The Super Hero RP Deluxe! (Closed, Started)

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"Right now, Unicorn should have Psyclone's defenses occupied. If we come at him from the rear, we should be good...but, it's gonna take a lot of speed and a lot of height. Think you can hold on to me for that long?"

"Of course," she said, perhaps too dismissively. Eh, I'm just confident, heroes get to be that too. That blobby idiot is practically nothing but confidence. At any rate she was certain her gloves, particularly with her enhancements, would have no trouble keeping a grip on Crick.

Still, maybe I should talk to Mina about getting a parachute or something built into this suit... Maybe make it a wingsuit, that'd be interesting. I wonder how my powers would interact with something like that... Being able to fly, or at least glide long distances could open up a whole new realm of possibilities.

She quickly found a place to hold onto Crick's suit and climbed up, gripping tightly as she awaited the jump.



Not good! Glass was coming down from some of the skyscrapers around, sure most people had fled already but the streets still had way too many and glass falling from that height would cut them to pieces. Gotta make a wall, stop it somehow. Working quickly he dived in front of the crowd, stretching his goo and hardening it as he did so until he had covered the entire length of the street. He was stretching himself a little thin but he had to do all he could. He stretched himself upwards as far as he could, growing as much height as he could as quickly as he could, to the point where the goo at the top of his wall seemed to almost be boiling as it created more of itself. Finally the glass struck, mostly shattering against him, though he was certain some of it had gone past him, and was acutely aware of how it had stabbed through his wall in places, though at least he'd managed to catch it in him. Whew, that could have been a lot worse, it could have hit me through my goo, or worse punched into the crowd behind me. He felt his stomach grumble ferociously, and a sudden weakness hit him as the wall began to fold back around him. I'm not doing that again for a while.

He turned his gaze behind him, focusing on a man in an expensive looking suit.

"Are you all right citizen?" he asked "Didn't scare you too much I hope."

Frederick Rolls

"Astral Projection, huh? But your body is in there? Boy, that's real fuckin' interestin'! You know, I was just talking to a guy about this sorta thing..."

The Specter chuckled, though he noted the fact that the other could apparently tell that his body was inside. Starting to tighten his grasp, Frederick spoke.

"Astral Projection? Can you not see that I'm a ghost? Or have your poor unfortunate soul never heard of the Specter? Because it's clearly in the name," he mused. Through his grasp, Psyclone started doing... something.

"Anyway, astral kids at my school didn't like me very much, especially when our teacher's let us have 'recess' and he had to sorta 'play rough. You couldn't really hurt them physically, you know?' Made fightin' them a real pain in the ass!"

Does he just talk about this kind of thing with everyone? Or does he recognize me?

Considering the mask, Frederick really doubted so.

"So me and the other kids, sorta had to improvise!"

With a mocking laughter, he released his grip as he saw the villain toy with the flame-thrower, and flew out of the way, disappearing as he did. The parts of his skin that was close enough to the fire felt hot, even a bit painful, but he knew it would get worse if he didn't do anything. Getting some burns now was better than getting trapped. Besides, this gave him an idea, a persona that would fit the situation, like that of a role in a play. He grinned underneath the mask.

This'll be fun.

"Yes, that's more like it!" he shouted, laughing. It was difficult to tell where it came from, partly because he kept moving away from the fire as he spoke.

"Burn down your own blimp, I'll be waiting for you outside! Or will I? It's not like you can see me anyways! Perhaps you know about those with astral projection, but you've never met a real ghost before!"

Frederick felt a playful, immature urge to keep taunting the guy. Anything to make sure that the attention was kept at him, as he had noticed other people on their way. Perhaps, as a bonus, he'd get the other to damage some of his own equipment.

"So, what now, Psyclone? How do you find what can't be seen or felt?!"


The Crick felt Coil grab onto his suit. He'd had to carry people before and even have people ride him to safety. This was first time having a person on his back as he moved as fast as he could to jump off a building and onto a friggin' blimp. But aside from that, this shouldn't be to hard. It was all a matter of height. It was just another jump for the Crick. Another really long jump...He took off, bounding up the side of a building and looking out towards Psyclone's blimp.

"He's a bit ahead of us, moving pretty fast for a blimp but still within reach. The closest buildings are about a few hundred feet apart..." The Crick did the math in his head and plotted out the best path. This was gonna be interesting.

"Coil, you're gonna want to keep you head down." The Crick said as he took off again at full speed and jumped through the already shattered window of a building Psyclone had blasted. They'd already began evacuating so The Crick didn't have to worry about running into people as he tackled a door and jumped straight up a stairwell, grabbing a railing and with both hands and thrusting himself and Coil through a window, flying over the street below. He took a moment to look up at the blimp, slighting in front of them and seemingly drifting along.

"Almost there" He managed to yell to Coil as they flew through another shattered window and into a large building, higher than the blimp.

Now it was a matter of speed. They were gonna have to attack the blimp from a above, while it was still within reach. The Crick bounded up the stairwell as fast as he could, catching glimpses of the blimp as they passed the window. The Crick finally made it to the top of the stairwell and jumped through a door, accessing the highest point of the building.

He took this moment to look down at the blimp and prepare himself for the jump.

"Brace yourself!" He yelled back to Coil as he jumped off the roof and over the tail of the blimp. This was it.

And then The Crick heard the noise of electricity charging through the air, a faint distinct buzz he could hear. He knew what was coming next and made a hasty choice.

He pulled Coil off his back and through her towards the blimp, knowing she could use her cord to latch on. Or at least hoping.

At least he knew her odds were better than his, as the Crick was struck by arcing electricity from the tail end of the blimp, his suit letting out a series of alarms and noises as he plummeted towards the ground.



"So, what now, Psyclone? How do you find what can't be seen or felt?!" The Specter's laughter slightly annoyed Psyclone, but it filled him with new found...sense of righteousness. Someone who wanted to play along, someone who wanted to have fun? Someone who really thought they were a ghost? It was time to have some real fun.

"Simple genius," Psyclone focused the flaming vortex into a pressured spiral in his hand. Even with the suit he'd gotten from his "employers" Psyclone could still feel the heat in the single point. It didn't matter though, as Psyclone smashed a button on controls and opened all the windows in the canopy.

"I attack everything!" Psyclone slammed the spiraling point of heat down in the center of the canopy and watched as the pressure released a fiery explosion, shaking the blimp as a shockwave flew through the open windows. Psyclone stood in front of the controls and opened his arms, feeling the heat wash over him. His suit charred and burned in certain areas, the heat was insane, but Psyclone merely laughed at it.

"You're so much more fun than that Coil girl, Specter! Ghost or not, one of us is going down."


Despite her efforts the blimp wasn't as close to the roof tops as she'd wanted, regardless Crick and Coil still made their bid for boarding the blimp only to have Crick hit with some kind of electrical discharge from the tail and start falling to the ground below. Karen, not about to let another hero fall to their death while she was around, let alone a friends son, tore after him at top speed, even going through the flamer throws attack range, though she was moving faster then the weapon systems could keep up with.

Course once she caught up to him she grabbed hold and eased him out of the fall so the G-Forces would snap his neck or cause much more then dizziness for a few moments as the came to a skidding stop on the black top "You Okay?"


Terry felt his descent suddenly slow and level out. He looked up to see Unicorn carrying him.

"You Okay?"

"My suit seems to have re-routed the current through subsystems and discharged the rest around my exterior. So Aside from a new found hatred of Psyclone, a few burnt out components, and the taste of pennies in my mouth I'm fi-oh crap, I threw Coil at the blimp!"

Daniel Luxe

Before he could be torn to shreds, a black, gooey veil was stretched between Daniel and the falling glass. Looking around, it extended around the street over some of the panic-stricken pedestrians. It was clear that he was the focus of the rescue, as not only would the demon have taken the brunt of the plummeting shards, but also because the man in control of the tar-like tarp had approached him. Oh how wonderful, my first meeting with one of the city's saviors, Daniel had thought with no small amount of sarcasm.

"Are you all right citizen?"

Of course he addresses me with such a humbling title as citizen, who ever would have predicted such a thing? Daniel asked internally, feigning a look of sincere gratitude. All the while his skin was crawling with the apparent genuine goodness that was almost visibly radiating from the hero.

"Didn't scare you too much I hope."

"Oh no, not at all," Daniel started, his hands clasped together as he spoke like someone whose life was in real danger. "I was only afraid for my wife and children, I don't know what would happen if I wasn't around for them."


Theodore dropped to the floor behind the walls of the roof for cover as a particularly large blast of fire shot forth from the blimp. Apparently someone up there had a temper. Through it all, he'd kept a close eye on the events, reporting the "play-by-play" of the heroes and villain while also keeping an eye on the chaos below. There was so much information to take in, edit, and report that he was astounded that his power could keep up with it all.

During all of this, he had the great fortune to catch The Crick throw Coil at the Blimp from the near perfect vantage point of nearly directly below them. He also saw The Unicorn catch The Crick and spare him what would likely have been a very nasty bruise. As he saw the Crick, their earlier conversation popped back into his mind. This in turn, gave him an idea.

Quickly, he edited that particular scene of The Crick throwing Coil out of his footage. Acting as quickly as he could, he edited the footage to make it appear as though it had been shot with a cheap cellphone camera. From there, he added a little extra data; his sense of smell, taste, and touch. The computer, having no idea what it was, simply translated it into strings of strange code it couldn't read. Burying all of this in the file, he sent it to his phone, created a brand new YouTube account, and posted it with the title "Coil and Crick vs. Blimp!".

With that, he had what he needed; bait for whoever was buying up all that footage with some very unique code in the background. Hopefully, Crick could help him track the video by the code later. Computer's weren't exactly his specialty. If it didn't work, then so be it. If it did... well they'd finally have a lead.

Having been distracted for a few minutes, Theodore returned to his filming only to be shocked by the latest development by the police station. "Who the hell is that?!"


Flying over the escaping crowds, Mina had the pilot remain low. Honestly, it was so low as to technically be illegal but given the emergency situation and what she was planning to do, she doubted anyone would care about that particular detail. Gone was her business suit, replaced with a heat-resistant, lightly armored red and yellow Kevlar jump suit covered in pockets. Around her were belts of strange glowing blue cartridges. In her hands was a long, also glowing blue weapon.

As the whirlybird reached the ground, she pulled out a clear, heat-resistant mask and slipped it on. Upon touch down near the station, another two men jumped out and started pulling out boxes marked with red crosses and quickly began taking them to where the wounded were gathered. Seeing the medical supplies, a dozen other impromptu volunteers ran over to help with the task. Others began carrying the worst of the wounded to the whirlybird for quick transit to a hospital.

A moment later and Mina was with the current "leader" of the rescue efforts - a beat-cop named Sanchez who'd escaped the blast - quickly getting a low down of the situation. It didn't take Mina long to convince the cop to let her help; after all, who looked a well timed gift horse in the mouth? Once Mina knew who and approximately where the people and worst of the damage was, she set about helping.

Bringing the gun up, she turned it to it's lowest setting and began firing. Out of the muzzle came a blast of super cooled fluid that quickly started cutting a hole in the flames. Behind her, what few firefighters had managed to make it through followed, directing her toward each spot they needed to reach and taking the injured out where applicable. Where the structural damage was severe and dangerous, she turned up the weapon to full, creating temporary support structures to allow continued passage. Every few minutes she stopped, switched out the failing cartridge for a fresh one, and continued her hunt for police officers, prisoners, and innocent civilians.


Aldric watched the events of the night from his lawn chair, just a little bit bored. It wasn't until he saw Coil reach the blimp that he got a little more engaged. He couldn't help but wonder if she'd find Mina's "severance package" for the Psyclone and, if so, what she'd do about it. He'd know soon enough if she tried to "open the package" but didn't really care. There were lots of them after all.

As the blimp continued to pull away from the station, Aldric finally began to frown. He was making faster speed than he'd expected. Pretty soon he'd be out of range for the grand finale. THAT would just not do. As such Aldric stood, grabbed his wine bottle, and began to jump from roof to roof toward the blimp just to be safe. He couldn't help but feel he was too old for this parkour nonsense, but he couldn't complain too much. After all, it was his job to keep Psyclone "under control"; a task that was proving more and more difficult by the second.

Still; if it was for Mina's big payoff... well he'd live with it.


"Brace yourself!"

I am DEFINITELY talking to Mina about a wingsuit after this! Tess thought as Crick launched her at the blimp, her cord lashed out of its own accord and grabbed hold. She caught a glimpse of lightning frying Crick as he plummeted away from her, and began pulling herself up. Man this blimp has everything huh, looks like the flying lady caught Crick but he's probably out of commission now. Guess I better find the engine room then.

She wasn't overly familiar with blimps, but the layout was simple enough and she soon found her way to the engine room. Well so far so good, there isn't even any security inside this thing. Of course opening the door to the engine room soon proved that her luck never could last.

Bombs. A lot of them too, guess Mina isn't going to bother giving Psyclone his two weeks notice. If she were in another position she'd probably have a good laugh about where Psyclone's shade of villainy had left him, but unfortunately she was now closer to the bomb than he was.

"Crick, I've got a problem here," she said over the communicator "the engine room is stuffed with explosives, I get the feeling whoever Psyclone got this thing from isn't too happy with him. I could try to deactivate them, but there are a lot and they might not react well to my tampering."

I've never tried to animate a bomb before either. I should be looking for a way off this damn thing.



"I was only afraid for my wife and children, I don't know what would happen if I wasn't around for them."

"Well you can run along home and tell them you got to meet a real superhero today!" Tom declared "I've got to get back to helping, if you see anyone injured try to give them a hand alright?"

With that he was off, there were still plenty of others who needed to get out of here. Emergency services was lending a hand now of course, but they couldn't lift up fallen rubble or clear roads like he could.



I need to get a bike or something, it takes me too long to get around like this. He had finally made it though, it had been difficult to get to a rooftop with most of the buildings being damaged but he was in better shape than his counterpart and had quickly found his way to a nearby rooftop. He'd paused to eat some steel along the way, but that hardly gave him the properties he needed to make it to the blimp.

Damn, though it looks like some other heroes are helping out, one of them can fly even. I could try getting their attention, though I don't have a megaphone... Ah well, guess I could at least try to take shots at the blimp's weapons from here.

He found a shard of glass and bit down, breaking it into a dartlike shape before he began to aim it. His powers weren't the most precise, but this projectile was at least more aerodynamic than what he usually used. Rearing back to add some extra thrust he spat the foot long glass dart as hard as he could at one of the flamethrowers. From what little he knew of the things they couldn't take too much damage, though maybe that wasn't true outside of video games.

Frederick Rolls

"I attack everything!"

Frederick hadn't expected Psyclone to go completely insane just yet, but the way the guy had decided to follow what Frederick had anticipated might happen if he got mad enough in mere seconds, meant that the Specter had the upper hand. Especially since he had no reason to stay up there but to

"You're so much more fun than that Coil girl, Specter! Ghost or not, one of us is going down."

"Apparently so! I didn't think you'd be so willing to die, though, unless think it's that easy to deal with a Specter?!" he replied to keep the heat up -both literally and figuratively- , and simply... left.

He did it through the wall, still invisible of course. Even if Psyclone was intending to hit everything, the walls of the blimp would do some work keeping the fire out, at least until the whole vehicle stopped working and hit the ground. Frederick didn't aim to kill anyone, ever, yet he had no issues with letting Psyclone kill himself if it meant keeping everyone else safe. The guy was a lost case, rotten to the core, whatever they had done to him at that school of his had clearly done some lasting damage.

Frederick had barely gotten away from the encounter -well, he still was sort of still in that encounter, just in a completely different room, trying to get away- when he noticed Coil... he thought that was her name. She was standing there, trying to reach someone through her communicator. He appeared in front of her.

"Hey, you're a hero, right? It's going to get hot here, you should probably----" Frederick trailed off as he noticed the explosives.


Was this a suicide attack? Or had whoever helped Psyclone escape planted them there? He doubted Coil had done it, considering the sheer amount of explosives. Did that guy know what was going on? If so...

Oh god. The flame-throwers.

"You need to get off, right now! He's gone berserk with the flame-thrower, and I'd not be surprised if the heat alone could set these bombs off."

Did I do that? This is bad, this is really, really bad.

He wouldn't let it show, but Frederick was afraid, not of the bombs themselves, but of that he might have set off something that could result in someone innocent, Coil, getting killed.

"I don't think I can carry you, but I'd be willing to try, just, please, get off."


Tim Merridy

Tim had turned on the TV to watch a movie, but had stopped as soon as he saw the fuss going on. His first instinct was to wonder what the hell was going on, when he had heard the explosion, he hadn't anticipated... well, a goddamn blimp blowing up everything. he noticed that he felt a little worried, though not sure who he was worried about. Just as he thought about it, he saw Tom for a split second, or rather, Sir Awesome.

Tom'll be fine.

He knew how durable their goo-armors were, after all, though as he looked at his beat up body, he mentally shook his head.

Well, how durable they normally are, when some crazy as hell woman isn't trying to murder you.

Well, he wasn't that worried for Tom, but he felt a bit worried for George, and what if Rias got involved in it? Whoever this Psyclone was, he was clearly a violent and dangerous villain, lacking any sense of tact.

How tacky.

Tim leaned back, wondering how it would get dealt with. He could handle being a bit worried, and it wasn't as if he could do anything, he could barely move, after all.


Sirius Hamilton

Sirius' painting had started becoming more vivid as he cleaned his brush and added a bright orange to the picture. For some reason, there were flames going out of the airship. Someone with a flame ability? Or something else. Sirius put his brush down, it was too far away for him to see much more than the orange colour and the smoke. He wondered what was actually going on.

If I want to know, I suppose I'll have to get there.

Or... if the Ghost he had bonded with was there, he could at least get a sense of what was going on. He thought of the guy he had currently bonded with, the Specter, and tried to open the bond, only receive something that seemed to be overwhelmed by fear and panic, and he felt it himself. Something bad was going on, and he wanted to run away and hide. His frightened mind barely realized that he could fix his injuries, it wasn't until he was already inside the shield that he felt the relief of his wounds healing. It felt quite comfortable, though it was the only thing that was even remotely pleasant at this time.

Sirius, still shaking, also felt a strong sense of guilt, and though he didn't know why the Ghost was feeling something like that, he knew that it was something he should be feeling either way. If there were injured people, this would be the best power to help with, and he should be out there anyways. Sirius could help, and now he had no reason not to, yet he couldn't shake of the feeling of being so frightened.

I should just shut the emotions d-down.

But if he did, would he not lose his motivation?

I'm a disgrace. A---a psychopathic selfish...

Sirius felt tears running down his cheeks, guilt, fear, worry, anything the ghost was feeling was so strong to him, and it hit him, because he knew that they weren't just the emotions of someone else, they were what he would have been feeling if his body had been able to create its own emotions.

"N-no more," he whimpered to himself. "I'll help... just... just let me stand up." As he did, he noted that his injuries were completely gone, put on a jacket, before running out, towards the centre of the chaos. While he had a fairly good stamina due to his fit body, he still felt ill due to the emotions, and almost ran into one of the big, gooey people. He looked like he was the "nice" one, the other one had a lot more spikes.

"Excuse me sir," he said, voice making it clear that he was still crying. "I want to help, please let me help---- where are the injured people?" the Brit said, meekly.


As Unicorn carried him, The Crick quickly started making a few adjustments and minor repairs to the suit. Despite The Crick's switch from heavier metals to light aluminum, plastics, and carbon fiber for his suit, a strong enough electrical current in the right place could do a hell of a lot of damage. It seemed like Coil had made it onto the blimp, but as The Crick watched a fiery bloom form around the canopy of the blimp, he rushed to get his suit ready.

"Crick, I've got a problem here," she said over the communicator "the engine room is stuffed with explosives, I get the feeling whoever Psyclone got this thing from isn't too happy with him. I could try to deactivate them, but there are a lot and they might not react well to my tampering."

The Crick fiddled with his suit as Coil spoke to him, but nearly dropped the set of small tools as heard her explain the bomb situation. Bombs? It was all lining up in The Crick's head, with a few gaps trickled in. Someone hires Psyclone to be loud, Psyclone is loud but a bit too unpredictable, they get what they need and dispose of Psyclone. But what is it they need? They're not making money off the news footage. And they aren't using Psyclone FOR his destructiveness since they're killing him off. Didn't seem like Psyclone was taking orders either. So why Psyclone's destructiveness so important? Why did it matter what Psyclone did at all?

"Unless nothing HE specifically did truly mattered in first place..." The Crick thought aloud. He knew what had to be done.

"Coil, don't risk setting off the bombs. Assuming these are bombs for killing Psyclone, they're probably rigged to blow if tampered with. But we can't leave him, he has to know something about all this yet-" The Crick stopped noticing the second voice over the communicator.

"You need to get off, right now! He's gone berserk with the flame-thrower, and I'd not be surprised if the heat alone could set these bombs off."

"Specter, when did you-you know what nevermind. if you can, get Coil off the blimp NOW." The Crick made a few final adjustments to his suits, particularly the stun batons. He closed a panel and rebooted part of his suits system. He hopefully had a working solution to the problem and a plan for the next.

"I need to have a little chat with Psyclone," The Crick equipped his stun batons "Unicorn, I need you to fly over the blimp and drop me. I've pretty much turned part of my suit into a lighting rod that'll take the charge from the blimps Tesla coils and siphon it to my backup batteries. If they don't explode, I can land on the blimp, get to the controls, and maybe turn those same Tesla coils into an EMP emitter. That'll stop the blimp and should disable the explosives on board."

"...unless someone detonates the bombs before I can do all this."

It was then that The Crick noticed the sky around the blimp and over Neutropolis was getting very dark.

"Apparently so! I didn't think you'd be so willing to die, though, unless think it's that easy to deal with a Specter?!"

Psyclone stared at the fire remaining in the canopy of the blimp.

"Wasn't expectin' a cake walk, but I wouldn't have it any other fuckin' way!" Psyclone took note of the GPS on the controls. He was essentially over the center of the city. Psyclone began to form a large vortex around the blimp, gradually picking up speed and intensity. The newly formed vacuum began to diminish the fire inside the canopy.

"Hey Specter, get out here, you're missing all the fun!"


"Then you'll just need to move quickly" Karen said as she turned around and darted back up to the blimp, skirting the just out side flame thrower range at first "Hold on,and, try to not throw up on me ..." she said, then started to weave between the blasts from the flame throwers and putting up her shield when she got close enough dodging wasn't really and option.

She she brought Crick to the blimp surface, she dropped him on it, blocked a blast from a flamethrower with her shield, charged that batter of cut it clean off the blimp "Move quick Crick." she said over the com as she went to disabling the flamethrowers.


"Well... That's no good." Aldric said to himself. Not only had the blimp started making distance but someone had discovered the bombs. Odds were, given the timing, it was Coil. Of all the people on the blimp, Coil was the only one who NEEDED to live for their plans to work. While she wasn't completely irreplaceable, she did represent a rather significant investment of time and resources. Killing her would create a delay. A delay his employer would not approve of.

As the distance to the blimp continued to grow, Aldric was forced to move to one of the contingencies. Aldric changed course, jumping toward the tallest building in the general direction of the blimp and quickly climbed up to the top. From there, he estimated how long it would take the Blimp to reach a suitable position, and pulled out the burner phone.

He opened up the text function, selected the number for the blimp bombs, and sent a text: "100 37". A moment later, well out of his sight, the timers on the bombs clicked on and started counting down from 100. If Coil didn't get the hint... well, then they'd just need to find a backup.

"Good luck Mademoiselle." Aldric said aloud, cracking open his wine and waiting for the firework show to begin.


"I don't think I can carry you, but I'd be willing to try, just, please, get off."

The offer quickly became a lot more tempting when the timers on the bombs flashed on, counting down from 100. Wouldn't have thought Mina would be that cliche. Damn damn damn. She didn't want to trust anyone to help her, not in a situation like this, but she didn't have any choice. Fuck, heroes are insane to go through this all the time.

"Not much choice I suppose," she said, turning and running to the nearest railing "well, here goes. Don't drop me."

She tensed herself, waiting for a moment to make sure the Spectre had a grip on her, and then jumped. She spread her arms wide, trying to slow her fall as if she was skydiving, her eyes darting about looking for someplace to try and latch onto with her whip to try and slow herself.



"I want to help, please let me help---- where are the injured people?"

The guy looked really down on himself, though Tom understood that fright and sadness were natural in response to something like this. Still he found himself smiling, glad that another was inspired to help.

"Right this way," he said, carefully picking up the man and quickly ferrying him over to where he had gathered some of the injured who were waiting for an ambulance "just be careful, I've got to get back out there."

With that he turned around and went back to looking for other people to help, wonder what that guy's name is. I feel like I might've seen him before... Ah well, need to focus on the task at hand.



No good, he couldn't tell if the shard had even hit, and it certainly hadn't gotten any attention. Something else was keeping their attention, he couldn't tell much from the distance he was at but they seemed more frenzied than before. The blimp had also caught fire, so it was possible that that was it, though they were trying to bring it down so that didn't seem right. DId I just see someone fall from there?

He needed to do something, and he wasn't helping here. There are people down below, I could try to do something there. Clean up all the glass that's fallen if nothing else. He sighed, back down the stairs I suppose.


The Crick was used to moving fast through the air, it was an average day for him. Weaving through a series of flamethrowers while occasional arcs of electricity zapped his makeshift lighting rods, causing his suit to jerk around? That was new.

"Move quick Crick." Unicorn said as she took off.

"No prob, Bob..." The Crick said to himself. He bounded on the side of blimp, let himself fall for a moment before grabbing a rung and swing into the canopy. He felt the air around the blimp begin to swirl but he didn't have time to worry about that. He stood a few feet in front of Psyclone, the villain grinning madly from behind his gasmask.

"Oooh, I get to fight the power ranger now-" Psyclone started.

"No, no, no! Shut up!"The Crick yelled, tired of Psyclone's crap. "We have no time for this! Whoever gave you this blimp screwed you over. There are bombs on board, most likely the slow counting down kind. I have no idea how big the blast will be but given we're on a frigging blimp, it'll probably be pretty big. So, step away from the controls, sit down, and let me try to save your life."



"How bout no, the green rangers always felt weird to me as a kid. Seriously, Tommy was the only one who ever-"

Psyclone spun to the side as The Crick lunged forward with a kick. He counted with a tunnel of air that sent the Crick sliding backward and almost out off the blimp. A Series of clamps engaged on the Crick foot and took hold on the floor of the canopy.

"I learned a bit from last time," The Crick said as he launched the Fiddlers at Psyclone, his launcher shorting out a second later in a series of flashes and smoke. Psyclone felt the torrent of sound tearing through his eardrums. He was about to send the devices spiraling until Psyclone felt a familiar pain in his chest. It felt like hot trillions of tiny pins and needles popping on his flesh. Like that area had fallen asleep and was under a sunlamp.

"I also remembered." The Crick said, proud of the little microwave emitter he'd managed to build a few weeks prior. The Crick kept the emitter focused on Psyclone as he walked towards the controls.

"You know what the messed up thing is? You're gonna only end up with some ringing in your ears. Now I'm gonna try and turn those fancy tesla coils WHICH NEARLY ELECTROCUTED ME into an electromagnetic pulse emitter so I can SAVE YOUR LIFE. All with one hand, no less..."

Through the ringing and the burning, Psyclone managed to rise from his knees and flick off The Crick before slumping over again.

"Real mature bud-" A series of sparks exploded from The Crick arm, sending the hexagonal plate of the microwave emitter flying.

"EAT. MY. ASS." Psyclone yelled as he sent the Fiddlers spiraling towards The Crick. A few slammed into his, smashing his visor while the rest collided with the controls. The Crick grabbed the side of his face, frantically staring between Psyclone and the controls. The Crick grabbed Psyclone, holding him up by his poncho.

"What-why-you-why won't you let me save you, you crazy little...GAH!"

"Because I'm a lost cause you dumbass. So what if Al and his boss wanna kill me. Fuckin' French bastard. I'lll admit, I didn't get too much done, but fuck it. I'll be remembered for...something. Probably not what I want. But fuckin' somethin'."

The Crick stared at Psyclone.

"Who's...Al?" The Crick managed to say before he felt the chunks of metal come spiraling into the side of his suit. Psyclone pushed The Crick away and stood int he center of the canopy.

"If you're taking me're coming with me!" Psyclone said, increasing the vortex around the blimp and powering the air cannons.

Frederick Rolls

"Specter, when did you-you know what nevermind. if you can, get Coil off the blimp NOW."

"I-- Of course," the Specter replied, not letting the others how unsure of it he was.

I already said I wasn't sure. I doubt she needs to be reminded of that.

If he combined his ability to interact with the real world, his ability to fly, and the weak form of telekinesis he could do while still in his body...

It's better than nothing. Please say this'll work, because if not... if not I don't know what to do.

They had no idea how long it would take for the bomb to go off, so they needed to get off quickly.. Or so he thought, until he saw numbers on it, counting down from a hundred. Even if he was unsure of whether it was just some sort of distraction or an actual time, Frederick didn't hesitate. Instead, he grabbed Coil.

"Not much choice I suppose. Well, here goes. Don't drop me."

"I won't," he said, lifting her up with the help of telekinesis and then flying out the nearest exit. For a moment, they seemed to be in free fall, but then he gathered his strength and balanced their weight among his currently weak telekinesis and his own flying. For what seemed like an eternity, but only was a few seconds, they went towards the ground, before Frederick, doing his best to slow down, let go of Coil. While he didn't exactly drop her, the speed was enough to make it hurt.

"Sorry!" Frederick replied, as he hurried away, disappearing as he went towards Theodore, and spoke so that only the journalist could hear him.

"Hey, it's me, I need you to keep an eye on my body for a brief moment as I go back up. Just... you know, somewhere a bit less likely for it to be seen than here."


Sirius Hamilton

Sirius found himself getting picked up by the large goo-hero rather quickly, and while it was frightening, just about everything was to him right now.

"Right this way. Just be careful, I've got to get back out there."

He nodded, trying to control his sobbing. For a brief moment, there was shock, then the feeling was replaced by worry. There were still enough guilt there to make him feel terrible, but his tears stopped, and he was put down.

"D-don't worry," he said, as he went to sit down at the place where he could help the most people. As a shield that looked like blue glass enveloped him and some of the others, he quickly healed those around him. It wasn't a lot of people, about 5, and by the time the ghost fell not far from them, he was working on the remaining two. The ghost was accompanied by -or rather, carrying- a familiar hero in white, and dropped her off, before disappearing. The landing looked like a bad one, but likely what they had escaped from was worse.

Is that why I'm worried?

He asked himself, but he doubted he would get an answer. Instead he called out to the woman.

"Did that hurt?" he asked, and motioned for his shield. "Do you want me to heal you? Everything will be safe inside here."

Daniel Luxe

"Well you can run along home and tell them you got to meet a real superhero today!"

A condescending sort, isn't he? Daniel asked internally. I half-expect him to hand me a balloon or a lollipop.

"I've got to get back to helping, if you see anyone injured try to give them a hand alright?"

The demon merely waved and tried to hide his contempt. He began to walk away, flicking a piece of shattered glass that rested upon his shoulder and muttered, "Now I feel ill being near all that goodness...and in desperate need of cleansing."

Dr. Schwertner

It seemed the commotion in the city would not be coming to a close any time soon. He couldn't make the trek on foot at any rate, not while giant blimps of destruction were out and about. Though the stuck bolt would have to wait, for the time being he could get started on running cables from the power transformer. It was gonna be messy and not particularly easy, but while there was still daylight it would be best to get that out of the way, he figured. At least there was plenty of scrap cable, both from what he collected and what was abandoned along with the warehouse. Most of it was stripped along large portions, the copper threads frayed and knotted in many places. The doctor huffed. He hoped for better working conditions, but there was no sign of that desire coming to fruition.

Vinzenz suddenly remembered one of his assistants, Kurt. The man was about as blunt as his name, but he was loyal. Eager to make sure his work was done quickly and done right. Though the 'mysterious' disappearance of his former colleague, Gunther, may have helped that. Either way, as dim-witted as Kurt was, he would follow any directions that were laid out for him. As long as they were simple. But alas, the lad was most likely torn apart by the warp gate once it collapsed and spread across various places in several planes of existence. Now, the prospect of simpletons doing the dirty work was only a distant dream...


"Hey, it's me, I need you to keep an eye on my body for a brief moment as I go back up. Just... you know, somewhere a bit less likely for it to be seen than here."

"You got it." Theodore replied, looking around for a good place for the body to rest. The roof wasn't exactly an ideal place but as long as things didn't get too out of hand than he doubted it would be an issue. After all, there were many people on different roofs staring up at the giant dirigible. Super-fights always had audiences; particularly those that took place in the sky. Sure the sane people ran away from them, but once they felt they had a good distance they stopped and stared back. In this case, as long as you were out of the range of the blimp's weapons and Psyclone's powers, everything looked safe enough.

As Fredrick landed, Theodore edited the footage so that this scene would never appear. He didn't want anyone to think he knew who the Specter was... or at least any more than they already did. For some reason, everyone seemed to just assume that - since he had powers - he was a part of some secret superhero weekly brunch or something where they all exchanged villain fighting tips.

Shortly after Fredrick landed however, things became... complicated. The blimp lite up in a blinding flash like the Hindenburg and fire rained down from the sky. "Oh God."


Mina had just finished emptying the station of all the injured - carrying the last one out over her shoulders - when it happened. From her angle, she couldn't see the source though she didn't need to. She'd known if would be coming at some point. For her and those near her, the blinding light wasn't as bad as the sound of it all. No explosion with that much material to burn and break was going to sound like anything less than a massive kaboom.

Once the light had faded, she confirmed that everyone near the station was safe and the fire was under control than moved on. She pointed her ice-gun at the ground beneath her feet and fired; using the resulting column to propel herself up onto the nearest safe room. From there, she could see the burning wreckage of the blimp. Mina replaced the cartridge in her gun and began her long trek to the site.

There were fires to fight after all.


"4... 3... 2... 1... Tres Magnifique!" Aldric yelled from his lonely roof top as he opened the bottle of wine to the sound and sight of an exploding blimp. He had to admit; there was nothing quite like the feeling of taking pride in a job well done in a field you loved.

Aldric drank some of the wine while watching the blimp burn before making his way to the fire escape. It was probably best he fade away before some hero got it in their head that the person enjoying the explosion had something to do with it.

Frederick Rolls

"You got it."

"Thanks, I need to get back up soon."

Frederick looked around once more to make sure that no one was around. Then he went back to his normal, completely "human" form, putting his masks away in the front of his suit, in a small bag he tended to keep hidden. No one could see it either way, the suit-jacket did always tend to be a little too big for him. Besides, he wasn't going to need the masks, and he felt no need to carry them around.

Okay, now to get back up in time...

However, as he was about to leave his body behind, an explosion was heard. It was followed by fiery rain and debris, and the sound of panicked citizens.

"Oh God."

"Damn---" the sentence was barely started, as something hit him from behind, suddenly. He felt his body fall forwards, but that wasn't what made his body feel wrong, not at all. Because his heart had stopped. His weak, damaged heart. His lifeless body fell to the ground, but Frederick did not, instead he was in the specter-form, his soul seemingly forced out of his body. His... dead body. He barely noted the irony of the thing having killed him being a piece of one of the blimp's gas-bags, because he was dead. Done.

But I'm not gone.

Nothing had changed, really, he wasn't disappearing, he hadn't really felt himself dying, simply his heart stopping when he was inside the body. It made no difference to him.

Because I was dead this whole time.

He really was a ghost. For three years, had his body simply been a possessed meat puppet?

"T-theodore," he started, bewildered. "I'm dead, my heart stopped. I've been dead... these 3 years."

Then, other emotions came to the surface, as Frederick realized the real meaning of him being dead.



"Ow! You better be!" Tess said, clutching at her ankle, it didn't feel broken but it sure hurt like hell and she wasn't going to be walking on it anytime soon. Another powered hero approached her, apparently working from behind some strange shield.

"Did that hurt? Do you want me to heal you? Everything will be safe inside here."

"The fuck do you think?" she said angrily, though mostly it was a mixture of pain and fear speaking, "yes it hurt."

She limped her way behind the man's shield, clenching her teeth to try and control the pain. Gradually the sensation faded as the hero went to work. Wait haven't I seen him before? Shit I saved him once before didn't I? Well I guess he doesn't owe me if I can walk normally after this. She considered saying more when the blimp exploded behind her, she'd known it was coming but the sudden noise and light still shocked her.

Damn, and I was almost on that. Well let's hope that psycho didn't get off beforehand.



The explosion had barely just happened and already Tom was racing towards where the blimp was falling. If any debris fell off of it that could be bad, certainly bad for him given that it would be flaming debris, but other people came first. Besides some of the heroes might have been on that thing, the villain certainly seemed to have been. Why were there bombs? Did he plan to drop them on the city?

He shook his head, it wasn't important compared to saving anyone he could.


The Crick heard a set of leg servos blow out as he tried to stand up and inspect the burning debris around him. He was in a park, a few miles away from the explosions. The Crick looked around watching as fire filled the sky, swirled around, and debris was shooting across the city.

Farther than it should have.

The crazy bastard had given the explosion an extra "push." The Crick figured that's how he'd gotten here. He noted the white, pillow-y deflated padding puffing out of his suit.

"Well at least I know the emergency impact sensors work-" He faltered as the pain finally caught up to him. Broken ribs with a mix of mangled metal in his side. His suit's body armor had slowed it down, but it still managed to get through and do some surface damage. He needed a hospital. The Crick had been beaten pretty bad before, taken a few cuts and sprains, but he'd always been able to bounce back. This however? This was a job for a hospital. Hospitals are good...Hospitals are...hos...hosspittleskdsjdkdjn...The Crick's body finally gave up on him. The remaining subsystems on his suits activated, opening the mouth plate on his helmet, revealing his mouth and nose for air circulation. It then dialed 911. This left the Crick to dream. To remember.

He had heard...something. Something about the bombs wasn't right. It was timing down, it had time left, but it's triggering mechanisms were going to go off way before that timer hit zero. He'd heard it, even if he hadn't been trying. He'd made a last ditch effort to save Psyclone, to tackle him out of the blimp but Psyclone had seen him coming and sent him flying out of the blimp.

And then the explosion hit.

The Crick had bbeen flung half-way across city.

Fire rained down on parts of the city

And Psyclone dead body was burning somewhere in this city.


"The human brain wants you to live. A brain like mine, like everyone like me, wants to fuckin' survive. And their definition of survival is fuckin' scary if you're on the wrong end of it."

Psyclone remembered saying this to...someone. Fred? Flintstone? No, no...Rolls. Frederick Rolls. He let out a raspy chuckle.

"Heads will roll..."

He finally looked around. He was in a crater, with his suit completely burned black with melting, streaking yellow patches. He could feel it. It burned, but the pain? The pain itself was sweet. A victory almost. He'd gone out with a bang but was still kicking. And he was ready to kick more ass, ready for round 2 against The Specter, Coil and...

"'s not right."

He finally took off his gas mask and stared at it. He smashed in the visor, dropped it, and began walking away. He'd been betrayed, he'd been beaten, burned but ultimately he was happier. He'd been given a chance. A chance to truly re-invent himself. A chance to find himself again.

He'd been give a light in the darkness.

And it burned bright.

Frederick Rolls

Frederick looked at his body. Then he covered his eyes with his hands, though it didn't help much when he could see through them. "Do you know what this means?" he asked Theodore, although he wasn't exactly looking for an answer. floating over his body, he barely touched it, normally it breathed, as if he was sleeping. This time it was completely still. His voice was cold, but he felt so many different feelings, he simply could not let one surface yet.

"They killed me. Those crazy cultist freaks, back then... they killed me! And then I thought was going to be fine, I spent a month watching my family wait for me to wake up, I fought my way back into my body! But I was already dead, it was all for naught. It was all... all for nothing. I've been posing, Theodore, posing as a living human. Pretending to be something I wasn't, pretending to believe in a world where there is justice, when what happened to me was everything but just!" His voice shook, despair, sadness, confusion, but most of all, anger and contempt rose.

"And because of what they did, I couldn't even pass on. Whatever thosebastards did to me, it's keeping me here! A mere shadow of my true self, an after-taste of who I was! And to think, all this time I've worn these masks," as he mentioned the masks, they rose from underneath the body, as he had fallen on his face. While they were shattered in places, they gathered around his face, leaving only some broken off bits. It was a more worn, ominous look, and the masks were switching places constantly, rather than keeping still, the speed of them doing so rising with the intensity of his voice.

"I've been wearing these masks, pretending to be a ghost, worrying that my heart might give in if I overdid it! But who gives a flying fuck about my heart if I've been dead all this time?!"

Frederick... no, the Specter, rose from above the body. Lifting the piece of gas-bag from his lifeless corpse using telekinesis, the Specter threw it, as far as he could, towards the blimp again. Pieces of debris and small sparks were lifted thrown at the same time, without his intention being that, and it was clear that a significant amount of force was used. Then he turned his body back up, so that his face was facing the sky.

"I am no longer a person," the Specter finally said. "I am no longer an individual of the material world, no longer Frederick. The law can't reach me where I am, and thus, I cast it aside, along with my humanity. Farewell, Theodore."

With that, he disappeared, and thus, Frederick Rolls was no more, only his specter remained.



Tim Merridy

"Woah," Tim said, surprised, as he saw the blimp explode. He had kept his eyes on the news due to the worry, and part of him wanted to know what was happening. He didn't want to admit it, but it looked exciting, exciting and dangerous. Leaning on the couch, he sighed.

I wonder if the goo armor can support my body.

"... Well, it's worth a try." He got up, or rather, limped up, and almost ran out the door, forgetting to turn off the TV, or putting on a jacket, or... well, anything, really. It should be simple enough to find a place where he could put the goo armor on, not like the people were paying attention to anything else.

I wonder if I should look for George or Tom first.

Logically, it would be easier to find Tom.


Sirius Hamilton

The heroine in white looked rather annoyed over his question, and Sirius flinched as she spoke.

She's pretty... but she's also fairly angry. I wonder if I offended her.

"The fuck do you think? Yes it hurt."

"I-I'm sorry," he replied, and frowned, making his way over to her. The civilians there were done being healed, and he could sense that the worry and guilt of the specter were slowly getting replaced by determination. He would have to hurry if he wanted to help her with her foot. Allowing her inside his little safe zone, she quickly felt better. The aching of her foot had stopped by the time the sky lit up. Sirius could feel the worry get a little stronger again. However, suddenly it completely changed, so quickly that it startled him.

W-what was that?

As surprised as he was, Coil was probably more so, seeing as he had been unable to keep himself from giving her a slight zap. Nothing much, but enough for her to feel it.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to, my powers suddenly switched---" his eyes, now yellow, were wider, and an expression of shock and surprise was on his face. He looked back at Coil, still frowning. "Let me make sure you didn't..." he trailed off, as he felt a torment of emotions arise. Whatever the Specter was going through, it was bad news, lots of emotions surfacing, sadness, sorrow, anger, a lot of anger. Despair, with an intensity that made Sirius shut down the connection without hesitation. Gathering himself, and making sure it was entirely shut, he looked back at Coil, expression blank.

"I had to shut down the connection... so I can't use the healing anymore. Or the shock. I hope I helped you a little, at least. What's your name? Apart from Coil, I mean." He tilted his head, waiting for a reply of sorts, before remembering he hadn't introduced himself. "My name is Sirius, by the way. If you're angry with me, I understand that."

Karen & Rias

Karen just lay there, dazed and at a loss for where she was, and in a considerable amount of pain. As the world came back into focus she realized she was in an office building, and from the look of it, the blast threw her though two floors above before coming to a stop where she currently lay. She made an attempt to get up but her everything protested that idea so she resumed laying there and waited for aid to arrive. Aid came in an unlikely for though. Rias came down the holes she'd made, riding some kind glowing red crystal lift. least that's what it looked liked from Karen's perspective.

Rias, for her part, had been urged by a few people to go check on who or what ever fell in the office building. what she found was Karen, laying there, her armor cracked, broken, or just missing in some spots, and bleeding from a few shrapnel wounds, curiously, Karen's blood was silver, not red. First thing Rias did once she was down by Karen was put out the small fires around them by drawing energy from them to make bubbles around said fires to just choke them out. Rias then made a life of sorts under Karen and very carefully lifted her up, though Karen's injury's still disliked the motion and she gasped a little in response. from there Rias guided the lift, which was basically a big floating mostly enclosed bed/pod thing, over to the window as she cut a roughly 90% of the window away and tossed it aside like rubble.

Luckily, they where only three floors up, so Rias simple formed her wings and floated down next to the pod and guided it over to the cafe where she was informed that aid had been called for but with the chaos out there right now they didn't know when some one would show up.


Fredrick was clearly having something of a nervous breakdown but, to be completely honest, Theodore was more worried about his body than his soul at the moment. While Fredrick began his wonderful speech about being dead, Theodore was pulling the body from the the fabric of the blimp. Once he was there, Theodore used the knowledge of First Aid he's taken during his battle with Psyclone to jumpstart his friend's heart.

While he did this, Theodore spoke to Fredrick. "Fredrick; I don't even know where to start with you being dead. First off, remember how you were in a hospital after you were stabbed? They had you hooked up to a heart monitor that was beeping. They obviously didn't kill you then. Second, If your body HAD been dead for 3 years and you were using it as a meat puppet, don't you think we'd have noticed the smell at some point? Thirdly, perhaps you should consider the possibility that you only "died" just now and that your friend can bring you back. Finally; even if everything you said were true, you got to die and continuing living. I'm pretty sure most philosophers would say that the biological part of living is less important than the "experience" part of living, which we both know you've had for the last 3 years at least."

All the while, he performed CPR on his friend's body. Eventually, Theodore got a pulse again and Fredrick's body began to breath again. "See, what did I tell you? ... Fredrick... FREDRICK.... Damn it!"

Dr. Schwertner

The warehouses power box was terribly worn. The maximum output could only be guessed. But given the building it was meant to supply electricity to, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume a great deal of power was just waiting to be tapped into. And soon, Vinzenz would achieve this with the rudimentary cable fashion from what pieces of wiring were still usable. He received no small amount of pinpricks from the frayed wires and his palms were becoming raw from all the twisting and threading. Thankfully, for his hands especially, he finished before long. The cable was already running into the generator, it just needed to be plugged into the power source. The doctor was a little wary of this step, as the prongs were nothing more than separated knots of wiring with flattened bits of metal on the ends. He had only scraps of rubber which would have the same effectiveness as a small towel would against a hot pan from an oven. He supposed as long as he didn't touch the wire directly, he shouldn't be electrocuted.

Vinzenz took a deep breath to calm his nerves. There was little room for error. He picked up his rubber 'mitts' and gently grasped the cable. He could feel the sweat starting to bead on his palms as he drew the plug nearer the power outlet. Carefully, he cautioned silently. Very carefully. The doctor's grip tensed more firmly as the prongs and port neared. He fought against every nerved that wanted to shake. It was the steadiness of experience that guided the cable. He now realized this and relief washed over him. He was no stranger to the necessity for precision. It was child's play, he thought to himself. Nothing would unstay his hands, at least not anything short of a--


Across the bay, the large blimp downtown had turned into a ball of fire and shrapnel in the sky. The thunderous roar of the sudden burst reached Vinzenz no sooner than his plug had made contact with the power outlet. The man jumped with a start, and his grasp of the cable had faltered. In a moment of impulsive desperation to keep hold, he shut his fist tightly. But the sweat on his palms loosened the scrap of rubber he held. Gone was the only thing keeping his hand from the exposed wire, and it was over the twisted copper his fingers had closed. There was a brief moment of recognition before he actually made contact. By then it was already too late. Power surged throughout his body and the tension threw him across the warehouse floor. The stream of power that fed the generator had skipped, nearly activating the automated breaker, but resumed without further interruption. The plug was firmly in its port. The generator hummed as it charged. The bay grew quiet once more. And the doctor was out cold...


The guy began to heal her, slowly but surely she felt the pain leave her leg. Guess I will be walking home after all, she thought as she experimentally stretched the muscle, only to suddenly receive a shock from the healer.

"Ow!" she said, more out of surprise than pain.

"I had to shut down the connection... so I can't use the healing anymore. Or the shock. I hope I helped you a little, at least. What's your name? Apart from Coil, I mean. My name is Sirius, by the way. If you're angry with me, I understand that."

"Um ok," she said, not exactly sure what he mean by 'connection' "yeah I think I'll be able to walk on this."

She still felt grouchy from the injuries, but he'd helped her and clearly hadn't meant to shock her, so she tried to keep herself from getting too annoyed at the shock or his request. What kind of idiot just asks a hero for their secret identity?

"I can't tell you my name," she said "masked vigilante and all that, telling people my name defeats the purpose of that. I'm not angry, just annoyed by how things have been going."

She sighed and got to her feet, her leg still pained her slightly to stand on it but she though she could make it home regardless.

"Sirius huh?" she said "why do you want to know my name anyways?"

Sirius Hamilton

"I can't tell you my name. Masked vigilante and all that, telling people my name defeats the purpose of that. I'm not angry, just annoyed by how things have been going."

Sirius smiled, awkwardly. "Right, that's a thing too, forgot. Sorry," he scratched the back of his head, though, even though his body language was somewhat relaxed, his eyes were still empty. Or perhaps it was simply a form of very deep? Regardless, it would definitely strike someone as rather odd.

"Sirius huh? Why do you want to know my name anyways?"

"Because it might help me get to know you. Besides, I like talking to people," Sirius replied. "Why, is it weird? I suppose I am rather weird. Not really having any emotions does that." Another moment of silence, before he admitted the second part.

"You're rather pretty too, if you don't mind me saying. I'm not asking for your name because of--" he checked his clock, realizing that he had to finish getting prepared for the meeting with the man from earlier. From the looks of it, he'd have to shower another time to get blood from one of the people he had healed off his chest. Not reacting much -apart from raising his eyebrow- he got up, examining Coil, and smiling, slightly. Regardless of that his hair was a bit of a mess, and the earlier mentioned blood on his clothes, he still looked rather handsome.

"It seems I should be going, I'll probably see you around." With that, he left, not sure just what Coil was thinking about him now.


As the city itself slowly sorted out the disaster that had happened, the day passed and it became evening. While it would take time to rebuild what Psyclone had destroyed, it was not an unusual occurrence in the city for something to get destroyed, and there were ways to fix it in less time. In the meanwhile our heroes and villains, those involved with the incident and those not, continued their lives, as the sky grew darker.



He was going through the folders in his own home, though it was difficult to do without causing everything to scatter and become lost to him. It was frustrating, to be sure, but he needed that one little piece of information.

Where was it... who was it?

The Specter had a goal in mind. It would take a while to find out just what he needed, but for now, laying low was fine with him too. His mind still felt like a mess, the pain of not only having died, but having decided to not use his name anymore. He knew that it would be better to do it like this, but the thought of never seeing his friends or family again made him feel more than a little down. And then there was the anger, anger for having gotten killed, not only once, but twice! By criminals, who didn't care about anyone but themselves, who made an effort to kill as many people as possible.

How incredibly pathetic.

What had Frederick done during his life? Been a fair judge, sure, but was that really justice? Giving those who had taken the chance of justice away from others, fairness, was that truly what he wanted to do?

I no longer care.

He wouldn't care anymore. This was about revenge, it would be just that. And he didn't care who he would have to commit injustice against in order to do it, even if he aimed for those who were involved and no one else. In the end, that was all he could do, be a destructive force of anger, and try to direct it towards those who had earned it.


Tim Merridy

Tim had finally run into Tom, though the latter hadn't been too happy to see him in the Lord Magnificent persona, asking him why he was out of bed. Tim, not being too eager to explain why, hadn't responded, though he had willingly dismissed the goo-armor when they were out of sight, and followed Tom back to the apartment. He had asked the other if he had seen George, and then concluded that if Tom hadn't seen him, George had to be fine. Definitely.

He has to be fine, he was just going to do something... doesn't need to even have been in the same direction.

Regardless, they were both rather quiet when walking to the apartment. Not really a good idea discussing super-hero -and villain- stuff in the middle of the street. When they first got there, he sat down, exhausted with everything aching, and looked to Tom.

"I was only walking around like that because it's easier to move," he explained, not mentioning the fact that he had been a little worried. "I wasn't going to actually kick up a fuss. Besides," he looked to his twin. "I've been spending a while with your friend, George. He came here, looking for you, and then we ended up eating breakfast instead." He grinned, though he was definitely a bit red.

I wonder if I should ask Tom about... well, about that.

Might as well, Tim didn't like feeling timid, and he definitely didn't like acting the part.

"So, about that friend of yours... do you know if he's into guys?" Tim asked, poking at his own bandages, not really looking at Tom. "I mean, it's cool if he's not, but... you know, he's rather cute, don't you think?" While he had no real idea of whether Tom was like him or not, he figured that they were identical twins, if one was into both genders, so was the other, right? He grinned to Tom, looking at him now, more red than before.

"You wouldn't be mad if I went for him in that case, right?"


Sirius Hamilton

Despite his rush, Sirius managed to get back to the hotel in time for the meeting with this Daniel Luxe. Having chosen an entirely new shirt because of the other one being bloody, he was currently wearing a black pair of pants, a dark green shirt, as well as a decent pair of shoes. Over this, he had a dark coat and a grey scarf, matching his eyes. With his hair tended to, he definitely looked more like someone fit to step inside the hotel, and that was what he was hoping, lest Daniel Luxe just decided to leave him outside. As he waited, he looked through the folder he had brought, with some of his paintings. Wouldn't be much use for someone to see his talent if he didn't show what he could do, after all.

I wonder if he'll get here soon, though.

He doubted he had been tricked -it would be silly for Mr. Luxe to give him his actual number if he was just going to leave him standing there-, and Sirius checked his clock again. It still was a couple of minutes till it was the exact time they had promised to meet up.

Daniel Luxe

It was quite some time after the incident downtown that Daniel made his way back to the hotel. Though he had no luck in finding the one thing he came to the city for, it was at the very least an interesting day. Then there was the matter of his current prospects, the young artist he was currently on his way to meet. With any luck he would've cleaned up so they would let him through the doors without fuss, because that would surely curtail the meeting very quickly. Much to the demon's relief, the man had done just that. Daniel walked up to the darkly dressed man, a green shirt being the only color he seemed to possess.

"Ah, Mr. Hamilton, so glad you could come," Daniel said, opening his arms in a welcoming gesture before clasping his hands together in front of himself. "Let's head on in, shall we?" He led Sirius up the stairs of the hotel's entrance where the commissionaire was at the ready. The demon nodded to the man that held the door open, tipped him for his service, the stepped into the grand foyer. The floor was comprised of white, polished marble, with finely woven carpets laid out like walking paths. The walls the same marble with ornate carvings lining the bottom and columns at every corner containing equally elaborate engravings. Bellhops were loading and offloading luggage with impressive alacrity, a row of concierges were handling customers, and traffic flowed to and from the café, lounge, bar, and diner. It seemed every facet of the hotel was lively and in operation as many people with varying perceptions of 'business' were starting or wrapping up the day's work. "Lo and behold, Mr. Hamilton. The Winnfield Tower."

Dr. Schwertner

The sky was growing dark and across the bay, the city was beginning to light up. Meanwhile in the warehouse, shadows loomed throughout. Though intermittently the dark depot was illuminated with arcs of electricity that danced between the exposed wires. At the end of the opposing cables was the generator that resounded with growing intensity, the internals working fervently as it struggled to contain the power flowing into it. The issue was the lack of supervision. If the doctor was conscious, he could have some control over the process. But for the moment, he was still a limp heap on the warehouse floor.

The machine began to shake, panels began to loosen and rattle. The electrical discharges increased in frequency and size. The strobes painted the warehouse in white light. The hum of the device turned into a whine, then a shriek as it neared its breaking point. Suddenly one of the panels exploded upwards as a beam of energy shot up towards the ceiling. It melted a hole through the warehouse roof with its intense heat and continued to project into the darkening sky.

Across the bay, the city's lights flickered briefly then completely went out. The generator was expelling power at an incredible rate, only to pull even more power from the city's grid to counteract it. It was far too efficient in its operation. Soon it became more than underground transformer could handle until it too burst with energy. Though the explosion of the transformer was violent to a greater extent. Further along the wharf, the asphalt broke and smoke began to pour from the opening. With its source of power destroyed, the beam coming from the generator shimmered and finally went out.

In the city, while breaker switches were still flipped, many places' emergency lighting systems were activating. The sky above the wharf was dark again. The warehouse was quiet. The air smelled of ozone. And the doctor was slowly regaining consciousness...


"...Of course Chief O'Connell; my company would be more than willing to provide you the training. We'd never expect your officers to use the equipment without proper training. As for the delivery, the first shipment should be ready on Monday, but we can have the first few off the line delivered by midday tomorrow to begin the training and allow you and the Mayor make the announcement."

Mina kept speaking with the Chief of Police for nearly another hour with the Chief of Fire/Rescue and the Mayor or her aids joining and dropping in from time to time as the meeting continued. Since the Chief of Police was largely involved with the financial side of things, he'd been forced onto the meeting the entire time. Mina didn't mind so much; after all she was making plenty of money out of the deal. The rest were busy exiting and dealing with all the other issues of the horrible day.

"So let me confirm this. You need 10 fully-equipped suits by 4:00 tomorrow plus an additional 590 by the end of the week with another 400 being delivered in lots of 10 to each of the fire departments with further suits to be delivered. 1000 new suits will be delivered annually. Training will be provided as part of the deal. All replacement costs due to defective units will be handled by my company, but those damaged in the field will be repaired or replaced at your expense. Final cost will be 400 Million this year with an additional 50 Million each year for the annual suit replacements. I will also appear for the announcement this afternoon to show my company's involvement. Is this correct?"

It was correct. In her mind, Mina had a wide smile on her face. Everything was going according to plan. All that was left was to trigger Aldric and Coil for the final act and she could sit back and let the game play itself out. "Then on that note, I'll see you all at 4:00 tomorrow. Have a good day Ms. Mayor, Chief O'Connell." From there, she made her way out; she had other things to deal with
She quickly called up her limo and made her way out of the central district. She had a possible-issue, possible-opportunity to investigate. Her driver took her across town to one of the many newly-damaged buildings. What made this one special was the bright flash of light that erupted from it; separate from Aldric's doing. While it was - theoretically - just a warehouse, she didn't like the idea of leaving the one building that had been damaged by someone other than Aldric or Psyclone to chance.

As she arrived, she had her driver/bodyguard remain with the limo. Due to her powers, he was mostly just for show anyway. Inside the broken down warehouse was the remains of a lab. Clearly some sort of science facility that was off-the-books. This concerned her; SHE was supposed to be the only one in this city with secret labs. If there was another superhero of villain in play, she'd need to nip it in the bud one way or another.

After climbing past some debris, she spotted someone on the ground unconscious. "One of the workers? A Super?" She wasn't quite sure, but he was clearly the best opportunity for answers. "Are you okay sir?" she called out, making her way over to the now-awakening body.


"That's no trouble ma'am. Like I said; the insurance companies and the city are covering most of the damage." Aldric said, faking one of the city's accents. He was dressed up as a plumber/electrician of sorts. He had tools and cards and everything. He'd spent most of the morning helping repair buildings across the city and would be for almost an entire week. Still, it was the last week until the project came to it's beautiful conclusion. It only made sense to spend it working toward that end.

The person he was talking to was a nice elderly woman who'd been kind enough to offer him cookies before his work had started and was currently trying to tip him. He'd refused; he didn't need money for the work. HE had however partaken of the cookies. She'd live a nice life; he'd seen to that.

Once he'd taken the last cookie for the road and waved goodbye, he made his way home for the evening. He had A LOT of places on his list for the next day so he needed his sleep.


Theodore was exhausted. He'd spent the rest of the day in a hospital - this time as a visitor. Between Frederick's sister worried to death about her brother, his constant broadcasts of hope out to the scared people of the city, and his research into the mysterious organization buying up video, he'd been busy as hell. He felt like he'd been up for two days with all the work

During the afternoon, he contacted The Crick about The Specter's condition and his worry that he was mentally unbalanced. He hoped The Crick could solve that problem and told the hero that he could possibly talk down the ghost-man if he could speak with him. He also told him about the Trojan video he'd sent out and how he hoped to track it. All-in-all, it was a long, stressful, and busy day.

The hardest thing was to calm Sofia. She'd almost lost her brother once before; to almost lose him again was wearing on her in a way Theodore couldn't help no matter how much he wanted to. As such, he'd stayed with her since she'd arrived, letting her use his shoulder as needed. The reason he found it so difficult wasn't that he didn't know the words to say; it's that he couldn't say them. Frederick had been very clear that his identity was a secret. Theodore would take that secret to his grave; he'd made that pact and there was no force on earth that could make him give it away. He'd even gone to lengths to keep The Crick out of the loop even as the hero was keeping an eye out for the other. Because of all of it, he knew EXACTLY what to tell Sofia, but couldn't say it. It was eating away at him.

It was perhaps because of this that he sent an email to Rias.

Theodore patted Sofia on the head slightly; everything would be fine.


After taking the hero the hospital and leaving her in the care of the medical professionals there, Rias just went home and spent a few hours replying to messages and phone calls asking if she was ok, She even got an E-mail from Loveless, though that was about setting up that dinner for her and her crew more then him checking in on her.

Her reply was simple, she told him she was ok due to the place she worked being far enough away and was out of the way of the shock wave. She told him Wednesday was good and about a little 'mom and pop' place she'd found with the absolute best Italian food she'd ever had that sits just out side the city limits.

After she sent that, she sit down with the meal she'd started cooking a little bit ago and wondered why things where suddenly getting so much worse then usual.


Karen, now home after her trip to the hospital, though still very much 'unfit for duty' simply lay in her bed, the pain in her body largely numbed due to the meds, still she couldn't help but worry about Crick and Coil, mostly Crick though. She also worried about 'what was next', some one gave Pysclone that blimp, they'd have had to since he didn't seem the type to just 'have' something like that on hand. She sighed, which hurt to a minor degree. It was starting to look more and more like she was right and some one WAS trying to elevate some villains to a higher status, and they needed to find this person before something worse happens.


"You're rather pretty too, if you don't mind me saying. I'm not asking for your name because of-- It seems I should be going, I'll probably see you around."

Well that was unusual, she thought to herself. Sirius certainly seemed to be an odd individual, apparently emotionless with strange powers, and not bad looking himself she noted as he left. Interesting guy, I'll probably see him again the way things have been going, maybe next time I won't be in this stupid outfit.

For now she needed to focus on getting home, her leg was still a little sore though she could walk fine. I think I'll be taking the rest of the night, maybe tomorrow too, off of heroing. God it's tiring, why does anyone do this?




"You wouldn't be mad if I went for him in that case, right?"

It had been bad enough to find Tim running around in his goo-suit after everything else that had happened, though at least his brother hadn't been causing any real trouble, and didn't fight him. But now he was asking about stuff like this? It didn't really matter to Tom, it was just rather awkward.

"I don't know what George is into," Tom said "and I'm not into guys, so not really qualified to comment on the cute thing either."

What interest does he have in George? Does he really find him cute or is this some weird scheme or joke?

"Ask him out if you want I guess, just don't cause trouble for him," Tom said "he's not the most confident guy, so I don't think he'd take some of your shenanigans very well."



Not again...

He'd just been leaving the restaurant hadn't he? And now it was evening, the news was talking about a blimp attack on the city, and his stomach felt like he'd eaten something that wasn't sitting well. Maybe I just came back here and went to sleep, yeah that's probably it. How else had he wound up back in his apartment after all?

He sighed, he needed to do something about this. If it was epilepsy or something... that could be bad. Maybe I'll see a doctor soon about this.

Tim Merridy

"I don't know what George is into, and I'm not into guys, so not really qualified to comment on the cute thing either."

Tim raised an eyebrow, surprised. "You're not into guys? You sure? I mean, I'm not exclusively into guys, but..." he trailed off for a moment. "You know, we're identical twins, right? Shouldn't that be like, genetics?" He examined Tom, a bit confused, but also a bit annoyed over how uncomfortable Tom seemed to think it was.

It's not like I'm giving him any details.

"Besides, there's no need to be all awkward about it, if you get to tell me what to do, I get to tell you about my crushes. Both girl and guy crushes, that's what you signed up for when wanting to be the older brother. And he's your friend, so I thought that if anyone knew, it'd be you."

Tim leaned on a pillow, waiting for Tom to continue.

"Ask him out if you want I guess, just don't cause trouble for him. He's not the most confident guy, so I don't think he'd take some of your shenanigans very well."

"I know, he's... well, he's so precious! So quiet, and fragile, and I just want to pick him up and hug him, and make him smile," he said, almost squeeing where he sat. "Do you think he'd be more likely to say yes if I kidnapped him for a while?" Tim continued, the question an honest one. "You know, not like, harming him, but just taking him away for a while, like a true villain?" His expression showed that there was some determination in this, depending on what Tom said, Tim might just try to do something like that.

Sirius Hamilton

"Ah, Mr. Hamilton, so glad you could come. Let's head on in, shall we?"

"Of course, Mr. Luxe," Sirius replied, making sure that he looked respectable enough by using the reflection in a nearby window. Then he followed Daniel inside. If the outside of the building was impressive, then the outside was indescribable. Marble floor and columns, beautiful carpets, and more life than one could imagine from just looking at it. Sirius knew that even if he had taken his sketchbook and pens out, he'd be spending hours just working out the basic details of what he saw.

"Lo and behold, Mr. Hamilton. The Winnfield Tower."

"It's beautiful," Sirius said, as he looked around. He couldn't help but feel that his monotone tone was rather unfit for a place like this, he really did think it was marvellous, but he didn't have the emotions to be excited over it. "It's really, really impressive," he continued, trying to sound more excited, but mostly failing.

I suppose it's best to mention it before he gets insulted or feel like I'm not happy about this.

"I'm sorry if I sound a bit... bored, I sort of lack a lot in the emotional department. But I'm really thankful for being allowed inside, I really am."

The Crick

Terry awoke to a symphony of sound, he could hear the sounds of doctors talking to patients, the beeps and alarms of multiple medical devices, every step, every impact, every little vibration in the room that created noise. And that was only this floor. He could hear the footsteps and voices from above and below his hospital floor. He could even hear the bustling of people outside the hospital, sirens from emergency vehicles, and a jumbo jet that had just taken off.

He fell out of his hospital bed, covering his ears, trying to focus his hearing as a pair of hands held onto him and help him up.

"Hey, I gotcha, relax..." Officer Wilkins said as he helped Terry up, as Terry's finally focused his hearing to a reasonable range. He relaxed as the onslaught of sound subsided and he stared at the old friend. There was some blood on Wilkin's uniform but it wasn't his own. Terry could see that he'd had a long day. But even still, Wilkins had time to check on The Crick.

"Thanks-" Terry stopped as he and grabbed his head frantically, but sighed with relief. His helmet was still on, the upper half of his face was still covered.

"You've had a busy week, son. You're lucky I picked you up, I told them to keep your helmet on and kept anyone a bit too curious out."

"And the rest of my suit?"

"Other side of your bed." He said, pointing to the partial mangled green and yellow exo-skeleten that smelled like charcoal.

"They had some trouble getting your 'boots' off, or springs,'re legs aren't real, are they?"

"My legs are very 'real', don't worry about," Terry said quickly, not wanting to allude to his disability. "But thank you, you're a life saver...literally by the looks of it." Terry said, looking down at bandages along his stomach. His suit had kept him save, but it couldn't stop all the debris from at least nicking him pretty badly. He sat back in the bed and stared at the ceiling.

"Psyclone's dead. He's fucking dead. And I didn't learn anything from him...nothing but a name. Al. Allen? Alfred? Who knows."

"Don't worry about it, in my line of a work a name is always better than having nothing to work with at all. Though, Knowing you kid, you're probably all bent up about not saving him, right? Well all I can say is don't be, he was a menace and at least the department got something out of this."

"Didn't he blow up the police department?"

"Yes, he did indeed do that, but apparently someone somewhere is fed up with the departments inability to handle super-villains. So we're getting a bunch of new equipment. Some high tech suits. Looks like you won't be the only tinman walking around.

"Well...that certainly is interesting," Terry said as he got up, wincing slightly. He motioned for officer Wilkins to stay seated as Terry strapped into what was left of his suit. "I've got some work to do and I hope you can do something with the name 'Al.'"

And with that The Crick was back on the clock.

He spoke to his parents over the phone about the days events. They wanted him home, they wanted him to take a break. He knew he couldn't do that and hung up before they could say otherwise. Something twisted was happening in Neutropolis and he had to speak to Loveless.

Who had apparently left him a message, The Crick thought as he entered the makeshift lair he'd been fixing up in the abandoned subway lines. He was gonna have to bring the other heroes down here at some point, they would love it. But right now, Loveless's message seemed to be about The Specter. As he brought up the message, The Crick entered his "Workshop." He found the back-up suit he'd been developing, a green and black color-scheme as opposed to his traditional green and yellow. As he equipped it, he looked a the shadow in the corner, a series of parts around an incomplete frame.

"I gotta find time to finish you...maybe you could've helped today." The Crick said as the software on his suit finished initializing.

"Now what could possibly be wrong with The Specter?"

The Crick listened to the message.

And was out of the old subway line, jumping across rooftops in minutes, frantically looking for the lost soul.

He began calling Loveless.

Dr. Schwertner

The doctor groaned as his senses were slowly coming back to him. The room felt like it was spinning, so he decided to limit his actions to lying on the floor for as long as he needed. His muscles were screaming at him, he'd never felt so sore. Though he supposed that's what happens when an incredible amount of electricity courses through one's body and sends them flying across a warehouse. Something had gone wrong while he was unconscious, he was sure of it. The warehouse was silent which meant the generator certainly wasn't running. He doubted his touch alone shorted the electrical systems. More likely it overloaded. It was unstable. Not ready for proper charging. I was moving too fast, Vinzenz thought. I was overeager, blinded, foolish, stu-

"Are you okay sir?"

A voice. Not the one that sometimes came from the deeper recesses of his mind, but a very present voice. This voice had a body. A woman's, certainly. As to what business she had being there, Vinzenz could only guess. Regardless of that, if he didn't want authorities to be alerted of a catatonic man in an abandoned warehouse that held a device that just recently exploded, which he most certainly didn't, he figured it was about time to show some signs that he was actually conscious. "Vat...ugh..." Vinzenz began weakly as he sat up, taking an agonizing effort to do so. "Vat are you do...who are you? Vy are you here?"

Daniel Luxe

"I'm sorry if I sound a bit... bored, I sort of lack a lot in the emotional department. But I'm really thankful for being allowed inside, I really am."

"There's nothing to apologize for," Daniel said comfortingly. He turned towards Sirius and looked him over, noting the same blankness from the first time he saw the man. "I suspected as much. You'd be surprised just how many people there are like yourself. Besides, it's certainly not my place to judge. And no need for thanks, not just yet. There's still more to see, and plenty to discuss. But first things I to understand that you understand why I've taken it upon myself to invite you here this evening?"


Theodore was just adding Rias to his calendar when his phone began to vibrate. The image of his calendar was replaced with a "restricted number" logo. All things said and done, he had a few guesses as to who it was. Looking to his side, he could see Sofia resting. "Theodore speaking." he said quietly, holding the phone to his ear.


"Vat are you do...who are you? Vy are you here?" The man said.

German accent? Mina thought, a little surprised. For a moment, she wondered what Aldric would say. "Mina Fukao. I noticed the explosion earlier and that it wasn't caused by the blimp. With emergency services overloaded, I thought I'd check to make sure everyone was okay." she said as she got closer. Once close enough, she offered the man a hand up.

The Crick

"Theodore speaking."

"Loveless, I'm gonna start by being honest here. I have no idea how to help The Specter. I'll do what I can, but if he really thinks he's dead and that he IS a specter...look, beam any info about his body's condition into my head. All of it. I need to know and more importantly if I can get him to think rationally, he'll want to know too."

The Crick stopped and listened. He focused, sweeping his hearing across the city, through the air. Something felt different about his power. He didn't have time to think about it, The Specter was in danger.

Or maybe an untouchable telepathic man filled with rage and dread over the fact he was dead thought was a danger to the city..

The Crick shook away the thought. No. He's not Psyclone. He needs help.

?"But first I need your help. Where Specter could be right now? You seem to know him a lot more than I do apparently. I'll try his communicator but I have a feeling he won't answer."

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