The Super Hero RP Deluxe! (Closed, Started)

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(So, I said I wouldn't be posting the thread, and that it would happen Sunday. Both of those were lies, apparently. Anyways...)

Super Hero (and Villain) RP!

Our story starts a sunny Sunday afternoon, just when the sun had passed the invisible line in the middle of the sky. It was a warm, but not too hot April day, and the streets of Neutropolis were bustling with activity. Most of them were likely just enjoying their days off, spending that hard-earned money or simply relaxing, while some, those poor bastards, were still working. It was here, in the city of Neutropolis that heroes and villains thrived, causing the crime rate to be high, and the crime-fighting area of expertise to be valuable.

However, at the time the story starts out, several events were in motions, some important, others remarkably unremarkable. One particular example, would be that there was a sale in the biggest mall in the city, which has no real significance on the story whatsoever. Another, however, would be that one part of the city was preparing for something, a festival lasting from Tuesday to Friday, unique to the city of Neutropolis and very varied in both culture and events. Though popular, it would only take up the centre of the city.

Regardless of how important it would prove, our story still starts on Sunday, and it is the story about a bunch of super-powered individuals, and their actions and lives.


Jason wandered the mall, looking at various items for long periods of time. It was always good to understand the culture of the planet on which you found yourself. Nano didn't quite understand the human obsession with capitalism. Capitalism wasn't rare in the universe by any means but few species seemed to glorify it to the extent of humans. They had special days dedicated to the buying and selling of goods and their leaders were always talking about the economy.

It was all strange. Then again, Jason had the ability to make anything he needed from anything else at a moment's notice with nothing but his own "hands" and design specs; the need for resource exchange was meaningless to him. Then again, the humans seemed to have built an empire out of creating variations on the same tools so it clearly worked for them.

Jason moved from store to store; taking pictures with his many tiny cameras for later transmission to his off-world masters. Glancing around the mall, it was clear this would take all day... and then some.


"That's impossible!" the man said, shock clear on his face. He sweating profusely in an old business suit. It was revolting. The man had no sense of taste or business; getting rid of him would be her first order of business.

Six months ago, a shell company began buying up the common stock Excelsior Defense Solutions; one of the largest weapon manufacturers in Neutropolis. Little by little, it had purchased hundreds of thousands of stock. Needless to say, Mr. Grandsby - the disgusting C.E.O. before her - had noticed quickly and reacted quickly. He'd turned to a multitude of banks to take out a massive loan to secure his control. To his great fortune, Fukao Financial Group was ready to loan him all the money he needed quickly (albeit with a large interest rate). He quickly purchased up the remaining stock.

Unfortunately, having spent all the money, he no longer had the capital to pay off all his debts so, when Fukao came knocking, it was their only recourse to put the company into involuntary bankruptcy and sell the company to Fukao to remain solvent. Grandsby the fool had thought he might retain his position as C.E.O. (or at least receive a large severance package). What he didn't expect was to discover that the shell company was owned and operated by Fukao itself.

"I'm afraid its very possible Mr. Grnadsby" Mina said from across the table, legs crossed and arms folded. "Thanks to the rules of Bankruptcy, you're entitled to nothing and your company is mine to do with as I please. Now, do be so kind as to leave my offices. Your belongings will be mailed to you. If you cause any fuss, I'll be forced to ask security to escort you out." she said. It was mostly to be courteous; security would be escorting him out regardless.

As the broken man was "gently nudged" out of the conference room, Mina stood and made her way to the C.E.O.'s office... her office. It was her favorite part of any acquisition. She made her way around his desk and took a seat in his chair. A picture of his family was on the desk; she turned it down. The room was big and quiet - just her type. She spun in the chair until she could stare out the window and into the cityscape beyond.

Today was a good day.


Anthony Ditelli dipped his index finger in the glass of wine, then licked the chardonnay off his fingers. The man has always had odd mannerisms but this was just the tip of the iceberg. Anthony handed back the glass to the waiter and went to another waiter who held another wine for the man to taste. At his side was his wife who was a wisp of a woman. She had a look of a lamb trapped in a den of lions. Anthony dipped his finger again and his twisted face turned to show curiosity. He took the glass and sipped at the wine. Then he scowled and spit the wine over the balcony. No doubt the spit would land on some unlucky passerby.

A few blocks away, Alex watched the Don of the Ditelli family from a rooftop of some insurance building. It was easy to climb a building with his powers but it was another matter in doing it unseen. Sunday was the perfect time as the building was largely unoccupied by its workers. Security cameras were an issue as well but not so much when you can teleport around them. Sunday was also good as well because every Sunday the member so the Ditelli crime family would meet at their rooftop restaurant known as "Cielo" which translated to "Heaven" in Italian. Alex peeked around in the records and was not surprised that the eatery was owned by the Don himself. The restaurant was twenty stories up with an ample dining room both indoor and out not to forget the "security" patrolling around the perimeter 24/7. The building looked more akin to a medieval tower than a building with its stone exterior and intimidating appearance. It would suicide to take the place himself.

From Alex's binoculars, he could see Anthony curse out the waiter for the wine. His wife turned her head as if Anthony was merely exchanging small talk. The quaking waiter went back into the kitchen as Anthony looked back at his guests. No doubt they were business associates and fellow mob men from the looks of it. They sat around the outdoor dining room and drank and drank and drank besides the fact that it was only midday. He needed at least one of them and then he would be able to find a chink in the giant's armor.

He knew this was his father's war but it became personal when they came for him and his sister. He never forgot that day and since then, he's been waging his own war against them, or at least trying to. He's gotten a few leads but nothing groundbreaking. From the thugs he was able to beat the truth out of, the Ditelli family had been here for ages. They viewed his father as an upstart with no sense of respect but where was the respect when they were targeting his children?

Finally, he spotted a target. One of the mobmen said his goodbyes to his fellow mafia members and the Don himself before walking out the door. Alex only had a few moments to get in position at the building's garage before the target slipped away. He got up from his position and stretched his limbs before climbing down to a position where he could teleport to another roof overlooking the building's garage. He secured his holster to make sure his gun would be on him like white on rice. The last time he jumped without it fastened, it took him hours before he found his gun.

After reaching a good position, Alex gave himself in a bit of room. Then he jumped and blinked.



The turtleneck sweater itched his neck and he was sure it would have itched his arms too if he had regular skin. He tugged the collar as the concierge typed away at her keyboard. The George Martin hotel was a nice one with a grand lobby and arches that reminded him of the Versailles in France except crammed into a 30 story building. Above the concierge was the painting of George Martin himself bound to the paper by colored oils and paints. The man had a girth of a seal with the allure of an elephant. The man's appetite for largeness made him quite the tycoon as Stefan remembered.

"Alright, Mr.Devaux, your first-class suite is ready. I would also like to remind you that this package also comes with a free massage session." The pretty concierge spouted to him.

"Oh why thank you..." Stefan said politely at first. "But that won't be necessary, I'm afraid."

"Are you sure, Mr. Devaux? It does come with the package and-"

"Your offer is so sincere, my dear." Stefan interrupted. "But I am a bit strapped for time and all."

"Ah, okay." She reached down and grabbed Stefan's key. "I hope you enjoy your stay."

"While you work here? Of course." Stefan said before he left. He lugged his luggage behind him which seemed like he was lifting a feather now because of his powers. After some travelling, Stefan made it to his room and did some unpacking. He wasn't sure how long he was going to stay here so he packed lightly. His clothes mostly consisted of long-sleeve shirts to conceal his "skin condition". He was a long way from the Congo but even now he still feels the heat of the jungle. Even more than that, he still sees the endless oceans of riches.

Stefan lit up a cigarette and blew the smoke out the window. Every drag felt a bit longer than he remembered and every breath felt a bit heavier. His time is getting shorter and shorter every day. He snuffed out the half-finished cigarette and changed into a maroon, long-sleeve dress shirt with khakis. This is a new city with all new opportunities but why did it feel old to him? He left for the large shopping mall where he would hopefully find something to do before he found a new client. Still, nothing better than indulging in capitalism.

The mall was packed with people as the sales justified them being there. He paid more attention to the money being exchanged than the objects themselves. It was all one finely tuned machine to him where the money traveled and exchanged hands hundreds of time. He preferred diamonds himself but some paper did give him some solace.

Jack Crosby

In the usual early afternoon fashion, once the sun passed over into the other half of the sky, a strong beam of sunshine invaded the small apartment through the cheap blinds and splashed right over sleeping Jack's face. He stirred from his sleep, groggy and confused as to why he doesn't just move his mattress from the window already. Later, he would remind himself that it was the best placement to keep from getting too hot at night but for now he'd curse at the sun, the window, the blinds, and his reasoning. The next step in his routine was to shower, and so he did. Slowly but surely he trundled to bathroom where he'd have, at most, two minutes and seventeen seconds of hot water. Enough time to sleepily suds up and rinse off as the water cooled down. Then, barely coordinated enough to get dressed, he'd do just that. He pulled clothes from drawers and sluggishly put them on--underwear, pants, shirt, socks--before slipping his feet into his canvas shoes and arms into his leather jacket. Ready for the evening ahead, he climbed out his fourth floor window, onto the fire escape above the alleyway and leapt towards the next door building's rooftop. Letting his Shadow do most of the work, It carried him across the gap and slowed his descent enough to allow him to land comfortably. Once his feet touched the concrete, Jack pulled out a cigarette and his Zippo and lit one up as he strolled onward.

"Whoa," came an exasperated little voice from Jack's right, "how did you do that?"

Jack turned his head with a brow raised in curiosity towards the young boy who spoke. He noticed the kid was just sitting in a reclined chair, playing a Game Boy Color before he noticed Jack's leap and was now on the edge of his seat staring with wide-eyed wonder. "Shut up, kid, I didn't do nothin'."

"But I saw, you flew!"

"I was gliding. And you didn't see that."


"But nothin', now shut your trap."

"I still saw it though."

"If I give you a dollar, will you forget about it?"

"My mom says not to a-cept stuff from strangers."

"But she never taught you to not call strangers out on their blatant lies?"

"No. My mom doesn't say stuff like that. That sounds like a bad thing to say."

"Well good call, because it is. Now scram."

"That's not nice."

"Y'know, I have half a mind to just throw you off the roof."

"That's really not nice."

"Yeah, I'm not a nice person. Now put an egg in your shoe and beat it."

"That's a weird saying."

"Shut up, you're weird."

"Nuh-uh, you are."

"Yeah, well you've got no friends."

"No, you have no friends."

"I don't need any friends!"

"Good! 'Cause you'd be a bad friend anyway!"

"I know!"

"Good for you!"

"Yeah, it is!"

"Okay, great!"

"Then why are you yelling if we're agreeing?!"

"Because you started it!"

"Ugh!" Jack, in disbelief that a kid no older than seven could make him feel this defeated, turned on his heels and just walked away. Hands stuffed in his jacket pockets and cigarette in his mouth, he put the kid further behind him as he headed to the next rooftop. "Buggy little-"

Dr. Schwertner

"Scheisse!" Vinzenz exclaimed over the sound of a heavy wrench clanging against the warehouse floor. At this point, there was no telling how long it would take before he could get his machine up and running again. He was furious, and rightly so. His lab was reduced to nothing more than a pile of scrap, with a large portion of it likely junk. Then there was the fact that he had been obviously transported to some condemned warehouse someplace that most certainly wasn't near Germany. From the few signs that remained, he deduced he was in America because it certainly wasn't British English on the notices. Either way, he was just glad he was somewhere he could understand the language and speak it, at least on a rudimentary level. He supposed that was the silver lining of this particular storm cloud of a situation.

Now, now, Doctor. Now's the time for planning, not temper tantrums, a voice whispered to Vinzenz. He didn't exactly hear it, however. Not with his ears. It was more like a feeling than a voice, an inkling from an outside mind. It was oddly assuring and the scientist resigned to accepting its advice, but not before one last relieving kick to a scrap cabinet. There was an immediate panging that shot through his foot while the cabinet barely moved, apparently much heavier than it appeared.

"Scheisse!" the doctor called out once again as he limped about, trying to walk off the onset of pain. His ambling gave him an opportunity to really take inventory on just what he had. Also what he needed. He'd need materials. Most like money to get said materials, as well as some sort of supplier. Vinzenz racked his brain, trying to piece together just how he was to accomplish such a thing at this time. There was something that brought his train of thought to a screeching halt--the time. He hadn't even known when he was. Ignoring the soreness in his foot, Vinzenz hurried over to the nearest sign that happened to be a notice of condemnation that was issued in 1997. Like a deer in headlights, the man stood there, frozen. "Ach, fick mich..."

Rias awoke at around 11AM, and rather lazily got her self up and and got showered, her teeth brushed and dressed, well, half dressed.

She made it as far as as panties and a shirt before getting sucked into a comfy spot on the couch, though this was hardly shocking to anyone that knew her 'date' from last night, he always left her tired even after a few hours sleep, the fact she'd also been working most the day prior to her booty call didn't help much ether. Around 1:30PM or so she was finally fully dressed and headed out, deciding to just wander around the mall for awhile and see if anything 'speaks' to her, she was off today and tomorrow so she wasn't pressed for time.

Tom Braider

Tom whistled happily as he walked down the street to the mall, he didn't have to work today and that was a great thing as far as he was concerned, it was too nice out to be cooped up behind a cash register. That wasn't to say he wasn't going to spend some time at the comic shop anyways though, just on the other side of the counter. Some new issues of his favorite comic had just come out after all, and unless some villain interrupted he planned to pick it up.

Might even go see the Winter Soldier again later, I know Craig and Jenny haven't seen it yet... though I think they might be working today. He was a bit sad that he hadn't been able to see much of his friends lately, school, his two part time jobs, and being a full time hero! tended to get in the way of things, not to mention they were busy as well. He wasn't even sure he'd spoken to Craig since he'd had him help set up a police scanner in his apartment. He'd told him it was so that he could keep track of the activities of superheroes more easily, he was a huge fan of them after all.

He soon made it to the mall and began to walk around, he was glad to see the damage from the last battle he'd had here had been fully repaired. Ha, evildoers should know better than to try and rob people when SIR AWESOME is patrolling the city! Today though he'd be happy if things went quietly for once, it wasn't often he had so much time off after all.



Tess smiled to herself, running over her earnings from last night in her head while she strolled around the city. She'd managed to score a solid haul from a jewelry store and had spent most of the morning running around to different pawn shops to sell off the goods, all in all she'd made a tidy sum. More than enough to have some fun today, too early to hit the clubs though.

She glanced down contemplatively at her outfit, the wrinkles in it smoothing themselves out under her gaze, almost as if her attire was embarrassed by her gaze. It was roughly her usual fare, tight-fitting and attractive, somehow feeling somewhat revealing while still not showing much skin, but she was feeling a change was in order.

"I could use some new shoes," she muttered to herself, her blouse seemed to relax at this statement, wrinkles forming again "And maybe something else to go with them," she added, smirking to herself as she set off towards the mall.


Ash sighed, getting dressed as she prepared to head to the mall. She was expecting to just take it easy today -- sleep in until around 11, take care of any chores around the house, inspect her Slender Girl outfit so she didn't end up prepping a damaged one... A nice, normal, laid-back Sunday (especially since she didn't actually have all that many chores to do).

But no. My phone charger just had to overheat... Ash sighed, grabbing a blue T-shirt from her closet before pulling it over her head. At least I noticed before trying to use it. Now THAT would have sucked.

Once Ash got dressed, she quickly locked up -- especially making sure she had her Slender Girl gear ready to go -- and slid some sandals on.

And it is with these circumstances that we find our heroine, dressed in baggy shorts and a loose T-shirt, grabbing her things and heading to the mall.

... and to think I was sure I'd end up doing something important after how quiet last night was.

Rias got to and began wandering rather aimlessly around the mall, having no real goal in mind. She did a lot of window shopping cept at the music store, she stopped there to pick up some more pics as well as a few CDs, new and old, from bands she liked, or been meaning to listen to.

All in all it was starting to turn into a good afternoon until some pickpocket bumped into her hard enough for him to get his hands on and start to run away with her purse. "Give That Back!!" she shouted, he just grinned a kept running "That Wasn't A Request!" Rias shouted again and point an open hand at the purse snatcher, then closed her hand into a fist, as blood red tethers manifested and latched onto the thief's arms and legs, and yanked him to the floor and into a kneeling position. He started cussing her out calling a her a freak, bitch, even a cunt, she ignored him, collected her purse and waited for mall security to come and collect him, which they did, but they just thanked her and left with the thief in normal cuffs, probably mistaking her for an 'off duty super hero' or something.

Rias set her self down on a near by bench and made sure all her things where still in her purse and the thief didn't pocket something.

Frederick Rolls

Frederick's day off was less relaxing than he'd been counting on. Saturday had been filled with his own brand of super-hero work. It was just stuff like reporting and getting people arrested for drug deals, keeping an eye on certain, very suspicious individuals, and such. Not much fighting, for what it was worth, his powers were good at avoiding that. However, today, something completely different was going on. His sister, Sofia Rolls, had insisted on staying over in his apartment while the festival was going on. It was a while since she had last visited, so he'd decided to make her feel as welcome as he could, though it had become very clear that he needed to get some items before that.

Let's see.

He thought, as he checked his list yet another time. Frederick was already carrying more than a couple of bags, most of them having only one or two items in them.

Next thing on the list is the stuff from the bake--

He stopped, noticing that one fellow in the leather jacket and sunglasses yet again. Frederick had been spending something like an hour shopping, so he'd seen this guy walking around just... looking at stuff? The man hadn't bought anything, and while Frederick wasn't going to call out and call the other an aspiring thief or anything like that, it did strike him as a bit odd, and even suspicious.

He does look like he'd be up to something, though I'd know better than to judge by appearance. Besides, if he's not trying to steal something, he might be looking around for something instead.

Frederick walked up to him, and made sure he got the man's attention, before smiling.

"Hi," he said, voice somewhere between polite and mature, and simply sarcastic. "I've seen you around in a couple of stores, so I was wondering; could it be that you're looking for something? Because, if you are, I could probably help you navigate this madness. You'd think the world was ending by how people run around during a sale."

It was the kind of thing people who worked in shops did all the time, asking people if they were looking for something or if they needed help, as a way to keep potential shop-lifters from stealing anything. He ignored the temptation of adding a wry remark about the other being suspicious, and instead waited for a reply.

Tim Merridy

Tim hated when bus rides ended half-way through a movie. It meant that he had to get up and pause the movie, and, with as much luggage he was carrying, would be unable to finish it. The first thing he did when he stepped off the bus was to enter the nearby centre. It had been hours since he last ate, after all, and while he hadn't brought that much money with him, he could certainly afford something a bit expensive this time around.

And after that, I'll find a place to put down this stuff and prepare for my début as a super villain in this place!

That was why he was there, after all.

As he walked into the quite full centre, he got to witness a quite amazing scene, much better than the movie he had been watching. This one girl had been robbed, and upon having that happen to her, had created or summoned or whatever it was, rope to bind the thief.

If only I had had my camera out, then I could do something with this.

While Tim was certainly not about to approach her when the police was there, he was curious about this woman.

Villain or hero?

Was this a possibly important plotline? He was, after all, a villain, and taking the chance to befriend either of the two was important, one for the purpose of possibly working together, the other for a shocking twist, revealing his betrayal all along later. With that, he stepped up to her, and looked as innocent as he could. Of course, since he was such an awesome villainous actor, that was just natural for him to do.

"Are you okay?" he asked. "I'm impressed with how you took that guy out."

Tom Braider

As was typical Tom's planned peaceful day of relaxation was quickly interrupted by a purse snatcher, however in a not so typical turn of events it was the woman being robbed instead of him who took down the criminal. She even used powers, ones that Tom was sure he recognized though it took a moment or two before he could remember where he had seen them. Not a hero or villain no... wait I know! Its that singer I heard about online, what was her name... Rays? Rolex? No... Rias that was it! I think...

He grinned cheerfully as he approached her, it wasn't every day that he got to meet a new super-person after all. It didn't seem like he was alone in approaching her, but that was to be expected, displays of superpowers did tend to be rather awesome! He was hardly going to let that deter him though, after all he loved to make new friends, or at the very least to meet new people.

"Hey you're that superpowered singer I've heard about, Rias right?" he said, coming across as a mixture of impressed, friendly, and excited "That was pretty awesome back there! If your shows are anywhere near as cool is that then I've got to check them out!"

He grinned, then seemed to realize he'd forgotten something "Oh, I'm Tom by the way," he said, quickly realizing he'd forgotten to introduce himself.

With everything things seemingly still in place Rias closed her purse, a few people having come over to ether check on her or congratulate her, or both in one guys case. "I'm fine, thank you for asking" she said to him, as another guy walked up, and apparently knew of her singing, though she did a bit of a double take between this new guy, Tom, and the other guy, as they looked a lot a like.

"'Super Powered Singer'? Is that what people are calling me?" Rias ended up saying with a frown. She didn't sound like she was keen on people calling her that, and she wasn't, it put to big an emphasis on her powers rather then her singing. "Sorry to disappoint, but I don't use my powers for every show, they only come out if they add something meaningful to the chosen song." She said as she stood up, holding out a hand for the both of them.

"By the way, are you two related?" she asked Tom and the other guy still with her. "Cause you look a lot a like."


"'Super Powered Singer'? Is that what people are calling me?"

"No, not really," Tom replied, seeing that she didn't like the title "I mean you are that, but I just said that because I recognized you by your powers, be a bit hard for me to recognize you by your singing right now after all," he explained, chuckling a little at his own joke.

"Sorry to disappoint, but I don't use my powers for every show, they only come out if they add something meaningful to the chosen song."

"Ah that makes sense, powers probably wouldn't fit every song, I bet they make it a lot cooler when they do though!" Tom replied, shaking her hand "Either way I still think I'll check out one of your shows, seems like they're something to see!"

He was about to ask when she might be performing next when she spoke up, glancing back and forth between him and one of the other guys that had approached her.

"By the way, are you two related? Cause you look a lot a like."

"Huh?" Tom turned to look at the other guy, who he hadn't been paying much attention to before. He frowned and thought for a few moments, she was right the other guy did look a lot like him, but as far as Tom knew he didn't have any relatives.

"Not that I know of," he replied to Rias, shrugging then grinning "We do look a lot alike though, weird."



Tess ignored the chaos caused by some idiot purse snatcher and made her way through the mall, her gaze lingering on the displays in each store window, mentally cataloging various things to purchase or steal later. She was so focused on these in fact that she wasn't paying much attention where she was going until she ran right into another girl knocking them both over.

"Hey watch where you're going!" she said, annoyed, as she pushed herself up. The other girl had short brown hair and was dressed in a loose blue shirt and baggy shorts.

Still frowning she held out a hand to help the other girl up "Come on don't just sit there, I don't want to trip over you again."


Ash had made it to the mall rather quickly, but found that the electronics store she intended to go to had moved. Shrugging, she looked to the nearby directory to see where it had relocated. Next thing she knew, someone knocked her to the floor. Looking up, Ash saw a vexed brunette getting up before addressing her.

"Hey watch where you're going!" she said, annoyed, as she pushed herself up. The other girl had short brown hair and was dressed in a loose blue shirt and baggy shorts.
Still frowning she held out a hand to help the other girl up "Come on don't just sit there, I don't want to trip over you again."

I wasn't going anywhere... Ash thought, mildly annoyed at the girl's umbrage but taking it in good stride. "Sorry," Ash began, a polite smile on her face as she accepted the help up. "Been having an off day, guess I was standing too far away from the thing." She indicated the directory.


"Hi. I've seen you around in a couple of stores, so I was wondering; could it be that you're looking for something? Because, if you are, I could probably help you navigate this madness. You'd think the world was ending by how people run around during a sale." an odd man in a suit said, coming right up to him

Jason turned to the said man and stared at him for a moment; blinking behind the aviators. Immediately, his program scanned through to identify the unknown human. Identifying Subject... Name: Frederick Rolls. Sex: Male. Age: 34. Occupation: Justice of the Court... Engaging Interaction Subroutine. Deciding the human seemed unremarkable, Jason chose to only acknowledge the comment then move on. A second later he spoke up. "Hm... Oh, I require nothing. I am merely window shopping." he said.

It was about this time that the crowd began reacting to the events near the music store. Reading the change in crowd; Jason hacked into the security camera fee remotely via a handful of drones. Rewinding a bit, he spotted the event; a powered individual had stopped a purse snatcher. Unique Powered Individual Detected. Priority Reassessment in Progress... Assessing... Assessing... New Priority: Observe Powers and Determine Source/Potential for Assimilation. Target Rias Michelle DeDannan Acquired. Engaging

Without even dismissing himself from his conversation with Frederick, Jason pivoted unnaturally and began walking toward the individual using security cameras to track her as needed and pushing through crowds by whatever means necessary; including subtle use of his amorphous nature.


Mina continued to stare out into the city from the office. Her acquisition of the weapons manufacturer was but the first step in her plan. It was still in its early stages, but so far it was working well. "Soon-" she thought "Soon the conditions will be set." She would continue to move her pawns into place, step by step, until...

"I'll change this world."


"I'm not asking again." Alex said as he held the mafioso over the ledge. The drop was a good 50 feet down into the hard concrete where Alex was holding him. The overhead crane that is normally used for loading cargo onto ships was something that caught Alex's eye when he chased the man into the docks. It was an easy chase after the mafioso spotted him. To Alex's luck the car broke down mid-chase and the man had to hoof it.

"I swear, I don't know anything!" The man begged. "I'm just a hired gun, they don't tell us anything! The Don only tells his lieutenants what's up!"

"Who's your lieutenant then? My grip's slipping. Better tell me before I lose it." Alex said. He was holding the man by two arms gripped into collar. The man did weigh more than he expected. He began to regret not bringing rope when he started interrogating him.

"If I told you, they'd wring me up by my entrails!" The man cried out. Alex let one hand away and the other barely kept the man. He dipped further down which made him scream. Any discomfort Alex was having was hidden by his balaclava. "Okay! Okay! His name is Vincent Geraldi! We call him Vinny for short! Skinny, balding, wears sunglasses all the time!"

"There we go." Alex regained his grip of the man, placing both hands on him that time. "Where does he live?"

"I told you, we barely know anything let alone where we live! He's a dirty cop, that's all I know. That's how the Don can get away with things here. He got his hands in the cops too. Detective I think Vinny is."

"You guys are something, huh?" Alex asked as he looked into the cowering man.

"Please, I've told you everything I know. Let me go!" The man pleaded. Alex grinned.

"Poor choice of words..." Alex let go of the man. He shook out his arms before teleporting to the man as he plummeted towards the ground. Alex grabbed the man and teleported to the ground safely. Once both of them got to the ground, the man fell down and started to vomit. "I know where you live and if you tell anybody, I won't catch you the next time. Okay?"

The man breathlessly nodded and Alex walked off. Even if the man would squeal to his superiors, he didn't mind. Alex would get to them soon enough. The dock was relatively empty, most likely because it was a Sunday and there was a sale going on at the mall. He made a note of going there once he was done. Still, he couldn't go for a stroll with his costume on so he found a secluded spot and changed into sweatpants and a hoodie. He removed his balaclava and put it with the rest in his backpack. All he looked like now was a hooligan with nothing else to do as opposed to Blink. Alex was a bit tired from holding the man for so long and teleporting so stuck to walking out of the dock. He spotted a hole in the chain-linked fence and climbed through it. He also had to walk through some abandoned warehouses that hadn't seen people since the 90's.

Then he heard whispers in one of the warehouses. Following his curiosity, he headed towards the whispers which lead him to another abandoned warehouse with scattered pieces of machinery strewn about the place. But there he saw a man, glaring at a sign. Alex would have ignored the man but his curiosity overtook him once more.

"Hello?" Alex spoke out. "Are you okay, sir?"



Somewhere in the mall a scuffle must have broke out because the next thing Stefan knew, people were stopping and looking in that direction. Stefan wondered who the genius was that decided a purse snatch was a good idea in the middle of the day. It would have been better at night or at a less crowded area in his opinion.

Like a bunch of sheep... Stefan thought as he minded his own business. Then as he looked around he spotted a place he actually might enjoy.

He opened the door to the Sports bar where dozens of screens were festooned around the place. Some of television games displayed the same channel while others showed more channels with a bit more variety. He sat down at the bar and ordered a beer while a football game was blaring above him. While he briefly waited for his order, he scanned the game above him. Stefan watched as grown men run into each other at blinding speeds all for the sake of a leather ball. It didn't even look like ball to him either, it resembled an egg. How anyone could enjoy watching this for sixty minutes was beyond him. Suddenly he began to regret even coming here in general but at least he was able to enjoy a drink.

Frederick Rolls

"Hm... Oh, I require nothing. I am merely window shopping."

People are getting worse and worse at lying these days, I swear.

With that, the somewhat strange man just left, acting... well. Suspicious. That said, Frederick had no reason beyond that to try to follow the fellow. Seeing that he'd probably have to use his powers to get through the masses -unless he chose to force his way like the other had done- and that shoplifting was a petty crime, he decided that his time was better worth finishing his shopping, he had to pick up Sofia at the airport soon either way. If something else happened, however...

I do have my masks on my person.

So that was not an issue. Without worrying more, he went to get the last items on his list.

Tim Merridy

"I'm fine, thank you for asking"

"Oh, that's no problem, I'm just glad you're okay," he got the time to say before someone else got there, very eager. From the conversation that followed, it seemed she was a singer who used her powers during her performances.

Hm, I wonder what kind of powers she does have. Regardless, she might not be a hero or a villain, which means she's open to be... influenced.

"Shame you're not an actress, I'm sure your powers would look even better on the big screen," he added to the conversation, though he kept quiet for a while, having gotten quite surprised by the arrival of someone else. The other guy's name was Tom, and, while that dullard didn't seem to notice it at first, Tim quickly saw that they were similar. Very much so, as a matter of fact.

What a plot twist! But what does it mean?

"By the way, are you two related? Cause you look a lot a like."

"Not that I know of. We do look a lot alike though, weird."

"I would doubt so, I just got here for the first time, and I don't know about any relatives of mine. Of course," he said, as he examined this Tom further. They were beyond what could be merely coincidence when it came to similarity, if the other had been a little bit thinner and had a little longer hair, they'd be identical.

"I'm adopted, so I never knew my real family. We could very well be related, perhaps even twins!" He laughed, making it clear that he was sort of joking. Part of him, the part that thought this was all too much like a movie-plot, believed that might very well be it.

That or clones.

He'd never known how he ended up with his powers, after all. "More seriously, I don't know. Nice to meet you, though, I'm Tim," he grinned. "Tim Merridy."


"Hey mom...yeah, it's a pretty slow day." Terry said to his mother over his helmet's comm link. "It's Sunday. SUN-DAY. A sunny quiet Sunday afternoon too. Even criminals have enough sense to realize they shouldn't do anything bad on a Sunday...well most criminals. I'll get back to you in a bit...yes I love you too. See you tomorrow."

Terry sat on the edge of the roof contemplating his next move for today. It wasn't just a Sunday, it was a day off for Terry Chrysler, which meant it was gonna be a long work day for The Crick. He'd done a few minor things today, helped clear a fallen tree, get a someones cat out of a tree, changed an old ladies tire, and other mundane tasks. Some days Terry felt more like a maintenance worker than a superhero, but hey, Terry was glad to help people...yet he couldn't help but shake this odd feeling.

His father and mother were the Magnificent MockingJay and the Daring Dash-hopper. The public had deemed "magnificent" and "daring." They'd earned the public's respect and admiration. And they had the ability to back it up and could take down any enemy. Boy, did they have any enemies!

But in the past 5 years he'd been The Crick, the most the news ever called Terry was the "Harmonic" Hopper or "kid" Cricket. And the worse enemy he'd ever really faced was your run-of-the-mill angry pyrokinetic. Maybe he wasn't such a great hero, maybe wasn't super enough, maybe-

"No, no, no, you're having a slow day. Slow days are good, you get to help people, people who are happy to see you, and you don't worry about those people getting shot at with...hyper soap or something weird, knowing how Neutropolis works." Terry reassured himself. He closed his eyes and took in the sounds. Nothing major, nothing immediate, well in his immediate area at least.

"Welp, no reason resting. Might as well hop around for a bit and see what's up. I could use the practice anyway, check in on some more populated areas next, movie theaters, malls. No reason to let a beautiful day like this go to waste."

Terry got a running start and jumped across the roof, bounding across the following buildings, whistling to himself. That was one of the benefits of being The Crick, the few people that saw him, didn't look at him too funny.

Dr. Schwertner

"Hello? Are you okay, sir?"

"Err," Vinzenz started sluggishly, slowly surfacing from a sea of stupefication. He shook his head as if to clear it and turned towards the voice. Now was as good a time as any to brush up on his English skills. "No. Yes. It is possible. I' Could use assistance getting...meinen weg um. My..."

With an arm outstretched Vinzenz made a sweeping, waving motion with his hand, "to know see city."

The statement was true enough and didn't reveal anything Vinzenz hadn't wanted to. Whether or not he could keep it up depended entirely on how curious the man was, but he wasn't a good English speaker and he could use that to his advantage. Perhaps there was opportunity for him to gain an ally here as well. Someone to help him get what he needed.

Jack Crosby

Knowing there was upcoming festivities bring prepped in the center of the city, Jack figured he'd drop in early and scope the place out, see where the best loot could be had. Crowds were a favorite of his, where he could easily be lost on the slight chance the owner of the pockets he'd pick were more aware than he'd like. But they never were, not when they were too busy oohing and ahing at the sights. Tourists were another favorite. They were almost too easy to be fun, but the turnout was more than enough to make him happy.

Breaking from his musings, Jack looked up and down the street he was walking along, checking to see if there were any prying eyes. Seeing the coast was clear, he set on doing some prying of his own and he had a whole row of parking meters to himself. Raising his hands near the collection panel, his Shadow crept into the crevices where the bolts were before solidifying into a nifty pair of crowbars. At that point, all it took was a little jostling before the sound of quarters shifting around the roomier collection box was heard. Jack, holding the panel with one hand, raised a pocket to the opening and let the coins fall. It was petty but profitable and could be fun if the police showed up. The exercise wouldn't be entirely unwelcome.


"I'm adopted, so I never knew my real family. We could very well be related, perhaps even twins!"

"Ha, that would be a coincidence to end all coincidences wouldn't it?" Tom replied, though a small part of him wondered if it could be the case. He knew he was adopted as well, his parents had told him when they felt he was old enough, but he'd never heard of any biological relatives of his.

"More seriously, I don't know. Nice to meet you, though, I'm Tim, Tim Merridy."

"Nice to meet you Tim," Tom replied, extending his hand to shake "Not every day I get to meet someone as handsome and rugged as myself," he finished, very obviously joking.



"Been having an off day, guess I was standing too far away from the thing."

Tess shrugged "Well be more careful next time," she said, before turning and leaving in a bit of a huff.

The brief encounter had put her in a worse mood than before, and shopping was suddenly starting to become less appealing. A devious look appeared in her eyes as she looked through the various store windows. An outfit started to come together in her mind, as well as a list of targets to go after in it. Can never have too much money, she thought, and I'm in a mood to break things. Should wait until its darker out, things are easier to pull off then.


" know the city."

The odd man made a sweeping motion as he completed his sentence. From his accent, the man sounded quite German which was a language Alex knew little about. Still, Alex had nothing else to do in this lazy Sunday. He hiked his backpack up as he approached the man. If they man did threaten him, Alex didn't worry. A simple blink and Alex was gone but he did know of other "superheroes" out and about. He hadn't encountered many of them since he preferred his own help but Alex knew that not everyone with powers was willing to help. Alex kept an eye on the man but didn't expect all that much.

"Okay I will help." Alex said simply, not wanting to confuse the man. He seemed genuine with his statement and could just be fresh off the boat. "Where do you want to go?"



In no time, Stefan cheered loudly with the other patrons as a helmet-clad man crashed into another resulting in a fumble. Maybe he had misjudged the sport after all. He laughed and joked with the others around him but he felt sleepy after a few drinks. He grumbled something about his old age before paying the bartender and left the sports bar. He was feeling a bit better as he made his way through the mall once more as the shoppers began to thin either out of fatigue or products.

On the way to the exit he saw a woman eyeing the shop windows. It could be that she was among dozens here that was window shopping but Stefan knew that look of thievery from when he saw it. He was about her age when he stepped inside that temple and he's never forgotten it since. He stole a look at his gloved hands, still remembering that pain and that lust for diamonds. In a way, she reminded a bit of him when he was younger and to some extent, now.

"Is it true that they diamonds are a woman's best friend?" Stefan asked her as he walked beside her, looking at what she was as well.

Rias watched the twins for a moment, and with them talking around her she decided to remove her self from the conversation. "Well, since you two seem to have a rather long conversation ahead of you, I'll leave you to it." She said politely as she got around them then started away, but then stopped. "I got a show at Black Eyed Joe's tonight, it's a country bar, but they like to do a lot of rock there to. Real Rock and Roll, none of those kids whining about their 'mommy and daddy issues' or how their girlfriend only wants them for sex." her tone shifting to a slightly annoyed one when bringing up the current state of rock music

"If that's not your thing though, Wednesday's I sing at Cielo, I do a lot of classics singing there, it is kind of a high class restaurant though so keep that in mind if you wanna come see that show."

"I got a show at Black Eyed Joe's tonight, it's a country bar, but they like to do a lot of rock there to. Real Rock and Roll, none of those kids whining about their 'mommy and daddy issues' or how their girlfriend only wants them for sex. If that's not your thing though, Wednesday's I sing at Cielo, I do a lot of classics singing there, it is kind of a high class restaurant though so keep that in mind if you wanna come see that show."

"Ok cool, I should have enough time to check out your show tonight," Tom said, "see you around then!"

He wasn't quite sure what she meant by him and Tim having a long conversation ahead of them though, there were lots of people in the world who looked remarkably similar without being related after all. That wasn't to say he wouldn't be happy to talk about whatever with people, and Tim seemed a fun enough sort.

"So Tim, where are you headed to?" he asked "I was going to drop by the comic shop, you're welcome to tag along if you want."

Terry leaped from rooftop, a slight whoosh, spring, and a chirp coming from his legs with each long stride. He felt fantastic, moving with such grace and speed. He was nowhere near as good as his mother was in her prime, but that's what training is for. His obstacle loomed before him, coming up fast. This wasn't anything too new for him, but stunts like this didn't come up often.

Terry lunges into a roll through beams of a water tower. When he's through, and finds himself flying through an alley and ricochets from wall to wall, reaching the end of the alley and launching himself to the opposing building. He slides down the railing of a solar panel reaches the bottom, and hurls himself into the air. He flies over what appears to be a cactus garden and towards his target. Knuckle busters from his pneumatic fist cups over his hand. He lands, throwing his punch, the boom of a hydraulic piston pulling back...

And stops the punch an inch away from his target: a broken satellite dish with a crudely painted on horrified expression.

"I would never use that much force on anyone, don't be so scared" A sudden gust of wind turned the disk abruptly and Terry's stun baton shot out lighting fast, jabbing the disk, breaking it off its pole.

"But you have all the right to be shocked." Terry chuckled a bit "good god that was lame"Terry turned towards an invisible crowd of onlookers. Throwing his arms up with his back to the edge of the roof.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you have no need to fear, for the ever courageous Crick is here-"

One of the invisible onlookers must have pushed The Crick, cause the next thing he knew he was looking up the sky, which was rapidly moving away from him. Terry landed hard, but oddly padded, despite the sound of splintering wood. He'd landed on a couch...a very expensive couch, being moved off the porch of some steps. He could see a moving truck out of the corner of his eyes. He closed them and sighed deeply.

"Uh, well...sorry too-you know what,don't worry, I'm not going to make the obvious pun." He waited for the tirade of threats of suing, and money demands, but they never came. So Terry opened his eyes and was greeted with 4 men, one terrified man to his left holding a safe, two men dumbfound men who formerly carrying the couch, and one man in the doorway down the hall wrapping a person up in duct-tape. The duct ape thief's speedy tapping slowed to an awkward halt as he looked out the door and at the masked hero, The Crick, seemingly reclining as the rest of his crew stood stock-still.

"Well fuck" the duck-tape thief said.

"Guys" Terry said, his helmet giving his voice a slight edge. "It is the middle of the broad daylight. Why?"

The thief to his left threw the safe.

Frederick Rolls

Frederick found what he needed in the store, and was heading out. However suddenly he stopped, turned to someone he thought he knew, and greeted them with a smile.

"Hi," he said. "How are you today?"

It wasn't until he got a closer look that he realized that he didn't actually know this girl, and that she was probably younger than anyone he was supposed to know regardless. She was wearing shorts, and had brown hair, not looking older than her early twenties. Even so, she looked familiar, somewhat, though in a way he couldn't really put his finger on.

"Oh, nevermind, I just--- have I met you before? I suppose not, but..." He tilted his head, slightly. "My name is Frederick Rolls, could I have seen you in the court or something? You don't look like the type who'd be in a courtroom, but then again, most don't."

Just as long as he hadn't saved her as the Specter or something like that, that'd be hard to explain.

Not that I didn't already ask her if she's a criminal or anything.

He supposed that was why he very rarely dated.

Tim Merridy

"Nice to meet you Tim. Not every day I get to meet someone as handsome and rugged as myself,"

Tim took the other's hand, still grinning. "Hah, then meeting someone even more handsome must be a shock!" he joked. He held onto the hand for a while, as if doing so would help him determine if they really were related or not. "Tim and Tom, huh, if nothing else, our names fit!"

"Well, since you two seem to have a rather long conversation ahead of you, I'll leave you to it."

The girl, Rias, seemed intend on leaving. Tim turned to her. "Oh, don't mind that, stuff like that can always be sorted out later." He wasn't sure if she would listen to him, but really, it wasn't every day he got to talk to a beautiful girl, and certainly not one with powers.

If nothing else, she doesn't seem to be a hero, which means that there'll be one less person to hinder my devilish plans.

"I got a show at Black Eyed Joe's tonight, it's a country bar, but they like to do a lot of rock there to. Real Rock and Roll, none of those kids whining about their 'mommy and daddy issues' or how their girlfriend only wants them for sex. If that's not your thing though, Wednesday's I sing at Cielo, I do a lot of classics singing there, it is kind of a high class restaurant though so keep that in mind if you wanna come see that show."

"Hm, high class isn't my kinda thing, but I'm down for the rock and roll!" Tim replied, eagerly. He wasn't much of a music person, but something like this would prove itself to be really interesting. Besides, after what would be an amazing and evil introduction, he would need to take it easy for a couple of hours. "I look forward to seeing your talent on the scene, even if it's not acting." He then shoved an elbow into Tom's stomach and leaned over, making it clear that he was joking when he spoke.

"You going too, Tom? I mean, I don't know you, but you can't turn down beautiful girls just like that, right?" he smirked.

"Ok cool, I should have enough time to check out your show tonight. see you around then!"

"That's my---- doppelgänger? Whatever, I suppose, what's important is that you're going!"

Tom felt like the kind of person who could be fooled easily, heck, Tim knew he could be. Perhaps enough to get some sort of benefit out of it?

"So Tim, where are you headed to? I was going to drop by the comic shop, you're welcome to tag along if you want."

"I'm mostly looking around for a place to stay," he admitted, readily. "I'll take you up on that offer, though."

No need to get started yet, after all.


Tess shrugged "Well be more careful next time," she said, before turning and leaving in a bit of a huff.

Ash watched as the rather unpleasant girl walked off without apology, sighing before wiping any dust from the floor off her pant legs. What's her problem?

Any observations of suspicious behavior were cut off by a familiar-sounding voice.

"Hi," he said. "How are you today?"

What is he doing here? Ash looked around quickly, thinking she recognized the speaker before seeing the man actually talking to her. Huh. Sounds just like that one guy.

"Oh, nevermind, I just--- have I met you before? I suppose not, but..." He tilted his head, slightly. "My name is Frederick Rolls, could I have seen you in the court or something? You don't look like the type who'd be in a courtroom, but then again, most don't."

OK, this is weird. He definitely sounds just like the Specter. But I thought he was a ghost?

"Uh, no, never been in court..." Ash was trying to not seem too distracted; it could, after all, be a coincidence. "Maybe you saw me while I was at work. My name's Ash Steel, if it helps any."

"Excellent!" Rias said as the two of them said they'd come see her show "It starts at eight" she said, then rather happily walked away from the pair after excusing her self again.

The rest of her mall excursion was uneventful, and it wasn't long before she headed home to work on her set for that night. Truthfully she liked Black Eyed Joe's more then Cielo. While Cielo was good for her as a singer, the type of stuff she performed wasn't the kind of thing she truly liked, where as Black Eyed Joe's pretty much let her sing what ever she wanted, which some times leads to 'musical whiplash' when she's feeling devious, this wasn't one of those times those, as such she put a lot of thought into her set for that night.


"It starts at eight" his target said to someone unimportant before walking away. For the moment, he would disengage; following the target outside the crowd seemed dangerous when her power was unknown. As such, Jason slipped back into the mall so he could continue to take pictures of all the strange alien objects on sale.

He set an alarm for 7 so he'd have time to get to the show.


After staring out into the streets for a while, Mina sighed and stood. There was no sense just sitting there all day. She had a world to save. After pushing a button on her phone, she began to speak. "Aldric. Bring the car around." She heard her driver/assistant reply "Right away Ms. Fukao". Aldric was anything but a good man; he'd done enough evil in his life for ten men. However, in that time, he'd gained valuable skills and contacts she benefited greatly from. Like Moses, he'd never be allowed to enter the promised land.

Arriving at the door just as the car pulled up, she got in quickly and spoke. "Take me to East-Side Bank. It's time to begin phase 2." Aldric replied with a "Yes Ma'am" an drove off. Things were going to become difficult from here on out; but at least they wouldn't be boring. Phase 2 wasn't all that impressive. It consisted of expanding the ranks of her forces. Aldric would be covering most of the leg work while she merely provided the funds to move forward. It was a simple arrangement but difficult one for her. It meant she'd need to be hands off... without control.

She didn't like lacking control. Control is what made her successful.

In any event, Aldric would begin searching for individual's with certain talents of chaos and destruction. He'd provide funds from an "anonymous donor" to any villain with a knack for causing panic and fear. If it was news-worthy and in the city, she'd fund it. Of course, Aldric wouldn't be meeting any of them directly; this couldn't come back to her if Phase 3 were to be a success.

Eventually, the car pulled up to East-Side, Mina got out, and went inside. If she was going to fund all these little ventures, she'd need to liquidate some of her "private" (read: secret) capital.

Terry looked at his looked at his handy work from the rooftop as the cops arrived. Two thieves handcuffed together lying on the couch, still horribly confused about what happened. One angry thief wrapped in his own ductape, trying to pop his ear drums after having a pair a fiddlers fly around him for a few minutes, and finally, the last thief sitting belly up with a safe placed gently on his chest. The officer standing a few feet behind Terry looked around at the thieves and back to The Crick.

"Why the safe?" He rubbed his eyes as the evening light finally began to set in.

"I ran out of handcuffs." Terry said. The civillian they had ductaped up sat upright on the stretcher, talking with the paramedics. He quickly glanced up and waved at The Crick, the small crowd that had formed began cheering. The officers on the ground merely shook their heads a bit and grimaced. Terry didn't mind them.

"They're officers of the law, they don't like most heroes until they're saving them from fully sapient gorilla mechs." Terry looked back at the officer.

"It was an unusual year."

"Well sir, we live in an unusual town. And speaking of unusual, whenever you show up you either have something interesting for me to handle or you want me to visit a children's event."

"Someone's planning something."

"You want me to attend your nephew's bar mitzvah."

"That's next month." The officer said, not grinning at Terry's remark as he usually would. "I don't have all the details yet, but word on the street is that someone may be looking for super-powered muscle."

"Oh, I see" Terry said, focusing more intently. "You think there's some higher plot?"

"I don't really know yet. All we're working off of is a few mixed words from an informant of mine. Maybe it's just someone musing, maybe there's an actual definite plan. Point is, it seems like any one with a power is welcome as far as intel can indicate and I'm not too thrilled about that."

"A bunch of random super people in the same place doesn't sound like anything logical. Not sure how I can help you with this sir. I'm not even sure what you want me to do." Terry stared at the officer, his hair slightly grayed and a slight scar under his eye. They'd come to be good friends over the last few years after The Crick helped him out of a bind. From then on, Terry was willing to do pretty much anything to help him out. But something seemed different about this. The officer cleared his throat.

"I'm telling you this because...look, modern heroes don't seem as unified or organized as they were in my day. If someone were to round up a bunch of villains and criminals and just let them lose, I'm not sure a couple of heroes would be able to handle it. Especially if it just happens out of the blue."

"I'm sorry sir, I still don't understand." Terry was genuinely confused as to what the officer was getting at.

"...Look, I trust you. A good number of people in this city trust you because you help the little guy and you're honest. And that's why I think you should try reaching out to other heroes. Because if someone is, or ever wants to plan something like this...I need to know that out of all the heroes who might show up, I can truly count on someone."

The officer said nothing more and started walking off, leaving Terry to contemplate his proposition.

Dr. Schwertner

"Okay I will help. Where do you want to go?"

"Vell, I sink I need firsht to see vere see yard iron, no no..." Vinzenz stopped momentarily. He knew that in his limited vocabulary there was a more clear set of words for what he needed. Something he'd also put on his 'to do' list was to get his hands on a German-English dictionary, but that wouldn't come until later. For that, he needed money. To get that, he needed to build at least one thing of use. To do that, he needed much more parts than what was currently available at that warehouse. And for those, he needed the man's help to get his bearings. "See metal...scrap...yard. Ja?"


Pockets full of quarters, the leather jacket jingled and jangled with every step the prideful ne'er do well took. It was just a little on the heavy side, but the weight was comforting in that he had some spending money. First stop was, of course, getting a soda pop and an ice cream sandwich at the nearest convenience store. Some of the burdening weight of decent earnings would be lifted and in its stead, sugary indulgences suitable for as sunny a day as it was. He strolled down the street with a Bobby Darin tune in his head, humming along and occasionally stepping in rhythm as he went along. As he passed by an alley, he prepared to toss his empty pop bottle into it when he heard someone rummaging around. There was an elderly bum sifting through the top layer of garbage in one of the dumpsters for any recyclables he could turn in for cash and Jack felt like he could smell the acrid stench of alcohol and soiled clothing just from seeing the guy. Either the bum hadn't seen Jack or just refused to acknowledge his presence. That was until Jack had called out to him.

"Hey, Daddy-O," Jack called casually with a crooked smile. "For someone so loaded, you ain't as jazzed up as you should be. Lookin' for some scratch to score your next fix?"

The ragged old man just looked down at his feet shamefully, clutching his cans and bottles a little more tightly.

"I think I got somethin' for ya..."

Slowly, the bum's gaze rose and the beginnings of a smile crept onto his face. Though that was just before Jack gripped his empty soda bottle's neck and, with a sidearm throw, winged it down the alley. Once the bum saw the throw, he tottered back and fell, hitting the ground just as the glass bottle exploded against the dumpster's side. There was more sounds of breaking glass as some of the bum's own collection shattered and cracked on the asphalt. Jack couldn't help but laugh at the man's distress, pointing and nearly doubling over from his 'little joke' as the bum scrambled around the alley on his knees to try and salvage what he could.

"Oh, I'm so sorry about that," Jack started, feigning self-reproach and shrugging with mock guilt as he unhurriedly started down the sidewalk again. "I was only tryin' to toss it to ya, but it musta slipped or somethin'. I'd help ya clean up, but I gotta split. Late for a date, ya dig? Smell ya later."


"I'll take you up on that offer, though."

"Sure ok," Tom said, straightening up from the elbowing Tim had given him. It was just a playful jab so it didn't hurt, but Tom still didn't like people poking him in the stomach.

He shrugged it off though and led the way to the shop, he wasn't really sure what to ask Tim though he figured they'd have plenty of time to talk later. Tim seemed to have some common interests at least since he'd agreed to head to the shop, but Tom hadn't seen him around before.

"Are you new in town?" he said as they reached the store "If you want I can show you around later!"

As he spoke he moved to the shelves, picking over them for the latest issues. It might be pretty nerdy but Tom always felt like an afternoon spent here was one well spent.

Frederick Rolls

Before the young woman replied, she seemed to recognize him, or rather, his voice. When she actually turned to him, she seemed to be surprised, though, she then spoke.

"Uh, no, never been in court... Maybe you saw me while I was at work. My name's Ash Steel, if it helps any."

"Hm, nope, that doesn't really ring a bell. Where do you work?" Something told him this wasn't going to go anywhere, not like this. He didn't recognize her at all now, though he'd been sure of it earlier. Not to mention, this girl, Ash Steel, had recognized his voice, right?

Could she have seen me as the Specter?

No way.

That's not very likely.

Still, if she had, then perhaps he'd be able to make sure of that. If he could establish that, he'd be able to proceed from there, tell her not to give his identity away, or even figure out just how she knew.

"Well, it seems I may have wasted your time," he said, and smiled, his tone playful like the Specter's tended to be. He then repeated a phrase he often said as the "Phantom of the Opera," as some called him.

"Nevertheless, as long as one learn something new, time is never wasted." He chuckled. "Don't you agree?"

Tim Merridy

Tim didn't have much when it came to plans, so he followed the very identical man to the comic shop, and looked at stuff. He wasn't in a position where he'd go buy anything, but getting to know someone who could potentially become a future... well, something, relation, character, role, whatever one liked to call it, might be neat. He was about to excuse himself when Tom spoke.

"Are you new in town? If you want I can show you around later!"

"Well, I---" he stopped himself. Tim had almost told the other that he had plans, and that he was busy, but really, at what time would he get the chance to see the town? Besides, with plans later in the evening, his villainy would have to wait.

"Sure. Right now I'm going to head to the restaurant we just passed, though, I haven't eaten in a while and I'm hungry. I'll see you around, though." With that, he excused himself, and left, if he didn't run into Tom after that, he'd at least find him when they were going to that country club.


"See metal...scrap...yard. Ja?"

Alex thought of any scrap yards nearby but the only one he could think of was Olev's scrapyard on the other side of town. Olev is a friend of his father and owns a large scrapyard in the industrial part of the city. There companies could just leave their undesired metals and materials for him to breakdown and sell at a large profit than they would be. It would be quite the venture and Alex would require a car for that one of which he had to borrow from his father.

"Yeah..." Alex scratched the back of his head. "You stay here. I will fetch car." Alex said with hand motions so the man would understand complete with him pretending to drive a car. He estimated how long it would take him to get to his house and convince his father to let him borrow the car. Getting home wouldn't be an issue but rather it would be talking to his father. "I will be back... sun down. Later, okay?"

Alex got out a wrinkled receipt on a pen and wrote down his cellphone number. "My number... to call." Alex said as he gave the man his contact number. Hopefully he would understand that part and he recalled seeing a payphone a few blocks down but whether or not it worked was a different story. He also gave the man spare change in case he wanted to call him. "For payphone, down the street." Alex pointed towards where he saw the payphone. "I will be back."

And with that, Alex the odd man to his musings. He did feel bad for the man and his inability to articulate himself properly. It had been a struggle for his father to fully understand English as well but when Alex considered what he had, he was lucky compared to what this man had. In a hurry he left for his house also on the other side of town.



Stefan arrived back in his hotel room with a message on his phone or more specifically a deal. He checked his laptop and in his email he received an offer from a source he's never heard of before which normally is a good sign for Stefan. He accessed the email.

To whom it may concern,
This company would like to express its interest in the funding of individuals, such as yourself, with a unique skill set and motivation for working in certain circumstances. We offer funding of certain operations with only a simple and small take of the profit gained from the endeavors. This cooperation is beneficial for both parties involved and will yield significant profit for those involved as well. Reply if interested.

Mr. Johnson

Stefan gave a professionally curt reply that was something more akin to what passive-aggressive businessmen would reply to one another and not what a professional soldier would exactly send out but he did like the formality of it all. The offer of wealth always interested him but he had to wary of what exactly he would do or rather if he would be caught. Stefan is already skirting a thin line with the acts he's done over the past and if this employer heard about him through certain sources then he hoped they knew what they were getting.

Approximately 8:00 pm


Tom stood outside the bar for a few moments before entering, he'd never been here before and had to double check that he'd found the right place. His day off had been surprisingly peaceful all things considered, and he was looking forward to seeing Rias sing. That said he wasn't sure if the bar was his kind of place or not. Oh well, if nothing else Tim will be there, he seemed like a fun enough guy.

He shrugged and grinned before entering, worrying rarely had much point to it and besides if you went someplace expecting to have fun chances were you would.



She smirked and slipped on the domino mask before stepping into the bank, she'd had her eye on this place for a while now and after spending the day shopping she was ready for some action. She didn't get far before people noticed her, grinning as their attention turned to her.

"Listen up people, I'm just here to make a withdrawal so if nobody does anything stupid everything will be fine," she announced, there weren't many non-employees in the place given the time, but those that were there shrank back at this announcement.

One of the guards went for his gun, and her rope lashed out of its own accord, wrapping around the man's hands, a quick yank from her sending him to the ground. The rope snatched up the gun and she quickly pulled it in, taking the clip out of it and dropping both into her bag before approaching a teller.

"You, you're going to be nice and open up the vault for me ok?" she said with mock sweetness in her voice, the teller complied quickly, leading her towards the vault. Heh, seems these lot have heard about me, makes this much easier, she thought to herself. That thought quickly changed to another as the door swung open though, revealing a tall japanese businesswoman waiting for her.

She took a sharp intake of breath, her eyes narrowing in surprise and anger. A set up! She moved quickly, grabbing the teller and locking her arms around his neck so he couldn't struggle or speak much.

"Who are you?" she barked, her muscles tense, even her rope was ready to jump out at her command "Stand aside if you don't want him hurt."

Rias had gotten to the bar a couple hours prior to the show to get ready, mostly for sound check and a little rehearsal back stage. As usual she made sure to eat before going on stage, and also as per her usual she ate with the band. They talked about the show that night, the set they'd be playing, and the week prior.

Then show time rolled around, Rias and the band had been tossing around which song to lead off with, due to Rias having picked out several for the nights performance that would make great openers with out ruining the general flow she was going for with the song list.

The lights lowered and the band took the stage under the cover of darkness, and the band started playing, as the did the lights raised a little so the crowed could see the band and Rias begun to sing, as well as play lead guitar, which to the regulars meant little, but she got a few surprised looks from some of the people who haven't seen her before and weren't expecting the 'pretty red head' to be performing rock, let alone metal.

As the first song reached the second verse her powers came out, taking the form of red wisps that 'danced' eerily above the crowd, a few acting as though they might be whispering something into the bands ears when the song called for it.


"Who are you?" the woman barked, "Stand aside if you don't want him hurt."

Mina had been packing money into a briefcase when the vault had opened. Turning to face the unknown woman, she found herself face-to-face with a woman dressed in an outfit that little but her face to the imagination. "Americans."

"Mina Fukao" she said, smiling. "and I don't have any intention of getting in your way." From there, Mina tipped the briefcase to show off the money than backed away from the case to allow the thief to inspect and take the cash if she wanted. "I have to say; I'm impressed. You must be awfully confident to break into one of my banks."

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