The Super Hero RP Deluxe! (Closed, Started)

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Rias kinda snickered at Tim's response, and Tom's about wanting to see her in a skin tight leather outfit.
Both seemed to agree on the movie though so with that was settled as well as the means to get there, Rias suggested they get going now, so they could get what ever munchys they wanted before the movie started and get good seats.

Dr. Schwertner

"I helped you and I swear I will help you with your laboratory but now you have to help me if you expect to make any headway. Help me, help you."

Looking tentatively at the outstretched hand, he grew awfully curious in regards to the life the man opposite him had led. From the sound of it, he was some sort of vigilante prepared to stand against this Anthony Ditelli as a one-man army. Rather, a two-man army given the doctor's state of desperation. If there was one way to make money without attracting too much attention, taking the indecent earnings of malevolent malefactors wasn't a terrible way to go about it.

"If vat you are proposing is sat I vill reappropriate sis organizations assets to furser my research in return for aiding you," he paused, leaning in to grasp Alex's hand with a look of determination, "sen your endeavor is undoubtedly mine."


The day passed with no further incident, while plans were being made, it wasn't until 6:30 o'clock that something of notice happened again, and the heroes and villains once again stepped out into action. This was around the time the sun was slowly starting to set, though it would still take hours for it to get dark.


Rias walked out of the theater with Tim and Tom "I'm never going to look at an Arts and Crafts store the same way again ... didn't even know you could do that with yarn ..." Rias commented as she finished off her drink and threw it in the trash. She then turned to Tom and handed him the article he was gonna write about her, and pointed out a few things that needed correcting before leaving to get read for her interview with Dr Loveless.


Karen and Annebelle's trip to the mall was uneventful, well, in terms of crime happening. They had hit a couple different stores and tried on a bunch of clothing and eventually found Karen few outfits that worked for her. The trip to the Best Buy was highly entertaining, for Annabelle. Karen was not a 'tech' person before her ten year vacation in a natural paradise, now, ten years later and with phone technology so much more advanced Karen's tech illiteracy, while frustrating for Karen, was a source of amusement for Annabelle, in the end though she picked out Karen a basic no frills phone before heading back home.

Frederick Rolls

At around half an hour past six, Frederick had just finished baking the dark chocolate cake he usually had with a cup of Earl Grey with almost more milk than tea. He had decided that there wouldn't be any more heroing today, not because of that Sofia had complained. Because, she hadn't, she'd just asked him if he was okay, then nodded, and apologized for the disagreement between the two earlier. Frederick had just jokingly commented that they were siblings, they were supposed to be fighting, and it had ended with that.

However, she'd been worried, of course she had. And, it wasn't really fair against her for him to be out playing the Phantom of Neutropolis every night when she actually was visiting him. They were an odd pair of siblings, while they didn't talk a lot on the phone when she was away, they enjoyed each other's company in silence, probably because they were rather similar when it came to habits. They both preferred to sit down and read a book rather than turn on the chaotic mess that was the tv. If there was a movie or a show they wanted to see, then sure, but apart from that, it was better off.

This time Frederick turned it on, sitting in his comfortable chair, Sofia in the couch next to him, both having a piece of cake and their respective teas -she actually dared to drink peppermint tea, he was almost insulted- on the table between them. The channel he turned on was the one he'd heard that Theodore's show would start, on, so any minute now.

"Who is he interviewing?" Sofia asked, having met Theodore several times. "Some singer, was it?"

"Yeah, I think so," Frederick replied. "Why, jealous?" She smirked.

"Very funny," Sofia replied, sarcastically. "Should I be?"

"Wouldn't you know that better than me? More seriously, I'm not completely sure, she had powers or something as well, or so I read. Anyways, shush, it's starting."


Tim Merridy

Tim was too sitting in front of a screen to watch the show, though, this was in coffee shop with free wi-fi. The hotel had let him stay for a couple of hours overtime, but he wasn't surprised when they politely told him that he had to pay for another night or leave. At first, he'd been intending to do the former, however, he then realized that his parents had found out that he had left, and, perhaps understandably, shut down his "secret" "just in case" card, which was connected to their bank account. That meant he really was left on his own, and, upon realizing that he didn't have something to fall back on, decided to find a cheaper location to stay at.

Not that there's such a place here, apparently.

He'd gotten a single message from his parents.

"Get. Home. Now."

Which really didn't help him much. They obviously didn't understand how important this was to him! Tim had replied with a message of his own.

"Sorry, can't do that, I'm srsly busy. XP"

He had then turned off his phone, annoyed.

Now what?

He had considered getting more money through the means that was using his powers to rob someone, but his injury had made him hesitate.

It's not the time for evil yet. I need to make it a very, very dramatic return!

Besides, as he had been thinking, he'd gotten hungry, and well... now he was sitting in the coffee shop, coffee and a half-eaten toast in front of him, salad on the side. As he was waiting, he was watching another movie -the prequel of the movie they had watched in the cinema- and even as the show was starting, he kept it in the background, going back and forth between the two, unable to concentrate on either one.


Sirius Hamilton

Sirius had finished the painting and left his apartment something like an hour ago. The painting had been nicely done, captured what he felt was the current looks of Ash, though, he had kept wondering if she was able to alter more than her eye-colours. Most of all, however, he'd tried to paint the emotions he was feeling into the picture, adding some brighter colours and balancing it off with some darker shades. It'd taken most of the day, and he had left directly after, still in the mood to paint, but lacking a motif.

Something with people and glass.

He had thought to himself.

A shop, perhaps? A shop or cafe would be good.

Thus, he had left in order to find a fitting location. Now he was sitting in one of the many parks of Neutropolis, sketching up one of the nearby coffee shops. He could have painted the park, but he had painted a lot of parks, and, quite frankly, they were a bit boring once you realized they were all the same. Perfectly styled grass, and arranged trees, a park bench here and there, and usually a fountain in the middle.

The sun had started going down, and it added beauty to the whole picture, the colours being reflected in the glass windows. The strangest object of the sketch, however, had to be one of the people sitting there, several bags of luggage next to them. The man's head seemed almost stuck to the computer screen with as far as he was leaning forward, ears covered by headphones.

I wonder if his eyesight is bad.

For a moment, he thought about asking. Then he realized that it was none of his business -even if he did want to meet new people- and went back to sketching.


The Crick sat on the ledge of as the officer walked over to him. The officer watched as the afternoon sky slowly turned to evening. The officer made his way over to as he watched him throw out a fiddler only to have it return again. He then threw it away from the building once more and it returned once again. Seemed like he'd been doing this for a few minutes.

"The guys down at the station really don't like you getting on our channel. Especially if there's no emergency." Officer Wilkins said, folding his arms and shaking his head slightly.

"Well I don't have your phone number," Terry tossed him his phone, already open and waiting for Wilkins to add a new contact. "Don't bother getting curious, moment you put your number in, it'll lock you out."

"Really now? Is that one your new-fangled-techno tricks?"

"Nah, just an app I downloaded a few minutes ago. It's not even for 'me'; there's this one guy at work who thinks he so hilarious cause he can get past your password and mess around with your phone. God he's a prick..."

"Well glad to see the valiant hero can handle all types of evil doers."

The two of them chuckled slightly, but Terry could hear the stress in the officer's voice. He had contacted him for more specific information on what exactly it was they were supposedly dealing with. Last time The Crick had spoken with him, Wilkins only said they had a rumors lying here and there. He looked tired with gray marks beneath his yes and his hair left uncombed.

"So whatcha got?" The Crick finally asked, standing up to face Wilkins. Wilkins let out a deep sigh.

"Well, they don't want just any superhumans. A few boys of mine met a guy who could make force fields. Said he had someone come up to him a few days, offering a deal. This force field guy said that 'if he did commit any sort of crimes, which he totally doesn't and would not discuss without a lawyer present, he would act more as a get away driver or run general defense'. The man who'd spoken with him didn't seemed too interested but said they might be useful for 'research purposes'. Later they booked a woman who could make holes, doorways through anything really. Pretty useful for getting away or getting in right? She claimed a person who contacted her didn't seem interested at all, finding no use for it. He was very curious as to how this power actually affects the structural integrity of the structures and surfaces they appear on."

Terry paced around for a few moments, trying to piece together the image Wilkins was building for him.

"So you think they're researching superhuman abilities?"

"Possibly part of it, but not their end game. Earlier I thought they were planning some kind of heist. Get some muscle together, some skilled people, pull off a flawless robbery. But now...look, we haven't been able to get in touch a large number of criminal superhumans for obvious reasons, but now either tons of them are laying low or just plain gone. And there's a general murmur that tons of them are being approached by a variety of random individuals, underlings to some higher authority, looking for not necessarily the most skilled but most destructive. At the rate and near girth at which this is happening, it's pretty obvious they're not looking to learn, or put together a team for a heist. They're looking for the worst of the worst."

The Crick stared at Wilkins, noting the sweat trickling down his forehead. Terry leaned in and rest his arm on his shoulder.

"That's a pretty big leap, sir." Terry said, processing what Wilkins was saying. "But I think I see what you mean...I just don't see what the end to something like this would be, in all honesty."

"Look, no one in Neutropolis's police force isn't sure how to handle it, let alone really buys into the idea of a higher plot. This is the type of thing that if you're wrong about gets you demoted or just flat out fired..." Wilkins took a breath for a moment, contemplating something.

"I used to be a full fledged detective, now I'm more of an outside guy looking in. That was the best thing that could've happened to me, and I should be thankful especially considering I was right about the whole damn thing that got me demoted in the first place. Luckily, plenty of people still trust me and still think I know a thing or too. I agree with them. As far as I know, this whole thing could be anything at this point. Anarchy, superhuman superiority, a bored megalomaniac! The money these people are being offered is good, one slice out of a really big pie. And that worries me. Eventually superhumans are gonna start auditioning for whatever this thing is, putting themselves out in the open. And I don't want anyone to get caught in the crossfire."



Gerald had been thinking a lot that day as he put on his costume. Bright yellow poncho, black snow pants, some boots, and a gas mask he stole from a firefighter. Simple, but effective. He loved his logos, mainly stolen from tornado warnings, but aptly appropriated. Maybe he'd work on a new costume after this, on his rise to infamy. But he didn't really care about fame. He sorta wanted to make a point, send a message. Yet he wasn't sure what that message was. He could feel it on the tip of his tongue ready to be barked between the whimpers and screams of confused terrified people.

All he knew was that he wanted eyes on him. Maybe someone would notice him, maybe they'd fear him or even admire him in a strange way. All he knew was that he wanted to have a fun time and see where things went. Gerald lowered himself into the park and strode towards seemingly one of the few people there. He sat down next to him, an auburn haired artist by the looks of it. Gerald was genuinely interested in his work.

"You're sittin' in the park sketchin' the coffee shop across the street? That's weird man, different even...but I get it. These crummy city parks always look the damn same to me, cheap ass fountain, mediocre hedge clippin', nice comfortable benches for sleepin' on though."

Gerald grinned at the man from behind his gas mask. Auburn hair seemed...stoic, that was the word. At least he thought so.

"So, any request? Anyway I can breathe some more life into the scene you're capturin'?" Gerald said, motioning towards the surrounding area, a slight breeze moving across the grass as he did so.


Tess felt an odd mixture of ridiculous and empowered as she moved down the street wearing her new costume, bright white and thicker than her usual attire but still quite form fitting and packed with the toys Mina had provided her. Those she was eager to try, though now I need someone to give me a reason, heroing might be trickier than I thought. The costume drew attention easily, the large hood cast more than enough shadow to hide her face, particularly when enhanced, and the visor under it helped on that front as well but she felt like a target.

Screw it, just walking down the streets and getting looked at funny all night isn't going to get me anywhere, I need people to know I'm supposed to be a hero so I'm going to tell them, simple as that. Should make them run gleefully to their fansites and spread the news. This thought in mind she stopped in the street outside of a coffee shop, there were a fair number of people on the streets around many of whom were already giving her curious looks.

"Attention people of Neutrocity!" she announced, trying to think of how one of those idiot heroes would say it, Black Goo for instance always seemed to get attention, the idiot. "I am Coil, and I am here to protect and serve you as a hero should! If any of you know of evildoings," god evildoings sounds ridiculous "Please let me know and I will deal with them immediately."

She felt herself almost turning red from the ridiculousness of it all, and waited to see what the response would be. This will be interesting if nothing else I suppose.

Rias and Dr. Loveless

Dr. Loveless sat in the small studio awaiting his guest's arrival. The room was fairly bare save a large window pointed away from the setting sun, a pair of chairs, some small tables, and a few plants. A pair of mugs sat on the tables nearest the chairs. The studio lacked any recording devices for obvious reasons, but their were plenty of devices to keep the light and sound at good levels. There were also dozens of highly polished mirrors that allowed Theodore to record from different angles (though it required a bit of editing to remove the mirrors later). In this particular case, a larger mirror sat parallel to the pair of chairs where the two would be sitting. This allowed for a more "traditional" interview perspective.

For his part, Theodore had put on a dark-gray proper three-piece suit with a purple trim and a purple tie. In front of him was a small list of questions to ask his guest - mostly innocuous, though a few that addressed the deeper part of being a superhuman without a secret identity. They weren't enough to last the full interview, though that wasn't going to be a problem. He'd already put out the word of the interview and was ready to accept questions by phone and by twitter.

He preferred it that way; it kept the audience engaged when they knew he tried to answer the questions THEY wanted answered.

Rias was shown into the studio and to her seat. The studio was surprisingly empty, though she'd heard Loveless didn't need a camera crew, so she figured that was the reason.

As Rias sat down she couldn't help but feel nervous, she'd always let her shows and talent 'sell' her, she didn't know what she was gonna say to try and attract more people to come see her. For Theodore, her unease was almost palpable. She clearly wasn't the kind who were skilled at interviews which wasn't uncommon for young talent. Theodore decided to do his best to put her at ease. Standing as she entered, he held out his hand to shake. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you Ms. DeDannan. I'm Dr. Loveless but feel free to call me Theodore."

"Please, call me Rias" she replied as she shook Lovelesses hand "It's a pleasure to be here."

"Okay; I'm just gonna go over a few things before we get started Rias." Theodore said, taking his seat again. "Here's how the interview is going to play. I'm going to ask you a few broad questions about you and your music career, then I'll ask a few deeper questions about what it's like to live as a non-hero/villain superhuman without a secret identity. Following that, I'll give you a chance to mention any topics you'd like - causes you care for, show dates/times/places, your new album; whatever it is you want to promote. Next, we're going to ask for callers and tweets of questions before cutting to one of your videos. After the song, I'll pose some of the better questions - nothing too personal I assure you - and we'll end the interview with another chance to promote. Any questions?"

Rias listened to Loveless explain the flow of the interview, and that actually helped calm her a bit, knowing what types of questions where going to be asked and in what order least let her get into the right mind set a head of time. "No, I'm good" she said as she took a deep breath

Theodore smiled and sat back. It would only be a about a minute until broadcast. Starting up his power, his eyes began to glow ever so subtlety and he glanced at a mirror. Meanwhile, across the room a screen flickered to life to show they the real-time image. The studio director started counting down with his fingers. Just before he reached the end, Theodre spoke up. "Relax Rias; you'll do fine." Then, they were on the air.

Across he screen a few animations played, introducing the show. "Welcome to Loveless Live, my name is Theodore Loveless. We have a wonderful show for you tonight; truly a great one. My guest is the head guitarist and vocalist of the local band "Immolated Marmoset" and unaffiliated superhuman, Rias DeDannan." he said, introducing the woman with a gracious hand gesture.

"Before we begin, just a word of notice. Loveless Live will be going on hiatus for next week due to planning for the Summer Jam Festival." he said, smiling the entire time.

"Now, please welcome to the program Ms. Rias Dedannan" he said, reaching out to shake her hand. Unbeknown to those in the studio, Theodore added a short cut of one of her songs in the pause while he shook her hand again.

'I do wish Claire would change then bands name....' Rias thought as Loveless introduced her, forcing an awkward smile and friendly wave, before he told the audience the show was taking a week off for the uncoming festival. The two shook hands again which she took to mean the interview was now starting proper.

"So, for those of you at home, Immolated Marmoset plays down at Black Eye'd Joes and has been gaining quite a following lately in no small part do to Rias and her many talents. So, Rias, please tell the people at home a bit about yourself."

"Well, I moved here from Oregon about a year ago, and I've been playing at Joe's for seven months of that. I'm lead vocal and guitar in Joe's house band, though I do let the bassist take over on vocals from time to time, as he's a pretty good singer him self." Rias started, then had this look like she remeber something "OH! and the guys couldn't be here tonight on account of personal matters that needed tending to, but they said to say 'Hello and thank you' to any one watching this that's been to our shows, if it wasn't for you guys coming to see we might have to get real jobs. So thank you for coming out and seeing us, and letting us get away with having way to much fun on stage" Rias said hoping it was ok.

"So what made you move all the way to Neutropolis as opposed to, say, New York or Los Angeles?"

"It just costs to much to live in New York, as for LA, I spend a month there, didn't like the 'vibe' as much as Neutropolis so here I am."

"Well I hope our fair city has treated you well so far." Theodore said before changing directions. "So how did you and your band come together? Don't tell me they followed you from Oregon."

"They where already in the band at Joe's actually. Apprently the last lead vocal and lead guitar where drama queens, despite both being guys, Claire, the bars co-owner and mannager of the bars entertainment, got tired of it and decided to hire some one else to do the job." Rias began, feeling more comfertable now. "I went to the audition waited in line like all the others, though i didn't play with them untill after, Ivaan and 'Bom' where helping Claire sort applicants."

Theodore continued to ask warmup questions like these for a few minutes before finally delving into the more interesting questions. "It sounds like you've had a pretty crazy journey; how did your powers affect it? It can't have been easy finding out you have super-human abilities."

Rias answered Theodores quests almost as soon as he asked them, having fallen into a nice comfertable groove, then he asked how her powers have effected her life. She stopped, and thought of how best to word it "In the begining, I wished I never had them." She finally started. "I was, like many in my early teens when they finally developed and by then I was already working on my voice, learning to play guitar and generaly gearing up to do what I'm meant to do. Perform music." She sighed "When my power showed up I kept hearing 'oh your going to go be a super hero now then?' and when I said no the just assumed I was going to go the other way and got all mad and saying stuff like 'your parents rised you better then that' not understanding I didn't and still have no intention of being a 'hero' or 'villain'."

"My powers have been a great help though, they're why I got the gig at Joe's after all, and being able to fly around, a mong many, many other things I can do with them, save me TONS of money on just car related expenses, but even now, I still get that occassional jerk asking if i'm going to 'stop messing around and start helping people'" Rias took a calming breath, the subject clearly getting under her skin a little "I have more to offer by persueing my music carreer then I do by putting on a costume."

"I understand where your coming from. By the time my powers manifested, I was already interested in journalism and well on my way to becoming a news face. Of course, my powers happened to be uniquely suited for journalism and not at all for crime fighting so I can't know the amount of pressure you were under." he said, continuing the conversation. "Are there times when you think about breaking out the spandex to use - or maybe abuse - your powers?"

"No, though some would say I'm abusing my powers now" She said with a shrug "The people that try and 'pressure' me in to picking a side have given me food for thought though."

"Care to elaborate on that?" Theodore said in reference to the "food for thought" statement

"It's given me something to think about, in regards to how 'excepted' Supers really are. Every one just expects us to go one way or the other, and not counting the people who are the 'serve and protect' type down to the very core of their being, how many of us are heroes or villians because they felt like those where the only options they had?" Rias asked, retorically for the most part, she really didn't expect an answer. "I don't know the answer to that, but every time some one asks when I'm gonna 'go hero' or villian, it just makes me want to dig in, work harder and be successful in my career, prove that there is another option." Rias chuckle a a little after she finished.

"Though I supposse that trying to blaze a non violent path for others to fallow is 'heroic' in its own right, but I won't fight, I've never hurt anybody with my powers and I have every intention of keeping it that way."

"A fair point." Theodore said while scratching his chin. "At this point-" Theodore said turning to the mirror, "-I'm going to open up for questions from the viewers at home. Please call the number below or tweet us live @DrLoveless. In a moment, we're going to play a video of Immolated Marmoset but before that, do you have anything else you want to say to the viewers?" he said, turning to Rias for the question portion

"Come see us live at Black Eye'd Joes every Sunday evening, though soon that will be Saturday as well, and I hope you like this snipet of what you'll get, enjoy!" Rias said in an excited manner, though she was pretty clearly not used to trying to get people to come see her in such a manner.

Frederick Rolls

Frederick always found it amusing to watch Theodore go on during an interview like this. It was strange to see him being so much like a host, using just the right words and seeming so eager. When Frederick had been on his show, it had been a more serious tone, well, apart from occasional sarcasm from Frederick's side. Still, it was entertaining to watch, the man was good at showing off Rias' career and powers, asking personal questions without seeming too intrusive. Or, so Frederick thought at least, he was used to slightly more intrusive questions, and less smiling.

Sofia was being quiet most of the time, she probably had her opinions and such as a musician. When she did speak, she was somewhere between gentle and critical. However, while she didn't seem to enjoy what she was hearing whenever music was played, she had the decency to admit that it was at least partly because of the difference in kind of music, she played classical pieces and those composed by herself, meant for a single violin or an orchestra, not, if using Sofia's wording; "Rock and Roll and whatever common people listens too."

Frederick himself didn't mind it, the music was decent, though he'd be happier to see it accompanied by acting, and done live. That's why, when the line was open for questions, he called in.

Might as well.

"Yes, Hello, this is Frederick Rolls, I have a question for Miss DeDannan. Seeing as you're already used to performing live and putting on a show, have you ever considered the theatre, doing musicals? It's not as glamorous as the movies, but with your powers I really think you could add a layer to the pieces themselves, and it would give you a chance to try different genres of music."

The tone of his voice was unmistakeably interested, which resulted in Sofia smirking even more, and mouthing the words: "Such a nerd." Regardless, he waited for a reply, or at least a "Haha, very funny" from Theodore.


Tim Merridy

In the middle of the interview, Tim had gotten another message from his mother. This one read;

"Busy doing what? Seriously, where are you? Get back home, now!"

"I'm in Neutropolis, plz stop bothering me."

He sent back. Tim sighed, but turned his attention back to the interview. Rias was doing well, though, it was easy for him to admit that he'd be more interested in seeing her in a villain role. Logging into twitter on his second account, the one named: "IAmZeBestestVillain", he sent in a question to the show.

"Hey guuuurl, why not try being a villain?! LIke, I know you get asked that probz all the time, but really! :D You could be a preeeetty awesome villain without using force, you know, crime isn't just violence! Heroes are more violent either way, cutting people down :P. Looking good, btw, would be better in a villain costume. :3"

Part of it was simply a joke, and he doubted it would get on the show. Still, he might as well take the chance, perhaps his name and comment was unique enough to make it interesting. His phone buzzed again, and his mother had replied once again. She had to be at work still or something, else she wouldn't be sending messages.

"Timothy Merridy, get home now. You're in college, you can't just go to some town miles away just because you feel like it! You're 23, act like it!"

Tim frowned. Of course his mother was going to make some mess out of it. For a while, he thought about what to send, something that would either surprise her, or make her shocked. Then he thought of something.

"Hey, when you adopted me..." he started, typing slowly. "Did you hear anything about a twin brother or something? Perhaps a cousin? Because I've met a dude who looks exactly like me, and we're pretty alike when it comes to personality too. It just sort of... I dunno. Feels like I know him."

Then the message was sent. It took a while longer to get a reply this time. In the meantime, something else seemed to be starting up.

"Attention people of Neutrocity! I am Coil, and I am here to protect and serve you as a hero should! If any of you know of evildoings. Please let me know and I will deal with them immediately."

Tim couldn't help but laugh to himself, he still wanted to keep an eye on the interview, but this hero was clearly making a fool of themselves.

So cheesy. I suppose that's what a hero is, but...

He grinned, hoping that someone would step up to challenge her, just to see if she actually could do anything, or if she was some idealistic newbie hero.

Sirius Hamilton

"You're sittin' in the park sketchin' the coffee shop across the street? That's weird man, different even...but I get it. These crummy city parks always look the damn same to me, cheap ass fountain, mediocre hedge clippin', nice comfortable benches for sleepin' on though."

Said a rather strange looking man. Was this a hero? Or just someone with a very strange sense of fashion. Regardless, he smiled, still feeling happy. He kept drawing, face turned towards the paper. "Yeah, I---" Sirius stopped his reply, as he felt the surge of emotions he had received from Ash suddenly disappear.

I wonder why she closed the bond.

He thought to himself, eyes kept at the drawing in order for the other not to let the other see the difference that easily.

She was rather eager, though. I wonder what happened.

There was no need worrying about that now, though. He kept his smile up, and attempted to keep the tone the same, though, failing to. "I've drawn a lot of parks and nature in my life, I'm from Edinburgh, so that's a bit hard to avoid. And I felt like drawing the cafe instead. Oh, my name is Sirius, by the way."

"So, any request? Anyway I can breathe some more life into the scene you're capturin'?"

He stopped drawing, and looked up at the stranger.

"Breathe life into the scene? I don't think so," Sirius remarked, not completely understanding the offer. However, an offer was an offer, and should be considered. "I'm almost done. Besides, it has a warm afternoon feel to it, does it not? Calm and casual. If you want to do something, you could wait another minute, when I'm done I'd be interested in seeing what you could do in order to---"

"Attention people of Neutrocity! I am Coil, and I am here to protect and serve you as a hero should! If any of you know of evildoings. Please let me know and I will deal with them immediately."

Sirius tilted his head, looking at the strange lady. She wore completely white. He glanced over at the cafe, and finished his drawing, before looking back at her.

Is that another hero?

"She's a strange one, isn't she?" he muttered to the guy sitting next to him. "Also, why is she saying Neutrocity?"


"Breathe life into the scene? I don't think so," Sirius remarked, not completely understanding the offer. However, an offer was an offer, and should be considered. "I'm almost done. Besides, it has a warm afternoon feel to it, does it not? Calm and casual."

Gerald chuckled at Sirius. The guy had a point and didn't seem too worried about the fact a strange masked figure had decided to take just start conversing with him. Gerald grew slightly fond of Sirius in those few seconds, it was very rare that he actually just "talked" with someone, but Psyclone had some work to do. Maybe he'd give Sirius a few extra seconds to run once he realized what Psyclone was actually up to. He wasn't gonna target Sirius, but if he got clocked by a random park bench flying into him, there wasn't much Gerald could do.

If you want to do something, you could wait another minute, when I'm done I'd be interested in seeing what you could do in order to---"

"Attention people of Neutrocity! I am Coil, and I am here to protect and serve you as a hero should! If any of you know of evildoings. Please let me know and I will deal with them immediately."

Psyclone followed Sirius's gaze and his eyes fell upon the woman in white. Her head was shrouded under a hood and her face covered by a visor. She was just walking down the street, asking for something to do? Some "evildoings"? Psyclone almost couldn't believe it, but hey, everyone puts themselves out there in different ways. And Gerald figured it was time to do the same. He was bristling with anticipation.

"She's a strange one, isn't she?" He muttered to the guy sitting next to him. "Also, why is she saying Neutrocity?"

"Eh potato, pototo. It's a New York city vs New York, New York; Washington state and Washington DC type of thing, don't sweat it. But you're finished with your sketch, my offers back on the table. I'll help you practice some...ah, action poses, rapid movement type stuff!"

Gerald put his hand up and shook his nead.

"No, no, I insist. Trust me, I'm good with this kinda thing. I went to a school for...gifted and talented children. Though my teachers were a bit strict and sorta shit to be perfectly. So my skills may be a bit rusty. But trust me, I'm looking forward this." Gerald said getting up from the bench and strolling onto the street Coil stood in.

He grinned at her from behind his gas mask.

"Ma'am! First of all...well fuck, this is embarrassing, I forget what I was gonna say. Shit. Eh whatever. Anyway, you look damn good in white. Like damn good. Maybe if this doesn't work out, we can grab some dinner and...well I'm broke but really, I can fix that any moment. Though aren't you worried about it getting dirty? Especially with the bad weather coming this way-oh that's it! I was here to issue a weather warning."

The air around Psyclone rapidly formed a vortex and his feet left the ground, his poncho wavering in the strong winds. He began laughing, it felt damn good to really let it all out. He felt his power surging. And he was just getting started.

"This is a weather forecast warning for the immediate Neutrocity, Neutropolis area and the shitty cafe over there!"

Psyclone raised his arm towards the cafe and opened his palm. Part of the vortex broke off and began forming a larger whirlwind. Cafe goers scrambled as the new vortext picked up the outside cafe tables, umbrellas and chairs, flinging them at the windows of the cafe.

"And this crummy ass run-of-the-mill park!"

He raised his other arm, aiming at the park. He opened his hand again, forming another vortex that began tearing up the grass, hedges, and even breaking off part of the benches. He didn't even worry about Sirius. He was having too much fun.

"Two growing storm systems will be trashing both of these crummy establishments and making their way through the Neutropolis area for as long as I well please! And they will be converging on a certain headstrong hero, a woman in white, right about..."

He quickly brought his outstretched arms together and the two large whirlwinds followed, covering on on single point as the sky darkened around them, forming one tornado. He sent the deadly funnel straight towards Coil.



Darkness. Fire. Somehow this thing before him was both.


The fire breathed and grew in size. He stood bewildered and watched, leaning towards the flame to see if it would speak again.


It was calling to him. Beckoning him. His foot raised itself and move forward before he realized it and pulled back.


It now roared, the flames licking at his face, the voice bellowing from its center.


The fire surrounded him and he was burning. The heat was too much to bear and the voice boomed from all around.


"-ack! I know you're in there," called a terribly familiar voice from outside his apartment accompanied by a pounding on the door. "Open up or you're gonna hafta ignore me from the street!"

"Okay," Jack groaned as he unraveled himself from the stuffy blankets. Groggy in his barely awake state, he shuffled toward the door and opened it to greet his landlord, a mister Loomis. "Well, good mor-"

"Morning? No, it's half past six, you're behind on your rent again, and you went through the neighborhood on that goddamn bike after I've told you several times not to."

"Have you ever seen me on a bike?"

"I know it's you, you're the only one that gets here at four in the morning making all that racket. And I'll take that rent payment now."

In a huff, Jack trundled over to the small closet and emptied out the lockbox on the shelf. Not bothering to count it, he handed it over to Loomis.

"This ain't gonna cut it. You barely have half."

"Yeah, well, it's all I got."

"Listen, I don't care how you get it, but you get it. And if I don't have it by tomorrow, whether you're in here or not, you and all of your junk is gonna be thrown outta my building. You got that?"

"Every word," Jack said with a smile before shutting the door. He went to his mattress and fell back onto the mess of covers, then muttered a single syllable as he stared at the ceiling. "Shit."


Tom went home after the movie to finish up the article, making the changes Rias had requested and polishing it up a bit before submitting it. Soon after he flipped on Loveless' show, eager to catch her interview and almost had to facepalm when Loveless asked for questions via social media. Ah that's right! He wanted me to let him know about the article when its finished, hmm not really a question so I should avoid twitter, guess I'll shoot him a quick email.

And so he did; with great justice.



"Ma'am! First of all...well fuck, this is embarrassing, I forget what I was gonna say. Shit. Eh whatever. Anyway, you look damn good in white. Like damn good. Maybe if this doesn't work out, we can grab some dinner and...well I'm broke but really, I can fix that any moment. Though aren't you worried about it getting dirty? Especially with the bad weather coming this way-oh that's it! I was here to issue a weather warning."

Tess had to smirk, she hadn't expected so prompt a response to her request but that was Neutropolis for you, full of powered hooligans waiting to show off. This one looked to have some wind powers judging by how his poncho was starting to flutter everywhere, the gasmask just looked silly though. Bet its hard to see out of too.

"Thank you for the compliment citizen, but I must ask that you desist at once, you are frightening patrons of this no doubt fine establishment," she said, though he kept talking and his whirlwind started to grow.

"Two growing storm systems will be trashing both of these crummy establishments and making their way through the Neutropolis area for as long as I well please! And they will be converging on a certain headstrong hero, a woman in white, right about... Now!"


This was more than she bargained for, I signed up for this to fool heroes not fight tornadoes! No choice now though... She darted to the side quickly, one of the new gadgets, a metal whip extending as she poured life into it. Swinging it she latched onto a streetlight and yanked herself out of the way of the storm, swinging around the light and past the storm. She stumbled a bit as she landed then took off towards the masked-psycho, running against the intense winds of the vortex now just behind her and hoping she could reach him before it turned around.

Tim Merridy

"Ma'am! First of all...well fuck, this is embarrassing, I forget what I was gonna say. Shit. Eh whatever. Anyway, you look damn good in white. Like damn good. Maybe if this doesn't work out, we can grab some dinner and...well I'm broke but really, I can fix that any moment. Though aren't you worried about it getting dirty? Especially with the bad weather coming this way-oh that's it! I was here to issue a weather warning."

Tim knew the look of someone up to trouble. He'd worn that expression quite a lot of times himself, after all. Not to mention, the poncho was a dead give away, no one in a poncho could be a good guy. Swiftly, he closed his laptop and put it away. The sound of another message received distracted him for a moment, but not long enough for him to miss the whirlwind that had just been created, aimed at the cafe. Annoyed, Tim swore that he wouldn't ever team up with this guy, and left, forcing his way through the confused masses, while carrying way too much luggage for a situation like this.

What a great timing!

He'd laughed when the newbie hero appeared, but it wasn't that funny when his own stuff could get destroyed just because of another villain. Even if the other could not possibly know who he was, it still felt like betrayal. And he was the one supposed to do that kinda thing!

Eventually, he got far enough from the battle to check his phone, only to stop up completely.

"Your father and I would rather have told you this in person, but yes. You do have a twin-brother. We didn't get to know much apart from that there was some medical procedures that prevented us from adopting both of you, and that the couple that eventually did adopt him was named Braider. You shouldn't assume too much, of course, but if he really does look completely like you, I'd at least consider it a possibility, as we were informed of that you were identical twins."

Tim read the message again, then another time. Braider. That was Tom's last name, right?!

"Oh man!" he almost shouted to himself, and found Tom's number, not hesitating to call it.

"Hi, Tom! I--- uh, I need to talk to you. Somewhere private, it's... kinda important!"


Sirius Hamilton

"Eh potato, pototo. It's a New York city vs New York, New York; Washington state and Washington DC type of thing, don't sweat it. But you're finished with your sketch, my offers back on the table. I'll help you practice some...ah, action poses, rapid movement type stuff!"

Sirius frowned. He had a bad feeling about it. "I'd rather you didn't," he muttered, though, the other was already continuing.

"No, no, I insist. Trust me, I'm good with this kinda thing. I went to a school for...gifted and talented children. Though my teachers were a bit strict and sorta shit to be perfectly. So my skills may be a bit rusty. But trust me, I'm looking forward this."

"Are you sure?" Sirius replied, not at all sure if he should even listen to this guy. Something told him that he should get away.

In hindsight, that would have been a good idea. He had not reacted as anything but calm when the whirlwinds started appearing, though, the sight of pages of his sketch-book wasn't something he liked. However, while he started using his powers, cancelling and calming the wind a couple of feet around him, he had no chance at noticing, nor stopping the piece of bench that hit his head and knocked him down.


While he was not knocked out, Sirius still stayed down, his powers still cancelling what it could, though, he couldn't save the sketches that had been ripped out of the book and was both scattered around him, and in the midst of the tornado that the whirlwinds had combined to become. With no other choice but to stay down, Sirius couldn't do anything to help the hero, though at least the people at the cafe had taken the chance to run away.

Hopefully no one got hurt.

He thought of the one paying attention to the computer-screen a lot, though, since he had yet to see a flying laptop or pair of headphones around, he assumed that the man had gotten away like the rest. With what anyone would consider a serious case of apathy -without knowing what he had considered, the very least- he started collecting the sketches around him, blood trickling down from his head as he did. It wasn't much use, most of them had been ripped apart or crumbled, good for nothing but lighting the fireplace.


Psyclone watched the woman in white grapple to street lamp as the tornado passed and swing herself past the funnel. He began rotating the tornado faster but she merely muscled on against its force. He grinned madly. He liked this woman in white. He liked her a lot. Psyclone released control of the tornado and let it barrel through the streets of Neutropolis. He reached out, a pulling glass from the shattered cafe windows towards him. The glass rotated in a vortex of it's own around Psyclone's fist. Things were about to get up close and personal.

He charged at her.

"I'm gonna rub some dirt in your eye!" He yelled. It wasn't the most poignant statement but it was something he could get behind.



The Crick mulled over Wilkin's words, pacing back and forth on the roof top.

"They don't just want the most powerful, they want the worst. Fantastic, simply fantastic..." Terry muttered in contemplation, not noticing the darkening sky.

The gears in his head were already turning, but they didn't have far to go. Someone wants villains and if they couldn't find them, they'd take the most powerful people they could find, offer some cash, and MAKE villains. Villains that could tear through an entire police force and any hero that got in their way.

"Okay, these supposed random people asking around for these superhumans, you guys haven't been able to bring any of them in for questioning"

"I told you, we don't no how to handle it and a number of higher ups ain't on board with it. Right now the general agreement with the police force is that it's all just a coincidence; just a bunch of civilians trying to start trouble or just amuse themselves. Besides, question them on what? They could easily claim they were just curious. And even if we find something, I doubt we'll be able to dig any deeper. There seem to be a lot of arms at play in whatever this is, but I don't see a head in site. Trust me, this whole thing is giving me stomach pai-" Officer Wilkins came to a halt as he noticed a white chunk bounce off Crick's visor. He crouched and picked it up.

"Ice?" Terry said, holding the large cold lump in his hand. A second even larger chunk of ice smashed against his shoulder, almost knocking him off the building. And then a third. And soon it was raining ice nearly the size of tennis balls.


He watched as more of it fell from the sky, accompanied by the shrieks of car alarms and something even louder in the distance. Wilkin's crouched in the door way leading to the room but turned towards the loud sound off in the distance. The Crick followed and saw it, a large spinning coil roping down from the sky, or up rather, and passing through the city.

"A tornado? Where did that even come from?! You have got to be kidding me-ah screw it, call it in!" He yelled to Wilkins.

"Something tells me they already know!" He yelled, connecting to dispatch and running down the stairwell.

The Crick turned and jumped across the room, through the hail, linking his phone to his helmet. There were bound to be tons of of people either trapped or injured across the city and he knew he was gonna need help with this. He began calling the Specter.


Karen sat with Annabelle and Tony, who had come out of his room and watched Dr Loveless's show. Karen didn't think much of it at first, the girl was talented for sure if a bit naive. "She seems to not have a full grasp on why people become heroes or villains." Karen said after the music video began "It's not that simple, though I do admit to have seen what she's talking about, so there is some validity to her stance." Karen's mind flashing to a Hero she'd met before she vanished who called him self 'Dozer' due to being able to control dirt and rock. He had a good heart, and was always a strong, reliable Allie, but he also never really 'gelled' with the Super Hero which cause issues for him and others now and then.

Karen did think about question her directly on the matter, but decided not to. This was a topic to be discussed face to face, not over some TV shows hot line. She dialed the number on the screen, introduced her self when asked, the asked if she or another band mate wrote an of the music they performed.


Tom picked up the phone on the second ring, barely managing to say hello before Tim spoke up, sounding quite excited.

"Uh sure, I'm at home now so if you just want to drop by my apartment that should work," he said, both confused and full of various excitements "You know the address right?

Something important? That probably meant super stuff right, that was how it always was in the comics at least, stuff not important to the plot didn't get much mention. Though of course he knew this was real life and that wasn't how things always worked but still there were all manner of possibilities.

"Do I?" he asked, before nodding to himself, and picking up his pace. The sound of the tornado and the people involved was behind him now, though he doubted Tom would be able to pick out much of it.

"Oh right, you told us in the car. That's not far from here, I think, so I'll probably be there in like, ten. No wait, make that five. See you," he ended the call, and put the phone in his pocket. However, not before rereading the message from his mother to make sure he had read it correctly.

This is just... weird. And awesome, but... weird.

He started running now, and it didn't take long for him to reach the apartments where Tom lived. It was an exhausted Tim who knocked at -hopefully- Tom's door, breathing heavily.

Tom answered and waved Tim in, pulling up a chair for him. The apartment was a nice place if rather small, and somewhat cluttered with movie and comic related things lying about. The kitchen area was quite clean however, though it was obvious from how worn some parts of it were that Tom cooked fairly often.

"So what did you want to talk about?"

Tim looked around for only a slight moment, and almost dropped all his stuff. Ignoring the chair Tom had gotten for him, he grabbed the other's shoulders, eagerly, yet clearly nervous from the shaking and serious expression on his face. This was an once in a lifetime event, after all.

"Tom!" he started. "We're twins! I mean... yeah, I'm pretty damn sure! My mother said my twin brother was adopted by someone with the surname Braider, and... and you've got to be him, right?!"

There wasn't a single doubt in his mind, it just... fit too well. It worked out perfectly, like a movie plot would.

"What... really? Man what are the odds?" Tom said after a moment, he had to admit he had his suspicions but it just hadn't seemed like the sort of thing that could happen "Wow, you're sure?"

"That's what my mother said! And... we're really alike, right? And..." he stopped. Something had just clicked inside his mind, like puzzle-pieces.


If they really were identical twins, would they both have powers? Tim's smile lessened a little, as he thought of it further.

Of course.

Of fucking course. It made sense now, it really did. Sir Awesome. Tom was Sir Awesome. Probably. Perhaps. He couldn't ask, though, not now. Besides... if the other figured out who he was, what would happen then? Tim forced the grin back on.

"And that means that we're not each other's clones! Which is kinda good, because that outcome would be creepy!" he joked.

"Yeah, I mean it sorta makes sense, its..." wait what if he has powers too? That Lord Blobby guy showed up around the same time as Tim did, what if... "Just weird, finding out that hey you've got a twin brother, not something that happens every day, am I right?" he finished a bit weakly.

And the jokes he made to Rias, it all fits... I think. Man I hope I'm not right, I don't want to have to beat up my brother. That I didn't know I had until now. I mean even if he wasn't my brother he'd still be a friend, so what do I do? Man this is haaaaard.

"Hahaha! Yeah!" Tim replied. Tom was a worse actor than him, which became apparent in how the other changed his tone.

We're really not that different.

"At least, I hope there's not any more siblings now! That'd be such a mess! Also not twins anymore," he replied, and took the chance to take in Tom's apartment more, from the kitchen and the well-used pots, to the comics.

"Oh, you're a comic-book fan?" he asked. "You really do like those heroes, huh? Then this is certainly the right place for you to live," Tim said, grinning more sincerely now.

"Yeah I know, heroes and villains all over this place," he said, smiling weakly "Don't suppose that had anything to do with why you came here?"

"Well, you know what they say! If you want to study something, you better go to the source!" Tim wasn't sure if anyone actually said that, but he was too busy pretending that them being twins was the only thing that they'd realized.

"I wanted to check how it really works. I'm planning on working in the movie industry, and movies with super-heroes are really popular these days!"

"Cool, yeah I think you mentioned that before," Tom said, in spite of how certain he was in his suspicions he didn't want to call Tim out on being Lord Maggy, on the slim chance that I'm wrong then I'd just give away that I'm Sir Awesome.

"So what do we do now that we know we're twins?" he asked, what do we do indeed. "Although I'd like to talk to your parents at some point to be sure that you're right."

Tim looked at Tom, thoughtfully. "Hm... Let's see... how about a sleep-over?! I'd let you stay at my place, but I don't currently have one..." he chuckled, and showed his phone to Tom, putting at the kitchen counter.

"And feel free to talk to them, though, they're normally busy around now. They work long days." He frowned a bit. "Very long days."

Tom checked Tim's contacts and added their numbers to his own phone, he'd have to call them later and his own parents as well to see if they knew anything about this.

"Er, I guess you could crash here for a couple days if you need a place to stay," he said "Just don't trash the place or anything like that."

"What, you think I'd do that?" Tim faked -obviously this time- offence. Then he shrugged. "How'd you know? You psychic or something? Nah, I won't trash your place, of course not."

"Good, I'd rather not have to throw you out," Tom said, yaaaay now I have a supervillain living with me! I am the best hero ever.

He stood up, smiling weakly at first though it quickly grew more sincere. Well actually, maybe I can turn him good or something! At the very least I can keep an eye on him here, and no matter who it is helping someone find a place to sleep for the night is a good deed right?

"Well if you're staying then you can sleep on the couch, its pretty comfy and I've got some spare pillows and blankets," he said, continuing on into a short list of basic rules and amenities.

"What, you'd not let your own twin-brother have your bed? How horrible a fiend are you?" Tim whined, purposefully speaking like that to see if he could get a reaction out of Tom. If nothing else, it might be amusing. "Oh, also. Do you get angry quickly?"

"Hey its my place, so my rules," Tom replied "and no... not usually. Why do you ask?"

"But I'm your guest," Tim argued, and stuck his tongue out. "But fair enough, I'm just kidding. And don't worry, I won't damage anything on purpose." He stopped a bit, not sure of how to continue. Part of him wanted to make sure that Tom was Sir Awesome, it would work well with a superhero-movie plot for him to be, but instead he calmed down a little. This was his brother. One he hadn't known before coming to Neutropolis.

I'll let the jokes rest as well.

He knew that it had to be weird for Tom too, and perhaps a little too fast forward. However, he had to do one more thing before the awkwardness could end.

"Another thing..." Tim started, and embraced Tom the way a brother should. "Thanks for letting me stay. And... I dunno, for existing, I suppose."

Tom hugged him back, now back to his usual grin "Yeah no problem," he said "Least I could do for family."

He let go and stepped back, and spoke again in a joking manner"Though lets get one thing clear I'm definitely the older brother."

Tim smirked, and nodded. "I don't know about that, but fine, you can be the big brother."



Tom laughed at Tim's response, "Great, always wanted to have a younger brother," he said "At least I did when I was little, hadn't thought about it in ages."

He turned his attention back to Rias' interview "I was just following this when you called, looks like she's going to be pretty popular now huh?"

Suddenly a roaring storm could be heard, as well as sirens from outside. Tom's apartment had thick walls (as did many apartments in Neutropolis, after all many people found it hard to sleep with the frequent super battles that occurred) but even they couldn't block out this sound.

"What was that?" he said, standing up and heading to the door. And more importantly how am I going to leave to help without Tim knowing for sure that I'm Sir awesome?



"I'm gonna rub some dirt in your eye!"

There was little chance of that, the visor was fairly protective of her eyes though she couldn't say the same for the rest of her face. Close quarters at least I can handle, she thought, though if he started throwing around the big gusts again she doubted she would be able to stay in close. The previous storm was already rolling down the streets and she had no doubt that if she'd been caught in it it would have flung her about like a ragdoll.

"I said stand down," she declared, lashing her whip out for his legs trying to trip him up even as she darted to the side to avoid the miniature hurricane of broken glass around his fist "Though lying down works too!"


Mina sat in a cafe near where "Coil" had introduced herself. She almost cringed at how corny her heroic entrance had been. It was perfect. Coil needed to be the ideal hero. People needed to love her and praise her. The plan wouldn't work unless the entire city was ready to build a statue in her honor and declare a local holiday in her name. If she played it straight as she was, people might laugh at how cheesy she was, but everyone would trust her. The quintessential hero.

Of course, in this particular city, it wasn't always the best idea to announce your existence to a crowd. Sometimes, it drew out the worst. It turned out, this was the case for almost immediately a weath controller decided to test Tess. Almost immediately, the collateral damage was through the roof. Quite literally in some cases. Glass shattered and flew through the air, cutting people down. Inside the cafe, it was chaos. People were running into the back of the restaurant to avoid the windows and glass. Mina however remained in the main area, slowly sipping on the coffee and watching the fight through cracking glass. She did however take the precaution of getting out her wand so she could transform at a moment's notice.

All-in-all, everything was going pretty well. Tess had an incredible opportunity to prove herself and earn the cities trust. What more, the villain was so flashy it was sure to draw other heroes giving Coil a chance to make connections and legitimize herself. To top it all off, now she had a new target for her villain recruitment; a certain psychotic weather user with an obvious flare for the dramatic.

She took another sip of her coffee and - unconsciously - smiled cruely.

Dr. Loveless

As the questions came pouring in, Theodore and his staff set to the work of sorting them out. A few were easy questions, fewer were good questions, and the vast majority were terrible. One even suggested she become a villain in the most douchey sort of way possible. Still, he had what he needed. During this time, he received a link to the article about Rias and put it up on his website for people to read.

Just as he was about to go back on the air, he received a report of a superhuman battle downtown. Quickly, he threw a report about it up on screen. In this city, they went up like bad weather alerts; just little bands across the bottom of the screen that said where the fight was, what kind of powers were in use, and a rough danger level all wrapped up on a yellow and red background. Were he closer, he'd call the interview off to go record, but he'd have to leave that to his interns and the other casters. Sadly, he couldn't be everywhere.

"And were back. In case you missed it, all citizens are encouraged to avoid the downtown area due to a superhuman fight. Danger level is high due to weather related powers. Again, please avoid the downtown area. We'll have further details as they become available. Now, Rias, we have several questions from the audience. Longtime friend of the show Frederick Rolls. Immediately, a recording of the question played. "I have a question for Miss DeDannan. Seeing as you're already used to performing live and putting on a show, have you ever considered the theatre, doing musicals? It's not as glamorous as the movies, but with your powers I really think you could add a layer to the pieces themselves, and it would give you a chance to try different genres of music."

Collab between Mortis and I

With the Professor in on his little crusade, Alex decided that he might as well lay out his battle plan for him.

He brought the Professor to a nearby diner and after a cup of coffee, Alex began to reveal his plan to him.

"In a few days, the city is going to have a festival and everybody attends. Everybody including the members of the Ditelli family and I intend to strike then." Alex said, pounding his fist on the table. "Right now, they don't know who they are dealing with but I would like for them to know. I want to give them the same fear that was in my sister's eyes when they attempted to take her. What do you think?"

Vinzenz prepared to cut into his strudel just as the tableware clattered from the impact. The doctor carried on while the man in the booth seat opposite him resumed, raising a fork full of pastry into his mouth. Chewing and listening, considering the plan, Vinzenz responded with a very intrigued "Hmm." Never one to talk with his full mouth, he took the time to enjoy his food, at least as best he could considering the reduced quality of food he was used to. The bite was washed with a sip of heavily creamed coffee and gulped down with the mouthful. "Ah, so you vish to make a display of sis? Very seatrical. I like it. Sis, err...festival. Lots of crowds, ya? Vould need to exercise caution, alsough sese Ditellis may not. See message vill certainly come across, I sink."

"My only worry is staying low after I attack them." Alex said, biting into a doughnut he ordered. "I mean to send a message and not kill them outright. I need a place to stay and I may need to stay in your warehouse after my attack on the festival." Alex paused, swallowing the food in his mouth. "After the festival, I will need to obtain information on their caches but they are usually heavily guarded and bristling with security so that is where you will come in."

"Mhm, mm," hummed the doctor through another portion of his strudel. "Perhaps you should extract see necessary information from von of see Ditellis at sis festival. Two flies vis von svatter, ya? Save a step. I do not mind if you take refuge in see varehouse. So long as you are not followed. As for sese caches, I may have to get creative vis mein material, alsough I know I vill come up vis somesing to aid."

"The problem would be extracting the information from one of them without alerting the others." Alex mumbled, rubbing his chin in thought. "I can't take one of them with me. It would slow me down." Then an idea hit Alex as he looked at someone answering their phone. "Professor, can you make a device that records sound? If I can plant a sound bug on one of them then we can pick up information and possibly find the caches."

"Bah," Vinzenz began, waving his right hand nonchalantly as he stirred his coffee with his left. "Child's play. Audio recording is simple, it is just a matter of scale. Und if you vill, please refer to me as 'doctor'. I gave only von lecture und...suffice to say, it did not go vell. At any rate, I vill need some time to make sis undetectable transmitter you require. Vis any luck, ve vill get to sese caches very soon. I am eager to continue my research."

"Okay... Doctor." Alex said, taking another bite of his meal. He reached into his pocket to pull out a cheap, pre-paid cellphone that he bought on the way there. "Preferably, if you could have the audio recordings end up here I would appreciate it."

He then pulled out a wallet and proceeded to pay for their little meal. "Now both of us have to trust each other so I have a secret that I have to show you so we are both on the same page. Follow me, please."

Alex lead the Doctor outside of the diner and into an alleyway, out of view from anyone.

"I don't know how else to say this but grab hold to my arm and close your eyes. And also trust me." Once the Doctor did so, Alex blinked a few feet further into the alleyway. At first it wasn't that obvious that they had teleported but upon inspection, there wasn't a dumpster in front of them before. "I trust that you must keep this a secret as well." Alex said with a grin.

Vinzenz took a swift step back and furrowed his brow at the man. It took a moment for what just happened to process--he'd never seen such a thing in his life. This raised so many questions about just what had happened in his absence. It brought back the harsh reality that he knew little of this modern world. He'd have much to learn and he'd have to learn it fast. All in due time, however, as there were other matters to attend to. "You can be certain your secret is safe vis me. Now, I sink it is about time vee begin preparation."

"Alright, I'll come by again when I can." Alex said, starting to step back. "The world's changing." Alex said omniously before going off on his own business.


"Reporting super-powered battles like really bad weather, that's a new one" Karen said as she stood up "They happen so often in this city its expected to have a fight break out least once a day" Tony said as Loveless asked the first viewer question "Just be careful out that, it's been a long time since you 'suited up last' and a lot has changed since then" Karen smirked "Don't worry, I'm just going to 'introduce my self'" she said before she headed into the kitchen and 'transformed', which was really just a gold magic circle that dropped over her and changed her outfit to her armor and exposed her wings and horn. She took a quick look out side, and after not seeing any one darted out the back door and flew up high quick as she could, and toward down town.


"I have a question for Miss DeDannan. Seeing as you're already used to performing live and putting on a show, have you ever considered the theatre, doing musicals? It's not as glamorous as the movies, but with your powers I really think you could add a layer to the pieces themselves, and it would give you a chance to try different genres of music." a recording from a 'Fredrick Rolls' asked

"I have actually, even tried out for a few. Problem is, they kinda want you to be able to act as well, and I'm just really not good enough an actress to get any of the parts I've tried out for. Though despite the spinet, we do actually do more then rock and metal, we also do country, blues and what ever else I decide to throw at the band, I've even 'rapped'."


"I said stand down!"

Psyclone dashed around Coil, avoiding her whip as it lashed at his legs and trying to land a punch. She was a lot faster than he'd expected, but that didn't matter. He was own this fight and start pulling himself together. And the only way to pull himself together was to tear Neutropolis apart. Brick by brick, hero by hero. He looked down at her whip quickly, but something bothered him. Something about the way it moved seemed strangely familiar. Psyclone shook his head quickly.

No time to check your mental year book, we got an ass to kick

"Stand down? I'm just getting warmed up! Keep it comin' I can do this all day-" Psyclone felt the whip coil around his leg as he slammed into the ground, his vortex failing and the shards of glass falling around him.

"Though lying down works too!"

Psyclone gritted his teeth. Yep, she definitely had...something similar to this one kid he who'd attended the school. That or she was just really good with a whip.

"I guess it does!" Psyclone said, flinging the glass at Coil in a sudden burst of spiraling air before rolling onto his feet. He surrounded himself with a vortex and pulled back a few feet.

"Alright, you seem a lot more interesting than you're letting on Coil! C'mon, 'big hero' I've been evildoing for awhile now, hit me harder! Or I'll hit you first!"

A horizontal vortex formed around him as he stared down Coil. Bricks and splintered wood from the cafe swirled around the terrifying tunnel. He pulled back for a punch.


Psyclone and the vortex shot forward like a bullet.

Frederick Rolls

Frederick had barely ended the call before he got another call, a number he didn't know.

It couldn't be...

No, he'd told the Crick not to call him. Surely it had to be something not hero related at all. Yep. Definitely.

"Hello?" he asked the caller, not introducing himself. If it somehow was the Crick, giving the hero his name seemed like it could be bothersome. Not knowing what individuals would think of his situation was just as annoying, honestly. "Who is this?"

Before he got a reply, Sofia stuck her elbow into his side, pointing at the TV.

"Not now, I---"

"And were back. In case you missed it, all citizens are encouraged to avoid the downtown area due to a superhuman fight. Danger level is high due to weather related powers. Again, please avoid the downtown area. We'll have further details as they become available."

Frederick frowned and got up. He knew that it could get really dangerous, and someone like him, a ghost with little presence, wasn't very likely to get hurt.

"What is it?" Sofia asked. "Don't tell me you suddenly have plans, Frederick, Loveless hasn't even asked your nerd-question yet."

"Of course not. I have to discuss something work related, I'll be in my bedroom where I keep the documents," he replied. "See you later, Schwesterchen," he said, mockingly.

His parents had often spoken German at home, as they were both born and raised in Germany. They had seen it as important to teach him and Sofia German from young age as well, and one of the first words he had learned was that. Schwesterchen, little sister, they had taught him when they had been children. He hadn't imagined that he would be the one making her worry back then.

"Get going then," she muttered. "Wouldn't want to keep those poor people waiting---" there was another word, however, he didn't pick it up. The wording was odd, but he nodded.

"Of course." Only then did he realized that he should probably have hung up, and did so, before entering his bedroom, and leaving his body in bed. While he felt sort of bad for the caller -not only because he'd have to listen to his conversation with Sofia- Frederick knew how bad this could be. His powers meant that he had a duty to act.

He exited the building, invisible, feeling sort of guilty for being unable to tell Sofia. When he was closer to the storm mentioned, he made himself visible again, as he started scouting for what he needed to do.


Tim Merridy

"Great, always wanted to have a younger brother. At least I did when I was little, hadn't thought about it in ages."

"Yeah, same. I used to spend a lot of time alone in our house as a kid, so I was rather lonely," Tim remarked, and dropped down into the couch. "Then again, I might not have seen the magic of movies if I hadn't been so bored back then." He chuckled, and turned the volume up on the tv, seeing as it was the interview he'd been watching.

"I was just following this when you called, looks like she's going to be pretty popular now huh?"

"I wouldn't be surprised." Tim was well aware of the status people with powers got. While it wasn't always a positive view, those who showcased their powers a lot tended to get the attention they wanted. And, Rias wasn't just someone with powers, she was talented and pretty as well.

"I'd say that she's probably going to stay in the business for a long while. Perhaps I'll get the honors of working together with, in some form."

Suddenly, a lot of noise could be heard, as well as a siren. While Tim knew exactly what it was, Tom appeared not to, walking over to his door.

"What was that?"

His newly found brother asked. Tim sighed. "Just a villain and a hero fighting it out, showing off their-- well, one of them was a girl, so perhaps not. Anyways, it's not that important, don't worry about it. Not like you can do anything about it either way, right? We'd just be in the way." He motioned towards his bags. "Heck, the villain almost ruined my laptop. If it hadn't been for all the flying pieces of glass, I'd probably film it."

It wasn't much to react to, or so Tim thought. He'd caused more havoc himself, back home.

Can't let you go out and play hero just yet, Sir Awesome.

Outwardly, he shrugged.

"Anyways, Rias is talking, don't you want to watch?"

Sirius Hamilton

Sirius stopped collecting the pages when the storm got worse, and put what he had in his pockets. The cafe one was lost, however, it had been ripped apart. That wasn't important now, though. People were gathering around, curious, and that was dangerous. Foolish. Curiosity was something he understood, however, there was so many things flying around, and they could get hurt. The super-heroine and the villain was still fighting.

Why here?

It was a bad location. Anywhere was, of course, but there was a lot of apartments around, he had seen them when sketching. People lived here. Sirius thought of what would happen if their homes got damaged, or if they got hurt, and decided to help out. He knew he could do something, he'd seen the effect of his powers earlier. Cancelling the storm around him calmed the wind, it was risky for him, but could be very effective.

If I'm careful, I might not get hit again.

He probably would get at least some cuts. Regardless, he wasn't afraid, he couldn't really be afraid.

And the emotional connection is still shut down.

Hopefully, it would stay like that until he was safe again. With that, Sirius ran close to the storm, activating his powers, and started walking towards the centre, making it less and less potent as he continued, cuts and pieces of glass ignored. It was a little painful, but Sirius would manage. He probably had to go see a doctor afterwards, though.

I wonder if Ash could help me, I'm not sure what papers I need to go. My overseas health insurance... would I need my passport as well, as ID?

It was thoughts like these, that filled his head at first, practical ones. Then he thought of how beautiful it was from the inside, and he wondered if the pieces of glass would have reflected bits and pieces of light from the sunset. Anything was better to think of instead of pain.

Slender Girl

Ash's delivery had succeeded uneventfully, and she found herself drawn to the idea of going on an early patrol today. Maybe then I can finally find Lard Magnanimous and finish our arrangement, Ash had thought, an unfitting grin settling on her face for a moment, before she headed out.

So then, where's the action today?

Slender Girl scoured the city for combat as she bounded above the city in her usual unnatural way, using the buildings to hide most of her motion for the sake of its mystique (Thankfully, she'd remembered somewhere along the line to turn off her connection to Sirius -- no idea how that worked, after all.) She distantly heard the sound of winds gathering, and stopped. Hm. I do hope it isn't about to rain. Some people get so fussy about rain and white-shirt uniforms...

Looking to its source, Slender Girl saw what looked like a whirlwind emanating from where she knew a park dedicated to some fallen heroes to be. Looks like I've found something, at least. Why do I have the feeling this will only be annoying? Regardless, she took off for the disturbance.

Arriving right near the confrontation, she noticed first the heroine -- a newbie? -- facing off against a person, it looks like, kind of hard to tell with all of the spinning. After that, a stumbling civilian caught her eyes as the villain prepared to do its thing.

Slender Girl sighed, "You better win this one, newbie!", before heading over to somehow assist to the wounded... redhead?



It didn't take long for Karen to get to the city and find the battle site, and it kinda pissed her off a bit, it also didn't take long for her to figure out who the bad guy was. She formed a sword in her left hand as she dove in on the wind based villain. The golden glow of her sword would have been hard to miss as she brought it down on the charging villain, the blade wasn't 'strong' enough to cut the villain in two, but it would still hurt like hell if it hit.


Psyclone felt bright glow glint off the inside of his gasmask. He gathered the tunnel of wind, wrapping it in a vortex around himself and quickly dashed out of the way of the strike. He glared at the winged hero from behind his shield of whirling debris and then over to Coil. It was supposed to be a one-on-one, no interference, no mess. It was his moment, his fight, his...

He grinned.

Psyclone hovered about them, the wall of debris tightening around him. He looked over to moving towards his tornado and noticed Slender Girl. This was even better. He chuckled as he floated in the air.

"Three heroes, three times the fame. Hit me with your best shot ladies, cause I'm hitting you with mine!"

He spread opened his arms, releasing the vortex and sending the debris flying in every direction.



"Hang in there, I've almost got you out!" The Crick said, peeling back the shattered windows on the mangled, overturned bus.

Terry helped who he could as pairs of emergency crews helped citizens out of the bus and continued evacuating the area. They clamored out, obvious shaken and confused as to what the hell just happened. But they all knew, just another day in beautiful Necropolis. The tornado finally seemed to be dying down, or at least stabilized and focused on one small section of the city, but in those few minutes it had left behind it a massive trail of destruction through the streets and buildings it passed.

And since The Crick couldn't fight a tornado and current reports said three heroes were dealing with the villain responsible, he was gladly helping to evacuate the downtown area and help those who had gotten in the way of this spontaneous force of nature.

"Hey, some debris took down the entire front of this building and blocked off the subway exit! We aren't sure if there's anyone down there!" The Crick dashed over and placed his ear against the concrete. He moved along it, making out faint muffles and thuds.

"Eugh, it's tough. The sounds bouncing all around in there or is being absorbed by all this debris. I hear voices but I don't know what their condition is, how many there are-doesn't matter. There are people down there, we need paramedics, and clearing crews, and-"

"Slow down there 'hero', that's not your call. Right now, yes, we'll assume there are people down there but they aren't our number one priority. If anything, they're probably safer than the everyone out here. We've got injured and people we KNOW for sure are trapped to deal with first. We'll leave a crew stationed here in case anything develops, but I can't waist time on what might be some guys radio or a few crumbling rocks. We can't just go by your ears."

The Crick had to admit the crew member had a point, but he just didn't feel right leaving those people he knew for sure were trapped in there. He quickly switched back over to his phone, listening to the last few bits of a man and woman's conversation.

He ended the call, and tried dialing again.

"C'mon Spectre, this isn't how we agreed to use your number, but I think you'll find it in your heart to forgive me given the situation!"

Dr. Loveless

Theodore listened to her answer before adding a small side question. "Not an actress? But surely there's an element of stage performance even in the musical world?" he asked.

Once she'd answered, he moved onto the next audience submission. "This one comes from a Karen Krieg. Then, the recording of the question played. "I wanted to know; do you or any of your band-mates write original music?"

The string of submitted questions continued for a while, but they eventually concluded. Most of the question were easy - submissions usually were - though there were a few actually difficult question among the mix. Finally, as the interview came to a close, Theodore made a few closing remarks.

"Rias, it's been a pleasure having you here today and I look forward to seeing you again onstage and on my show. Her band is "Immolated Marmoset" and you can hear them live, Saturday Nights, down at Joe's If you'd like to know more about Rias Dedannan or her band, information is available online at Rias, is there anything you'd like to add?"

Once she'd made her closing remarks. Theodore took control again and spoke up. "This has been Loveless Live and I've been your host - Dr. Theodore Loveless. Good night and safe travels." And with that, the interview was over.

Theodore held out his hand again for Rias and spoke up. "It's been a pleasure Rias; do stay in touch. Normally the crew and I would treat you to dinner now - our way of thanking you and bribing you to come back - but I'm afraid that battle downtown needs to be covered so we've got our work cut out for us. If you'd like, we can rain-check the dinner and invite your band-mates and friends." he said while getting up from the chair between constant interruptions from his staff about the events downtown.

Even though he wasn't a superhero, his life was STILL controlled by the actions of super-villains.


Karen just rolled her eye when he started spouting non-sense about fame. Honestly she'd stopped listening to morons like him long before she vanished, still, the debris field he was throwing around was an issue, but there was just to much of it for her to try and stop, she'd need to stop it at the source.

"Divine Assault, Stance One;" Karen said as the sword in her hand changed, going from what looked to be a long sword made of light to a burning bar. As she spoke she also shifted slightly, rearing back like she was readying to swing it at him. "Golden Crescent" She said calmly as she swing her sword at Psyclone like she was cutting him from the shoulder to the hip, and true to the name of the attack, threw a golden, crescent shaped blade of energy at the villain at a bullets speed, the debris field not even slowing the flying blade down as it sped toward the villain.

Karen had really only enough time to get her shield up after that and wait for the debris to pass before she could get after him.


"It's not the same thing, directors of plays want things do a certain way, what I do on stage is basically ad-lib for the most part, especially when I do the 'one man band' thing. So I can put on a great show when left to my own devices, but for some reason I don't do well when some one starts trying to direct me." she replied.

The questions rolled on after the video, most weren't really challenging in terms of subject matter, a few where but most weren't. The only one she felt sheepish about answering was Karen's question about if they write their own music or not. Rias was clearly embarrassed to admit that they didn't, not for a lack of trying but none of them could pen a good song.

As the interview wound down Loveless again gave the viewers and listeners the bands name, time and place where they played. She didn't really have much to add after that so she just thanked every who'd come to the shows thus far and hoped others would come and see her live as well.

After his closing remarks the interview ended and they shook hands again, and he excused him self, saying that the fight down town needed covering, but offered a rain check on dinner, which she accepted, even if she did feel like she was being pushed a side. Not that she showed it. Loveless left and shortly after she did as well, though avoided the battle site as she flew home. It took longer, but it gave her time to think. She had said some things people would not likely agree with and worried if it would have a negative impact on her career or not.


"Anyways, Rias is talking, don't you want to watch?"

Tom gritted his teeth for a moment and remained seated "Yeah, I mean I like to see live hero fights if I can but with the weather..." he trailed off, feeling somewhat miserable about not being able to jump to help with the situation.

At least he said there was another hero on the scene, and with a disturbance this big some others are bound to come running, dammit I need to come up with some excuses soon though. Groceries or something, yeah. For now he would have to sit and watch the rest of the show, which fortunately was soon over.

"Well why don't you get settled in," Tom said, standing up quickly, feeling rather agitated "I'll go out real quick and get some stuff for dinner, want to uh, make a special meal to commemorate my now having a brother!"

Well it was certainly a step up from most of his excuses, but then he had had time to think it over.

"Just don't make a mess of the place or anything, I shouldn't be gone long," he said, then grabbed a rain jacket and headed out the door, making his way towards the disturbances and keeping an ear out for screams or cries for help. Just hope I'm not too late... As soon as he was out of sight (and he glanced around quickly to be sure) he transformed, summoning up the goo around him until he had a sizable amount then took off down the street as fast as he could roll.

He was forced to halt when he reached the area the tornado had gone through, it had been a long time since he'd last seen such destruction visited on Neutropolis and the scale of it made him pause. What sort of monster... I need to help. He spotted another hero, the Crick, doing his best to evacuate and help civilians. The other heroes can handle the villain, these people are right in front of me and need help.

"Crick! Sir Awesome is here to lend a hand!" he declared, though there was much more worry in his voice than was normal "Is there anything I can do to help?"




The blow came but Tess wasn't in its path anymore, she'd learned more than enough martial arts to know how to use your opponents strength against them and with a blow this obviously telegraphed she had more than enough time to get out of the way. She lashed out with the whip as she dove to the side, the blast of air and debris flying through where she was and hitting a car across the street leaving a sizable dent, unfortunately the masked lunatic dodged out of the way of the whip, as well as a slash from another hero (at least she guessed the newcomer was a hero, she certainly wasn't anyone Tess had seen before). As she rolled back to her feet Tess made note of Slender Girl's arrival, and frowned at being called a newbie by the shapeshifter.

"Three heroes, three times the fame. Hit me with your best shot ladies, cause I'm hitting you with mine!"

Exactly what I was thinking, Tess thought, though it certainly wasn't what she said as she was busy keeping her mouth shut and her head down as she clung to the ground to avoid the vortex of debris that he threw up around him. Time to get moving, need to end this quickly.

Still keeping her head down against the wind and debris she charged forward through the vortex, tackling the maniac and trying to pin him down so she could tie his hands. She struck him and knocked him down, only to have a slash of golden energy sail right through where he had been, grazing her as she followed after. Fortunately the suit took the brunt of the blow, though it still gained a rather ugly looking tear across the back, Mina's people make tough stuff, she thought thankfully, though she was quite irritated with the new hero for the friendly fire.

"Watch it!" she yelled "There's more than just the psycho in here!"

Speaking of... she turned her attention back to the villain, her whip slithering out on its own to try and tie him up as she attempted to hold him down.

"Surrender now," she said, then hastily added "in the name of justice, and all that."


Leaning against his Shadow parked near the curb, Jack listened to the buzz about a growing super fight across town. The reporter coming through the bike's radio spoke of a villain creating whirlwinds and a hero with light blades or some such alongside another newcomer. He didn't take too much in, but gleaned from it the fact that some of the bigs were more than likely occupied which was welcome news.

From the opposite street corner, the last customer of the day walked down the establishment's steps and drove off. Now the only people inside were the employees, and Jack knew they wouldn't be much trouble. He put on his shades and scarf, let his hair down, then returned the Shadow before he walked towards the Neutropolis Credit Union. Jack stepped through the doors right as one of the tellers was about to lock them up.

"Oh, uh," she began, clearly startled by the man's appearance. "I'm sorry but you can't be...I-I mean you shouldn't...we're closed."

"Well, that's kinda funny, uh, Sandra is it?" Jack prosed, looking at her name tag. He closed the gap slowly as a sledgehammer materialized in his hands. "Seein' as I'm standin' right here, ready to make a pretty hefty withdrawal. Customer satisfaction is your number one concern, ain't it? So, let's say make this real easy and show me the to the back. And tell your friends closin' up the back not to try anything stupid. Else the three-a yous are gonna hafta make use-a your company insurance. Now gets to steppin'."

Frederick Rolls

When Frederick arrived at the scene, it was easy to pick out the Crick. The hero seemed to be everywhere, seeing as this would be the third time the Specter found him. Getting closer from behind, he heard the hero speak.

"C'mon Spectre, this isn't how we agreed to use your number, but I think you'll find it in your heart to forgive me given the situation!"

Increasing his speed by diving, Frederick stopped just a few inches away from the Crick, his face upside down in front of Crick's.

"So it was you," he started, the mask in front of his face was the comedy one, though it was quickly replaced by the tragedy mask, both of them hovering rather than completely connecting with his head.

"Actually, no. I won't forgive you, I gave you pretty clear instructions not to call, and I had a decent reason for it. Messages only, Crick, I gave you the number to my personal phone, and it'd do you well to remember that."

Feeling that he'd scolded the eager hero enough, he switched to the comedy mask again.

"Regardless, this is the third time I've found you, where's my prize? I assume you have a task for me, correct?"

As he spoke, another rather eager hero appeared, the large mass of some unknown dark substance was easily recognizable as Sir Awesome, as the hero fancied calling himself. Of course, Frederick had never actually met him, he knew the name from other authorities, who weren't always that happy when Sir Awesome helped. Then again, given the amount of damage someone like that could cause, it wasn't exactly a surprise.

"Crick! Sir Awesome is here to lend a hand! Is there anything I can do to help?"

Frederick decided to fly around the Crick to greet the newcomer. Once, he had flown through someone, a strange, unwanted feeling, almost like possessing someone. While it seemed great for a prank, he still preferred to avoid that, whenever he could. With a rather sarcastic, if still amused -one could almost hear him smirking- tone, he spoke.

"Hello, Sir Very-Assured-Of-Himself, are you sure this is the right place for you to be? I mean, your reputation is rather... messy. Be sure not to crush any buildings, the last thing we need is more broken bits and pieces."

He looked over at the fight taking place, at least the wind had quieted down elsewhere, though he was not quite sure when or how the tornado had disappeared.

At least that source has run dry.

Though, for how long?


Tim Merridy

"Well why don't you get settled in. I'll go out real quick and get some stuff for dinner, want to uh, make a special meal to commemorate my now having a brother!"

Tim smirked. "Yeah, sure! If you'd like to take the risk, I mean, some food sounds good!"

You're a terrible liar, you know that, right? It'd be better for you to speak the truth, I think, your character does suit being foolishly honest. In the good way, of course.

Of course. He was fond of Tom, even if this made it rather obvious that the other was a hero. For a hero, it seemed obvious, though, only to the point where they still didn't reveal their hidden identity to outsiders.

A bad trait for a villain, though.

Tim had to wonder if there was a way to turn Tom to his cause. That certainly wasn't normal without it being brainwashing, or murdering someone's entire family, and neither of those were things he wanted to do. According to the movies, it was a lot easier to turn villains good.

But I won't be persuaded!

Not even by his friendly and likeable twin.

"Just don't make a mess of the place or anything, I shouldn't be gone long,"

"Sure sure, I'll just keep watching the TV," Tim replied, nonchalantly. There was no reason for him to try to make Tom change his mind, not this time. Honestly, he hoped the tornado-villain got defeated soon, feeling a bit annoyed still over his visit to the cafe being disrupted like that.

At least I didn't have to pay, though.

"Be careful, okay?" he added, as an afterthought, though Tom was already through the door when he said it. Tim turned his attention back to the show, only to discover that it was pretty much done.


He'd missed half of the show like this, perhaps more. Standing up, he started making himself comfortable, moving his stuff around and cleaning some of what Tom had left lying around, just so that he could have more room for his stuff.


Sirius Hamilton

Getting into the heart of the tornado, it died out completely. The destruction it had caused before Sirius got there was rather massive, but at least now the people around and the buildings would be safe. At least he assumed there was people around, he couldn't see much due to dust and wind having taken its toll on his eyes, leaving his sigh temporarily blurry.

I should have closed them.

But then again, if he had, he'd been unable to dodge the larger items coming his way. There was mostly scratches and small cuts in both his clothes and his skin. Only one larger piece of glass had gotten stuck, -or stayed stuck, he wasn't completely sure that no pieces of glass had gotten ripped out during his continued walk into a tornado- a sharp, long one stuck in his side. It didn't seem to have pierced any vital organs, and it didn't hurt terribly bad, at least when standing still. The biggest danger right now was him bleeding, dark red running from most of the cuts, as well as his head injury from before.

I should go find a doctor...

Sirius walked, or rather, stumbled, it was difficult to walk like this. He didn't notice the strange woman until she got close, and when he saw her, he turned to her, his eyes as dull as ever, and a casual smile on his face due to habit.

"Ah, hi," he said. "Excuse me, miss. Could you show me the way to the nearest doctor? I'm bleeding a little." Little was sort of an understatement, Sirius realized, and corrected his statement. "Well, actually, I'm bleeding a lot. I don't think I'll die, but I probably should have these wounds treated. I'm feeling a little dizzy, to be honest. I was shutting down the tornado, you see, it's gone now."

He really was starting to feel rather dizzy. It was sort of hard walking straight, as he approached her further. Sirius supposed it must have been an odd sight.

"I'd love to help some more, but I don't think that's a good idea. I'm sort of... done for now."


The Crick began kicking debris away from the subway entrance when a slight whoosh passed by him.

"So it was you" He turned as the Specter materialized next to him.

"Ah well you have fantastic timing," Terry said, a little bit more than bugged. You think a damn tornado appearing in the middle of a city would bring every active hero in the city out of the woodwork.

"Actually, no. I won't forgive you," The Specter said, replying to The Crick's earlier plead. "I gave you pretty clear instructions not to call, and I had a decent reason for it. Messages only, Crick, I gave you the number to my personal phone, and it'd do you well to remember that."

"Sorry, I was a bit too busy dashing across rooftops and pulling people out of buses to really use my hands." He said, thinking of the time he tried to solve a rubix cube while doing backflips. He pretty well, but kept messing up the green side.

"Also there was hail. Like, tennis ball sized!"

"Regardless, this is the third time I've found you, where's my prize? I assume you have a task for me, correct?"

"You get the to tell me how many people are trapped in there and their condition. Calm them down, tell them to stand way from the debris. From there, the response crew nearby can-"

"Crick! Sir Awesome is here to lend a hand!" The Crick smiled, but noted something slightly off about his usual bravado. Then again, when he looked around, Terry himself couldn't help but feel dissapointed too.

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Yeah, start digging!" The Crick placed the side of his head on the debris and listened. Someone was yelling. A lot of people were yelling. There was also a distinct number of groans. The Crick faced the rubble and began digging faster.

"Also, uh, stick around. I have something I want to talk to you about."


"Surrender now," Coil barked, then hastily adding "in the name of justice, and all that."

Gerald sat face down on the ground, staring at the smoking crater left by the the Unicron's close attack. He could smell the smoke, heard his ears ringing and thought for a second.

"Justice...that's what you stand for? Really, I thought 'animators' were supposed to be a bit more clever than this." Gerald spit out, feeling the metal whip wrap around his wrist. He figured a good conk on the head would get him out of this bind, worked on most psychokinetics like himself, but figured he'd get something off his chest.

"You know what I stand for? Neither do I. And I'm not ashamed to admit. Most of the shit I just said was...well, just things that come naturally. But fame, money...worthless things really. All worthless if you ain't got somethin' real to say. If you ain't got no higher purpose. If you ain't got no message. Your own message! Not some flimsy overexposed 'justice' you see cartoon heroes mouth feedin' children! It's flimsy! it's unoriginal! I know it's not what you want Ms.walk-down-the-street-and-proclaim-how-hero-you-are!"

Psyclone twisted the coil in the opposite direction, slipping it off his hand. He rolled away from Coil and sent visor spinning around her head. He spun to his feet and unscrewed a fire hydrant, sending water into the air and drenching her

"I was sorta hoping I'd get some recognition for this, start 'networkin' and all that shit. Get some inspiration. Oh well, if ya'll know know someone hirin', give me a call. Just prance around like a jackass looking for trouble."

Psyclone began drifting into the air on the current of a vortex when he realized something.

"It's all a trick. 'Heroes', 'villains', one big trick." He grinned almost psychotically from behind his mask.

With that, he spiraled into the air and was gone.

Dr. Loveless

Theodore felt bad about postponing the meal - it seemed obvious to him that Rias was upset about it. Unfortunately, schedules and plans rarely survived superhuman battles. It was the curse of journalism that if something went wrong, you needed to drop everything else to cover it.

It was particularly bad in Theodore's case as he was both the media personality AND the recording equipment. To top it all off, the battle had not only already started but was far enough away that he didn't have a chance to get over there in person. That meant licensing footage before the big guys took all the good stuff, doing research on the heroes and villains, and run analysis on the results and consequences. All told, it would be hours of work for him and his limited staff.

So began the process of putting together a news report. In the end, he found that the larger companies were remarkably willing to share information this time. This struck Theodore as odd given the high profile powers, the new hero, and the limited footage of the actual events. Normally, these forces combined served to make it an incredibly competitive news market with every channel seeking to have "the exclusive" coverage of the event to shoot their rating through the roof for a few weeks. Instead... it was like the big players WANTED everyone to cover and see the battle.

Still, Theodore didn't give it much thought. There'd been enough damage that no one could effectively not cover the story, so perhaps it was just a sign of general agreement not to take advantage so they could be assured they weren't at a disadvantage. So Theodore thought until he noticed one odd fact; some of the footage was owned by companies. His journalistic instincts intrigued, he began searching. Sure enough, almost all the footage had been bought up by dozens of companies who didn't even have any hits on Google. These unknown companies were giving out licenses to use the footage at an extremely low price to everyone who wanted it. So low in fact, he doubted that any of them would make a profit at all.

Something smelled fishy to Theodore; big catch fishy. "Huh. This battle might just be the least interesting part of the story." he said aloud to himself.

He had a LONG night of research ahead of him and very little of it had to do with mysterious heroes and villains.


Even before the fight ended, Mina was quick to buy up as much of the footage of the battle as possible by way of several shell companies. It was a bit of a risk, but she had to be certain EVERYONE saw how valiant Coil was and cast her in the best of lights. she quickly had some of her people edit out some of the more embarrassing footage, and focus on how Coil was the REAL hero of the story. She of course couldn't cut out other heroes in their entirety - that would be too suspicious - but she did downplay all their actions. Particularly those of the other new hero; the one with the sword. She couldn't let some nut job with a magic sword ruin her plans now could she?

From there, she made her exit through the back of the building; taking careful steps to avoid the notice of both the Crick and the Specter. Though she'd committed no crime, being seen at two crime scenes in as many days would bring unwanted attention she could ill afford. The last thing she needed was some hero to get it in their head that she had anything to do with this; good or bad. If worst came to pass, she could always invite them back and show they the "technology" she'd used to aid Coil and explain she was there to make sure her new hero was up to fighting shape, but that would make her later plans a good deal more complicated so avoiding it would be for the best.

Once outside, she walked several blocks to where she knew a car was waiting. Despite the risks she was taking, Mina couldn't help but think about the newest piece of information she had access to; that there was a villain who met her exact specifications who'd happened to appear right before her eyes. It seemed the heavens themselves supported her plan.

Of so she thought until her phone buzzed. Opening it up, she saw a simple message. "A new hit appeared for one of your watched names." it said. This was hardly unusual; she paid close attention to a large number of people. It was the name however that threw her. "Karen Krieg" it read. This was, of course, impossible. Karen Krieg had died years ago. She'd felt it herself. However, after checking out the link - to some talk show - she heard Karen's voice and paled. Suddenly, her plans were a LOT more complicated.


Rias got home and sat down, and just thought on what was next. Damage control? More people then before? She wasn't sure, and she didn't have much time to think about it before Claire called and the two of them discussed the show and 'what was next'.


The villain escaped, predicable. Karen considered giving chase but decided against it, instead she took wing and flew toward a small group of heroes she spotted who seemed to be digging "Are there any wounded that need attention or are you in the process of digging them out?" she asked, seeing where she be of the most use.


"Hello, Sir Very-Assured-Of-Himself, are you sure this is the right place for you to be? I mean, your reputation is rather... messy. Be sure not to crush any buildings, the last thing we need is more broken bits and pieces."

"I'll be careful," Tom replied, then protested "Its not entirely my fault things get messy when I'm fighting villains."

"Yeah, start digging! Also, uh, stick around. I have something I want to talk to you about."

"On it!" Tom replied, extending his goo in tendrils through the rubble pulling away chunks as he went and extending his senses through the goo to look for survivors. In the distance the storms seemed to have died down, something Tom hoped meant that the villain had been taken down.

A new heroine arrived on the scene soon after volunteering to help with the digging and survivors. Tom sprouted another tendril of goo and gestured with it towards some of the injured he had dug out "There are some injured over there, I'm working on searching for others."



"You know what I stand for? Neither do I. And I'm not ashamed to admit. Most of the shit I just said was...well, just things that come naturally. But fame, money...worthless things really. All worthless if you ain't got somethin' real to say. If you ain't got no higher purpose. If you ain't got no message. Your own message! Not some flimsy overexposed 'justice' you see cartoon heroes mouth feedin' children! It's flimsy! it's unoriginal! I know it's not what you want Ms.walk-down-the-street-and-proclaim-how-hero-you-are!"

Tess had to bite back a laugh at this remark, the villain probably had no idea how right he was. The only thing Tess really stood for was herself, though before she could make any sort of response to him he flung her off and blasted her with water from a fire hydrant before making his escape.

"Shi-fu-er darn it!" Tess said, as she stood up, shaking herself to try and dry off some "He got away."

The idiot heroine who had nearly struck her had already vanished into the night, but Slender Girl was still nearby helping out some civilian. First things first though Tess found someone still filming things and made a statement.

"Never fear civies! The villain may have escaped this time but I, Coil, will not let him do so again!" she declared "The next time he or his ilk," heroes said ilk right? "Attempt to perpetrate their misdeeds I and my fellow heroes will be there to foil them!"

That said she turned and went over to Slender Girl and the civilian "Hello Slender Girl right? I've heard about you, do you need any help?"

Blood Diamond

Stefan lounged in his room, counting the money he had as he watched the fight on his television. Emergency services were darting down the street with their alarms blaring as Stefan wrapped up another stack. The pay was well enough for the mission but with the revelation of super heroes here as well, Stefan knew he had to be more careful. If just one of these vigilantes were to interrupt him on one of his missions then that was it for his total anonymity.

He took another sip from his wine when he received a message from his employer. He hesitated for a moment, looking at the destruction caused by a Super with news anchor teams arriving hastily nearby. Stefan only saw glimpses and pans but he knew enough that other Supers were there and it was now only a matter of time until he would meet them.

Finally, Stefan went to look at his new message and inside was another mission. He mouthed the word "assassination" as he read it.



The news of the fight reached Alex even as he was in school. The professor addressed the news aloud to the students, stating that something had happened and that class was dismissed only ten minutes into the lecture. Alex rolled his eyes and packed up his books but when he got to the door his other classmates began to look on their laptops, seeing that there had been a major fight in the city. Alex couldn't help but lean over one of his classmate's shoulder, reading the news and watching the live feed of emergency crews going through the rubble.

"Supers, man." The student exclaimed. "I'm not sure whether to be thankful for them or be careful of them."

"Why not both?" Another asked and nervous laughter came from them.

Alex just looked silently, seeing the emergency crews work until one of the cameras focused on a Super in armor then another with goo powers. That sparked Alex's interest but also made him wary of them. He never really considered himself a super hero especially with his motives but these were Supers one would read about in comics. He found it quite interesting. Maybe he would talk to them soon.


Karen floated over to the first wounded, some guy in a fast food uniform, probably just got off work to. He greeted her with a pained 'hey' but didn't move. She asked where it hurt and he said his neck and side, but also that he couldn't feel his left arm. 'Of course I get the guy with nerve damage ...' she thought as she moved in closer and warned him she was about to touch those to spots.

The places she touched where bathed in a golden light and his injury's faded. He, naturally complained it was starting to hurt more, Karen smirked and asked him 'A bit more pain now is worth being able to still walk, right?'. Karen finished up about the time a couple paramedics came over to her, she told them about the neck injury and how she had repaired most the damage but that he was still in need of an actual doctor to make sure he was ok. As the paramedics to the young man away she moved on to the next injured awaiting attention.

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