint down the street. Its a good bit of a walk but can't really miss it."

"Yea, cheers guys." Jarrah turned and walked off with Tomas and Jack. True to their word down the street was a burger joint, just like the ones that Jarrah had seen in Sydney. "Well, it's better than nothing." He said with a shrug, "Come on, I'll shout you blokes a feed."

Thankfully the line for the counter was pretty short and soon enough the trio were ordering. "G'day." Jarrah grinned at the cashier, who was looking more than a little nervous at the red headed giant opposite her. "Could I have 5 Mega-Bite burgers, 3 large Fries, a Caramel Frappé and..." Jarrah paused and looked over his shoulder at Tomas and Jack, "What did you guys want?"

Tomas wasn't surprise at how much Jarrah was ordering as he sigh and look over the menu. "Hmmm I shall have three of the mega-bite burgers, a order of the chicken tenders, one large fries, and a large coke. Also can you make the burgers custom order? I rather like them a bit rare. Medium if you don't mind. That will be all for me." Tomas said as he pull out his money to pay for his food.

Jack stood there for a minute seemingly lost in thought. 'Should I go with something as big as them? No if I can't contain it afterwards it'll be a bigger mess... how about something smaller.... I'm also going to need a drink. Shit... if I can't contain a drink... Damn I should've looked into human anatomy more. If I could recreate a human digestive system I wouldn't have this problem...' he thought to himself.

Meanwhile Tomas had already ordered and they had been standing there for a good 30 seconds while he sat in thought. "A burger with a medium sprite please" Jack said without hesitation. He started thinking about how they could pack down so much food but then remembered one was a hybrid and the other was a Yowie.

After ordering Jack stood and began reconstructing his fake human body with a makeshift digestive system. More or less he developed a tube going down his throat into his torso where a round container would keep the food. At least until he could get rid of it...

Alicia held her tongue as Sierra spoke. Good points or not, she thinks a bit too highly of herself...that'll get her killed if she's not careful. She was about to respond when Ohka, who seemed to be getting herself drunk will disturbing rapidity, broke into a monologue that belonged on a daytime Movie-of-the-Week.

"Despite Sierra's...tone, she raises a valid point." She said, taking a sip of her newly arrived tea. "If the threats against her are as bad as she says, then we would more likely be more risk than help." Looking at Sierra, she let out a quiet sigh. "As to your question? No, I've never killed anyone...but that's only because the police arrived fast enough..."

She hated this story, but she could tell by the looks on the others faces, more info was wanted. Having a bit more of her tea, she closed her eyes and spoke softly. "My training really stems from a little girl, wanting to do what her dad did, but I must have an affinity for it because gaining three belts, each with two proficiency levels, in only three years is almost unheard of...but never mind, I'm already getting off topic."

"Last year I was heading home from school, not paying as much attention as I should've, when minivan pulled up alongside me. The next thing I know, a couple of guys grab me and try and yank me inside; at this point I switched on. I broke free and fought back...needless to say I won. It's still all just a blur to me, but the cops said it looked like three guys tried to grab me." The cup in her hand began shaking; very slowly she set it down. "Somebody'd called 911 right away, but still by the time they got there, I'd shattered both collarbones, and dislocated the knees of one guy, broke asshole number two's arms in at least three pieces, before rupturing a testicle...and the third guy I nearly killed."

She could feel adrenalin surging though her even now, she could feel rage boiling up. Sure she'd talked to Victim's Services; sure she thought she was at peace with what had happened, and sure they'd never actually harmed her...but she still got so pissed off whenever she thought about the incident. "On top of the beating I gave him, when the cops got there, they found me screaming at the top of my lungs while I slammed the front door of the van on his head...repeatedly. He'll never leave the I.C.U."

'If only real life was like that ...' Sierra thought as Ohka went on her semi drunken rant, then Alicia put in her two cents and related a tale of how she'd almost killed three guys for kidnapping her, notable, the recounting of the tale was making Alicia shake.

"My apologies, but for my tone, and for having you drag up such a memory, but it must be asked, because, as I said before, demons come on all shapes and sizes, some of those 'shapes' are human, and the mind doesn't always register what you see and what you know." Sierra said, leaning back "Despite how elitist I must have sounded, I do not want you four coming to harm." Sierra's tone was much more genuine sounding this time, less high on her self as she'd intended from the start. "Besides, once I find out who has put the 'hit' out on me, I fully intend on going after them and eliminating them. I have better things to do with my life then constantly worry about some ass hole demon wanting to kill me popping up." Still, Sierra did appreciate some one was actually willing to help for a change, even if they didn't really understand what that meant.

Mirabelle decided to stay out of the demon discussion that the others were having, rather confused as to why they were talking about this right now, what with the chance for one of the english speaking waitresses overhearing them and thinking that they were crazy. Perhaps she was being overly cautious but she didn't feel that it was wise to just talk about such things off-campus.

Of course, that didn't mean that she didn't have her own opinion on the matter, mostly concerning her thoughts that Sierra was exaggerating the threat (with what may be good reason but still) and Ohka recklessly brushing off the threat as easily manageable (understandable due to drunkenness). She decided to keep her opinions to herself though and just listenlisten to the others. She did have a persistant thought about the demons though...well, more like a couple that were bunched together. First, if these demons were so powerful, then why hadn't they overrun, killed, or enslaved humanity yet? Second, if she was bonding with them and the demons were supposed to be clever...why wouldn't they attack the group in an effort to distract her and cause her mental anguish anyways? Even if they weren't near the fighting, what was to stop them from hunting the group down once the members had separated to do something like run errands?

She didn't bring these up out loud, choosing instead to pull it out when either it was relevant again or after she got the chance to actually see said demons in action. She just decided to point out her original thoughts on the matter, saying softly, "Um...should we be talking about this here? I mean...not to get us too far off track but we are around a table with a bunch of waitresses who keep going in and out, know english, and could think we're crazy for it?"

Brutal... Kaylee thought to herself as she listened to Alicia's tale and shook her head lightly. Looking over toward Mirabelle and then back toward the waitresses, she paused for a moment before downing her next cup just as quickly as she did her last and wiped her mouth. The room was slowly beginning to blur and a slight haze began to sit over her brain as the blush on her cheeks slowly began to turn more pink.

She began to type out a response, albeit much more slowly than usual as her thumbs occasionally slipped here and there before sliding a response onto the table for everyone to read. "This is probably best saved for later.... or we can just let them think we're crazy anyway since we've already been talking. Not like we'll be coming back here often anyway... and to be honest, our school is kinda crazy. Us being crazy is kinda of expected."

She began to pour herself another cup, letting out a silent hiccup as she did.

Sierra nodded in agreement with Mirabelle and Kaylee's statement "Agreed, this is a topic best left alone for now, this is to fine a restaurant for 'war story's' anyway" Sierra as she leaned back from reading Kaylee's message. "Besides, there's the more pressing matter of 'ordering dinner' that needs attention" Sierra said as she sat in a very 'lady like' pose, save the amount of cleavage she was showing off.

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