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Kaylee blinked as she listened in to each of the others, happily chewing on her food as she did. Noting that Sierra was also taking Dark Arts classes, she sat back in her chair and let her head lean back, now tilted so that she was looking at the ceiling. So she and I will probably have classes with one another... Grest, I've got someone to leech off of for notes and whatever.

One thing Mirabelle had stated sort of stood out to her as she listened to the others and she began to type something out, eventually sliding the phone to the mechanical maiden. "Sorry if this comes off insensitive... but you're basically a robot, right? Do golems like you have kids like humans do or did your dad build you?"

Mirabelle looked down at Kaylee's message, wondering what was up. She had been listening intently to Sierra and Alicia talk about enchantments, deeply interested and a bit confused as to some of the other enchantments besides the two she had seen were. This made its all the more surprising when Kaylee broke her focus and brought her question to Mirabelle's attention. She was confused by the question at first since she had never heard of golems having children but quickly understood Kaylee's confusion and tried to set her straight.

"Oh. Sorry about the confusion. I don't have the ability to make children, not in the genetic way anyways. My father was human but i still refer to him as my father and I suspect that if I ever create my own children they will do the same for me...though when I complete my brother I need to make sure he thinks of me at his sister and not his mother.", she said, talking more to herself on that last bit.

"I don't see why not, I'm just not sure how to do it and have you still be able to move around yet. I got a few other enchants I'm working on to, like one that boosts mass without increasing weight, because fuck the laws of physics I have magic, but, yeah, I can hook you up with bands like you want, soon as I got the potential 'arm ripping off bugs' out of it anyway,"

"Fuck the Laws of Physics, I have magic." Alicia repeated beck with a grin. "I like it; but yeah, that sounds great, especially the bit about getting the 'arm tearing' bugs fixed...I like my arms just where they are." That was terrible... "I also like your idea of boosting mass without the weight. An enchantment like that on something like a pair of armoured gloves..." She said, trailing off as ideas came to mind.

Kaylee blinked as she listened to Mirabelle explain. Alright... that's good to hear. Then again, I guess it'd be kind of cool to see a robot actually give birth to a robot. Seems like there would be a lot of gears and stuff lying around once it was over though... Giving the girl a nod of understanding, she typed up another quick question. "Alright, I guess that makes a lot more sense than what I was thinking initially. It must be nice to have a brother... or at least know one could be on the way. "

As she slid the phone back over to Mirabelle, she blinked a bit as she thought back to her home and family (if she could even call them that) back in New York and quickly shook her head. No... No... We left that place for a reason... Don't think about it...

Mirabelle slowly nodded her head, believing that that was what the situation called for. It was nice to know that she may not be alone in her fathers creations, at least his sentient ones...

"It is nice...but it's also worrying. He was going to be my fathers magnum opus until i...revealed my sentience, so i feel bound to complete him now that our father is dead. The problem is, i don't know what he planned for next, and without his alchemeic knowledge, i can't go any farther. Even if he encouraged me to experience the world and build connections...i feel like, if i can't do it, i'll tarnish his memory...not to mention, i wouldn't want to be left there, lifeless and incomplete, so i owe it to my brother too..."

She stopped talking then and sat silently, stewing in her own melancholy. Her mind was weighed down by all of the demands that she placed on herself. Still, she realized that she may drag the conversation down in this state and tried to put it behind her. Putting on a (unknowingly) blatant fake smile, she started to try and re-assure Kaylee.

"...But nevermind that. I've got my whole life to work on that. My father wanted me to experience the world and that's what i'm going to do...but i need to learn how to interact with others in a believable manner first. Besides, learning this stuff could help me learn my fathers craft.", She stopped and dropped the fake smile, replacing it with a confused face before continuing. "What about your family? Do any of you have any siblings?"

Kaylee nodded slowly as she listened more, mainly wondering why she took such a burden on herself. It seems like if your dad couldn't do it, then he couldn't do it. It's not really your job to finish his old work... even though you say it is.... Despite her own thoughts, she kept from voicing(typing) them and raised an eyebrow at the smile Mirabelle had given her. ...She really needs to work on that...

As the mechanical girl brought up Kaylee's own family, the mute girl's expression changed to a far more distant and annoyed one as she looked off to the side. Just when I wanted to forget... She picked up her phone and typed in a few things... and then erased it... and typed more... and erased more... This went on for a good minute or two as she tried to come up with an answer she thought would be suitable before finally sliding the phone to Mirabelle, her expression still darkened, but to a much lesser extent than before.

"I don't have siblings... and honestly if I did, I'd hope they'd have done what I did and gotten the hell out of that house. To put it simply, I don't think of my family as you or most others would. They're all just people who happen to know me. People I've met on the streets have been more of an actual family to me. ...By the way, you miiight wanna work on that smile of yours a little more. It was kind of obvious that you didn't mean it."

"Oh...i'm sorry for bringing it up...", Mirabelle said, feeling bad for forcing the issue with Kaylee, even if it was unknowingly. She typically didn't think of anyone having bad relations with their family, so finally meeting someone who did...well, she'd have to avoid that topic, wouldn't she? Still, Kaylee didn't seem angry, just annoyed, so Mirabelle hoped that it would go away once they switched topics. Speaking of other topics...

"...and the smile...i guess it shouldn't be that surprising to me that it didn't work. I am here to work on that though...and learn more on alchemy. Speaking of which, are you going to try to learn more after you cure your...ailment, or are you going to do something else?"

"I also like your idea of boosting mass without the weight. An enchantment like that on something like a pair of armoured gloves..."

"I was thinking 'kick ass Claymore', once I find one I like anyway, but gauntlets and grieves would work nicely to if you have the training in unarmed combat." Sierra said before finishing off a pepper she was working on. "I mean what good would it be to throw a punch with 30 tons PSI if you can't connect with it" she added asshe pondered another few kabobs.

Kaylee blinked and nodded in response to Mirabelle's question before typing up more to elaborate. Once again sliding the phone toward her, the message read: "Don't worry about it, Mirabelle. You didn't know... and now you do. That aside, I'm enrolling into Dark Arts classes to learn more about curses and things like that. Usually, the best way to counter something is to know how it works to begin with... "

There was a bit of space before text started again.

"And if that doesn't end up working... I'll just have to turn into a 'good girl' by whatever standards that freak who cursed me with and I'll be free... or something. Obviously, I'm not gonna hold my breath for that to happen."

Now it was Mirabelle's turn to blink and stop for a moment...except for the fact that she forgot to blink, again. Kaylee had just told her something that she had already said a bit ago, so either her friend misunderstood...or she did a horrible job of wording the question to Kaylee. This being Mirabelle, she assumed the latter was what had happened, and that she had failed to communicate correctly again. Still, at least she didn't seem to hold it against her..bit she decided to change the subject anyways.

"Oh,, uh, already said that...i think i messed up in asking my question. Sorry about that. Um...sorry if i sound unimpressed, but since we're speaking of your curse...i was wondering, can you only change your hands, or can you change more?"

Kaylee paused for a moment before facepalming herself as Mirabelle spoke. She quickly typed up a message and slid the phone back toward Mirabelle. "Oh... You meant other than going to classes. My bad... I didn't get what you were getting at. Uh... I've tried talking with mediums and other people who are into magic and hexes and whatever... but nothing seemed to work. Hell, I think going to some of them made it a hell of a lot worse. I mean, this is a new city and since there's an entire college of monsters and other kinds of crazy beings milling around, there's probably someone who'd actually be able to help me more. I just need to find them, I guess.

As for the curse... it's just my arm and I really hope it stays that way."

Ohka was getting a bit "loose" one might call as the bottle was emptied. Turning to the waitress, she gestured to have her come over and was soon there. "Two more bottles of sake, to go. And the check please." She said, taking another helping of meat onto her plate and quickly beginning to tear through it as the waitress left. If anyone looked at her, they'd have the image of goku eating stuck in their head as she devoured the meat at a rapid pace, loving the taste of it with a heavy blush.

"I mean what good would it be to throw a punch with 30 tons PSI, if you can't connect with it."

"Oh I think I can handle that." Alicia replied with a smirk, 'casually' scratching a fictitious itch with her middle finger. Idly snacking on various little morsels, she watched as Ohka devoured a large piece of meat with all the gusto of a starving dog. I just hope she doesn't drink this much regularly... The smaller Japanese girl was obviously rather drunk, and Alicia wasn't sure if she had the patience to deal with a potential budding alcoholic.

"Oh...ok. Well, i can't imagine how the curse could get worse...but seeing as how i know nothing about magic...hmm," she said, slipping into thought. She didn't know how magic was powered but maybe she could simulate it's effects...or, alternatively, maybe she could cast magic herself, depending on the power source. She entertained the thought of her casting spells left and right...before realizing how silly it was and shoving it away into the depths of her mind. She didn't even know what she would do with magic, much less what could be done or if it was even possible for her to use it. She looked back and continued with what she was saying.

"Sorry about that, i zoned out for a moment...i was thinking about what i would do with magic...i know it's silly but still. I'll just stick with Alchemy for now. Anyways, if you need help in finding someone, you can always ask me. It's not a problem, it'll give me more of a chance to socialize."

At this, she started to pay attention to what was around her again. She overheard Alicia talking about handling something and Ohka ordering some stuff to go. Seeing the signal that they were going to leave soon, she looked at the remaining meat on her plate and dug in, figuring it rude to leave it on the plate, uneaten, in front of the chef. She didn't want to insult him by letting his work go to waste, after all.

Kaylee blinked a small bit as she turned to see Ohka wolfing down her plate of meat. Well.... For such a small girl, that's one hell of an appetite... She slowly turned back toward Mirabelle just as the mechanical girl broke out of her trance. As Mira apologized, Kaylee simply smiled and waved her hands, trying to denote that it was no big deal. She picked up her phone to type out another message and slid it to Mirabelle. "I'll keep that in mind. Thanks in advance, Mira."

Seeing that Ohka was waving for a check (even though she hadn't set foot in a restaurant, it so happened TV was accurate for once), Kaylee followed suit with Mirabelle in finishing up her plate, though her appetite had more or less gone after she had brought up her family.

Sierra's choice on more food seemingly made for her, she simply pushed the plate away a little and waited for the check to arrive, Alicia's gesture lost on her as she wasn't paying attention, she was already thinking about the work she'd need to do to get her enchants to work.

The check came and ohka pulled out cash, filling the checkbook and giving it back to the waitress. She nodded and walked off, coming back with a the receipt and a wooden box. "Arigato." she said with a quick bow before standing up. "Come on everyone, i hope the food was good for you girls..." she said, a pink blush permanently on her cheeks. Ohka then led the group towards the elevator once more, wooden box safely in hand.

As Ohka popped up and walked out, Kaylee got up and followed and gave a large smirk in response as she typed up a quick response. She showed the phone to Ohka as she stepped behind the girl in the elevator. "Sooo.... do we get to eat like this everyday? I've got no objections to it, the food was awesome."

Ohka paid the check and everyone was getting up to leave, Mirabelle included. The experience was overall rather good in her opinion, even if she got overwhelmed at first and wasted Ohka's money on food she didn't need. Still, Ohka didn't seem to mind, having spent even more on more alcohol and merrily carrying it into the elevator, so she stopped worrying about it. She noted the question Ohka had asked though.

"Um...i-i couldn't really taste it. I don't have anything in me capable of tasting food. The experience was grand though, i've not experienced anything like it."

Ohka raised an eyebrow at Mirabelle in surprise. "You can't taste? we need to get someone at the school to fix that. Life isn't any fun when you can't enjoy things such as the taste of food." she said to mirabelle. "But i am happy that you enjoyed the experience." she added on. "You too Kaylee."

"Well, i have never really needed one since i don't require sustenance. Besides, i've found life very enjoyable anyways, i don't think taste is required. Thank you for the concern though. Also, thank you for the chopsticks, i was doubtful about how well they would work, given my nature, but they seemed to work fine."

Mirabelle took out the chopsticks and rolled them around in her hand. She still wasn't COMPLETELY sure that they had worked but she decided to not fret over it. She had been able to eat so it didn't fully matter.

Kaylee nodded as she leaned back a bit before blinking twice and looking at the chopsticks one more time. She casually prodded Ohka in the side with them and held them out for her to take back. ....Pretty sure I'm not gonna need these again anyway....

"dinner was good, if a bit to high class for my taste" Sierra said as they rode the elevator down, she didn't really say much after that ether, she was tired suddenly and just wanted to go to bed at this point, she'd have to finish unpacking some time tomorrow as well as send out a couple emails.

"Come on everyone, I hope the food was good for you girls..."

"That was fantastic." Alicia replied with a satisfied sigh. "Though I do have to agree with Sierra...if you weren't buying, I doubt I could've afforded something off the appy menu." Stretching slightly as she walked, she felt like she'd gained ten pounds. Ah well, it'll mostly be gone by morning. Stifling a yawn, she walked in silence.

The girls got back and the boys had their dinner. They got back to the dorm and by that time, it was night time. They all said their goodnights and everyone went into their rooms.

Next morning, Eight A.M. sharp. "ATTENTION ALL FRESHMAN, MEET IN THE GYM AT EIGHT THIRTY." a familiar male voice said over the intercom.

Kaylee's room.
Kaylee would find a ball of covers next to her, being rather large and not her own as they were pink and appeared to have two cartoonish figures on them. There was also a good bit of white hair spilling out from one small part of it, soft breathing could be heard eminitating from the covers as well. inside was ohka in her t-shirt and panties, fast asleep like a corpse.

As the blaring voice blasted out over the intercom, Kaylee groaned and rolled over, trying to clamp her pillow over her ears in an attempt to block the sound out. As she rolled, she actually opened her eyes as she bumped into something that wasn't on her bed before. Shoving her pillow inside and seeing a pink ball with figures on it, she tilted her head wide to the right. ....Woah... Hold on a sec...

Seeing the white hair and hearing the breathing, Kaylee very slowly reached out to peel the pink ball away. As she did, and finally revealed Ohka in essentially just a T-shirt, a bit of color ran from Kaylee's face. Had she the ability, she would have yelped loudly right then and there. Wh-Wha?!? When/...?! How..?! D-D-Did we...?!!?1 As Kaylee slept in just a black bra and panties, she quickly looked down to her own crotch and then to the bedhseets. ....N-No.... We didn't... I think I'm gonna try to hold from drinking for a while...

Looking back to Ohka, Kaylee contemplated letting the little elf continue sleeping as she looked peaceful... almost deathly so...


...Yeah, that's not gonna work... Kaylee thought to herself before reaching out and lightly jostling Ohka in an attempt to wake her up, blushing a small bit as she did. Please get up before people walk in and get the wrong idea.... C'monc'monc'mon....

Ohka let out a yawn and opened her eyes. She actually looked really cute for a second with her sleepy an dazed eyes. "Hi..." she said and soon was wide awake as her eyes dilated and widened in realization. She quickly stood up and began bowing and apologizing in japanese. "Gomen'nasai!" she said and backed up.
"Gomen'nasai!" and was bowing at the door.
"Gomen'nasai!" and was bowing in the hall.
"Gomen'nasai!" and was bowing at her doorway.
There was a slam and another shout from her closed room. "Gomen'nasai!"


Alicia had already been up for three hours, and was currently sitting in the living room, reading a book and sipping some tea. She'd done her run, an hour at Hard Target, and back here with time to shower, and make tea; unsurprisingly the only other person up was Sierra.Wonder if I should go wake up the others?

Hearing a commotion from Kaylee's room, she looked over to see Ohka, jabbering something in Japanese, while making a b-line for her own room. "Curiouser and curiouser..." She thought, setting her book down, and walking to the open door. Leaning against the door frame, she gave the half-naked Kaylee a wink and a smirk. "Well, well, well...don't you work fast."

As Ohka woke up, Kaylee couldn't help but blush a small bit more. Ohka looked like a little puppy that she just wanted to pet... well until Ohka truly woke up and bolted out of the room. The mute girl tilted back as Ohka bolted and bowed at somewhat ridiculous speeds and quickly retreated to her room. Kaylee sighed silently in relief, but that relief was short-lived as Alicia suddenly popped into her doorframe. I should probably say something to calm her down...

"Well, well, well...don't you work fast."

The mute girl's cheeks flared a bright red as she stepped to grab her phone and quickly typed up a response, shoving the phone screen into Alicia's face. "Nothing happened!! I--- I have no clue how she got in here!! I had my door locked once we got back here!!!" Her being flustered was obvious as the hand she was holding out was shaking a bit.

Sierra awoke, more or less with Alicia and the pair of them heeded out, Alicia to the gym, Sierra, to the track, there she was alone.

The air was crisp, and the center of the track, this would be a good place for her morning work out, which ranged form quick drawing and sheathing practice, to a mock battle of sorts, only with out the yelling, she always found that stupid. By the time the announcement came over the PA system she was in a sort of meditative state, focusing her Dark Energy's to a single point, something she'd always done in the hopes it would help cut down on the negative effect of using them.

However the announcement cut that short and she made her way back to the dorm for a shower and found Alicia teasing Kaylee about something, not being one to pass up an opportunity she quickly and quietly grabbed a towel and headed to the shower, the first sign she was back being the sound of the door closing and water turning on.

"Nothing happened!! I--- I have no clue how she got in here!! I had my door locked once we got back here!!!"

Alicia burst out laughing at Kaylee's flustered response. "I know, I know...I'm just buggin' ya. If you two were up to something, I'd've heard it...the wall aren't that thick." Stepping back, she began to pull the door closed. "Best get dressed soon if you want to eat before the assembly."

Closing the door fully, she walked over to Ohka's door and wrapped on it with a knuckle. "C'mon, you can flick the bean later...don't wanna be late on the first day do you?"

Note to self: If something does happen, try to find a hotel first... Kaylee thought as she sighed and managed to compose herself while Alicia laughed at her expense. "Well, as long as we're clear there... I'll go change up..." With that, she closed the door to her room and walked over to her closet.

After a few minutes, she walked back out with a simple black t-shirt and jeans on. Letting out a yawn, she walked over to the fridge and looked inside. Seeing nothing she would've liked, she sighed and flopped onto the couch, waiting for the others. If Alicia was still out there, she'd show her a message. "So... where'd you get that tea...?"

The water stopped and after a few moments Sierra exited the shower room and headed to her room towel snugly wrapped around her, her work out clothing in one hand and her other hand holding the towel on, though almost lost it as she opened the door to her room.

A few minutes after that Sierra exited her room, wearing a pretty lose fitting shirt and paints, as she walked over to Alicia and Kaylee, "So, guess we're waiting on Ohka to leave?" she asked, as she finished putting her white stoned earring in and sat down.


Tomas was already up two hours before hand. Getting a shower early and making sure everything was ready to go for his first day. Wondering if his two roommates were up yet but feeling like they were after that loud announcement. Knocking on each of their door as he told them he would be heading out already and not to be late. Tomas then walks out of the room and into the hallway as he head towards the gym for the meeting.


Shortly after that announcement Jack heard a knock at his door and Tomas telling them he was heading out early. The Shadow being hadn't slept at all but instead laid there looking at the ceiling. He sighed before getting out of bed and heading for the door. He didn't need to do anything to prepare himself for the day, so he simply exited the room and began following Tomas to the the gym. 'I need to find something to keep me occupied at night..." the Shadow thought as he saw Tomas slightly ahead of him.

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