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Ohka had unconsciously found herself staring at Sierra's breasts rather intently. "Oh... yes... this isn't the place do be talking abust such breast... BRUTAL... subjects..." she said trying to compose herself. She poured out another cup and drank it down, the blush on her face getting a bit heavier.

"So... uh, yeah." she said, trying to break the awkwardness she surrounded herself in. That's when the chef walked back in with what looked like close to fifteen pounds of kobe beef on a platter. "That works." she said when the waitress walked in and placed little triangles in front of them with Well done, medium and rare in-front of them.

"Just angle it the way you'd like your food to be done." she explained and demonstrated by putting ohka's with medium facing the chef. Then she rotated it to be between medium and rare. "Seem easy?" she said, then set plates down in front of everyone as well, along with a series of dipping sauces and spices around the table.

After she was done, the waitress nodded and gave a smile. "Oh, and don't worry about talk of hidden community." she said and briefly, her skin turned a deep purple and eyes a brilliant red. "we're all members of the community. Talk freely." she said before returning her skin to normal and walking away.

"Hmmm I shall have three of the mega-bite burgers, a order of the chicken tenders, one large fries, and a large coke. Also can you make the burgers custom order? I rather like them a bit rare. Medium if you don't mind. That will be all for me."

"A burger with a medium sprite please"

Jarrah noticed Tomas pull out his own money, and shook his head. "Don't worry mate, like I said it's my shout." The Yowie said as he pulled out his own wallet and passed the required number of bills to the cashier. With their order number in hand, the trio made their way to one of the booths and sat down. Soon enough Jarrah went to the counter to collect their meal and returned with a platter of food, which he sat in the middle of the table. "Well, tuck in guys." He said, grabbing the nearest Mega-Bite burger.

Ohka's comment incited more than a few snickers from Kaylee, covering her mouth as her shoulders moved up and down as she laughed, no noise coming from her mouth. She stopped momentarily as her plate of meat was set down in front of her. Half listening to the waitress' explanation and half looking toward Sierra's cleavage, she had turned her triangle directly toward the medium piece of beef.

After sipping on her next cup for a bit, she continued staring toward Sierra's breasts, expression going neutral before looking down at her own chest for a moment or two. ...Some people have all the luck... Seeing as she was a bit loose, she smirked before typing up a message lightly riddled with spelling errors and slid it to the center of the table. "If we're really getting off that subject, then maybe we should talk about boys... or girls. I don't judge."

Tomas was about to protest but Jarrah already pay for the meals. He never like others paying for him but he will allow it this one time. Going to the table Jarrah pick out as he sat down and waited for the food. Once it came, he grab one of his burgers and starts eating. Glad that they listen to his request about keeping it rare.

Taking a few more big bites out of the burger before setting it down and washing it down with his soda. "You do know that I now owe you for buying my food. So next time food shall be on me." replying as he pick up his chicken tender and bite off half of it. "So what sort of classes are you two looking forward to the most? For me its transformation studies. I hope they have something for dragon hybrids such as myself. Though I do know it is rare thing to see."

Alicia joined Kaylee in her amusement at Ohka's slip of the tongue. Shit...I'd already down for the count if I drank that much that fast. She thought. Looking at the little triangle, she turned it to show the chef 'rare', the proceeded to polish off about a pound of almost raw beef in moments. Letting out a contented sigh, she sat back. "Oh I feel better."

Taking her time with the next bit of beef, she looked over the message on Kaylee's phone. "On that note." She said, tapping the device. "I have a question for you Sierra. How in the hell do you manage to lug that pair around? By God they're making my back hurt just thinking about it." If she was being generous, Alicia would call herself a B cup, and even those could be a pain during training.

Sierra let out an annoyed sigh, Kaylee and Ohka staring, and then Alicia's comment "And Cassy seriously never got why I try to hid my figure ..." She said during her sigh, to no one really. "Want me to pull them all the way out so you all can ogle them proper or you done staring at them?" She said as a bit of blanket statement, then turned to Alicia "They aren't an issue cause I grew into them so yes, 'they're real', I didn't pay for them" she said to Alicia in regards to her question about her D-Cup sized breasts.

Ohka was drinking another cup of sake as Sierra talked about pulling out her breasts. While yes, they were lovely and she'd love to see them, the bluntness caused her to start choking as she swallowed the last gulp of Sake, throwing her into a coughing fit. It took her a few

"Oh... umm... boys... right..." she said and her face remained painted bright red with a blush. Ohka was debating on what to tell them about herself. "Um... before... i... uhhh... you see... i... well... like... um... girls..." she managed to get out, slinking into her seat out of embarrassment, but not before eating some rather well spiced rare meat. The poor girl looked like she might be on the verge of turning into a cherry.

The sarcasm not totally resonating with her, Kaylee actually contemplated taking Sierra up on the offer, rubbing her chin as she chewed on some of the beef the chef had laid out for her. This went on for a while before she began to type up a response. This was halted by Ohka's face suddenly turning bright red, even more so than the alcohol was causing. As she explained that she liked girls, Kaylee paused for a moment before blinking twice and erasing her current message to write up a new one. she slid the phone toward the center of the table. "Awesome, I'm not alone on that.... I gotta be honest, I was kind of worried about telling you guys about it... but this makes that a lot easier..."

Once everyone read that, she erased the message and wrote a new one, sliding the phone toward Sierra. "Is it minus points if part of me wants to say yes?"

Sierra after ordering up a few kabobs, and after reading both Kaylee's texts, pondered it a bit leaned back a little "My preference is I have none" she said then eat a strip of steak, then gave a shrug "We're gonna be living together for awhile, so your chances of seeing me totally nude is actually pretty high." She said as the first few kabobs where presented to her, which she begun to eat. "Anyway, I've got no sexual preference, I've had great sex with men and woman so I keep my options open"

Mirabelle looked at the ongoing conversation and thought it stranger than the previous one...mostly due to the fact that she didn't have actual breasts or have an understanding as to their cultural meaning. Thankfully, the topic had switched to the subject of boys and girls...though she was concerned that she didn't get the context that they would be talking about them in. Sure enough, it had so she said the one thing she could about it.

"Well...i don't really have a preference...i think you all know why..."

After that she sat back, with her arms in her lap, and looked at her plate. She had set it to medium since she knew not where else to put it. After all, she didn't need to eat so she really didn't hold in such high esteem how well it was done. Still, it was rude to not eat so when the order was filled she ate, not really being able to taste. Still, she kept tabs on the conversation, Ohka and Kaylee liking girls, Sierra not caring, stuff like that. They both also kept looking at Sierra's breasts, probably due to the aforementioned attraction...wasn't somebody else staring at her not long ago? She thought about telling them about this and actually fessed up this time around.

"Actually...i don't really know if i have the capacity for such feelings but...a boy was looking at me in a similar way the gathering where we learned our rooms. At least, i think he did...i was too nervous and had just passed it off as horror...but now that i think back, there was interest in his looks...should i be concerned about it? What do i do if i see him again? I mean, he's on campus too so we're bound to run into each other."

She rolled her eyes at Sierra's response. "That's not what I meant." She said, tucking into her food once again. "You move far too smoothly for those to be plastic...I'm pretty good at reading people's body language; but real or not...bah never mind." She ended, closing that train of thought.

"Oh... umm... boys... before... I... uhhh... you see... I... well... like... um... girls..."

Grinning, Alicia took a sip of her tea. "So there was an ulterior motive for offering to bunk with Sierra, huh?" Now into a fully fledged smile, she began to chuckle at her own, untold, joke. "But can you be sure you like girls...wouldn't that first require you to go out and interact with them first?" Your father is right you day your mouth in going to get you in trouble. C'mon, that was funny!

Catching a glimpse of Kaylee's message, she shook her head, chuckling again at Sierra's non-preference. "Well I'd like to thank you all for something, this is the first time in quite a while, where I seem so decidedly...average." Seeing as this was a 'safe' place, she caused her index finger to ignite, then began 'rolling' the fire along her other fingers, like a magician rolls a coin. "Well since everyone else seems to be sharing, I'll throw in my two cents, for what it's worth. In all honesty, I've never given it much thought...I've always been too busy to worry about things like dating and shit like that."

"So what sort of classes are you two looking forward to the most? For me its transformation studies. I hope they have something for dragon hybrids such as myself. Though I do know it is rare thing to see."

"I look forward to learning about the other species of this world" Jack said as he looked at his meal. He was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing but decided to go for it. He took a bite and found he couldn't really taste anything. It tasted completely bland to his senses. Although he did find that his makeshift digestive system was working. He tried the sprite next, finding it had no taste but was easier than the food to "eat."

"I'm also curious about the history of this... what should I call it? "Monster Society" if you will. I have never learned much about the history between humans and monsters. Not even about interactions between monsters. It will be interesting to say the least. I do hope I'm not offending with the term "monsters" but wasn't that the name we are given?" After ending out loud thoughts, he resumed eating.

Kaylee blinked once as she looked over toward Alicia and simply gave her a smile, a more friendly one than a lecherous one... though the blush from the alcohol might make that hard to believe, typing up another quick message and sliding the phone to her.. "Never too late to try one side or the other."

She gulped down the last bite of her food that was still in her mouth and typed up something as she listened to Mirabelle. She slid the phone over to her with a hiccup, causing a small spew of letters to decorate the tail end of the message, "Oh rly? Well, if you see him again, you have two options: 1) Tell him nicely you ain't interested. or 2) Kick him in the junk for giving you those kinds of looks. Knowing you, you'd probably wanna go with one, but always remember two if he ends up not understanding you're not interested, kay?dzfjksvnf"

Looking to Sierra and hearing the response, she smirked jokingly and moved her eyebrows up and down quickly.

Sierra just winked at Kaylee and started on another kabob "Well, your in a college now, perfect place for experimentation if you haven't figured out your preferences yet." She said she downed a pepper "It's not as hard to figure out as it seems though, however, just because you like one, you should still be opened minded enough to try the other, I mean, I didn't know I like girls to till I started seeing Cassy and John" and moved on to the next link in the kabob.

"Does the chef speak English? Cause these are really good and I'd hate to compliment his work and not have him understand what I'm saying." Sierra said after licking the steak juice off her fingers.

"I'm also curious about the history of this... what should I call it? "Monster Society" if you will."

"Aww mate, you're doing history too?" Jarrah said as he polished off one of his burgers, "That's awesome, we may have some of the same classes together."

He grabbed another burger and took a bite before continuing. "I'm mostly looking forward to the Humanities Studies course. I mean you think about how much they've progressed in the last couple hundred years, it's just insane."

"I'm mostly looking forward to the Humanities Studies course. I mean you think about how much they've progressed in the last couple hundred years, it's just insane."

"They're also insanely violent to one another." Jack said with a bit of distain in his voice. "I know we can be violent too. But every time they've made a "great" invention, they have also committed heinous crimes against other humans." Jack then took another bite out of his burger. He then continued on to say "Although I do suppose this is just my personal view on things... nevertheless I do feel humans are getting increasingly violent with every century that passes."

Ohka pulled up tighter, burying her head. "Thanks Kaylee... *hic* and not so much thanks, Alicia... I'm happy my awkwardness and lifestyle provide a good target for your jokes..." she said, the alcohol messing with her system was obvious, but it was also a point that she was rather overly soft on.

Then the chef spoke up. "Yes, broken english... Ta koto?" he asked as his skin flashed blue for a second and served some more meat to those wanting.

"Thank you, Kaylee. I'll remember that...", Mirabelle said as she read Kaylee's message, taking a good look at option two to make sure she read it correct and understood the intent behind it. She just needed to make sure she tried number one before she skipped to number two in panic and ended up breaking something in the poor (or not so poor) guy. Heck, she needed to make sure that she remembered number one if she was confronted by that guy before she panicked.

She finally stopped worrying about that guy though and started paying attention to the group...just in time to catch Ohka's reply to Alicia. Did she miss something? Evidently, she did but she couldn't figure out what so she just sat there and resumed listening to the group, trying to piece things together from their responses.

Kaylee gave her robotic roomie a goofy smile and a thumbs-up, similar to the way she smiled at Alicia. That coupled with Sierra winking back at her caused her to chuckle again. However, her chuckling stopped as she looked up to notice Ohka looking a lot more down. Even with her vision blurring, she could tell something had happened to her. Maybe she finally drank too much...? Was something said? She hadn't picked upon the joke that Alicia that thrown out and looked around confused. She shrugged to herself before slowly eating up her piece of beef and then letting lowering her head on the table. If the person who's whole idea this was is starting to feel down.... maybe I oughtta slow down a bit...

She gave a short laugh as she read Kaylee's message. "You're just trying to get into my pants aren't you? Anyways, didn't anyone ever teach you it was rude to eat and talk at the same time?" Downing another delicious piece of lightly seared rare beef, she let out a low moan. "God damn that's good..."

"I'm happy my awkwardness and lifestyle provide a good target for your jokes..."

"What good are friends if you can't make fun of them now and then?" She asked rhetorically, winking at the inebriated Ohka. Just go for it... "Say, Ohka, before you completely drown yourself in that sake, can you pour me some?"

"It took courage for me to admit that and the first thing receive is ridicule... even if it does not mean ill harm... it doesn't comfort me..." she said, pouring a cup and sliding it down to Alicia before motioning for the chef to cook up a large piece of steak.
Soon enough, there was 32 ounces of kobebeef sitting on her plate and she began to destroy it, clearly not happy with the light of recent events but was comfortable enough to eat the mass of meat on her plate, or was being comforted by doing so.

"It took courage for me to admit that and the first thing receive is ridicule... even if it does not mean ill harm... it doesn't comfort me..."

Well you really are a cunt aren't you? She thought to herself. The poor girl shares something personal, with a group of people she barely knows no less, and you go and make fun of her...Dad'd kick your ass if he was here. Downing her drink, she stood as the sake burned down her throat.

Moving over behind where Ohka was sitting, she bent down and lightly hugged the other girl from behind, resting her chin on Ohka's shoulder. "I'm sorry." She sighed. "I know I can be a bitch at times, and I have a bad habit of speaking without thinking. I didn't mean to really offend you...I guess I'm just too used to how me and my friends back home talk; our conversations are at least 90% insults...and I really shouldn't expect every other person I meet to be like that. So, once again, I'm sorry."

Eat and talk at--... Oh... Heh, guess I walked into that one. Alicia's joke caused Kaylee to pout a bit in response before chuckling and typing up a quick response. "Maybe I am, maybe I'm not... Hehe... And yeah... I've been told, but sometimes listening to what other people say is no fun..."

She blinked twice before noticing that she was hugging Ohka from behind. She stared for a moment or two before looking to Alicia and moving her eyebrows up and down again.

After complimenting the chef on the combination of flavors in the kabob, both in terms of food stuffs and seasonings, Sierra just sat there, munching away on her kabobs as the others performed damage control or what have you. As she ate she wondered what her mother and friends back home where doing, not to mention how Cassy and John where, she hadn't spoken to them much since they moved away for a college of their own, and Cassy having a baby only further lessened the talk time, Sierra could only sigh at that bit of 'selfishness' though.

"Um... i... thanks..." she said, her face blushing heavily red considering it was the first time anyone outside her family hugged her. Truth be told, Ohka didn't know how to deal with this... She continued eating as she was half-way done with the massive steak, putting and man that could've been hungry to shame. However, a Subconscious part of her did lean into the hug, wanting some sort of attention.

"Um... I... thanks..."

Letting go, she sat back down. "I'm glad. I hate the idea of already having somebody pissed at me because I can't keep my mouth shut." Snagging the sake, she poured herself another drink. "Damn, this is good...but if I'm not careful, somebody is going to have to carry me home." She said, noticing the 'look' Kaylee was giving her. She was pretty sure she got what the mute black-haired girl was hinting at; rolling her eyes and chuckling, she read Kaylee's message, then entered one of her own. I'd tell you to get your mind out of the gutter...but I'm pretty sure mine is there as well ;p

"So," She said to everyone, leaning back a bit in her seat. "Now that we've cover why we're here...and who we'd prefer to bang...what classes is anyone taking?" Wow, subtle as a bulldozer...smooth.

Kaylee tilted her head as Alicia quickly typed up something on her phone. Reading it, the girl chuckled in response. "It's hard to get it out of there once it's gotten there... but I guess talking about school's a start..." She replied back before erasing that and beginning to type up a larger response. As she typed, she continued eating her slab of beef, pausing and closing her eyes at times as the various flavors danced on her tongue.

Eventually, she slid her response to the center of the table and continued eating her food, clearly enjoying every bite now. "I've mostly enrolled into classes dealing with the dark arts and fighting against magic. Since whatever gave me my snake arm is probably dark magic, the best way to counter it is to learn how curses work... I'd hope anyway."

Mirabelle watched the display between Alicia and Ohka with great interest, taking notes on how she handled the situation...and getting annoyed, though not showing it. Whenever she did something like that, it only made people angrier...maybe it was because the two of them knew each other while the people she angered didn't know her? Well...that was good if she angered anyone in the group at least. Of course, they shifted topics again, and thankfully to a topic she could talk about.

"Most of the classes i'm taking deal with the various human cultures and the hidden community. I know the first one was obvious but i'm interested in who else exists besides humans, it gives me a heads up on anyone or anything that i could offend with my appearance. I'm rounding it out with Alchemic studies too. I have to, if i want to learn my father's trade and have a chance to read his notes." She said, taking another bite out of her food to keep up to appearance and not insult the chef.

"I'm going to learn to control my powers... as i've gotten older.. *hic* they've gotten stronger and i'm afraid. My parents don't know i'm here at a hidden community school, but i'm also taking programming to make things real so i can get a job after i'm done here." she said to the others as the 32 oz that was on her plate was finally gone.

"You should know Jack, that every race has been very violent towards each other and their own kind throughout the ages. It just we humans get more brought up now is due to the fact that humans are dominate. Go back when every other races had kingdoms and you would see the same violence as you see now a days."

Taking a small drink from his soda as he finish his second burger and is about to start on his third. "Instead of Technology we have now, input magic for then." When he was finish, he took a huge bite out of his burger.

Sierra pondered the question a minute "Enchantments is the only one I'm 'looking forward to', Demonology and Dark Arts are really more 'mandatory' for me, so I'm looking forward to them less then the one I signed up for cause it sounded like fun, sides, I can use my enchants to make some cash a lot easier then I can killing demons." Sierra, having answer, returned to her meal, and how good it was.

"Well since I asked the question, I guess I should actually answer it as well." Alicia said after a bit. "Much like Ohka, I'm taking a few classes on how to better use my power. Sure I can light myself on fire with no ill effect, and to a minor degree manipulate fires I didn't create...but I know I can do so much more, I just have no idea how to really go about it."

Sitting back in her seat, she let out a contented sigh. The food here was damned good, and for the first time in quite a while she felt legitimately full, not something that happened very often considering her metabolism. "Hey Sierra, I've got a question. What kind of 'enchantments' can you do?"

"Depends on how much time I have to weave them" Sierra began, taking a sip of water before continuing "The enchantments I use on my Bakuzan, the 'storage' enchant" motioning to the white stone in her earring " as well as the web of enchantments that took it from a flimsy, but show accurate cosplay item, to having the strength and edge needed to cleave the flesh of a demon. All those? about a days worth of work, and that mostly spent on strengthening the weapon." she said as a fresh glass of water was poured for her.

"The longer I have the more elaborate I can get, as you saw earlier with the remote controlled model, but as far as what I can do in a time frame that would be useful. Strengthening and reinforcement, is pretty much it right now. I can't do elemental enchantments for elements I don't control. So if you want a weapon attuned to the darkness it self, I can do that, but I don't suggest it for a pure blooded human like you. I have been dabbling with 'mass manipulation' and 'gravity manipulation' though for one of the models, however nether of those are good enough yet for me to try and weave into my models, let alone a weapon."

Finishing her second dup of sake, and switching back to tea, Alicia thought over what Sierra said. "Well I wasn't thinking of a weapon per se. I use weighted bands when I train, but they can get uncomfortable...of more often in my case forgotten at home." She said with a shake of her head. "Could you make like fabric arm bands or something that can project variable weight? So say it looks, and weights, just like a piece of normal clothing but if I want I can make it heavier; is that possible?"

"I don't see why not, I'm just not sure how to do it and have you still be able to move around yet. I got a few other enchants I'm working on to, like one that boosts mass with out increasing weight, because fuck the laws of physics I have magic." Sierra said, giggling a little at her own goofy comment. "But, yeah, I can hook you up with bands like you want, soon as I got the potential 'arm ripping off bugs' out of it anyway,"

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