Gato Community College. (game thread)

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Let's do the time-warp again...

As the month went on, the training proceeded as usual, with more of an appearance being put in by Daniel, and with Karis branching out into more advanced combat tactics. On the outside, things appeared to be proceeding well; but on closer inspection, the fact that Yvette kept her distance from Daniel even during lessons had been one of the few sticking points that stood out. If the Angel had a guess, and chances were he was right on this one, was that Yvette didn't fully trust him yet, despite him keeping to his oath of leaving her be. Whilst he may not have always been a stickler for the rules and law, he was a man, or rather Angel of his word, and had been keeping an eye on Yvette, albeit from afar.

Let's hope what Raphael says to her when he comes to visit will stick.

Internal affairs aside, the news reports of global terror attacks being committed on non-human outreach centres was of concern. Judging from the initial reports, the attacks appeared to match the modus operandi of Regalia, but they lacked confirmation. Fortunately, when Daniel had contacted Headquarters, the Order had received similar news and was already in the stages of heightening security around crucial assets; and whilst there had been a few small skirmishes further a field, they hadn't managed to strike within the UK yet.

Currently, Daniel was in the college courtyard, sat underneath a tallish looking tree playing some sort of card game.

Human Realm

Once again, Sierra walked through the gates of the school, for the first time in two months.

And she found it a little off, security seemed on edge and so where some of the students. She mentally shrugged this off, what ever was wrong she'd find out soon enough so she decided to not worry about it just yet. Possibility sooner then expected, as while making her way through the main courtyard, she spotted Daniel. Which legitimately surprised her, she figured the PI would have left by now, in pursuit of some other case or something. Still, a familiar, friendly face first thing back was always good.

"Long time no see" She said as she approached the angel. Sierra, was still wearing the uniform she'd gotten while working for the Queens, but her aura felt 'different' then when she left, not human to be sure, but not that of a demon or angel ether. "Kinda surprised to see you hangen around, but good to see you none the less."

"Long time no see." A voice Daniel identified as belonging to Sierra.

"Ah, Sierra! Good to hear you are back. And yes, it has been a while, two months by my count." Daniel replied, still focusing on his current game of Solitaire, but was still paying attention to Sierra as she continued to talk.

"Kinda surprised to see you hanging around, but good to see you none the less." Daniel played on for a few more cards before he came across something resembling a dead end, silently cursing at his loss as he stood up and collected his cards.

"Well with the still lingering threat of Regalia, my employers have asked me to," As Daniel turned to look at Sierra more directly, he was ever so slightly taken aback by the new look she now sported; in some ways, it looked similar to Sierra's old form from before Karis's essence had been extracted from her, but more crystalline in places. As for the aura that Daniel felt coming off of her, it was, well he wasn't sure what to make of it; it certainly wasn't pure Human by any stretch of the imagination, nor was it Demonic or even Angelic, but rather...

"something new." He dusted the dirt off his coat before carrying on.

"I can see that you've certainly been kept busy whilst you were away. How was it working under Queen Riviera then?"

Another month

Sol's second month started out well. He was getting better at the whole teamwork part -though he still kept an eye on the newcomer-, had started catching up in the more difficult classes, and had gotten more instructions from his master. She wanted him to do two things, one was to work on the book she had given him, the monster manual. That much was easy, both the training and the college itself was filled with information about monsters and supernatural creatures, and he scribbled in it when no one was around. He didn't know how they'd feel about him having a book filled with weaknesses, after all. Besides, it might give Vik another reason for a stern talking to. Sol didn't like those, especially since Vik apparently thought he could blackmail Sol. Regardless, the earful ended eventually. Since Sol didn't argue back much, Vik backed off quickly too. No use arguing with someone who stopped arguing back.

He didn't interact too much with the others outside training, not after the attacks had started. While Sol was a friendly person, he also felt like the increasingly hectic training sessions were getting a bit too much. Either they should fight back, or they should take it a bit more easy, not this... middle thing. Even so, he hung out with them some days, and whenever it was just him and Mira, he'd even speak to her in Spanish, as he felt she appreciated being able to speak her native language, even if it was someone not quite that far yet. He was getting better, though, and by the end of the month he could speak it reasonably fluently.

Oh yes, in some ways, one could say the month was productive, he learned more than he had done in what felt like a long time, back when he was a rookie hunter. However, where he managed to do well in some areas, he also failed miserably in others. His love-life especially.


He and Luke had been fighting a lot, fighting for about 2 weeks now. To Sol, it seemed like it had started one night, when Luke had started asking him about his past, but Luke would likely disagree. It wasn't fair, Luke had argued, that Sol never shared anything but his jobs as a hunter. He'd noticed that Sol didn't talk about feelings either, that he avoided discussions, that even if he seemed like a cheerful person, there was a little too much of that. Luke hadn't said Sol wasn't emotional but he certainly had expressed it. Eventually, it had gotten too much, and Sol had told the other to stop talking, that it was night, and that he wanted to sleep. He had said that Luke was just going to keep bringing it up and use the fact that Sol loved him against him.

That was the only, quite unromantic, time Sol had admitted that much. And Luke, of course, hadn't stopped talking, he'd asked Sol why and how and when, and it had been difficult to deal with. Sol had just covered his ears and closed his eyes, telling the other he was tired, and the next thing he'd felt was the door to his room slammed shut, the bed shaking a bit as it did.

The next time they had talked, it had been Sol calling, drunk after a party. It was a few days after their fight, and he had done it his room, with him calling Luke naive and stuck up and Mr. perfect, and drunkenly explaining that the other didn't know a damn thing. He'd said some other things, hurtful things, but Sol didn't allow himself to think about that. It had ended with Luke hanging up on him, then followed by a message by the other, calling him an alcoholic asshole and telling him not to call again. Of course Sol had called again, but the call hadn't gotten through.

It had gone like that back and forth. It had calmed down the last week, and had entered into the territory of radio silence the last 4 days or so. Sol hid his worries well, using his pleasant and careful nature as a mask, but it was starting to bother him. Like, really bother him. He didn't know what to do. Well, that wasn't true, he knew he could apologize, but he couldn't bring himself to do that. Because of that, he had withdrawn into his room for a several days, only leaving for lectures and training. Food was picked up on the way. Right now he was looking through his book, making notes of everything he had seen during his lecture. There was some sort of rule about students not being supposed to use their powers during lectures or whatever, but from what he had gathered -in both ways-, it was a pointless rule.

This is boring.

Sol thought as he wrote.

But at least the bed is comfy.

If it kept up like this, he might just fall asleep. It certainly would've been a welcoming event, seeing as his worries had started affecting his sleep as well.


Viktor sat in his 'office', little more than a hastily emptied storage closet, with the lights off and glared at the screen of his laptop; he air was thick with cigarette smoke and the reek of cheap alcohol, at one point some member of the Admin had come down to complain to Viktor about the smoking, only to depart rather rapidly when they saw the look on his face. The cigarettes and booze didn't do anything for him physically anymore; nicotine no longer gave him any soothing and it was nearly impossible for him to get drunk, but the actions of smoking and drinking kept his hands busy, stopped him from fighting...and likely punching holes in the drywall out of frustration.

The final numbers had come in. Between attacks on Yurchenko Clan operations, and those of the Clan's allies, total casualties topped out at twenty-five hundred, both non-human and familiar; total collateral damage was just as high. Sites everywhere from downtown Kiev or Prague to remote locations in the Serbian countryside had been hit. Two friends were dead in an attack in Minsk, and another was wounded in Radom. The attacks in the more populated areas where being covered up as anything from local gang violence, to gas main explosions or industrial accidents; those that couldn't be easily covered up were being blamed on the most convenient group of terrorists.


She stood in the centre of the training room, with her powers unsealed and her sword in hand, she when through a series of movements that Karis had been teaching her. Having gotten permission, she'd painted larger versions of the wards on her forearms, on the wall; now she felt more secure in unsealing her powers and training at her full potential.

At the moment she had the room to herself, so she'd raised the thermometer to a warm 25*C before she started, and now sweat was pouring off her and soaking her ratty training gear as she moved. With her eyes closed and music in her ears, she tuned out the world and concentrated on the feeling of her movements.

"I can see that you've certainly been kept busy whilst you were away. How was it working under Queen Riviera then?"

"Pretty good actually, she runs a tight ship though, and the staff I worked with made it very clear 'ignorance is no excuse for being dead weight, if you don't how to do something ask some one who does.' so us Keys end up learning how to do several things apart from opening doors and relics and stuff." Sierra started, stretching a bit. "The realm surprise was just how 'hellish' the Demon Realm isn't. In terms of topography I mean. It's got it's nightmarish places I'm told but if you sent some one there with out them knowing where they where, they'd swear they where still on earth. Least, until they saw some of the flora and fauna. Nothing says 'your not in Kansas any more' like a two storie tall, 6 eyed behemoth of a creature that is apparently their version of a Black Bear."

"I also got to spend some time at the the Capital of the Queens little slice of the 'Demon Realm', since that's where a lot of the orientation was. Other then that there not much I can tell you due to 'confidentiality' reasons. I am officially still under The Queens employ so, even here, I am still subject to their rules." She said, then paused "Well, I got pictures I can show, and there is some stuff I learned I can share, but I'd rather hold off till every one is gather before I break out the pictures and really talk about the stuff I'm allowed to talk about."

"All that said though, I should really get checked in. I'm back for now, and I do have some Intel to report so I should get on that before I do anything else." Sierra said, then gave Daniel a quick hug a wave 'goodbye' and headed toward the Gungnir building. Once there she talked to the receptionist, who confirmed with some one who she was and the validity of her story, then directed her where she needed to be. A short walk down the hall later she found her self in-front of Viktor's office, knocked and announced her self.


Will had changed into his training uniform, not wanting to get his school or normal clothes all sweaty from training today. Carrying his water bottle and towel to clean off any sweat that he would get from training. Opening the door as he felt the room a bit warmer than normal. Though he also noticed Yvette was the only one here.

Watching her do her training as he kept quiet. Not wanting to interrupt her at all as he waited for her to be done. Sitting down along the wall as he waited. As he waited, he began to think about the team. How much it seem to change since when they first started to now. Though out of all of them, he was a bit worried about Sol. While he was a bit of a loner, he seemed to be having problems with Luke. Hoping the two would get over this problem soon rather than later.


Tomas just finished his letter to both his brother and mother. These past two months he been in contact with both and updating them on his schooling. As well as making sure both were ok due to all these attacks that have been happening. Though he wasn't too worried about his mother since she is fully human, but he wasn't sure if these assholes would like it that she had a relationship with a dragon. While on the other hand, his brother was a full dragon. Though attacking a dragon was a very, very unwise move to do. Though from the reports, these assholes don't care who they hurt, as long as they hurt non-humans.

Sighing as he got up and went to mail the letters. Leaving his room as he headed towards the mail room. Waving or saying hi to any bypasser that said it first. Getting to the room as he handed over his two letters to the receptionist and started to make his way towards the cafeteria.


He was watching news footage from Minsk when the knock at his door came. The news report was talking about a gas main explosion that destroyed a large part of a ten story apartment complex, and set fire to the rest of it; but that was just the cover story. The truth was, from what Clan investigations could tell, was that Regalia loaded the apartment below one belonging to his friend Andrej's with a hundred kilos of Composition B explosives, layered the bomb with a whole lot of anti-vampire shrapnel, then detonated during a party Andrej was holding. Four vampires, including Andrej and one another of Viktor's friends, and six 'familiars' died when the bomb went off. The investigators were still unsure how many other residents were collateral damage.

The visitor said something but he had the sound up, and he missed what they'd said. Annoyed at the disturbance, he stood and yanked the door open, letting a thick cloud of cigarette smoke roll out of the room. "WHAT?" He snapped at the demon he saw as the door opened; it took him another moment or two to realize that he actually knew the intruder. "Oh...hello Ms. Talon." Letting out a sigh, he looked down at the floor and shook his head. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't've snapped at you like that," With his free hand he waved back towards his computer. "It's not like any of that is your fault." Looking at her more fully now, he cocked his head to the side. "Interesting new look you've got going what brings you to see me of all people?"


Her muscles were sore, sweat was dripping off of her in various places, and stinging her eyes, but she felt good. Finishing her set, she brought the sword behind her back, where the tattoo running down her spine glowed momentarily, before the blade vanished from her grip. As she began her post workout cooldown, she pulled out her earbuds and opened her eyes. "EEP!" She yelped, when she realized William was sitting and watching her. "Sorry... I didn't realize anyone else was in here." Going over to where she'd put her stuff, she drained her water bottle before mopping her face with her towel. "So Will, how're things going with you?"


Will smiled as he watched Yvette thinking her movement were elegant. Though he was surprised when she made the Eep noise when she saw him. Not many get surprised by him as he chuckles. "Heh if anyone should be sorry, it should be me." He rubs the back of his head with his hand.

"And things are going..alright." He said as he gets up and walks to Yvette. "Mostly been studying and doing the training regiments Viktor has in place for me." He said wondering how Viktor was handling himself at the moment. "What about you? Enjoying your stay here?" Asking as he knew Yvette had come back just a month ago, wondering if she was enjoying it or regretting it. Hoping she was enjoying her stay.

Sierra was legitimately surprised when Viktor snapped at her. Slightly more when he actually apologized for it, while motioning to something on his computer.

"Well, I just got back I little bit ago, and since this is where I was told to go to get checked back in, so here I am." Sierra said as she made her way in to sit down in front of his desk. "So who'd you piss off enough to put you in charge?" she snarked, while she reached into her cloak to pull something out of one of the pockets, a folded piece of paper and handed it to Viktor, the piece of paper has a list of several items on it, some odd and unconventional ones as well. "That is a list of countermeasures against Regelia's Anti-magic ammunition." She said, listening to the news a bit. "So whats going on, why is every one on edge?"

Sol wasn't entirely sure why he was doing this. He had been bored and impatient, and the hair had kept going into his eyes. Sure, it had been bad before, but now it was intolerable. Perhaps he was noticing it because he was spending more without his hat on, or perhaps it had been his idleness. Likely a desire to be noticed by Luke in one of their shared classes was present as well. Regardless of which it was, Sol was done, and pent up frustration certainly hadn't helped. So now he was cutting his hair, using a scissor he'd kept a little too sharp for his liking.

As he stuck his tongue out, concentrating, Sol closed the scissors again, listening to the sound to make sure he had done it sort of correctly. Locks of slightly curled, wet hair fell into the sink. He had already added some water and made sure to put the plug so that none of the hair would go into the pipes. And now he was cutting away. Now, it wasn't just some sort of unhinged version of love-sickness that had caused him to cut his hair. Sol normally cut his hair himself. He had nimble fingers and was good at seeing when it was even and when it was uneven, but more so, he knew how to do it. A... keepsake from his childhood, might be a good term.

Sol had watched his father cut hair since he was very young. Their father would also cut the hair of those in the family, no use spending money on something he could do for free. His had been good too, not magnificent, but skilled enough to have gathered a large amount of loyal customers. Of course, there were two issues; one being that all of their customers had as much money as they themselves did, and the other being that it was not a job where you could work your way up. Not where they had lived, not at that pay-grade. Once you had your shop, you were staying there. No earning lots of money, no getting anywhere but the same crappy old place.

It had been nice watching his father cut hair though, not exciting or something you would brag about at school, but Sol had still watched intently, his father even teaching him some. How to wet the hair before cutting it, how to cut it, how to keep it even. Nothing impressive, but given that Sol had lived for years without having much money to spend, he'd always cut his own hair. The scissor had been "borrowed" from a barbershop somewhere, at some point. It was useful to keep around.

Ruffling his hair, Sol noted how he'd already cut it above his ears, and that made him a bit nervous.

I might have cut it a little too much. Still need to do the touch-up, though.

He thought to himself, the him in the mirror looked a bit more mature. Not older, it tended to have the opposite effect on him, taking off the rougher edge, but he looked a little more like someone with a normal life.

I wonder if Luke'll notice.

Probably, he'd seen his... he wasn't sure what they were at this point, but he'd seem Luke look at him during lectures. He'd even thought to acknowledge the look, to smile and wave and motion for Luke to come sit by him. But he hadn't. And Luke hadn't either. Perhaps it really was over. Had he just cut his hair for a last try of getting some attention?

No, regardless of Luke, it needed cutting.

That didn't really feel like it, though. With a sigh, he finished up the details, it didn't look perfect, not at all, but it was passable, and passable was all Sol ever aimed for. With the hair neatly gathered in a small plastic bag, he went to throw it out into the bin -hair was biodegradable, right?- before heading towards his room again.


"So who'd you piss off enough to put you in charge?"

Despite himself, he couldn't help but let out a short bark of laughter. "You have met Seth, right?"

"That is a list of countermeasures against Regelia's Anti-magic ammunition. So what's going on, why is everyone on edge?"

Viktor's eyebrow arched as he accepted the paper, and made a mental note to scan it and get a copy e-mailed back home as soon as possible; her questions on the other hand, caught him off guard. "What do you mean 'Wh- ...right... you've been out of the loop."

Waving to a spare seat, he started the video playback again, with the sound muted. "In a way it's related to that paper you just gave me. Regalia has started showing its ass again, but this time on a much greater scale. I don't know the numbers, but there are reports of attacks, well-coordinated, effective and with zero regard for collateral damage, all across the globe." He paused the video on a wide shot of a shattered and burning apartment building. "This was in Minsk, two weeks ago. They used a hundred kilos on military grade explosives to turn an apartment on the fourth floor into a giant claymore mine. They were targeting a friend of mine who lived on the fifth; they killed him, another mutual friend, two other Clan-mates and six 'Familiars' well as at least a hundred and fifty civilians who lived in the building. Between my Clan and its allies, we suffered twenty-five hundred casualties globally, and I'm sure other non-human groups got hit just as hard as us." He had to stop for a moment to keep a lid on his anger.

"What pisses me off the most is Regalia's utter disregard for collateral damage. They attacked a 'Familiar' in Sarajevo as she was out for a walk, lit her up with an MG as she was walking past a school. They got her, a teacher and six yeah...that is why everyone is on edge."


"What about you? Enjoying your stay here?"

"Kinda." Yvette replied, sitting down beside will. "I miss my friends that haven't come back, and I wish Karis would tone it down a bit...sure Nephilim are more durable than humans, but not that much more." Almost as if on cue, some of her training bruises reminded her of their existence. "On the other hand I'm getting to practice with both my sword and my powers more, and the course work in rather interesting. Plus," She added, smiling at Will. "I got to meet some cool new people." The smile didn't quite reach her eyes as she reminded herself that the angel was still there as well. I wish Dad would get here...


He awoke with a yawn and stretched fully as the train pulled into the station. The others can mock me all they like for 'Going Native', but I like sleep, it's so relaxing...which I guess it kind of the point. Stepping onto the platform, Raphael considered hiring a cab for the final leg of his journey, but then decided against it. If he wanted to, he had much faster ways to move about...but they tended to be noticeable to the very people he really didn't want looking too closely in this direction.


Stepping into the courtyard, he saw a familiar face talking to a rather attractive looking demon. Wait, no...what IS she? While the woman certainly looked the part, and her wings and tail definitely moved like they were a part of her, she lacked the aura of a denizen of the Demon Realm. How peculiar. Waiting until the not demon moved off, he casually circled the courtyard, and came up behind his brother. "Hello Raziel." He said, quietly. "It's been a while."

"Unfortunately, I have." She said in reply to Viktor come back to her little joke.

As Sierra listened to Viktor explain whats been going on while she was away, she could only sigh. "It was only a matter of time before that subhuman filth crawled out from it's hole again." she let out another sigh, and rubbed the side of her head a little, right around where her new horns where. "Hold off on faxing that over to your people till I've had a chance to explain what I've found out. I'm not keen on helping a Vampire clan, but since this is hardly the time for that, and your going to do it anyway, you might as well have a bit more insight in to how the weapon works and why this list of counter measures should completely nullify that weapon to pass along to your people. Anyway, what is Gungnir and the school doing? Besides tightening the guard I mean."

Then, Sierra had this look of revelation cross her face. "Wait, why are you even still here if your Clan is getting attacked like this? Shouldn't they have pulled you back home by now to help deal with this trash?" She asked. She thought it odd Viktor was still here, let alone while his clan was getting harassed like this.

The next month passed much the same as the last, with training interspersed with partying and various hookups. As usual most of them were new encounters though she found herself enjoying the company of the Satyr twins, Alexius and Kyros, once again. Like before the two fancied themselves acting as playboy boyfriends to her, though this time they seemed more earnest about it. Amused by the pair she accepted their offer and found herself enjoying the (of course very open) relationship, the twins enjoyed practical jokes and were more than happy to play along with her lighthearted attempts at fomenting rivalry between them.

That was not the only interesting development for her over the month though, as she awoke one morning to find an imp, among the lowest forms of demon said to be so feeble that anything more than the blood of a greater demon would not empower them but rather cause them to be destroyed in a rather spectacular fashion, before her doubled over in a subservient bow. The pathetic creature quickly explained that it was among the lesser demons that had directly served Val Ruk, and that they had elected him to greet her and welcome her as their new master. Having consumed Val Ruk's heart and power also granted her their service. She questioned the creature, taking enjoyment from its panicked responses, before accepting its service and the service of those it represented. For now she simply put them to task monitoring events in the demon realm, finding service among the houses of other demons so as to better spy on them for her, but now that the door was open she found herself occasionally thinking of the possibilities such service opened up to her. Perhaps she would be able to establish herself as a power in the demon realm, if she was clever and cautious of course. While she hated the place there was a difference from living in it as a servant or slave compared to ruling it as a master.


She happened on Sol as he was walking back towards his room, taking note of his expression and his new hairstyle. Making a change huh? I wonder if its just because it was getting too long, or if there's something more behind it. From looking at him she got the feeling he wasn't particularly happy, though she couldn't be sure why.

"Hi Sol, nice haircut," she said, greeting him with a smile, then adopted an expression of concern "how are you feeling? You look a bit down."

Within the next month, Mira kept on with her plans, creating more of the peices of herself and working out more of the innards of her hammer. Viktor and Karis didn't seem to mind incorporating the hammer into the training here and there, with Karis even giving her a few tips on how to strengthen it so as to reduce the possibility of it bending even further. Still, she expected more resistance from the two of them over it...but with the recent rash of attacks from Regalia, she suspected that they just hadn't had the time for it, there lives getting busier and all. Besides, it allowed her to learn and improve her weapon a bit for the battles ahead.

Of course, all of the training would be near worthless without the specialised containers that were supposed to go into it, so in the mean time she got to work on those as well. Ideally, these would go into a hatch attached to the back of the hammer, where the liquid inside would be released upon impact through the holes on the front. In her mind, this would make using alchemy in battle far and again easier, what with the ability to use them at the same time as a weapon while still having a weapon on hand. Of course, she found that she was running into a few problems with that, in the form of not having any method to make the liquid come out on impact automatically. She was able to find a quick fix by adding a trigger mechanism to the base where the head and handle met but that was just one fix of many she had to do to just get close to the final result. Obviously she would need to take a different approach for later variations but eventually, even with the problems she was facing, she got it to a point where she could be happy with the weapon.

Socially, she tried to get out more and get to know Yvette more...of course, the fact that she seemed to be trying to get to know everyone helped with that. In the off times between training, classes, and her work, she found herself spending more time at the garden, either reading or just resting her mind, something that she figured was important in the goal of not wearing the gears in her head down with constant thinking. Along with that, she even once thought about heading off and joining Juliet in her partying, only chickening out when she really thought about the types of parties Juliet went to. Other than that, it was the same old stuff as usual for her.

Currently, she was giving herself a bit of a check up, worried that some things had become loose and worn down within her. Of course it didn't worry her too much but she considered it better to know instead of just assume. Luckily, from all signs, she was fine so with that, she reapplied her mesh, got dressed, got some things, and went outside. She had considered for a moment the idea of heading to the training room to practice with her hammer more but she ended up deciding against it, feeling more in the mood to move around. Besides, she had some books to return to the library so she might as well go there, drop them off, and get some new ones. Along the way, she spied Daniel and someone else talking...but she ignored it. After all, it wasn't unusual to see him talking with someone she didn't know...something that she realized may be a problem if he was talking to someone who was a threat. Still, she would have to get what to do when that happpened cleared up with him later. Right now, she moved on and headed to her destination.

"Hi Sol, nice haircut. How are you feeling? You look a bit down."

Sol pulled a hand through his hair. "You like it? I just cut it myself. And no, I'm fine," he gave her an extra cheerful smile, just to prove his statement. Not that it needed proving.

Besides, it's not like she can help me with Luke either.

"So, I've been hearing rumours about you and those Satyr twins again, how's that going? I'd not figure you for the relationship type. Of course, the whole relationship with two guys at once, twins no less, that seems par for the course," he teased. "I mean, me and..."

Oh right, that's not... a thing anymore.

He chuckled at his mistake. "No, nevermind, I forgot what I was about to say." Perhaps he should just have greeted her like normal, and left, entered his room. "Really." Then he went quiet for a bit, the gears in his mind turning, twisting. He knew what Luke would've been telling him, and what Vik had been trying to drill into his head -it certainly felt like that-, about trusting people.

"So, about what you asked before, I suppose I'm a little bit lonely," he finally admitted. "You know, Luke's been giving me the cold shoulder, because we've had some fights. Or, well, I've been giving him the cold shoulder too, because I don't know what to do. So there's a mutual cold shoulder giving going on," he chuckled. "And that's a bit lonely. But I'm fine, I just need to rest, because I feel a bit tired. I can't seem to sleep." As he said it, he didn't stop smiling once. It wasn't a forced smile, just how he naturally expressed it, making light of whatever worries he did have.

To think that I'm opening up to a sex demon. I wonder if they said anything about that in mass. It's certainly not mentioned in the bible.

"And no, that doesn't mean I'm up for anything, if you're curious," he said, teasing again. "Luke's not up for anything either, he's still a little bit mine." He bit his lip.

"Anyhow, just forget all you just heard. How's your day been? Having a lot of fun?"

Daniel was glad to hear that Sierra was getting along well working under Queen Riviera, and it sounded as though they managed to uncover a few things; hopefully some of it would be useful in dealing with their current issue of Regalia. He wasn't at all surprised that there were some 'confidential' materials, no doubt something Riviera wanted to keep under her hat for the time being.

"All that being said though, I should really get checked in. I'm back for now, and I do have some Intel to report so I should get on that before I do anything else." Sierra finished on, giving the Angel a hug and a quick wave goodbye before heading off towards the Gungir barracks.

"Of course, don't let me hold you up. Looking forward to those pictures." Daniel gave a quick salute in response. Moments after Sierra had left his line of sight, he could hear the whispers in his head again, but this time, their song was different, it was more melodic and flowing than before.

"Hello Raziel." A voice said from behind, this time, there wasn't any distortion behind it. "It's been a while."

"Yes... yes it certainly has been a while," Daniel replied rather plainly before turning around and seeing his brother Raphael's face, suffice to say it hadn't changed much, but it didn't stop him from smiling just that little bit.

"but it is good to see you again brother." He then did something that he thought he wouldn't do given the circumstances, made the offer of a hug to Raphael, but he'd understand if it was declined.

The comment about cool new people made Will smiled a bit. "I know what you mean about Karis..but the one who going overboard I think is Viktor...but don't tell him I said that..." Will quickly added. Not wanting to seem ungrateful for the extra help he was getting. "Though lately..he been getting kind of...moody."

Will added as he sighs a bit. "I think it has to do with all these anti-monster attacks. Just wish we could do something about it besides nothing at the moment." Will lay his head back against the wall as he let out another sigh. "Though I don't think you came here to hear me negative," Will said as he stood up. "Anyways maybe we can help each other train, unless of course you're done for the day."


Viktor gave Sierra a nod when she said to hold off sending the information she'd given him; he only knew a tiny bit about the kind of magics and materials needed for enchanting, but he knew enough to know that some of the stuff she'd listed could go very wrong if mishandled. Her tone of voice when she mentioned not being overly fond of helping vampires made him raise an eyebrow; sure the two of them didn't get along too well, but this seemed as bit more than that...but that was definitely something for another day.

Anyway, what is Gungnir and the school doing? Besides tightening the guard I mean...Wait, why are you even still here if your Clan is getting attacked like this? Shouldn't they have pulled you back home by now to help deal with this trash?"

He grimaced a bit and sighed as he sat back in his seat. "To answer your last two questions first, I'm still here to lend support and expertise to our Japanese operation, should they need it. Clan Yurchenko has a very limited foothold in Asia, and so far none of our operations here have been attacked, but the Elders want me out here in case that changes. Back home, they've got enough people on the ground that my missing presence won't affect things." Absent-mindedly he plucked a smoldering stub of a cigarette out of the rather full ash tray and took a drag, exhaling towards the ceiling.

"As to your first question...that's it." He said with more than a little disgust. "The Admin is just 'turtle-ing' up and I guess praying that this shit show blows over. [Useless bastards...]." He took another drag, burning the cigarette down to his lips before stubbing it out. "I know Seth, Karis and more than a few others have been pushing for us to be 'proactive' about any local Regalia operations, but to no avail so far. To be honest I'm surprised Karis hasn't hit anyone yet."


"I know what you mean about Karis... but the one who going overboard I think is Viktor... but don't tell him I said that... Though lately... he been getting kind of... moody."

"My lips are sealed." She replied stretching a bit. "But yeah, I know what you mean. I know I don't know Mr. Zu- Viktor, as well as you, and I know everyone has been on edge since the newest attacks..." At least they didn't hit the school again. "But he seems to be taking it a bit harder than most. Maybe he knows somebody who got hurt?" She gave a small shrug, not knowing what else to say. So many people... She thought sadly.

"Anyways maybe we can help each other train, unless of course you're done for the day."

She thought about it for a moment or two, pushing back the sad thoughts about the victims of Regalia's attacks. "Sure, I think I've got a round or two left in me." Standing, she turned and offer her hand to William, to pull him up.


"Yes... yes it certainly has been a while, but it is good to see you again brother."

Raphael smiled as well an embraced his brother. "You too brother. I wish I had more time to talk, but I'm pushing my luck as it is." He said, releasing Daniel. "You wouldn't happen to know where Yvette is right now would you?"

"Anyhow, just forget all you just heard. How's your day been? Having a lot of fun?"

Juliet listened as Sol talked about his relationship troubles, nodding sympathetically as he explained.

"Sorry to hear about you and Luke," she said "I'm probably not the best for relationship advice but everyone appreciates it when you listen to them."

She perked up a bit thinking about how to answer his next question "As for how I'm doing, well you already heard about the twins," she smirked "they've certainly been fun, my relationships don't tend to last long, hazard of being a succubus I suppose, but I do like feeling appreciated."

The twins had even seemed to be trying to pace themselves, as far as she could tell at least, to avoid becoming exhausted as they had before. Not that she minded of course, a sustainable food source could be hard for a succubus to come by and they certainly kept her feeling appreciated with dates and even gifts. She felt fairly certain they enjoyed throwing their money around and at her specifically, and they certainly seemed to have more than enough to spend.

"If you're feeling bad about Luke I could let you know where the next big party is going to be," she said "although it might get in the way of training."

"Sorry to hear about you and Luke, I'm probably not the best for relationship advice but everyone appreciates it when you listen to them."

"No worries," Sol said, and then he chuckled a bit at what she said. "I'm not laughing at you, it's just... I think the issue was the opposite. I didn't talk as much as Luke would have wanted. Not about the important stuff, apparently. That's... kinda what started the whole thing, me not talking about stuff. Oh well. Done is done. It's not that significant anymore."

"As for how I'm doing, well you already heard about the twins, they've certainly been fun, my relationships don't tend to last long, hazard of being a succubus I suppose, but I do like feeling appreciated."

"I'm happy you're happy then. And who knows, perhaps this is a relationship that will last for long. Then again, I'll easily admit that I don't know what you think of as long. Years? Decades? Centuries?" He shrugged. "Regardless, it sounds like you've met a couple of someones who really likes you. I'd enjoy it for what it's worth."

"If you're feeling bad about Luke I could let you know where the next big party is going to be, although it might get in the way of training."

Sol looked at her. For a moment, he considered saying yes, asking her where it would be. He felt like he might need a party, something to take his mind of this issue. However, he knew that he wasn't as happy as he should be, and he still had that one rule, the rule about not drinking when he was unhappy. His smile faltered a bit, but it was still there when he replied.

"Uhm, no, sorry, I don't think that's a good idea. It's best if I just don't do anything like that." He rubbed his neck. "I think I'll just head into my room now, sorry." He grinned, though it felt forced this time. "Lot's of stuff to do. Mostly sleeping, though, but sleep is important too. I just need a few days and then it'll be fine, you know? I just..." He stopped.

Will smiled as he took her hand and help lift himself up while she pulled. "Alright." He said as head towards the fighting pad.
Walking a bit away from Yvette to give themselves space. He would turn to face her as he would then get into a fighting position.
Counting down from three and when he reaches one, he charged forward. He wasn't going to use his powers unless Yvette does so first.
He threw out a right hook which Yvette block and counter with a knee to the stomach.

Though William was ready as he blocked it with his free hand and push himself backwards. Not wanting to get caught up in another counter attack. He smiled lightly as he saw her do her own attack. Rushing and trying to do a leg sweep, making William jump over her and kicking at her chest. Yvette rolling to the side and dodging just barely as she rolled back up to her feet in a defense position. Though William kept up his attack as he charges forward, hoping to keep her on the defensive and off pace. Though Yvette was ready as she block and dodge his attack.

After his fifth punch, Yvette got in close to do a grapple. Grabbing his shirt and trying to sweep his legs out from under him.While William was falling, he moved his legs to hook up at Yvette's neck. Trying to pull her down with him so he could perhaps get her arm in an arm bar.

"You too brother. I wish I had more time to talk, but I'm pushing my luck as it is." Raphael soon released his brother from the embrace, and for once in a long while, Daniel was happy to be amongst one of his kin. "You wouldn't happen to know where Yvette is right now would you?"

"Hmm, well I did overhear earlier that Yvette was heading towards the Gym for some practice, so I reckon that is where we'll find her. Come on, I'll show you around on the way." And with that, the two Angels headed to the Gym, albeit the slightly longer way than usual; this may or may not have been intentional on Daniel's part. A few other students passed them by along the route though they didn't stop to chat, and certainly, Daniel didn't spot the others from the Gungir team. They had made a little bit of small talk the pair of them, but it was mostly benign matters.

"Ah, here we are Raphael. Now, let me see if I can spot your daughter." Daniel remarked as they arrived at their destination and he peered through the window, sure enough, he spotted Yvette, who appeared to be grappling with Will of all things.

Well, I guess he's got to learn. He then opened the door and entered, gesturing Raphael to follow. He then coughed loudly to announce their presence.

Viktor's answer to why he was still around made sense. His answer to what the school was doing, made her frown. "They could be scared of those anti-magic bullets they have and fear what ever team they send in would just get slaughtered. least that the only reason I can think of for just 'circling the wagons'." She said, looking like she's thinking about something. "Surprised Seth cares though, he's got his own people after all, he could just have them start dealing ... hmmm ... no ... it's unlikely any of his people are sitting on they're hands, he's probably been hit in all this as well."

"As for 'dad' not hitting anyone. I took the time to ask around about him while I was out. From what I've heard, he's way more likely to run a shadow op then knock some one on they're ass in situations like this. Though that would require a target to assault and I don't know what Intel you have in that regard." Sierra crossed her arms.

"Well ether way, I still have a 'lecture' to give in regards to what I've learned, and what we can do to nullify Regalia's known ace. Probably wouldn't hurt to spend so time 'working a bag' or something, I haven't really done lot of training over the last two months."


"[That] would require a target to assault and I don't know what Intel you have in that regard."

Viktor made an unhappy face at Sierra's comment. "Unless Seth or Karis haven't been sharing with me, fuck all." He said. "Yurcheko and Milankovitch teams hit Regalia cells in Ukraine and Serbia, but either they knew the teams were coming or they'd bugged out immediately after their operations, because both site had been thoroughly sterilized." He drummed his fingers on his desk for a moment.

"Pack Kuznetsov also hit a cell, though this one was still active. Unfortunately from an Intel point of view, none of the Regalia members were taken alive. 'We' did get an intact safehouse, which does let us study the gear they used, but so far nothing Kuznetsov has found tells us anything we didn't already know from a technical point of view, when it comes to their capabilities or operations. Each cell is annoyingly well insulated from the others." Somewhere deep in the back of his mind, he laughed at the irony of finding himself fighting an aggressive and capable de-centralized fighting force. The Universe does love a good joke.

"Probably wouldn't hurt to spend so time 'working a bag' or something, I haven't really done lot of training over the last two months."

Looking up from his desk, he smirked a bit. "I thought you were looking a bit doughy." Raising his hand, he waved it towards her wings. "Also, what's with the wings an' horns? Thought you didn't like being all demon-y?"


She winced as she hit the mat, with Will wrapping his legs around her; unfortunately she took a moment too long to realize what he was going for, so by the time she started to try and break out of the arm bar, he'd already locked up her left arm and was starting to hyperextend it. She tried briefly to see if she could the brute force her way out, but her greater reach had now become a liability and was now just better leverage for Will.

Faced with mounting pressure in her shoulder and elbow joints as Will began to arc his back, she tapped out about the same time she heard an attention getting cough. Looking towards the source of the sound, she grimaced when she saw Daniel, only to have that sour expression vanish when she saw the figure standing slightly behind him. As soon as Will released his grip, she rolled free and shot to her feet. "DADDY!" She yelped, rushing to embrace her father in a crushing hug.

Raphael laughed and returned the hug, the two of them just holding one another for a minute to two. "Hey there little one." He said, despite the fact she was about four inches taller than him. "Sorry it took so long for me to get away..." "Its fine, I know you can't just pop off on a whim, but I'm so glad you're here." After they broke their embrace, Raphael motioned to Daniel.

"Let's get the serious bit over with. I know you can't have been comfortable hanging about with an angel, despite what I said over the phone, but yes not all angels are a threat...I know I know, that's not what I taught you when you were younger, but honestly I never thought you'd encounter a Exiled like Raziel and for that I'm sorry for the worry I caused you." He said. "But Raziel was right, when said he means you no harm. He's a good man...he's just bad at meddling with the affairs of humans." Raphael said with a smirk. "Like you, except he got caught." Yvette replied, poking her dad in the ribs; Raphael just laughed.

Still smiling, she turned to Daniel and offered her hand. "I'm sorry about the way I acted when we first met; however justified I may have seen it at the time, it was still rude." After shaking Daniel's hand, she motioned to William. "This is Will, he's a team-mate. We were just sparring when you arrived." "I saw...and he appeared to be winning." Raphael remarked. Yvette scowled good-naturedly at her dad, while he just smiled slightly, shook Will's hand and offered a small greeting. "So dad," Yvette asked. "I'll introduce you to the rest of the team!"

Raphael's smile faded and he shook his head. "No can do." He said sadly. "I really need to get back to my post. The 'Higher Ups' are concerned about Regalia potentially effecting things on our end so they want me and my people keeping an eye on things...that means I can't be away for very long; I'm meeting with a contact as we speak." He added with a wink. Yvette was disappointed, but not surprised; it was rare that he actually got away for longer than a brief 'Hi-how-are-you?' visit. She enveloped him in another hug and kissed him on the cheek, savouring the moment.

"Well then you'd best get going." She replied, letting go and stepping back. "Don't want your bosses asking too many you dad." "Love you to honey, say hi to your mum for me; nice to meet you Will." Raphael said. Turning, he wrapped Daniel in another hug, before stepping back and turning towards the door. "Take care brother." With that he was off and out of the gym, making his way off school grounds and back to what his superiors thought he was actually doing.

"I'm not a demon, not sure what I am but it's already been confirmed I am not a demon. Course, I'm not 'human' or and Angel ether." Sierra said, 'scratching an itch' on her nose with her middle finger in response to the 'doughy' remark. "Besides, what I didn't like was how self destructive my powers where, and the assholes that where trying to kill me. Both issues have been resolved, at least for now anyway."

"I still need a new 'pig sticker' though, since my old one is still broken, and I was to busy to get a new one. Only reason I got 'my powers back' is because I could still work while those changes took place. I don't recommend it, the transition sucks, but I could, but for no, I need to go find Seth to get that lecture I need to give going."

"DADDY!" He heard Yvette call out as she rushed over to give Raphael a rather crushing looking embrace. Daniel smiled as he watched the pair interact with one another; he could feel a small sense of joy coming from himself, it felt good to see such a loving father/daughter relationship, and could see why Raphael did it.

"But Raziel was right, when said he means you no harm. He's a good man...he's just bad at meddling with the affairs of humans." Raphael said with a smirk. "Like you, except he got caught." Yvette then replied, poking her dad in the ribs, which got a laugh out of her father. Daniel barely managed to stifle a chuckle at that one.

Glad to see your sense of humour managed to pass on brother.

With Yvette still smiling, she turned to face Daniel, her hand stretched out. "I'm sorry about the way I acted when we first met; however justified I may have seen it at the time, it was still rude." Daniel returned the gesture in kind, glad to hear that most of the animosity between them had simmered away.

It is understandable little one, you were merely acting on what you had been taught, but I am glad we have cleared the air between us.

There was a bit of good-natured ribbing from Raphael as he commented on the fact that William appeared to be beating Yvette in their sparing match. Daniel kept quiet throughout the exchange between father and daughter, this was a special moment, it deserved a modicum of respect. Eventually, all good things had to come to an end. Raphael stated that this was only a flying visit, as the Council had asked him to investigate the potential threat that a group like Regalia had on Angel kind.

Daniel wanted to bring up Zaqiel and her involvement in Lucifer's resurrection, but he didn't want to ruin the mood and potentially avoid the avalanche of questions that were to follow. For now, the news would have to wait, but for how long?

"Love you to honey, say hi to your mum for me; nice to meet you Will." Raphael said as he turned to leave, taking a moment to wrap Daniel in another hug before stepping back and heading towards the door. "Take care brother." And with that he had left the gym.

"And you as well brother, you know where to find us if you need help," Daniel said quietly, as some of his pent up emotion broke free, forming into a few tears that he managed to wipe away before anyone noticed. He took a deep breath before turning to both Yvette and William. He then let out a sudden laugh of joy.

"Your father certainly is something Yvette, I am glad to see that he hasn't changed much since when I last saw him."

Will let go of Yvette as soon as he heard Daniel cough loudly to get their attention. Letting go of Yvette as she soon rush over to see her dad. Smiling a bit as he kept a bit back to give her and her father some time. That was until Yvette introduce him to her father. Shaking his hand as he smiled at the compliment. "Thanks Sir," He said lightly.

"Good to meet you too sir," Will said, not wanting to show any disrespect towards Yvette's father. He wasn't too sure how to be around other people parents. After he left, Will smiled and said, "You father seems nice."


"Fair enough." Viktor replied as Sierra explained her new appearance, chuckling as she flipped him off. "Well if you've got to go deal with that talking set of snake skin boots, I guess I shouldn't keep you; and...thank you." He said, waving a hand at to copy of the information she'd given him. "The more we know, the sooner we can nail the bastards in charge to the fucking wall." The hard tone in his voice implied he meant it literally.

Staying here and brooding wasn't doing much for his attitude, so as Sierra left to go deal with Seth, he went and headed for Gungir's gym; if nothing else he could vent his frustrations on ninety or so kilos of sand. Pushing through the door from the change room, he stopped in his tracks as he saw the trio. While there was nothing odd about seen Will or Yvette, the fact that she was standing within arm's reach of Daniel surprised him. "Um...hey all." He said, sounding a bit confused. "Did I miss something?"


"Your father certainly is something Yvette, I am glad to see that he hasn't changed much since when I last saw him."

Despite herself, Yvette couldn't help but smile as Daniel laughed. "That's good to know." She said eventually. "Mum and I don't really know all too much about his past...if such a word can be applied to an angel. I know she asked him about it not long after he told what, and who, he really is, but apparently he sort of just mumbled a few vague descriptions and then changed the subject."

"Your father seems nice."

"He is," She replied, looking at the door Raphael had left through. "I just wish I got to see him more often...I mean, I understand why things have to be the way they are, but you'd be nice to see him for more than a few hours, or at best a whole day or two, at a time." She added, punctuating her last sentence with a shrug. "Oh well, it is what it is."

"Did I miss something?"

Yvette wheeled about as a deep voice rumbled behind the group. "Oh! Hello just missed my dad. I tried to get him to stay at least long enough for me to introduce him, but well..." She shrugged again.

"Lot's of stuff to do. Mostly sleeping, though, but sleep is important too. I just need a few days and then it'll be fine, you know? I just...

She held back a laugh at Sol suggesting that her relationship would last long, it didn't seem an appropriate reaction given Sol's current troubles. As for how long would constitute a long lasting relationship for her she wasn't certain either, it'd only have to last a couple months to exceed her previous record.

"Well if you need rest I'll leave you to it then," she said "just try to do more than just sleep."

With that she turned to leave. Maybe she'd track down some of the other team members to see how they were doing.

"Well if you need rest I'll leave you to it then, just try to do more than just sleep."

"Nah," Sol replied, and winked. "Sleeping is all I'm good for these days. Sleeping and eating snacks. Feels pretty great. See ya," he said, and waited for her to leave before entering his own room. It was almost a little lonely watching her walk away. Part of him wished he had taken her up on that offer about the party.

But I'm not feeling up for it. Besides, sleeping is important, and even if I said that all I do is sleep, truth is I can't seem to do so.

He sighed, his body felt heavy and numb, and his eyelids refused to stay open. He rubbed his eyes a couple of times, then went back inside his room, laying down on his bed. He pretty much collapsed on top of his duvet, he was wearing all his clothes, after all, and it was too much of an effort to take them off. Besides, he had a feeling he'd have to wake up soon enough, Viktor seemed to have develop a talent for calling for meetings and training sessions when it least suited Sol. Sure, it wasn't the vampire's fault, but it could still be somewhat of a bother.

It'll be fine Sol, it's fine to feel a little tired,

he thought, and closed his eyes, feeling sleepier as he did. Of course, there were still thoughts, the kind that kept him up. Was this how he'd be spending his time at Gato now? Keeping an eye on his grades, doing what was required of him, and then not have the energy or interest for more than short conversations with people? Even though he liked talking to and interacting with people, befriending them and laughing with them. Now he was just avoiding everything and everyone.

What is wrong with me? Why am I being like this?

He asked himself, but there seemed to be no answer. After a while, he sighed, frustrated at himself.

"Sleep, Sol," Sol told himself, muttering sleepily. He petted his own head as a sort of self-comfort.

Don't waste your time worrying. As long as you can smile to people you'll be safe. As long as people like you, you won't be alone. You're safe, even without Luke. Rest.

Finally, he seemed to be drifting off to sleep.

After leaving Viktor's office Sierra made her way to Seth's office, and found him there, in about as good a mood as she found Viktor in.

The conversation was some what shorter though, with Sierra doing most the talking and Seth just listening, with Sierra also bringing up that she'd like a look at what ever gear Regalia is using to see if there are any other things that they have that they really shouldn't, to which Seth said that he 'hadn't been informed' of anything strange, but that the reports from his people said most of the harassment was coming from 'disposable grunts' with conventional weapons, or cyber attacks, and that it was likely they'd need to seize a 'base' intact to get the answers she wanted.

They talked a little more, mostly about who should be present when she 'bored every one to death with science' as Seth snarked, Sierra replying with 'the teams likely to be sent in first, and heads of staff related to getting the countermeasures in circulation.'

Which is about where the conversation ended, and Sierra left to go track down Viktor while Seth got a hold of Karis to see who was 'the most prepared', and finding Viktor, as well as William a girl she didn't know and Daniel, she briefly pulled Viktor a side, explained what she was after and asked if he could get it for her, he could, but said it would take a few hours at best.

As she did that, Seth shot her over a text telling her what room he'd gotten her, and relayed that to Viktor as a means of locating her once the information arrived. So after concluding that bit of business and ribbing William a little about 'how good it was to see William finally starting to pick up chicks' she excused her self to go get ready for the meeting.

A 'few' Hours Later

An announcement rung out calling several teams and Gungnir Staff member's to a lecture hall close to the Gungnir offices.

As people entered Sierra could be seen going over a few notes, while behind her. A massive mathematical headache for anyone not versed in Aethic science, and some students/'field agents' had that look of 'I hope she plans on dumbing that down' on their faces. Though a few of the staff and a few other students seemed rather interested in what had been written down.

Gungnirs head,Gaius, as well as Seth and Karis where also in attendance, less cause they where specifically called and more curiosity as to what Sierra had found out. Sierra her self, wasn't expecting as many people as ended up showing up though.

All told a total of four teams, ten staff members and a few senior staff member's who knew about Sierra's trip and wanted to see the fruits of her 'mission' brought the head count up to around forty five people or so, and since Sierra wasn't really a 'get up and talk in front of others' she was a little nervous. Which showed a little in her introduction, but became less noticeable as it went on.

Sierra started with a refresher of what the weapon in question did so far as they knew, but from there actually expanded into what it was really doing. The 'anti magic' in play severs and corrupts the flow of Aether in the target, effectively causing all the Aether in a person to 'self destruct' if they try to use any magic or inborn ability's, she did make note that 'Aethric residue' also stood a chance of setting it off, so those who relied on magic items and artifacts should be wary for reasons she'll be getting into in the counter measures. She skipped going over what this does to a person cause 'we already know'.

From there she she warned every one this was going to be 'the boring science-y part' so bare with her for the time being, then went right into it, breaking down how it all worked, and while she did try to keep it simple enough for every one to follow, she could tell some had no idea what half of what she was saying meant. She also mentioned that the writing used was not a set of runes but an actual written language that was being 'empowered' similarly to 'Power Word' type magics. From there she started going into way to counter it, though said at the start that these options where only a 'first effort' and an end all be all list.

Most note worthy where; lining the Field Operatives uniforms with 'Aether Absorbent' materials on top of ballistic resistant ones as she believe this would stop the anti magic for reacting by giving it nothing to react with. The other, was an 'Aether Grenade', a sort of non lethal 'flash bang' designed to trigger the anti magic effects by cause the ambient Aether density to spike well above normal level and 'trick' the into going off. She pointed out that this was the reason that those who use magic Items and Artifacts needed to be wary, since she theorized they could set them off as well. She also stated that the grenades 'tricking' the anti magic in to triggering could also have the same effect as if it had triggered in a person, the Aether in the effected area would self destruct and likely take everything in the effected area with it.


Sitting towards the back of the room during Sierra's briefing, he her description of the capabilities of Regalia's anti-magic rounds unsettling, to say the least. Clan Yurchenko, and most of its allies, used enchantments quite heavily to augment the capabilities and durability of their Action Group members, so far he hadn't heard any reports of encounters with this ammunition type, but that was likely to change as operations ramped up.

The counter-measures Sierra began to give an over view of were a bit comforting, but that was lessened by the need to get the relevant information back home, hopefully before there were any preventable casualties.


After her dad had left, she and Will sparred for a bit more, before she called it a day, re-sealed her powers and hit the shower. Now she was sitting on the common room couch with a bunch of texts on alchemy and magical theory strewn about. She was doing quite well in both classes, so her instructors had decided to 'test' her with some advanced assignments; she was certain they'd deliberately colluded to hit her with both of them at the same time.

Groaning, she leaned back and rubbed her eyes with the heels on her hands. "My head feels like it's going to explode..." She muttered to no-one in particular. A 'voice' in the back of her head also reminded her that she had an enchanting project that she need to work on as well, though even without this advanced work, she was pretty sure she'd need an extension for the enchanting; she kept hitting an instability that would cause the charm she was working on to short out...and she had no idea what the cause of the instability was.

Sol had heard the announcement a while after he had started waking up. It was kind of comfortable waking up first, and then having to stress after being able to wake up for a few minutes, just stretch and enjoy it while it lasted. He'd gotten dressed, putting everything on in a quick fashion, and then headed out the door, still casually. Perhaps it was the warm fuzzy feeling of finally being able to sleep for several hours, or perhaps it was because his new haircut gave him more confidence in a time where it felt as if he had none, but when he passed Luke, he had winked and lifted his hat.

Look at me.

He had thought, as the other seemed to do just so.

Don't I look good with a new haircut?

Luke had looked as if he had wanted to approach him, but Sol had simply given him a shrug and continued on, at this point actually approaching late to whatever meeting they had put together now. He'd gotten a message after that, but it wasn't until he'd gotten a seat close to the wall that Sol checked it.

"You look good with your hair like that."

Sol felt his heart skip a beat, it was the first text Luke had sent to him in what felt like forever. Still, he decided to ignore it, listening to the presentation instead. It was a somewhat dire one, even if he understood the terrorists too. The issue was their targets. Every hunter knew that at a certain point, individual monsters were non-targets. Of course, as sad as it was, this was stuff he already knew.

It wasn't before he realized that not only was he at risk, together with the supernatural students, and the fact that he'd have to wear a uniform, he really had the guts to send a message to Luke. Of course, it did help that it distracted him from the outright boring parts of Sierra(who looked a lot less human now)'s speech, and from not protesting loudly at the uniform thing.

"Thanks. Apparently they're going to give us uniforms too, though. That's so not my kind of thing."

"I'm sure you'll look very handsome."

Sol didn't answer the message, and soon enough, a second followed.

"Listen, Sol... this is suffocating. I want to talk to you, okay? And I'm sure you want to at least say something to me too. Can we meet up somewhere?"

Sol texted a quick "no", and hid the phone, as if hiding it would keep it from receiving any more messages. He felt it vibrate in his back pocket, and ignored it, he'd not awakened to deal with this shit. Instead, he kept paying attention to the meeting, even if he didn't understand the more technical aspects of it.

After getting another stack of new books from the library, Mira ended up heading back up to the common room and started reading until she got word about a meeting. Why there was one now was beyond her but she suspected that it had to do with the Regalia attacks kicking up again. Still, what they were going to do about it was a mystery...unless they found a way to counteract their weapons.

Nonetheless, Mira went to the meeting when the time came, ready to find out why they called. Of course, once she got there, she found herself suprised at the fact that Sierra was there, much less that she was the one conducting it. Still, it did add more evidence that it had to do with Regalia...but what she found to help them was still in question. Of course, she questioned her apperance too but she figured that that subject could wait until after the meeting, so without further ado, she sat down and payed attention to the meeting.

Currently, it was going okay, with Sierra growing into the role as she went on, thuogh Mira did have some problems. The most noticeable one being twofold about the large board with equations all on it in the middle of the area, just daring someone to not notice it. Mirabelle felt a bit of pain seeing it in it's current state, though it wasn't from any lack of understanding (the explanation helped on that front). No, it was the overcomplicated mess of it all. Surely she could have simplified it all into one equation instead of showing every step of the problem when it came to solving it. It just seemed...messy and inelegant, in Mira's mind. Still, that was a fairly miniscule problem compared to the second one in that the board itself and the explanation weren't necessary. Sure, they were useful in showing her hard work...but most of the people there couldn't follow her work, probably because they weren't as interested or skilled in studying magic as she was. The board would have worked if this were a room filled with like minded peers who were as versed in this stuff as Sierra...but it wasn't. It was full of people who would just chalk all of that up to "Magical science stuff" since they didn't understand the subject matter.She still appreciated the work Sierra did to proof she material...but in the end, in her mind, it just didn't work with this crowd.

Still, besides the board, there was one other problem she had...concerning the grenades. Sure, it could stop the bullets effects by forcing it to interact with the natural aether...but how long did that last? Worse, what happened when they eventually wised up and shot through the space where the now depleted/disipated aether was after the effect was over? She had to remind herself that this was a first attempt at defence...but either way, the grenades concerned her. Hopefully the uniforms/armor could make up for it...and besides, she could always question Sierra about it later. Right now, she just hoped that that wasn't it for the meeting and that Sierra had something else as well.

And so, with that, she stayed seated and payed attention to wht came next.

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