The Super Hero RP Deluxe! (Closed, Started)

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Slender Girl

"I'll repay you for that one, rest assured! However, for now, I'll let you people have the peace you want, consider it a... favor."

"Hehehehe... AS IF YOU COULD LEAVE THAT EASILY!" Slender Girl was about to interrupt the blob knight from taking his leave when...

"Beat feet or paint the street! I'm a-comin' through!!"

Damnit! Slender Girl had to dodge the music-blaring bike heralding thebank robber's sudden arrival, and couldn't even fight him instead as Goo Guy and the complainer intercepted and challenged him. Staring blankly for a moment, Slender Girl got back into character.

"Since it seems you two have this renegade under control, I shall demonstrate to our foolish knight the error in thinking he can just walk away after one hit... hehehehe HAHAHAHA!" Licking a claw, Slender Girl bounded up the buildings and departed the Goo Guy - Hormonal Singer - Biker fight, and looked around for her quarry while moving on rooftops.

"Oh Lord Magnificent, where are you? We have a fight to finish! HAHAHA...ha. Well hm," she caught herself, now likely far enough from the original crowd that she was starting to calm down a bit. I'm no tracker, and I have no idea what the knight looks like under the armor. Seeing as no large voids are leaping about... She paused, seeing a flying pair of humans and a reporter, but no inky ooze monsters. "I guess we'll finish another time, then..."

Typical. Why do so many finish just as I'm starting to have fun?

Witch Girl

Seeing no one even question her intentions - god heroes were dumb - Mina slowly rose into the air above the building line. "I'm gonna go drop this ne'er-do-well off at jail; oh, and if I see you again can I get your autographs? I'm a huge fan. Toodles!"

Not waiting for a reply, she launched off in the direction of the nearest maximum security prison. She went far enough that the heroes were well out of sight before changing course, flying another mile or so and setting carefully down on a building top. "So that was fun." she said, dropping the act though remaining in witch-form. "Sorry for the rough flight; that was the easiest way I could come up with to get you away from those naive little heroes.

"Mina has a message for you; she says to show up at 219 West Franklin street at 2 o'clock tomorrow and preferably NOT dressed as a super-villain. Your payment will be waiting there along with some... supplies." she said in a disgustingly sweet voice. "Now, unless you have any questions, I'm gonna need you to beat me up a bit and make it look like you escaped. No sense letting the hero disguise go."

Dr. Loveless

As the little girl flew off, Theodore ran out after them. "WAIT! MY QUOTE!" he screamed out but it was too late. As hey disappeared into the distance he let out a long sigh. "So much for the voice of the thief." he said defeatedly. However, before he could dwell on it for any significant amount of time, a voice rang out from somewhere above. "Oh Lord Magnificent, where are you? We have a fight to finish! HAHAHA...ha. Well hm,"

Glancing around, Theodore eventually spotted a lone figure on top of a building. It was hard to make out but "she" was dressed in black and white and looked decidedly thin and lanky. Recognizing the sign, Theodore squeed. "SLENDER GIRL!" he screamed, waving at the figure. Here he was, standing in the street surrounded by three of the biggest heroes in the city. It was the kind of thing that made any reporter feel ecstasy. "Can I get a quote! Who is this Lord Magnificent! Why are you looking for him or her? Inquiring minds like mine need to know!"

Sometimes, the world was great.

Frederick Rolls

"Well that was an ordeal...could've really used the back-up near the end, but hey, not too bad all things considered."

Frederick just shrugged. "I had to make sure the rope didn't cut my arm off," he replied. "At least I saw the effects of it, some sort of control over the objects is rather likely. I doubt she had a partner, though, not here." He still wasn't too sure of what he had seen in the bank, the other woman had seemed far too calm. However, with no proof, nor even knowledge of what the proof would be, he couldn't do anything about it. The girl on the scythe spoke again, having grabbed the suspect.

"I'm gonna go drop this ne'er-do-well off at jail; oh, and if I see you again can I get your autographs? I'm a huge fan. Toodles!"

Frederick looked at the little girl, he hadn't seen her before, so he assumed she was new to this whole thing. "Be careful," he replied, though, she might not even have heard that. However, he decided to let her go, combat wasn't really his thing. Frederick was more likely to nudge the police in the right direction, make proof that had been well hidden appear in plain sight, and scare the bad guys into confessing.

I still lost to a little girl.

Perhaps the Crick was correct, he certainly could have left his body somewhere before this.

Hopefully she can do her job, though.

Theodore seemed dejected at not getting his quote, Frederick had implied he would get it, but he'd meant later. As he got closer to say that, Dr. Loveless yelled out instead, far too eagerly for a man his age.


Frederick looked up to the figure, it really was her. If he wanted, this would be the time to take her aside and ask her about the incident at the mall. However, the Specter just stayed where he was, he needed to get going now, and wanted to make sure nothing else was needed of him.

"Can I get a quote! Who is this Lord Magnificent! Why are you looking for him or her? Inquiring minds like mine need to know!"

"And now you're just oozing professionalism," Frederick remarked, sarcastically, though, between chuckles. He looked back at the Crick. "I'll be leaving now, I'm way behind on something." With that, he made himself invisible, and went to get his body.
Tim Merridy


Tim didn't turn back, though it was tempting. However, the wound hurt a bit, and it was bleeding quite a lot. Besides, he still had to seem cool, which, in this case, meant that the racket behind him had to be ignored, the creepy heroine included.

Shame. That other villain might be a good ally, someone to do evil together with.

He was sure that they'd run into each other again at some point, all of them. Sir blob seemed to have quite a presence, maybe because of their powers being similar. The girl was the most fun of them, though he was also curious about what Rias would have done, had she been given the chance. All in all, it had been an eventful and rather awesome night.

I look forward to doing that again.

When he had run out of sight and into another alley, he stepped out of the goo-suit. His shirt was bloodied from the blood running from the side of his face, but he was close to his hotel, so he decided to just go inside. When he was there, they started fussing, insisting on bringing him a towel and some bandages, wondering where he'd get the cut. Tim didn't reply, just said he needed to lie down, and he did, after changing into a different t-shirt. The blood on the other one crept him out, after all, he'd never quite liked seeing his own blood.

Slender Girl

Recognizing the sign, Theodore squeed. "SLENDER GIRL!" he screamed, waving at the figure. Here he was, standing in the street surrounded by three of the biggest heroes in the city. It was the kind of thing that made any reporter feel ecstasy. "Can I get a quote! Who is this Lord Magnificent! Why are you looking for him or her? Inquiring minds like mine need to know!"

Oh, what now? Slender Girl thought, distracted from her musings by some girl screaming in joy. Looking down, she saw some guy waving at her and asking a bunch of questions -- it was almost like he was pleased to see her, like a fan of some sort. Definitely wasn't in any trouble but...

"Uh, hi." Slender Girl began to descend the building without looking away from the strange man. Maybe he saw where Lord Minimus went... she grinned at the thought of popping up out of nowhere and freaking out the wannabe before fighting again.

"Some pretender villain picked a fight and ran away after taking a hit. You seen him anywhere?"

Dr. Loveless

"Some pretender villain picked a fight and ran away after taking a hit. You seen him anywhere?"

Dr. Loveless shook his head no. "I can't say that I have... but maybe my audience does!" he said with a smile. Pulling out a mirror, he looked into it and began broadcasting again. "Ladies and Gentlemen; This is Dr. Loveless here with the one and only Slender Girl. She's hunting a dangerous fugitive named "Lord Magnificent". Slender Girl will describe him and, if you've seen him in the last few minutes, send us a tweet with the hashtag "Lord Magnificent" and maybe we can bring this villain down together."

From there, he turned to Slender Girl and said "Whenever you're ready."

"Take your infantile dick waving some where else"

"Jeez, lady. Take it down a notch, will ya?" Jack uttered, taken completely by surprise from the woman's sudden outburst. His gaze narrowed as he eyed her up and down, trying to gauge her threat level. It was clear she could some serious harm if she wanted, but at this time of night when he was most strong he didn't see her as too intimidating. The real issue was the fact that he was outnumbered right now, and as disconcerting as this was for him, he certainly wasn't going to let them know it. With a smile in his eyes, he spread his arms open in a welcoming gesture. "But if you're so eager to cut in, then let's boogie woogie--get this street a-rockin'."

"Jeez, lady. Take it down a notch, will ya? But if you're so eager to cut in, then let's boogie woogie--get this street a-rockin'."

Rias just smirked, snickered a second "Down a notch eh? Ok, I can do down" she said as an M1 Abrams tank started to form under her, rising up out of the street, and lifting her till she was standing a top it when it was completed. the main gun swung around and took aim at the thief "Sorry, I'm more into 'heavy metal' then rock" she snarked from a top the turret. She hope this would be enough to get him to leave, impressive as the tank was, it was a faint, it couldn't fire even if she wanted it to, but then this thief had no way of knowing she can't make working fire arms with her powers.

"Now, unless you have any questions, I'm gonna need you to beat me up a bit and make it look like you escaped. No sense letting the hero disguise go."

"Got it, I can do dress up," Tess replied, she got a feeling the little girl was older than she seemed, kids couldn't be selfish little bastards but they weren't this ruthless. Still she wasn't sure what the plan was, but if it involved her being incognito in some sense then she was sure she could handle it.

"Now this is going to sting a bit," she warned, winding up and punching the girl in the face, aiming more to give her a black eye or maybe a bloody nose rather than do much damage, then followed with a blow to the stomach intended to knock the wind out of her. A sucker punch and a gut blow seemed plausible enough attacks to allow her to get away after all, and she didn't want to hit someone who looked like a kid too hard, especially not someone who was on her side for the moment.

"Catch you around kid," she said, turning and darting away, getting some distance before quickly changing into her civilian clothes, emptying the briefcase into her bag, and walking away. Got way too complicated, but I still came out ahead, lets hope the next few nights are a bit simpler, she thought to herself, though part of her hoped the opposite would be true.



"But if you're so eager to cut in, then let's boogie woogie--get this street a-rockin'."

Tom groaned inwardly, Rias had decided to involve herself in the fight and while he had to admit it was impressive how she summoned a tank under herself he remembered how exhausted she had been from the show. I'm the hero here, I should be the one fighting this guy. Can't let anyone else get hurt.

"Don't turn your back on JUSTICE!" Tom declared, dropping the safe at his feet and forming into a more humanoid (albeit giant) form and smacking his gooey fists together menacingly "This is your last chance to go quietly villain, or else I'll have to beat some tar into you; and also out of you!"


"Sorry, I'm more into 'heavy metal' then rock"

The masked menace looked from the goo guy to girl on the tank, a little surprised by the display. As fun as it may have been, he wasn't stupid enough to try take them both on. He relaxed himself and let his arms rest at his sides. "Well, nobody's perfect. And for someone who don't like dick wavin' ya sure are quick to whip out the big guns."

"Don't turn your back on JUSTICE! This is your last chance to go quietly villain, or else I'll have to beat some tar into you; and also out of you!"

"Yeah, yeah. I get the picture, Captain Crud-pile," Jack said, straddling the black bike that quickly appeared in the empty air. He turned it away from the pair of killjoys, shooting a glance and snapping a two-finger salute back before riding off. "You're safe this time. And your safe this time."

Rias waited till the thief was out of sight before dissolving the tank, though by the time her feet where on the ground again, she once again looked tired again, though not as bad as last time, she also looked relieved he'd left, and she was. Rias hadn't hurt any one with her powers before and she really wanted to keep it that way if she had any say in the matter.

Slender Girl

"Ladies and Gentlemen; This is Dr. Loveless here with the one and only Slender Girl. She's hunting a dangerous fugitive named "Lord Magnificent". Slender Girl will describe him and, if you've seen him in the last few minutes, send us a tweet with the hashtag "Lord Magnificent" and maybe we can bring this villain down together."

From there, he turned to Slender Girl and said "Whenever you're ready."

Slender Girl looked confused for a moment before idly remembering with whom she was speaking -- the auto-recording reporter guy. Beginning her speech, she looked directly into the 'lens', hiding none of her vexation or disgust (inflating it, in fact) toward the subject in question.

"Lord Magnificent," she began, almost as if testing the name. "Such an extolling pseudonym for such a lackluster foe. Such a prominent title should signify that a combatant shan't flee from a mere scratch." Here, Slender Girl paused to indicate her claws in a semi-intimidating 'flash' of temporary growth. "Ultimately, a harmless malefactor hardly deserving of the title 'villain', let alone 'lord."

Okay, so Slender Girl didn't think all that poorly of him, but how else was she supposed to speak of a fleeing coward? Especially since she wanted his true measure, and could attempt to obtain a rematch.

"In any case," Slender Girl resumed after a moment, attempting to humor the reporter by being serious for a moment, "the man in question -- if man he be -- takes the form of a black knight, attempting to shift a black ooze into spiky armored form. The one you call 'Sir Awesome' is similar, but as he attempted to interrupt, I daresay they are separate entities."

Pausing for a moment, she turned her attention from the 'lens' back to the reporter himself. "Is that satisfactory?"

Dr. Loveless

"Is that satisfactory?" Slender Girl asked after giving an... odd description of the villain. Still, Theodore wasn't one to question a hero on their means and, truth told, he was all for the public mocking of villains (assuming it didn't get any innocent's hurt). "That's WAY more than satisfactory!" he said with a smile as he reached into his pocket. "Now, let's see what the twitterverse has to say" he said, pulling out a cellphone.

A few button pushes later and the feed was up. It wasn't long before pictures started flowing in of the villain as he'd made his escape, though all were time stamped to suggest no one had seen him in several minutes. "Well that's no good." he said frowning. "Looks like he's disguised himself. At least we what he looks like though." he offered with some consolingly. "If there's anyway I can help, please let me-" he started to say to both Slender Girl and The Crick when a new picture appeared in his feed. "Uh... Crick; you may want to see this." he said, handing the superhero the phone

Witch Girl

After the beating, Mina waited a few minutes before making a move. First, she broke a rooftop air conditioning unit such that it would appear the thief used it as a weapon. From there, she dropped down from the roof with not-insignificant force (catching herself with the scythe before she TRULY harmed herself) and started limping her way down the nearest street. It wouldn't be long before someone noticed a hurt superhero and put out word of the injury. Police and heroes and press would sure to come flocking.

Of course, she planned to be long gone before that mattered. As soon as she was sure word had gotten out (mostly known to her from people taking pictures with cellphones) she used the scythe to take off and fly - rather slowly; the thief had done a good deal of damage - in a safe direction.

All according to plan.

Terry couldn't believe how this night was going. First he nearly get's his ass crushed thanks to Domino and whatever it is she can do. The Specter didn't seem to think she had a partner or that she was some run of the mill "strong arm" as Terry liked to call most superhumans with super strength and endurance. Some new gooey-knighted super-villain had popped up apparently with powers shockingly similar to those of Sir Awesome, an active hero he'd notice don occasion. He wasn't even gonna bother even trying to figure out how the hell that worked. All he really knew was that he'd popped in to assist Slender Girl...or upstage her, if internet comments were anything to go by.

And despite all that, plus a few dead motors, Terry was still following Loveless around and ready to handle anything the rest of the night entailed. He stood at a distance, watching Slender Girl give her account to Loveless. This "Lord-Magnificent" seemed like a lot of talk...but if there was anything he'd learned tonight, people who talk a lot in Neutrocity have a better chance of having a bigger bite. Terry made his way over, noting Loveless's attempts to keep up with the villain.

""Well that's no good." Loveless said frowning. "Looks like he's disguised himself. At least we what he looks like though. If there's anyway I can help, please let me-" he started to say to both Slender Girl and The Crick but stopped short.

"Uh... Crick; you may want to see this." Loveless said, handing him the phone.

Terry stared at the picture, a slight groan coming from his helmet. He didn't like seeing little kids hurt, he really didn't. So seeing a child beaten and bruised for trying to do the right thing and be a hero truly vexed The Crick. Domino had escaped their grasp, nearly crushed Terry, and beaten a kid.

"Loveless, any idea where this photo was taken?" The Crick said, The slight edge in Terry's voice due to his helmet extremely visible.

Dr. Loveless

"Loveless, any idea where this photo was taken?" The Crick asked, to which Loveless shook his head. "I can ask though." he said, typing away at the phone. A few minutes later, a response came. Reading it quickly, Theodore relayed the info to The Crick. "She was seen on North Jefferson, but apparently she took off on that scythe of hers shortly there after and disappeared." Theodore said sorrowfully "Sorry I can't be of more help." he added, unsure of what else to say. There really wasn't anything else to add.

What a terrible end.

Slender Girl

With both the Crick's and her own respective quarries untraceable for the time being, Slender Girl saw no reason to remain for now.

"So then," Slender Girl started, after giving Loveless a moment with his thoughts. "It would appear this has concluded. I shall allow you to return to your affairs." Slender Girl began returning up the building in her unnatural way, eyes never leaving Loveless form under her shades. Her grin turned vicious as she left her parting remark.

"Fare thee well, humans. Things shall prove... interesting, for some time." Slender Girl's grin intensified, and then she moved to vanish from Loveless and the Crick's sights upon the rooftop.

After giving the two enough time to depart, Slender Girl headed to finish her patrol before turning in for the night -- usual protocol in place to attempt to ensure these things were unseen, though she'd stop if she noticed a follower.

Frederick Rolls

Almost 10 A.M.

Frederick was used to spending time in the courtrooms, dealing with cases in one or another way. Right now, he was checking over the case-files, preparing for the hearing. It was a simple case, from the look of it, a man had been caught exiting another person's house with items of value. He doubted there would be a lot from the defence's side, seeing as the proof was fairly solid. Even so, when he had noticed that the man was a young single parent, he had sighed, not because of that he was going to be deterred by that, but because the jury was always a fickle group, something like this could make them decide to vote not-guilty.

Of course, it wasn't always so, but the times it did happen, he felt a bit... well, insulted. It was their job to decide if he had done it or not, and his to decide if there were reasons he shouldn't be punished that harshly.

Oh well. At least it's better than dealing with Sofia right now.

She'd been less than pleased when he turned up, almost an hour after he'd left. It wasn't that she had complained, however, Sofia did it differently. His sister was very talented at giving him the silent-treatment, to the point of Frederick having tried to appease her with whatever he could. However, she could keep this up for days. When she was like that, he was happy to be back at work.

He finished preparing, and went inside the courtroom.

Tim Merridy

Tim woke up a bit dizzy, but turned on the tv. He wanted to check if there was anything about him, and caught some of some guy named Dr. Loveless' -whom he thought he perhaps had heard about before- show, it being the hero he'd fought against. While he was initially insulted by how she was describing him, at least he knew that she was called Slender Girl. Still, he'd left because that's how he was supposed to act, it wasn't his fault that she didn't know about standard villain behaviour. He rubbed the side of his face as he sat further up in bed, he would probably have to change the bandage, but he didn't really want to.

"I'll do it later," he told himself. He'd have to find some breakfast too, not eating the day before despite the use of his powers had been a bad move. Right now he only wanted to lazy around in bed, though. He looked at his phone, it was now 10 A.M.

Right... wasn't I supposed to message Rias and Tom back?

With all the stuff happening after he'd left, he'd completely forgotten. Not to mention, Rias had been there, when he fought. Not that she knew he was underneath all the goo, though. Still, he was somewhat curious about what impression she'd gotten of Lord Magnificent, though he'd have to find that out without mentioning who he was.

Anyways, I should probably do as I said I would.

He started writing the message.

"Hi, this is Tim from yesterday. Got kinda caught up in something, so I sorta forgot to send a message before now. ;P"

He sent it to both of them, half-way wondering if he'd get a reply, but mostly eager to get something to eat. He settled on the hotel restaurant, they'd probably have something to eat at this hour.

Sirius Hamilton

Sirius wasn't really a person of habit. He tended to wake up early, though, not always, and then he'd do what he felt like doing. After arriving in the US, he'd gotten one thing he'd do in the mornings, call his dad and update him, tell him how he was doing and listening to his father do the same. Simple stuff, to make sure his father knew he was doing well. He'd been opposed to it at first, Sirius thought that might be because of how Sirius' mother had left, though his father had come to terms with it eventually.

I wonder if he'd want to visit me.

Perhaps if he asked, his father would. His overseas study classes hadn't started yet, and he found himself with a lot of spare time. Right now was no different. He'd been awake for a couple of hours, wanting to paint, but not finding anything he wanted to paint.

I suppose I could ask if Ash would let me paint her.

He'd met her a week ago, when he moved in, and she'd helped him a bit with getting around, and such. She was kind, and she seemed rather confident, so he doubted she'd mind getting painted. Besides, she was pretty, so he didn't see why he shouldn't try. Sirius went over to Ash's apartment, and knocked at her door. To be honest, he wasn't sure if she'd be there, or if this was too early to ask, but it was a Monday, if she wasn't working, she was probably up by now. He knew she worked at a gym, so he didn't know how her shifts worked.

She's probably not there.

Still, no reason to get discouraged, and so he decided to wait a little.


Alex dodged an left cross, ducking beneath it before throwing a gloved hand to his opponent's midsection. The punch connected, making his opponent flinch with pain. But before Alex could deliver another one, he dodged a knee coming straight for his own torso. Alex backed off from his assault, giving a laugh.

"I thought we agreed on no knee strikes..." Alex said, catching his breath but keeping on watch as he walked in a circle to match his opponent's movements.

"Tell that to a random mugger." His opponent commented back.

"Most muggers aren't trained mixed martial artists." Alex said before surging forward once more. He faked a left cross making his opponent put up his guard before Alex delivered a jab to the stomach. This time his opponent ignored the hit completely and delivered two lightning jabs of his own. Alex was only barely able to block one before he took one to the side of his mask. Alex was jolted by the sudden strike but that didn't stop him. He attacked his opponent with a few jabs before sweeping his opponent's front leg sending him onto the mat.

"Alright, good job." A voice said to Alex just as he was going to deliver a few more punches. Alex backed off and slid out of the boxing ring. It wasn't a proper octagon but it was better than nothing. "Alex, you're lucky Dave likes to punch so much. It would have been a better fight if you fought someone that actually used those two things underneath your torso. Y'know, the ones that moves you around a lot?"

"It was still an alright fight." Alex said, removing his head and mouth guards. "I was finally able to use a leg sweep."

"Like shooting fish in a barrel, huh?" The elderly man said as he approached Alex. "I could kick your ass with my bad back. Try leg sweeping this geezer and see what happens." The man sternly said but Alex knew it was all to motivate him even more.

Walter was at least in his sixties but he looked quite stout from his fighting days. He is a bit on the short side with a friendly-looking face but he could be as mean as a pitbull when he gets riled up. Walter is the best trainer Alex ever worked with which made the membership to this certain gym quite worth it. Whenever he could, Alex would drop by the gym to workout and practice his fighting so his skills would be honed in. After all, he couldn't always rely on his teleporting skills

"Kicking is risky," Dave said as he got up and started to undo his safety gear. "One wrong move and it could mess up your whole day. Leg grabs, man."

"And when is an opponent going to realize to do a leg grab when you have your sole pressed firmly against their cheek?" Walter said to Dave. Dave was an ex-marine and did a few tours so Alex was quite surprised to see such a predictable opponent. "Unless your name is Bruce Lee, kicks are the last thing your opponent is going to notice and when you hit them, you really knock them on their ass. One kick and it can be all over!"

"Thanks for the advice." Alex said, stuffing his gloves and pads into his gym bag. "I should have joined the Navy Seals." Alex said in jest.

"You wouldn't have made it the first hour." Walter remarked before laughing. Dave laughed too and Alex couldn't help but smirk at the response.


Blood Diamond

Stefan stayed up through the whole night searching the city for a perfect ambush route. The stolen manifest provided by L&T helped him in his playing. He looked through the documents for a candidate for an ambush and after hours of searching, he found it.

An armored truck carrying money to a rival business of L&T would be passing a one-way street at around 10:00 AM. It would be alone and the street was mostly deserted ever since the warehouses in the area had been declared unsafe due to gas leaks. City maintenance hadn't even begun working on it so they just quarantined the warehouses altogether until they could fix the leak. The truck passed through the industrial district of Neutropolis to get to the bank it was transporting money too and besides the abandoned warehouses, there were a few business that lingered in the area. Less people meant less witness which might improve his time in fetching the money.

As soon as he made the plan, he went there right away. Like he predicted, Benedict Street was largely empty except for a bagel place that was open. Its garbage was attracting flies outside and before Stefan started to plan how he would stop an armored truck, a large garbage truck passed him by and picked up the trash. Then it hit him.

It was nine by the time he was able to wedge the garbage truck into an alleyway in between the large warehouses. The driver refused to leave the truck so Stefan had to be a bit "forceful". The driver's unconscious body was in the passenger seat as Stefan backed the truck far enough so that he could gain enough momentum and speed to stop a moving truck. The hardest part was timing the garbage truck to come in front of the armored truck so it stops in its tracks. If he hit the armored truck head on then that could shorten his life considerably.

Stefan kept the engine running as he left the truck. He walked to the end of the alleyway and peered out from the corner. Soon enough, the armored truck was coming down the street. He waited a few seconds then went back to the garbage truck. Stefan took a deep breath, hoping that the timing was right seeing as this was only the second time he had done this.

He stepped hard on the gas and changed the gear as he sped up. The heavy garbage truck was gaining momentum but was it enough? The garbage truck sped into the light and out of the alleyway only for it to be hit with a resounding crash. Stefan felt the crash from inside the cab as the force of the impact shook the entire vehicle. For a second, he thought the garbage truck would be flipped to its side but a glance from one of the unbroken mirror showed the armored truck wedged inside the garbage truck. The screeching of wheels and metal lasted for a few moments after the crash as the momentum of the armored truck still moved the garbage truck a few feet.

After the screeching halted, Stefan waited for a few seconds for the crew of the truck to come out to check on the damage. And soon enough, three armed security guards hopped out and began to inspect the damage providing a tirade of curses as they did so. One of them went to cab where Stefan pretended to be injured.

"Here! Over here!" One of the guards said as he approached Stefan.

"Help..." Stefan groaned from his seat as he hunched over. One of his hands began to transform into a knife as the guards approached.

"Help me get this damn door open!" The same guard said, going for the door.

"Please, me first." Stefan remarked. He kicked open the door, knocking the guard behind it to the ground. In a calm and quick manner, Stefan leaped out from the cab and onto the guard. Stefan plunged his diamond knife into the man's chest before he could call for help.

"Holy hell!" The second guard said, seeing Stefan stabbing the first guard and drawing his submachine gun. Before the man could fire, Stefan turned his other hand into a shield that covered his head and chest. Bullets broke and ricocheted on Stefan's shield as he charged him. He knocked the gun out of the guard's hand with a swipe of his diamond shield then followed through with a stab into the man's heart. As he did so, he noticed the third guard close the armored truck door.

"You think you're clever, huh?" Stefan said in a frustrated manner. He walked to the closed door of the armored car and saw the scared security guard through the bullet proof view. Most of the door was metal except for that viewing port which gave Stefan an idea. He formed his arm into an elongated spear and went up to the door. The frantic security guard put his shotgun into the rear firing port in a desperate attempt to kill Stefan. The guard was about to shoot but a diamond spear went through the bullet-proof glass, impaling the man.

Stefan withdrew his hand and wiped the blood on the clothes of the dead guard at his feet. He reformed his hand and fetched the keys from the dead guard as well. He unlocked the door and the body of the third guard slumped out. Stefan put the man aside and began to go through the money. There was thousands of dollars within the car which wasn't a bad amount. He sorted out the marked from the unmarked bills, noticing the ink bombs that would go off if certain bills were touched.

He had to be quick and fast. A timer in his head began to count down to when the police would get here but also if there were any heroes nearby. Stefan took a quick glance outside and noticed the same bagel place with its owner outside. He spotted a phone in the man's hand.



After getting helped home from the club by William and Claire Montaigne, the husband and wife owners of the club. William handling the 'bar side' while Claire handled the 'entertainment side' of things. They could be pushy, and Claire could be a right bitch, but they take great care of the people working for them. The conversation on the way to Rias's place wasn't about her helping to drive away some random villain, but money. Rias and the band had been bringing in enough in tips over the last month the Rias could fessably quit one of her jobs and not be hurting for cash.

That thought was ringing in her head when she arrived at her first job for her 7AM shift and saw the new posted schedule and saw that next Wednesday and Sunday evenings had been taken away from her, upon closer inspection, a lot of people lost they're nights off. The manager didn't have a single evening shift, not really odd most managers didn't work nights, but the 'whore' of the store also suddenly had every night off as well. Rias would have been absolutely livid, but the fact she was making more in tips at Joe's in one night then she did in a week there, numbed the sting so instead of being 'absolutely livid' she was only 'pissed right the fuck off', but in calm 'she only looks annoyed' way, so subtlety wasn't really on the table.

"Look, you wanna screw that whore behind your wife's back, that's your business, but I need those evenings off" Rias said as she leaned on the door frame to the managers office. The Manager did a spit take all over the computer screen. "Ms. DeDannan, we must all make sacrifices for the good of the store, and you shouldn't believe every rumor you hear" He said after he recover from the initial bluntness of Rias comment, and while he cleaned off the screen "And I'll remind you that you are already on thin ice here young lady, one more infraction and your gone, besides last I checked they don't pay people to sing bad karaoke, so get your head out of the clouds and fall in line." He added, ending with the kind of grin only some one who thinks their in control would have.

Rias would have been pissed about the 'bad karaoke' crack, but instead she laughed and patted him on the head in the most condescending way possible. She was done, him insulting her singing and her dream, again, just being the final straw "Oh you poor, silly deluded man ..." Rias just turned and laughed, leaving his office, only to return a few minutes later in her street clothes and drop her uniform on his desk "Last night, and really, for the last month, I've made more money in tips singing at Black Eyed Joe's for an hours worth of work then I have all week here, so I'll save you the trouble of firing me, I'm done, I quit." Rias then turn on her heel, and exited the store, pausing only to form a pair of shimmering red 'bird' wings once outside, and flew home.

Rias crawled back into bed till about 9:30 after getting home. After waking up again, she sat on her couch in her underwear watching the news, because she could really, watching the news, which had a story about some child-hero getting beaten up, thus sparking the debate of 'should children be allowed to be super heroes' again, just like every time one of them gets hurt or killed. Rias changed the channel to a music station shortly after the main part of the story ran and before the 'debate' started, she had no interest in listening to 'out of touch old people' try and tell other people how to live they're lives.


The remainder of last night's patrol had proved quite quiet, and Slender Girl had uneventfully turned in a short while after departing from her impromptu interview. She'd changed back and turned in, unable to find Lord Gooby or whatever the so-called villain had deigned to title himself.

7:00 found her awake and checking her phone -- if she remembered right, Anne was supposed to be taking her shift today. She yawned, and found the ambiguous message mildly annoying. So, I guess I might have to go in later? There goes my free time, like I'm on call or something. At least I can sleep in a bit.

Ash ended up waking up for real at 9:00, showering and getting dressed in some gym shorts and tank top in case Anne couldn't cover her full shift -- nice as she was, Anne was a bit of a flake -- and kept busy around the apartment until she heard a knock at the door.

"Just a sec." Ash stopped what she was doing, morphing her body back to its stiff 'normal', and answered the door. It was Sirius, the guy who moved in last week.

"Hey Sirius," she replied, opening her door further as a sign of welcome. "What's up?"

Dr. Schwertner

Hardly a picture of health, with dark circles under his eyes and hair that was a complete mess, Vinzenz clearly didn't get a wink of sleep throughout the night. There was much that needed to be done. The generator looked less like the pile of scrap that it did before. Marginally. It also hadn't violently erupted with fatal arcs of electricity after the initialization process, which made it quite the improvement.

As the functional iteration of the machined hummed in the middle of the floor, Vinzenz withdrew the journal from the breast pocket of his vest and began to scrawl schematics for the next addition to his 'laboratory'. He hadn't gone far into his planning to recognize the fact that scrap metal was only going to get him so far. Soon he would need quality materials, and he doubted highly that they'd just be lying around waiting to be collected. It dawned on the doctor that large sums of money would be necessary to obtain such materials. Well, he had come to that conclusion much earlier, but now that the hour of need was rapidly approaching he had resolved that he didn't really care how he would come into possession of the funds.

The thoughts of thievery were dashed away by a voice that reasoned with the compelling facts of his inability to conduct his research inside a prison cell and how, even if he had the money, he wouldn't know where to begin to secure a supplier. Something he didn't think he'd be admitting was how much simpler it was working under the Fuehrer. He didn't have to worry about any of that, he'd just tell Whatshisname to type up a requisition order and he'd have what he needed before the day's end. Vinzenz was curious, though only briefly, as to the current state of the Nazi party. Clearly they hadn't achieved the world domination or whatever end goal they had in mind, at least not from what he could tell with the lack of prevalence in German language and Swastikas.

As he considered the current political state of the world, his hand moved unconsciously across the page he was on. Though perhaps not entirely without some type of guiding force, as his writing hand moved with purpose and precision. Like the encouraging nod of a good listener, that force was insisting he pay no attention to his working hands, to continue thinking about nothing of any real import. In fact, an almost-voice suggested, try not thinking about anything at all--everything I need is in your head--let go--let me take control--things would be much easier that way.

Vinzenz realized the oddity of his own thoughts, or rather thoughts he believed to be his own, to make such a declaration. His previous train of thought made an abrupt stop as he realized his hand was moving seemingly on its own. He lifted the pen from the page and analyzed what had been laid out on the tan paper. A sketch of some sort of device was labeled with a brief overview of the necessary parts and its main function. It resembled a laser gun one would expect to see in a science fiction film and would act as a matter transporter. Or rather was the start of one. Vinzenz deduced that, as it was, the schematic was a rough draft for a singularity device. A bit extreme of a doomsday device, though he believed it could have uses beyond destroying Earth and the neighboring planets if built correctly. Faced with that odd puzzle he laid before himself, the doctor figured he would iron out the details while he waited for the return of Alex and the key to getting around that place.


Mina awoke the next morning in her penthouse suite refreshed and ready for a very important day. After getting ready for the day she walked to her desk to look up her schedule. She knew of the most important task - the meeting with her newest employee - at 2 o'clock, but the rest of her schedule had slipped her mind as much of it had been planned weeks in advance. Breaking out her tablet, she opened the calendar and read through her tasks.

8-9: Check and return urgent messages
9-12: Stockholder meeting
12-1: Business lunch with potential investors
1-4: Technical Review
4-6: Check and return urgent messages, review for day to come

Of course the "Technical Review" was true to some degree - certain technologies will definitely be involved.

Just as she was about to close her tablet and make her way to work, she noticed she had a notification for an all-day event. She raised an eyebrow, looking at the date to see if it was a holiday. When she saw the date however, realization flashed across her face followed by a rather serious one. Today was one of the days the world fell apart; the day Karen had died. Karen had always been one of the more heroic of the team and she'd died how she'd lived. No one would even have known had it not been her connection to Kitsu.

Grabbing her phone, Mina called home. When someone picked up, Mina began to speak (in Japanese). "This is Mina. I'd like you to order some flowers... No, deliver them straight to the shrine keeper.... Karen Elena Krieg... have them also say the same as last year...". Mina wondered if the others still sent flowers... she doubted it. The conversation went on somberly for a while before Mina hung up and went to work; there wasn't enough time to mourn the dead when there was still the living to deal with. Remembering the phrase she always had on the flower's card, she recited it - her motto - as she got in the elevator and made her way down into the streets below.

"I'll keep making the world better for you Karen."


Though he had to head off to work in about an hour, Terry sat made his way to the roof of his apartment. His normal prosthetics whirled slightly as he made his way up the stairs wearing a muscle shirt and shorts with his duffel bag in hand. He waived at his neighbor in 4b, Issac, a nice auburn haired 40 year old with a two dogs, Laika and Mikey. Laika liked marking her territory around the place faster than he could clean it up, but some stranger always seemed to pitch in. He ran into Ms.Mayweather, trying to grab a half dressed girl, Carly he believed, while a blonde teen named Joseph groaned at the scene unfolding. Joseph had started running with a group kids who liked getting stoned in an condemned building on 327 Snyder street. Joseph had about a week to get his act together before an anonymous tip was forwarded to his mother from a "concerned parent." After that, his group of friends might be getting a visit from "that idiot in the power ranger suit."

Terry liked his apartment for many reasons. It was pretty affordable, a decent height for jumping across buildings, easy roof access of course, out of the sight of other buildings but overall it was the people he valued. He got to meet many different people. This morning alone, he bumped into people on their way to work or coming back from or valiantly taking a whiff of that apartment air before stepping back into their apartment, closing the door, and gladly choosing not to do a damn thing today. Terry liked the idea of that. He also liked that no one else in the apartment liked coming up early to work out on the roof. Left him plenty of space to do his thing.

He reached the door to the roof and threw down the duffle bag. A yawn escaped him like the lost hours of sleep they were. After his fight with Domino or rather her dumpster, Terry had spent most of the night going through his spare cache of heavy motors and repairing his suit's structural damage. He didn't head to bed till 4:45am, his work fueled by determination...or just pure anger. 5 years on the street, 5 years training, rebuilding, honing his skills and he let a thief who could've harmed multiple civilians stop him with a dumpster? And then that girl...

Terry hastily unzipped the bag and pulled out his retracted suit. He looked over at a small garden, to the unusual sound of secadas.

"Alright buddy, we're gonna get you back in the fight." Terry muttered to himself. One step back, two steps forward.

The suit unfolded and Terry began their workout.


Neutrocity...Neutrocity...Neutrocity. Light shined down the alley way and into a crack beneath his little box fort. He took a short look at his fortress of debris before whipping it all away with the flick of his wrist, sending it flying down the alley. A woman happened to be walking by the alley as the burst air tossed up her skirt. Gerald grinned at her, licking some grime off his teeth. The woman did what any rational human would do: clutch her belongs and move faster. A full on sprint by the looks of it. Gerald cackled slightly.

"That's real smart of ya'! A real brain between those legs!" He ran towards the building next to him and spiraled into the air over it. He wafted down on whirlwinds before dropping out of the sky and grabbing onto a street lamp just as the woman came around the corner.

"You look a bit confused. Hmm, let me help! You know what they say." He leaned in towards the startled to woman.

"Two heads are better than one."

The woman felt a strong cold breeze between her legs and let out a scream. She took off in the other direction while Gerald fell to the ground and cackled. He could've easily gotten her shirt off, but he still couldn't get the knickers. Shame, needs practice. He wouldn't have done anything to her really. Humiliation is so much more satisfying than any sexual gain...THAT was a consolation prize in his opinion. Maybe not for him personally but for many others out there.

No, Gerald thought to himself as he walked towards the shelter. THIS is what satisfies me. He walked up and immediately scooped up some poor saps oatmeal before walking up to the head of the shelter, sporting his biggest smile.

"Mornin' Bernice!" The large woman turned and groaned at him. He could almost see the last few strands of brown hair on her head turn gray as he spoke.

"Good lord and the Sabbath, not today you alternative green-haired neanderthal! I will not let you cause a disruption this morning, I swear it! Just keep you head down and your disgusting hoodie on!" Gerald began to whimper slightly, sarcasm oozing into his voice.

"B-b-but ma'am, I done swear I ain't up to no disruptin', I done swear it!" He broke character and chuckled for a moment, before spinning on his heel to face the rest of the shelter.

"AS LONG AS NOT A SINGLE MOTHERFUCKER DECIDES TO-" Gerald suddenly looked out towards the street. The rest of the people in the shelter parted for him, always confused and afraid when he showed up. Never knew what this guy was gonna do.

He looked to see a young girl crying as she tried to scoop up her breakfast off the ground. A man stood over her, laughing with his friends. Guy looked just barely old enough to drive. This could be interesting. Gerald thought as we walked up to the seen, looking down angrily at the bowl of spilled food.

"Can we help you, bro?" The guy asked, whipping the hair out of his face. Gerald almost gagged.

"Yeah, Imma need you and your butt-buddies here to help the girl here pick up her meal." He said, grinning slightly. This guy was perfect of Gerald, by the book, already hated, but popular enough to make a nice little sob story.

"What is she, your daughter?" Gerald laughed in his face, for quite some time, before just scooping up the girl's food himself and pushing her back slightly.

"Hell no, look at her. She's so...dimpy, probably not too bright, can't seem to look any of us in the eye. No, my kid would have more backbone, especially my daughter." Gerald took a few bites of the oatmeal and grimaced. "No, i just don't like seeing good slop go to waste." He gave up on the slop and poured it over the guy's shoes. "See, good use." Gerald was rather proud of himself. He liked winding people up, people like...well people like him really.

The guy threw a punch and Gerald simply stepped back. He sent the guy's shoe spinning with his foot still in it. He came back around and Gerald grabbed his arm, kicked his legs out from under him, and reached out wagging his finger. Gerald was wrong, this guy was nothing like him, not this pathetic loser with no point to his power hungriness other than to impress his friends. Not sure what's impressive about making young girls cry. Must not be too impressive if his friends were too afraid to actually jump in.

"If your'e gonna make girls cry, do it for yourself lad." Gerald said, still wagging his finger. "Or else heads. Will. role." Gerald reached in and the guy screamed out.

"My father will hear about this, he deals with crazies like you!" Gerald stopped momentarily.

"Does the name Sylvester Silver mean anything to you?"

The man hastily shook his head.

"Then he probably doesn't."

Gerald flicked the guy's nose and his head twisted. He let out a scream. There was a slight crack and Gerald stopped the twist, the guy screaming and convulsing slightly. Boy was gonna need a neck brace or something for that. Everyone in the shelter scattered as Gerald turned around and walked towards the girl. He pushed what was left in the bowl into her arms, some of it spilling on her shirt.

"Ay, my little trick let's me spin anything I want with my mind. Any idea why I need to touch people to make them spin though?"

The girl hastily shook her head.

"Figured. Welp, stay safe kiddo." He turned and walked off.

"Neutrocity can be a dangerous place."

[Post deleted due to being kinda shit]

Sirius Hamilton

"Hey Sirius. What's up?"

Sirius smiled a careful, polite smile. It was a standard form for greeting, a way to portray that he was happy to see someone, even if he couldn't actually be happy himself. He could only borrow happiness, it seemed. Still, the memory of a light and warm feeling was something he held onto, it was by far the most pleasant of the emotions he'd encountered. "Hi," he said, not failing to notice Ash's attire and bare legs, but not lingering on it either. She was certainly good-looking, her being as fit as she was appealing, but he barely glanced at the body below her face as she opened the door. He had to be polite, after all.

"I was wondering if I could paint you," he continued, voice calm. It might be an odd question, but that didn't worry him. "A portrait, most likely, and now would be the best time. I promise that you won't have to sit still for a long time, I need to sketch and to get your traits, but I won't have you set up an expression for me to mimic."

He examined her for a response, though, finding out what people were feeling had never been a talent of his. Sirius hoped she said yes, though. He was interested in getting to know her better, she was the only one he'd really manage to get somewhat close to till now. Not that he wanted her to feel pressured into doing something she didn't want to, certainly not.

"Of course, if you don't have the time, or don't want to, that's okay too."


"I was wondering if I could paint you," he continued, voice calm. It might be an odd question, but that didn't worry him. "A portrait, most likely, and now would be the best time. I promise that you won't have to sit still for a long time, I need to sketch and to get your traits, but I won't have you set up an expression for me to mimic."

Huh. Admittedly, Ash hadn't been expecting that sort of request, but it was hardly like she minded. Sirius was always nice enough (even if he did have a sort of... dulled way about him), and it wasn't like Ash was embarrassed about her looks -- she'd crafted her Ash form over quite a few years, after all. She had no reason to feel weird about it, and it actually sounded quite pleasant.

"Of course, if you don't have the time, or don't want to, that's okay too."

"Oh, I'd be happy to do it," Ash replied with a smile, stretching her arms and back after speaking. I always do have the stiffness issue when I go back to it, though. Ash took a step back from the door. "Did you want to do it here, or at your place?"


Tom's early morning was spent getting caught up on the news of last night, as happy as he was to have stopped the shadow-dude's robbery he was distraught to learn that another bank robber got away with a security guard dead in her wake. I know I can't be everywhere, but I have to try harder. Tom thought to himself, though there wasn't much he could do at the moment so he quickly settled into other work.

He did stop to take the time to look through his journalistic contacts, not all of them were people he'd actually met or talked to though as many were simply people whose emails had been handed out either by professors, friends, or even those people themselves via their shows or sometimes talks that they gave at the university. Most of them didn't really work for interviewing Rias though, but there were a couple that did. I'll work on my own report for the school paper as well of course, but it couldn't hurt trying to get her more publicity.

In particular he drafted a quick email to Doctor Lovelace, who Tom had a fair amount of respect towards. Man I need to catch his show more often, half the time he reports on stuff as it happens which might help me stop villains. Also it's just a fun show.

No sooner had he finished and sent the email did he get a text from Tim, he chuckled when he read it it seemed like everyone had been busy with something last night.

"Hi, this is Tim from yesterday. Got kinda caught up in something, so I sorta forgot to send a message before now. ;P"

"No problem just glad to hear from you. Got time to hang out later? I should be free for a couple hours this afternoon." He texted back, then returned to his work.



"219 West Franklin street at 2 o'clock," Tess muttered to herself as she set out for the meeting spot, she wanted to be somewhat early both to make a decent impression and to get the drop on any surprises that might be in wait for her. The girl had said to dress 'not like a supervillain' so Tess had chosen to wear a hooded sweatshirt and jeans. The hood cast more shadow over her face than it normally would, hiding her appearance somewhat.

She did spend some of the day spending some of the money, on groceries and the like mostly, and checking the news. She would need to hold onto it for a while before spending most of what she'd gotten though, to avoid running afoul of the law.

That business finished she arrived at the meeting spot an hour early, sitting outside and waiting for whoever she was supposed to meet to show. She couldn't help but feel a little anxious about the whole affair, she doubted Mina would screw her over this early on but she remembered how coldly she'd executed her own guard and felt her rope tighten in the bag. Forget that, she told herself, I'm not nearly as disposable as that guy, not everyday you get a superpowered employee. Feeling a bit lighter with that thought she smiled slyly and waited.


As Rias got put to put her bowl in the sink she noticed the light on the side of her phone was blinking green, meaning, she had a message. She actually had two, one was a reminder from her former place of employ to return the rest of her uniforms or forfeit her final pay check, she just rolled her eyes, like she needed to be told that. The other was from Tim, who apologized. for not messaging soon due to something happening, to which Rias replied;

"It's fine, I has some stuff happen after you left, and this morning so I kind forgot about it to ^^;; Anyway, I have some more free time now so I might actually be able to have a social life now so we can hang out a little later if you want"

After confirmation of the message being sent, she set the phone on the table and pondered what to do next, It'd been a while since she'd had real free time like this so she wasn't sure what to do with her self.



Karen stood in the electronics department of a store, watching the news feed. She'd only been back on Earth a few hours, and in this city she'd found seemed a good enough spot as any to start getting re-established, but first she needed to get caught up, as well as find a means of income and a place to stay. She honestly didn't know what to think, she knew the news was always slanted to make things sound worse then they really where for ratings, but still, things seemed to still have slid down hill a bit more. 'Gone for ten years and it's only gotten worse ...' she thought as a commercial came on. 'Wonder what I should do, ten years is a long time, all my old team mates are probably dead or retired by now...' she thought as her attention turned to some of the devices around her.

Karen had never been very 'techy' but still, she wasn't that far behind, but this stuff, she had no idea what to make of any of it, she simply sighed, thanked to clerk for letting her barrow the TV and exited the store, first goal would be to get some money going so she could get a place to stay, get some clothing for non super hero outings and stake outs, and of course, food.

Blood Diamond

Stefan pried open the manhole, threw the bag of unmarked bills down then climbed down the ladders. He carefully closed the manhole as well even when the police cars grew louder as they approached wreck. If anything, the unconscious truck driver would be the one pinned with the cause of the "accident". He hoofed it in the sewers, trying to put as much distance between himself and the entrance as possible. Even with the sallow lights below, he face some difficulty navigating the maze of a sewer system. Stefan was filled with an odd sense of nostalgia, thinking of a mission he did in Kosovo where he killed a diplomat and also escaped using the sewer system. Still, he was satisfied with the job so far seeing as he did it entirely by himself.

He followed the sewer tunnels for a bit, enduring the worst that humanity could throw down at him while turning in different directions to try to throw his trail. The smell would rattle any search dogs for sure and finding someone down here was unlikely. Eventually, he decided to pop his head out to see where he was. Stefan climbed the nearest ladder to the manhole and pushed it up slightly. Instead of getting run over, Stefan looked to see that he was in some sort of square with people walking about and enjoying the weather. He debated going up but someone rising up from a manhole is far from ordinary. Then he heard voices, echoing off the walls of the cramped space.

That spooked him enough to make him push the manhole open and get out in the open. The sun made him squint his eyes as he rose from the manhole. He closed it behind him to be sure and ignored the peculiar looks he received from pedestrians. That's when the smell hit him. The sewers certainly helped throw off his scent by giving him another one. Stefan had to get rid of his smell and clothes fast.

Stefan went to the street and hailed a taxi. He got in the cab and got a look from the driver.

"A homeless shelter please..." Stefan asked sternly.

"A what now?" The driver said, confused about the question let alone Stefan's smell.

"A homeless shelter, any shelter close to here." Stefan said curtly. "Sorry, I'm not from around here."

"You french?" The driver asked as he started to drive away.

"Yes, why?" Stefan asked. "Is there something wrong?"

"Nothing... nothing.." The driver said dismissively as he shook his head. Although it was faint, Stefan was sure he heard the driver mumble "frenchies". Certainly this driver didn't want a tip.


Alex burrowed Walter's old German-English dictionary that he used in the Cold War and went over it as he made his way to the warehouse where the mysterious scientist awaited him. By the time he arrived at the docks, Alex memorized a few words and phrases but nothing he was comfortable with. The doctor would have to find the words for the most part but at least he had some way of understanding him.

He opened the door to the warehouse where the scientist was building his generator.

"Hallo Doctor. Wie gehts?" Alex said in his German. He gave the doctor the dictionary. "Explain to me all of this. Tell me why I should help you."

Frederick Rolls

Frederick was already bored of this whole procedure, though he would never say so aloud. It was like that for a reason, after all. Everything had to be done in a certain order, and he had to say the right things to make sure the case was examined and judged correctly. Even so, he found himself using his powers as he listened, subtly of course, making his feet go through his shoes. It was more comfortable like this. Still, as he sat there, he wondered, at what point had court procedure become this dull?

Is it because of my powers?

He was a grown man, and this was deciding the future of an individual. It shouldn't be dull, or boring, or anything like that.

Pay attention.

He forced himself to do so. Even so, he found himself wondering when the recess was, so he could get some air.


Tim Merridy

Tim'd gotten something to eat, and was heading back up to his room. He'd been informed of that the restaurant didn't serve food in the morning, but they still delivered such to the rooms, and thus, he'd been given a bottle of soda and a baguette to take back up. When there, he checked his phone again, reading the messages he'd received as he took a bite of the food.

"No problem just glad to hear from you. Got time to hang out later? I should be free for a couple hours this afternoon."

Was the message from Tom. Tim didn't think it would be well for Lord Magnificent to reappear that quickly, not considering what that Loveless had managed to do. Besides, he still had his head-wound to think of. Hanging out would do well. He decided to read Rias' message as well before replying to either.

"It's fine, I has some stuff happen after you left, and this morning so I kind forgot about it to ^^;; Anyway, I have some more free time now so I might actually be able to have a social life now so we can hang out a little later if you want"

Cool, looks like everyone's off then.

To be honest, he hadn't thought he'd find someone to hang with that quickly.

Sounds like I can have a day off now and not be bored to death, then.

He probably needed that. Not that he didn't have his movies, of course not. However, it was pleasant going outside every now and then. Tim replied to the two, first to Tom.

"Yo, Tom, I'm not busy today either, just goofing around. :P Btw, Rias also has some time off, wanna meet somewhere later all 3 of us? Or are you going to invite Rias alone now? :P"

Then, he sent a message to Rias.

"Hi Rias, I'm free and Tom's got some free time as well (if you were curious, he sent me a message saying so :P), so we can meet up as a group, when does hanging out work for you?"

After doing that -clearly hard work- he finished his food, and opened his laptop. He wanted to look into the whole hashtag deal a little more.


Sirius Hamilton

"Oh, I'd be happy to do it. Did you want to do it here, or at your place?"

"Thanks," Sirius replied. There was little in his tone that suggested that he was actually thankful, it was as calm as ever. "It'd be best in my apartment, I have my painting tools set up most of the time. Of course, I'm just going to sketch at first, but..." he trailed off, not really thinking it was worth following up. "Anyways, follow me."

I should ask her if she has any preferences in how she's being portrayed. It's only polite, after all.

Yeah, he probably should. Sirius waited for her to get ready -should that be needed- and follow him inside his apartment. When he pointed at the couch.

"You can sit there," he told her, as he started moving some paintings around to make better room for her. His apartment wasn't small, but the living room was a bit messy, especially with paintings around.

He'd painted quite a lot since coming there, some were unfinished, sketched and started on, but without much details. Others, like a picture of the town park, were more complete. His style were one of details and accuracy, but with vivid and tasteful colors. Apart from the paintings, it was a simple place, a soft brown colour on the walls and dark furniture.

"Hopefully you don't find my apartment too weird. I've been told I'm a bit strange, but I don't think it would be portrayed in the interior," Sirius remarked, a bit absent-minded. "Also, how do you want to be portrayed? Do you want me to paint you smiling brightly, or a bit solemn, or simply serene? Profound, perhaps?" He looked at her, and titled his head slightly, trying to gauge what would be best.

"I think smiling would suit you better than the others. You've got a nice smile." Sirius smiled as he spoke, only appropriate if one complimented another person's smile. "Of course, it's up to you."

Dr. Loveless

Dr. Loveless awoke somewhat late. It wasn't something he was able to do regularly - normally he had a morning show to run - but today was a bit special. His morning show would be on reruns all week as he prepared for the "Spring Jamboree" - a yearly concert he (and all the other major media outlets in the city) threw. All the media heads were getting together to produce things this week. For the other Entertainment groups, the media personalities weren't involved but because Theodore was almost his entire company (minus a few techs) he didn't really have anyone to send.

Still, that meeting wasn't until later and he still needed to put together a few news reports for the afternoon. Getting up and ready, he grabbed a cup of coffee and began reading his various feeds to put together the show. He was almost done when the email arrived.

"Rias Dedannan - Super-powered singer huh?" he said to himself, sipping the coffee. "This I HAVE to see." Opening another tab, he googled the name. There weren't a lot of links, but there were a few low-quality videos among the list. A half hour of YouTubing, and he had to say it was impressive.

After re-reading the email to ensure there were no egregious grammatical errors - type was not his medium - he pressed send. Glancing at the clock, he determined he still ha enough time to make the call. Picking up his cell-phone, he dialed the given number and waited for the other end to connect.


Mina arrived by limo at the R&D facility at approximately quarter after 1. Her lunch had gone very well, but had taken somewhat longer than expected. It wasn't a major concern; she built extra time into her schedule for this very reason. As she got out however, she could see a woman in a hoodie and jeans was waiting outside her building. Normally this wouldn't have been much concern save that the woman bore a striking resemblance to the woman she was planning to meet today.

Getting out of the car, Mina made her way toward the woman and the door. "I see you're early Ms... ?" she said questioningly. She honestly didn't expect a real name; just something her new business associate would respond to. "Please, come with me and we'll get set up." she said, moving toward the door of 219 West Franklin.


Rias heard her phone buzz on the table and looked at it a moment, she could see the number from where it was, but didn't know it, then decided 'screw it' and picked her phone up and answered "Hello, Rias speaking"
"Hello Ms. Dedannan. This is Dr. Theodore Loveless. Tom Braider gave me your number." She was slightly confused as to why Loveless was calling her, she thought he only talked to super heroes "How can I help you?" she asked, her tone reflecting her slight confusion. "I'd like to set up an interview with you for my show. Mr. Braider told me of your talents - super and otherwise - and I'd like to have you on my show as a guest to discuss your music career and what it's like to be a superhuman without a heroic or villainous persona."

Rias didn't say anything for a few moments, she was trying to process what she just heard. She knew Loveless had a pretty huge fan base, but after about ten or so seconds of silence "I would love to!" "Great! What's a good time for you to drop by my studio?" "I'm free all day today so just give me a time and I can be there" "Hm... How about 6:30 this evening." Dr. Loveless said, giving her the address of the recording studio. "Any questions?"

Rias wrote the address and time down in the air with her powers not having a notepad handy "All righty, I'll be there, and no, not unless you have a dress code or something.""Well, you'll be on TV and the internet; so dress how you want to be seen. If that's all; I'll see you later. It's been a pleasure talking to you and I look forward to the interview."
"Good to know, and thank you for this." Rias said before hanging up. "You're very welcome." Theodore said before hanging up himself.

Rias punched the time and address into her phone and marked then as an event for latter today, with the phone set to remind her thirty minute before so she can get there, all while giggling like an idiot. After that she did a little happy dance into her bedroom to pick something out for latter, nothing fancy or anything, but something she'd actually iron the wrinkles out of so it looked nice.


"I see you're early Ms... ?"

"Coil," Tess replied, the word springing to mind from the familiar weight of the coiled rope in her bag.

"Please, come with me and we'll get set up."

"Alright," she followed along behind Mina, wondering what exactly she had in store, what plans she had that required the services of a supervillain. Maybe she wants me to take down some competitors or something like that. She already has that magic girl in her employ though so why does she need another super?



"Yo, Tom, I'm not busy today either, just goofing around. :P Btw, Rias also has some time off, wanna meet somewhere later all 3 of us? Or are you going to invite Rias alone now? :P"

Tom grinned at the text and quickly responded, "Lol, hanging out with both of you sounds good, just let me know when and where!"

Not too long after that he received a reply from Dr. Loveless, and was both shocked and excited by the message. Awesome! I can't believe Dr. Loveless actually replied, and that he's going to interview Rias! I bet she'll be ecstatic about this! He couldn't help but grin at how well helping her had gone, doing good things felt good after all. Ah man I really need to finish that article quickly now! Hopefully I can have it done by the time we all meet today so Rias can look over it before I submit it, I want to be sure it represents her accurately after all.

With that he sat down and got to work, eagerly awaiting more news from Tim or Rias.


"It'd be best in my apartment, I have my painting tools set up most of the time. Of course, I'm just going to sketch at first, but..." he trailed off, not really thinking it was worth following up. "Anyways, follow me." Yeah, he probably should. Sirius waited for her to get ready -should that be needed- and follow him inside his apartment. When he pointed at the couch.

"Alright, I'll be just a second." Ash dashed back inside to grab her phone and keys, donning an unzipped light sport jacket for pockets to put them in, and followed Sirius to her place after quickly locking hers up.

"Hopefully you don't find my apartment too weird. I've been told I'm a bit strange, but I don't think it would be portrayed in the interior," Sirius remarked, a bit absent-minded.

Ash had looked around his place upon entering and while sitting down as directed. "Oh, it's fine. I'm probably weird too, and if you think this is bad, then you haven't seen how some college guys live." She knew damn well she was weird, but it didn't feel right putting it that way when she was well past it by normal/human standards.

"Also, how do you want to be portrayed? Do you want me to paint you smiling brightly, or a bit solemn, or simply serene? Profound, perhaps?" He looked at her, and titled his head slightly, trying to gauge what would be best.

"I think smiling would suit you better than the others. You've got a nice smile." Sirius smiled as he spoke, only appropriate if one complimented another person's smile. "Of course, it's up to you."

"Aw, well thank you," Ash replied, smiling at the compliment. Something about the way he put it seemed endearingly innocent, though that might just be how he does things. "I guess I'll go with that, then."

I am very tempted to mess with him right now...


Again the green light blinked in silence, only to be acknowledged after Rias finished Ironing. Rias picked her phone up to find Tim had replied, and from the look of it, while she was talking to Dr Loveless. Tim said Tom was also free and asked when was good for them to all get together.

"I got a phone call, so I have a thing now later, but it's not till 6:30 so any time is good for me. Her reply sent she got dressed, and in the stuff she just ironed, figuring it wouldn't be an issue. This time she kept her phone near by. While she waited for Tim's reply she gather all the uniforms she needed to return and tossed them in a trash bag, fitting place for the ugly things far as she was concerned.


After flying around a bit, and stopping a mugging and a couple purse snatchers, Karen landed in the park, or a park rather. This one draw her attention because of the monument in the middle. When she got closer to it she discovered it was a monument to the fallen heroes of this city, though she assumed other large city's had something similar. It was just a bronze statue featuring a generic male and female hero standing back to back looking ready for a fight.

Karen only had a few minutes to her self before she hear a young female voice say 'SEE!? I was right again.' from behind her. Karen turned, toward the origin of the voice to find a teen age girl, maybe 16, helping a her father walk, it was was the dad that painted the look of surprise thick on Karen's face.

The man was Tony Kaiser, aka Might Guy. A hero she teamed with fairly frequently before her 'accident'. He was your typical flying 'super strength, near invulnerable' type of hero, clearly, that was no longer the case though, cause as he, and his daughter, whom she figured was Annabelle as she was the right age, approached he walked with a cane, taking uneasy steps as he walked. It was heart breaking for her to see some one so strong, and some one she considered a mentor and inspiration reduced so. "Been a long time Karen" he said as Annabelle left her father by Karen to place a bouquet of flowers at the statues base.

Karen was about to ask how ether of them knew she was here when Tony answered before she could ask "Anne gets these visions now and then, they're rare, be never wrong." Karen just nodded "Though they do tend to be a bit odd sounding at times." he said then took her in a hug, which Karen naturally returned "It's good to have you back"


Terry sat at his desk, a finished prosthetic design about to be emailed to a client. From then on, most of the process was out of his hands, aside from any necessary refinement. But with most of his early work out of the way, he finally felt comfortable switching over to slightly more personal activities. He brought up a media site that kept some sort of relative tab on heroes. Fan clubs, criticism, theories, that sorta thing, but for the most part Terry just wanted some news.

Loveless's reports had aired to a number of viewers across Neutrocity. Talk of the dumpster came up, speculation that Domino was telekinetic, analyzing the Specter's interview, insults as to how The Crick let himself nearly get steam rolled by a dumpster, fan arguments, the usually business. But that's not what Terry was looking for. He quickly scrolled over to Loveless's later reports that night, about "Black Goo", Sir Awesome or whatever he called himself and Slender Girl's encounter with Lord Magnificent, a seemingly new villain with abilities similar to "Mr.Awesome".

"Banter, punch here, punch there, adaptive...yes, they seem alright." Terry muttered to himself, thinking of his own encounters with Slender Girl and Sir Awesome. Slender Girl was more of a discrete hero, never sticking around for too long. He'd run into her a few times before yet had barely heard her speak, aside from some interesting quips towards their opponent. She stuck around long enough to make sure things were finished and done and honestly, that was good enough for Terry.

Sir Awesome on the other hand was a lot more...outspoken. Obnoxiously so sometimes. But the guy seems to have his heart in the right place and started up around the same time Terry started getting a hang of things. Sir Awesome had actually made some pretty "awesome" entrances to help the Crick out. Though he's not sure the guy ever noticed.

Terry leaned back and observed the list he was forming on his computer screen of regularly active heroes he safe in gathering in one place. The Specter, Slender Girl, and Sir Awesome. Maybe he'd try more elusive heroes like Red Mist, but that was for a later day. He'd been thinking about this all morning during his training. About Domino, about Lord Magnificent, about what the officer had told him. Rumors always popped up of some looming evil force, whether it be some group of thugs or an ancient elder God. Typically just random musings...

What worried Terry was the fact that it never was JUST a group of thugs or some ancient elder God. Rumors start somewhere and eventually they reach their end. If someone was recruiting villains or even contemplating it, if villains were just getting strong, then no single hero could handle these things alone. It was gonna take some sort of system to keep them going and some sort of system to help them improve.

Terry wondered how he'd get the word out, let alone have them all meet in one place. Perhaps he could relay a message through Loveless, that guy knows how to get around. Terry pushed those question aside and opened up his design program. He inserted a USB and stared at the schematics before him. They were designs for an exosuit but they certainly weren't for The Crick.

"Now where and how am I going to get a microwave array..."



"And 'the psycho with a mean dice throw wins' the pot again!" Gerald boasted, pumping his fist of crumpled ones int he air. The rest of the money swirled around him as he cackled, the rest of the men betting merely looked down at their feet or cursed to themselves. An older man on the other hand was absolutely livid. The old guy was sick of this shit, walking up Gerald and backhanded him across the face. The alley got quiet, the men took steps back, and Gerald's whirlwind died down.

"Dammit, dammit, every damn day this damn shit happens with your ballerina ass! We place our bets, we all know we might have a good day, we might have a bad one, but then your fucking ass shows up and what do we do? We have to let you crouch here and use your damn spinny shit to rig the entire game in your favor! No one can do a damn thing about it because you'll twist our arms around in their sockets! Oh oh oh, or maybe you'll make it feel like a fucking freight train is passing through this damn alley OR you'll send everyone here flying across the damn city. So we lose all our money, play with your crazy unstable ass, and you get to yuck it up with all our bucks!"

Gerald slowly turned his head towards the older man. He clutched the bills in his hand stuffing a few in his pockets, only about 15.00 dollars. He then stared down at the man.

"...yeah, that's pretty much it. But you're off on one thing." Gerald said pulling a few razor blades. He lit them swirl around, between his hands. The rest of the money around Gerald joined the small whirlwind in between his seemingly always scarred palms. Gerald kept eye contact with the man as he began to bring his palms together. Blood squirted out between his finger and Gerald pulled his palms apart. His palms were bloodied and torn, as was the rest of the money. He blew it in the man's face.

"I don't 'yuck it up' with ALL your bucks." Gerald said, placing his arm on the man's neck. "Now tell me why the hell I shouldn't send your head spinning like a top?" The older man merely scoffed at Gerald.

"Because what's the point? You've been in Neutrocity for awhile and you've got some...thing. Don't know what it is, don't care. But it's obvious you ain't getting nowhere, son. Your endgame doesn't seem to exist and this little 'psycho-villain-thing' doesn't seem to have a point! You robbed this liquor truck, broke the neck of this guy who pissed you off, sucked a group of teens into sewer drains, who cares? You ain't famous, you ain't got no message, you ain't thinkin' big! So why the fuck should I care what you do?"

Gerald clenched down on the older guy's neck before letting go and staggering back.

"You...have got me thinkin'." Gerald muttered. He turned and started walking away, sticking his hands in his pockets. The older man sighed a sigh of relief. Gerald stopped walking.

"That is a very dangerous thing to do."

Gerald whipped his arm back and sent the razor blades flying directly into the man. The rest of the dice players scattered, trying to get as far away from Gerald as possible. One of the players found himself momentarily running in the air, before being sucked back towards Gerald.

"Listen up, I've got a message and you're damn well gonna hear it!" Gerald pushed the man away and spiraled into the air.

"Everyone's gonna hear it."

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