Gato Community College. (game thread)

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"Yeah, my dad runs a Krav Maga gym back home."

"I thought so given your earlier comment." He said as she laugh a bit. Then he heard she was game to be his partner which he added "Sorry about that, My name is Tomas Williams. If you like to know what I am, I'm a Hybrid. Part human and part dragon...and to get it out of the way, my mother was human and my father was the dragon."

"Do we want to do this with everything we got, or keep it purely physical?"

"I rather keep it physical..I do not have full control over my powers just yet.."

"I rather keep it physical..I do not have full control over my powers just yet.."

"That's fair enough." Alicia replied with a nod, extinguishing her hand. Walking to a clear mat, she turned and faced Tomas. "So, loser has to fight the Aussie mountain?" She said with a smile, nodding to Jarrah. So he doesn't have full control? This could get...interesting.

While waiting, she looked about for her dorm-mates. In short order she spotted Mira and Ohka discussing something, Sierra leaning against a wall looking disinterested, and Kaylee....looked asleep. Thinking back to this morning's 'incident', she smiled a bit. Poor girl must've had a busy night.

"Sounds fair enough." Tomas said as walks towards the mat as well. Sizing her up as he thinks to himself. 'She has a decent amount of training in self-defense. More then me at least, but if I attack fast and hard I should be able to overcome.' Deciding to end this fast, Tomas charges forward to began the match.

Throwing a right punch then following it up with a left one. Knowing with her skill she could easily dodge the first, but what she won't know is how fast he can be. Hitting her with the second blow as it should knock her back a bit as he continue his attack with a knee attack to her gut.

WHAO, SHIT! She thought as Tomas pressed the attack. His right had been an easy dodge, but that left blind-sided her, slamming into her gut and knocking her back; pressing on, he drove with a knee to her middle.

Riding the hit, she used her momentum to open up some more space, and buy a little time. Damn he's fast...fuckin' strong too...fortunately sloppy, untrained. She was utterly grateful for that last bit or he'd be kicking her ass.

Going on the defensive, she parried his next few punches and kicks, trying to get more of a feel for how Tomas fought. Giving ground, she threw out a few strikes to keep him on his toes, but for the most part let him control the fight.

"So, loser has to fight the Aussie mountain?"

Jarrah chuckled at his new nickname, though Alicia and Tomas walked off before me could reply. Shrugging to himself, he left the two to their fight and walked over to Mr Maximus (Smuggly noting that he was almost eye level with the massive man).

"Excuse me Sir," He started, pulling the teacher's attention away from a sparring match between two other students, "Are we allowed to train in our natural forms, or not?"

Tomas dodge the few of her punches that she threw at him as he was waiting for the right moment to strike once more. At the latest punch she threw he grab it and pull her forward to throw her off balance. Following up with another gut punch as he push her back so she can at least regain her breath. 'Hmmm hard to tell if she giving her all or not. Better hurry up and finish this before she comes back.' Once she was back upwards in a standing position he press the attack once more. Throwing punches to keep her in the defense position.

Oh enough of this! Alicia thought, as Tomas landed another shot to her mid-section. She was already going to be sore tomorrow, and he really wasn't helping. The next time he threw a punch with his right, her left hand snapped out and captured his wrist; now with wrist control, she struck the inside of his right elbow with her left palm, causing the joint to fold.

As she did that, she tugged hard on the arm, pulling Tomas off center, and drawing him towards her. Alicia then brought her right leg around behind Tomas' and forced his knee to collapse. Now that he was totally unbalanced, she drove her right shoulder hard into his chest, driving him to the mat. Still keeping his now folded up right arm under control; she followed him down, dropping a knee onto his exposed chest and raising her left fist for a killing blow to his now exposed throat.

What the Hell? As Tomas had hit the mat, his eyes flashed and changed. They were no longer the normal blue that they'd been at the start of the fight; now they'd taken on a very reptilian appearance, changing to a greenish-gold, with a vertical 'slit' pupil. This could be a problem....

She held the 'kill pose' for a moment, before realising Tomas and backing off.

Now Tomas was pissed, getting up from the mat quickly as he glares at Alicia. 'A mere human took me down...' He thought as he starts to slowly change. His hands' and forearms' skin start to change into darkest blue scales. His nails slightly sharpen while he ball his hands into a fist. After his slight changes he charges at her to start the battle once more.

His attacks are faster then before, though more reckless. Letting her only just able to dodge and be on the defense for now. Following her closely as he press on his attack. Trying to take her out fast before she could insult him any more. "Dodge all you will tired out soon!" He tells her as his eyes just focus on her.

"Well fuck..." She muttered, as Tomas' appearance changed. She threw a few punches as he charged, but the scales that'd formed made it feel like she was punching a wall.

"Dodge all you will tired out soon!"

What the hell is his problem? She thought as she dodged, and blocked. Tomas was coming for her hard, and those claws of his were no joke; she could feel a burning sensation across her right bicep, and could see the blood were his claws had just caught her. This ends now!

Clearing some distance, Alicia readied herself for his next berserker rush. When he did, she did two things almost simultaneously; firstly as he closed, she moved to meet him, driving off the ground with her left leg, she drove her right foot into his crotch as hard as she could...she wasn't going to pull her punches if he was trying to kill her. Secondly, she cupped her hands and 'clapped' them against Tomas' ears, the over-pressure throwing his equilibrium to hell.

As he was sent reeling, she rolled out of the way and delivered a vicious side kick to his left knee, collapsing the leg. Sweeping around behind Tomas, Alicia slid her left arm around under his, bringing her left hand to the back of his head. At the same time she wrapped her right arm across his throat, grabbing her left shoulder with her right hand, and squeezing. When he didn't immediately submit, she drove her right knee into the small of his back, and used it for leverage to increase the choke pressure. Despite her slender appearance, she was much stronger than she looked.

Sierra as scanning the gym from where she was. Seems more then a few knew how to fight to various degrees.

Her gaze eventually fell on the fight between Alicia and some guy with scales and claws, which was mildly interesting, but Alicia's fighting style was what interested her more, not so much she'd wanna study, but interesting none the less. She always found non sword related styles interesting, mostly cause those where still a mystery to her, she especially liked spear and staff styles due to the flow of motion, but never took the time to learn one, as for bare handed styles, she always thought of those as a 'last resort' to have in case of emergency rather then a sole focus, partly due to her own bias toward swords, and partly cause she'd seem to many demon where punching one would cost you an arm.

Still in terms of something to watch, Alicia's fight was far more interesting for far longer, though her opponent seemed to be far less skilled and what's worse, have a temper on him, not a good combination in any fight.

Kaylee lightly stirred as the sounds of the various students fighting slowly started to resonate throughout the entire gym. The sounds simply started out as a little buzzing in her ears and slowly grew into a roar and cause the girl to grit and grind her teeth as she struggled to keep her sweet dreams going. The sound of Tomas hitting the mat hard was the last straw and the mute's eyes flew open, accompanied by a growling (or would be if she could make noise) and her right fist hitting the floor hard. She slowly stood to her feet and looked around, her expression looking more murderous than anything else. Her gaze slowly scanned around the gym before falling on the fight between Alicia and Tomas and then to Sierra watching them off from the side.

Walking up to the half-demon, Kaylee quickly shoved her with her elbow, mainly to get her attention, before showing her a message. "Tell those two rolling around on the ground I fight winner."

Sierra felt some one nudge her, and found Kaylee next to her, phone in hand.

"Hey!! Alicia, Scales Mc Claws, Kaylee here wants to fight which ever of you wins!!" Sierra shouted to the pair before lowering her voice back down "Though from the look of things, Alicia will be your opponent, she's really good for an unarmed fighter, so I suggest not screwing around with her." she said as she leaned back to watch the end of the fight.

But, couldn't. Not long after she shouted to Alicia, a pair of guys came up to her. "There you are!" He said, clearly mad about something and pointing at her "Your gonna pay for what you did to my bro yesterday" The guy behind him shouting 'Yeah!' as he crossed her arms looking all smug, in a sideways cap and a Tapout tank top, 'No Fear' board shorts, and 'skater' shoes.

It took Sierra the better part of a minute to figure out what this guy was on about. "Oh ... your friends with that asshole, Wow, you look more like douche then he did." She said then waved him away "Begone, I've no time for you." "Make time Bitch, or you scared your gonna break a nail" Sierra just sighed, and gave him a look of 'stop talking, your getting your stupid on me', but he kept going with the taunts, and was about to back hand him, when the kind of evil grin only some one with demons blood can pull off, crossed her lips "You know what? I accept your challenge."

The dudebros lead her to an open ring, She took one side, he took the other. As they did this a few other 'dudebros' line up along the side lines, some calling out the usual things, like 'kick her ass' and such. Sierra simple summon her sword and waited for the start of the match in her usual stance when doing any such waiting with Bakuzan out, glaring in cold disapproval of the person in-front of her.

Soon enough though some one started the match and he charged her, she, simply grabbed her swords scabbard just below the thread wrap near the top of it, did a slight side step to avoid his attack, clumsy as it was, and slapped him with her main hand, and it was a clean hit as well, the sound of her strike heard quite clearly across the gym. This seemed to only piss him off more, he attacked again, she dodged again, and this time, back handed him. This went on for a little while, a bout five minutes, dodge, slap or back hand, or both in rapid succession repeat, all with the same unbroken look of disapproval, though internally she was laughing her ass off.

the fight didn't last much longer, despite the fact she was 'just slapping him' she was still hitting him pretty hard, something his xrays would soon attest to, despite her holding back most of her strength. With one final back hand, she laid him out. It was at this point she stepped away from her starting position, having not really moved from it the whole 'fight', and drove the tip of her sheathed sword into his pelvis "If we have to have this 'talk' again, I'll be 'slapping' you with the sharp end of my sword." She said coldly, before kicking him in the face to finish putting him out.

She walked calmly back to where she'd been before he'd bothered her, really just trying to maintain her 'cold' outer appreance and not break down into a laughing fit.

The mute nodded as Sierra relayed her message and subsequently warned her of Alicia's prowess. Well, that was a given since she said she was trained in some crazy fighting style... Either way, I just wanna blow off some steam... Standing here ain't helping at all... She thought to herself as her foot began to tap impatiently.

Kaylee lazily looked over as Sierra was approached by... some generic d-bag. She scratched the back of her head a bit as Sierra eventually decided to take the dude on. Lazily looking the fight over, Kaylee eventually lost interest halfway though as it simply turned into an exercise in proper pimphanding, though that wasn't the only reason. Something about the way Sierra conducted herself rubbed Kaylee the wrong way, though the generic d-bag had asked for it.

Once Sierra had come back victorious, the mute gave her a small and essentially sarcastic round of applause as she continued to watch Alicia and Tomas fight.

As Jack watched the fight, he began analyzing the two fighters.

Tomas was strong. Real strong... but he lacked self control or a defined fighting style. He relied solely on his strength and speed to give him the advantage and overwhelm the enemy. He also appeared to be easily angered and not in full control of his "monster" form. His strength when he transformed and his toughness doubled at the least. He doubted the woman would win if she did not do something to turn the tide soon.

Speaking of the woman. He didn't know her name but he remembered her fight from earlier. She was a skilled fighter and had a defined style. Unlike her enemy she usually went for counter-strikes instead of full out attacks. Using her enemies own momentum and strength to her advantage.

He smiled to himself while thinking 'if Tomas hadn't transformed, he would have lost a long time ago.' He began forming strategies in his head if he had to fight them with the information given.

He wouldn't go into detail until later tonight when he had more time to think, so he stored the information in the back of his mind for now.

He sighed again and thought 'one person wants to fight the winner and one person wants to fight the loser... even if this fight ends, they're going to be more fights.'

Mirabelle watched the fight between Alicia and the lizard guy, as well as Sierra's fight against...some guy intently. If she wasn't going to fight just then, she could at least watch other people and learn from them. Still, she didn't see anything that she could do that would be practical for her. Alicia seemed to be too defensive with her movements which wasn't compatible with Mirabelle's fragility, and Sierra seemed to be reading her opponents moves in a way that was too advanced for her to replicate, not to mention to inefficient (as she saw it) to use.

Still, she made sure to watch them anyways, taking note of a few of Alicia's moves like her attacking her opponent's joint and her knee kick. She felt that it was at least an efficient method to end a fight quickly...and anything that ended the fight quicker was better in her mind. She just hoped that she wouldn't hurt her opponent to badly with her strength. Well...there were dummies around that she could use to try and calibrate just how much strength she used, perhaps she should try that.

Mirabelle bid Ohka farewell, saying, "Um...i'm going to practice on one of those dummies over there until i find someone to fight." She moved on and chose one of the dummies to beat upon, which she proceeded to do with much conservatism, trying to find a good medium between her full strength and what an average human could take (in her estimation).

Tomas was making choaking sounds as Alicia held on to her grip. He would try to move but everytime he did, she would make sure he stay in place. He wouldn't last much longer as he seem to realize this he starts to tap out. His angry already gone from him as he was right in the head once more. Once Alicia let go, he would take in a deep breath. His body transforming back to normal as he was on his hands and knees breathing deeply.

Slowly getting up as he turn to face his opponent. Seeing the glare in her eyes as well as the damage he done to her. Finally able to talk as he said "I am deeply sorry about...that.." rubbing his neck as he talk. "As I said...I do not have full control over that form. One of the reasons my mother never let me take self defense classes. Afraid I would turn and kill everyone..." He sigh, hating himself for unable to control his dragon.

"But thank you at least, for knocking some sense back into me. Not many could have done that and I am grateful for that. Though I think I'll just fight the dummies..for now..." He nods as he waits for her reply.


Alicia took several deep breaths as Tomas apologized. Part of her wanted to lash out at him for what he'd done, with the way he was standing, she had a clear target to several areas that'd put him in the hospital for a long time, but she wasn't going to lose control and let that happen.

"It's fine." She said finally, a hard edge to her voice. "Just work on your self-control before you get someone killed." Wheeling about, she strode towards the first aid booth that was set up off to one side. When she got there, she saw a third or fourth year laying on a cot, holding an ice pack to his face...he looked like his head had been used as a speed bag. Damn... Getting bandaged up, she set off to find Sierra; Alicia had heard her calling her name earlier, but she'd been focused on Tomas and had missed what she'd said.

Finding the tall deamoness where she'd last seen her, Alicia walked over, rubbing the bandage where Tomas had caught her. "Hey there, what'd you say to me earlier...totally missed everything but my name."


Isaac awoke with a yawn as the family's G650 touched down at Tokyo International. About damned time. He thought. He wasn't mad at the flight crew, it wasn't their fault another volcanic eruption in Iceland had shutdown the air traffic in most Europe, he was just generally annoyed with the whole situation...he'd planned on arriving days ago.

Once the jet had taxied and parked at a private terminal, he collected his things and made for the exit. As he did, the pilot and co-pilot appeared to say goodbye; switching to German, he reached out and shook their hands. <"Dietrich, Hanna, wonderful flying as always."> He said. <"Thank you sir, enjoy your stay."> Dietrich replied. <"Don't go breaking too many hearts..."> Hanna said, with a twinkle in her eye. Isaac smiled. <"Oh Hanna, you know I'm still holding out for you."> All three of them laughed; Hanna Kraus was twenty years older than Isaac, happily married, and had three kids. Disembarking the plane, he called out just before entering the waiting hire car. <"Safe journey and fair winds, my friends!">

Dozing through the drive to Gato, Isaac felt somewhat refreshed. He wrote it off as a bonus of being a changeling, but long distance travel never seemed to fatigue him as much as a normal person. Arriving at the collage, he found the Admin desk and got himself sorted out in short order; once he'd found his way to his dorm, he simply shoved his bags into a corner, and collapsed onto the couch. Within moments he was fast asleep.

Sierra waved as Alicia walked up, her hand a bit red from her demonstration on the correct way to 'smack a bitch'.

"Hey there, what'd you say to me earlier...totally missed everything but my name."

"Kaylee wanted to fight the winner, and since that seems to be you, your next opponent is already waiting for you" Sierra said, her sword leaned against the wall next to her still. "So, how was he? Cause from here, he looked strong, but unrefined." She asked, curious as to Alicia's impression of her opponent.


"Kaylee wanted to fight the winner, and since that seems to be you, your next opponent is already waiting for you."

"Is she now?" Alicia replied, giving Kaylee an overly toothy grin while leering over the shorter girl. Dropping the act, she chuckled a bit. "Seriously though, I'm game just gimme a moment to recover."

"So, how was he? Cause from here, he looked strong, but unrefined."

"Yeah, that about sums it up. I also get the impression he's used to just freight train-ing his way though fights. When I took him down he got really pissed." She said, holding up her arm to show off the bandage. "I'm just glad I didn't have to seriously hurt him to snap him out of it."

Kaylee had resolved to watch the fight aside of Sierra, taking note of Tomas' raging and Alicia taking care of it, albeit with a bit of trouble. As Alicia came back, with a slightly bloodied bandage, Kaylee raised an eyebrow. Well... There's another target...

Alicia had decided to accept the fight regardless of the wound, even giving Kaylee an evil-looking grin. The mute smirked back and nodded. "Take as much time as you need. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." She showed Alicia as she leaned back against the wall, closing her eyes to focus on the upcoming fight.

Sierra was tempted to bop Alicia on the head, but she dropped the stupid grin and went into her thoughts on her last opponent. "It's better he learns that's not the best way here, where the risk of permanent harm is lower, then in real battle, with his or others lives on the line." Sierra said after a few moments of thought, a few of the douche bag she just beat friends catching her eye, though they seem to have noticed she saw them and ducked back into the crowd "What I wouldn't give for a demon to come try to kill me about now .... even one of those stupid dual great-sword wielding goat demons would be fine." She said, annoyed these Beta's didn't have the sense to back off when she was clearly out of the realm of they're ability to handle.


As Sierra spoke, Alicia noticed some third or fourth year students giving the tall girl the hairy eye. Wonder what that's all about? Pushing the thought aside, she shrugged. There was nothing she could do about it, so why worry. Stretching her wounded arm, it seemed fine, so she cuffed Kaylee lightly in the shoulder. "C'mon, you wanna do this?" She asked, walking out to the mats.

Kaylee's eyes opened once she felt Alicia's hand plopping onto her shoulder, though it didn't totally break her concentration. The mute girl nodded silently as she followed after Alicia onto the mats. Once there, Kaylee stood a few paces away from Alicia and turned to face her, immediately going into a stance and staring Alicia down, her eyes narrowing. ...Take it easy... and don't go crazy. Not on the streets....

Ohka nodded and looked down. "Sorry i can't be of much help." she said to Mirabelle as she walked away. Instead, she suited herself to sitting and practicing building up her store of energy in her body.

Soon, akasumi signed in to the desk, she had traveled via boat to tokyo then took a cab in to the school. She originated from northern japan. Signing into the desk, she got her room info and went up to it. Standing in the empty dorm, she wondered where everyone was. Shrugging it off, she opened the door, room 666, chuckling at the symbolism. She saw some guy passed out on the couch. "Already girls are leaving their trash around the room... i'm going to need to talk to someone about that..." she said rather unphased, walking in and claiming the untaken room and setting her stuff up in it.

She got a towel, new underwear and a new dress then headed into the shower. Soon enough, the sound of water and someone humming in a high pitched tone could be heard around the room.



Ok, let's see how she handles herself. Suddenly springing forward, Alicia opened with a kick to Kaylee's crotch, followed by a flurry of open hand and elbow strikes aimed at her face and neck.


The sound of running water woke Isaac for a moment. "Huh?" He muttered, still half-asleep. Looking about and not seeing anyone around, he shrugged his shoulders and drifted off to sleep once more.

Kaylee reeled back as Alicia's foot drove right into her nether regions. She hissed silently in pain before Alicia stepped forward and started to unload on her. The mute girl gritted her teeth and started to shift her feet quickly, swaying to and fro as some of Alicia's strikes found air or Kaylee's long hair, rather than her body. The others hit Kaylee's forearms as she brought them up to block and parry, managing to keep herself focused on the fight rather than the pain radiating from her crotch.

After the barrage, Kaylee's forearms were sore, so she cocked her left arm back as a feint before kicking her right leg, straight out and hard, toward Alicia's crotch to return the favor.


Jarrah nodded and walked back to the sparring mats. In his absence, it seemed that Tomas and Alicia had finished their fight and after spotting Alicia's bandage he walked over to Tomas.

"Hey, what I miss?" He asked, nodding a head over to where Alicia was gearing up for another fight.


Ohhh...she's quick. Alicia thought as Kaylee dodged or parried her blows, though unlike Tomas she was also disciplined enough to retain control. When Kaylee's foot snapped out to repay Alicia in kind, she was just quick enough to rob the blow of some of its power, though from the dull throbbing she felt, not all of it.

Counterattacking, she threw a right elbow at Kaylee's head, suckering her block high. As Kaylee brought her arms up to block, Alicia snapped a left hook into her ribs. As Kaylee doubled over, Alicia swept a leg behind hers, and slammed into the smaller girl, sending her sprawling.

With the pain spreading to her entire core and Alicia shoving her off center, Kaylee flew for a few feet. Though the time was short, the mute girl would hit the mat with a thud, but seemed to roll back up onto her feet almost immediately. Placing one hand over her ribs, she grunted as she tried to ignore the pain the best she could. Though her instincts told her to rush in and drive a hard one into Alicia's face, Kaylee took the time to take a breath before slowly moving her arms back up to a ready position.

...She's too damn strong... Still, I gotta at least try... Taking another breath, she rushed up, looking like she'd be going for the generic idiot's rushing punch before ducking and sliding across the mat as if she was just trying to beat the ball to home base and aiming to knock Alicia over in the process.


Alicia was surprised when Kaylee came at her in a head-on charge, she didn't think the mute girl was that dumb; mind you she was even more surprised when she dove under Alicia's counter and slammed into her legs.

She barely had time to let out a surprised yelp, before she was flat on her back with Kaylee rushing to put her into an arm bar. She let out a hiss of pain as her opponent wrenched on her right arm. Though she hated to admit it, the girl was smart for targeting her wounded limb. As the pressure increased on her right arm and shoulder, she pried her left arm free, and began hammering the inside of Kaylee's right knee and thigh as best she could.

After quite a few blows, the pain made Kaylee's grip loosen; when that happened, Alicia yanked herself free, and rolled to her feet. Her right arm was killing her, and from the looks of the bandage, the cuts were leaking again. "Fuck me..." She muttered with a sigh. Walking back to Kaylee, she stuck out her left hand to help the other girl to her feet. "Damn, I don't mean to sound like a bitch, but the lack of real training shows...on the other hand, you've done this kind shit before right? You should look into so sort of formal'd be a goddamn terror then. "


As he faded deeper into sleep, Isaac's features became less defined and more androgynous, while his skin and hair started to fade to a pale tan.

Akasumi got out of the shower, a towel around her body and and hair still wet. She decided she'd spend this first day in her room and ignoring the school while she focused on ignoring the mass sense of souls around herself. She did however notice that the guy was still sleeping on the couch and changing a bit as well. Which was odd...

Deciding to walk over to him, still only in her towel as she dried off, Akasumi nudged him with her foot. "Get up... your girlfriend is gone... you should probably leave as well..." she said rather monotonus and uncaring.


"Get up... your girlfriend is gone... you should probably leave as well..."

Isaac's features seemed to 'snap' back to their pervious state, as he made a sound that was akin to a garburator consuming a tin can. "Huh?" He said in a 'cultured' Brithish accent, rubbing his eyes as his brain tried to sort out what was happening. "Girlfriend?" He replied. "I just got in today, haven't had the time...unless you're volunteering..." He added with a laugh. Seeing that his joke seemed to fall flat, he reached into the pocket of his vest and pulled out a now rumpled piece of paper.

"It says here 'Male Dorms, Room 666', so if anyone is out of place it's you." He said, leaving the paper on the back of the couch. Sitting up, he untied the expensive looking pair of black wingtip shoes on his feet, and kicked them off, before lying back down.

She looked at the paper and noticed his arrival time was before herself, so she walked into her room and got her own paper. She was a bit later than him and it said on her paper: "Male Dorms, Co-Ed Room 666" on it. "Well, guess you guys are co-ed now." she said and showed him the paper, with a later sign in time.

"Plus, you give off the aura that you're loaded." she said to him.


He let out a short bark of laughter at his new (apparent) room-mates statement. "Oh that's putting it mildly." Getting to his feet he stood ramrod straight, doing his best to look effect somewhat spoiled by the rumpled clothes, and the splay of hair that'd escaped his pony tail. "I am His Royal Highness Prince Ishak bin Tariq bin Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman bin Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Saud."

He held the pose for a moment before relaxing with a smile. "Or 'Isaac'...whichever is easier for you." Wow...tough room. He thought, seeing as he fail to elicit even a tiny smile. "Though, yeah not only am I a Saudi Prince, I'm also the son of multi-billionaire business mogul."

"My mother is the former god of creation and current god of death..." she explained to him as light int he air around her formed into a black Haori, as well as a katana in her hand. "And my father was a one night stand..." she said, twirling the katana in her hand and gazing at him. "You're not just a normal human... your soul likes to wear masks upon itself. Do you know who you really are?" she asked him, tilting her head to the side. "Or is this who you think you are?" she asked him in the same voice, only a hint of inquisitiveness.

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