The Super Hero RP Deluxe! (Closed, Started)

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"So get up, else I'll appropriate the bed for myself and push you out."

Tom groaned and rolled out of bed "Tim, what are you doing?" he said, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. The last week had been rather exhausting for him and he was glad to have at least a little bit of a reprieve, though he should have known that Tim would make that difficult as well.

As if it hadn't been exhausting enough with school and work he'd also had to try and keep an eye on Tim, something that he knew he needed to be doing a better job of. He'd heard reports of incidents, at least one of which was certainly Lord Magnificent, that he hadn't been able to stop. Maybe I should just talk to him about it, see if I can convince him to stop... but then I've never actually caught him transforming...

"What time is it anyways?" he asked as he finished getting up, come on I'm sure there are heroics to be done. Heroes don't sleep on the job!



Tess was bored, there hadn't been much to do lately other than deal with small time criminals and while that was entertaining enough it got old fast. Where is the challenge? I don't get to scheme, pull off any heists or execute plans its all walking around and reacting to stuff. There was only one thing to do: call Mina and try to set something up, she was certain her employer would welcome the opportunity to accelerate their plot anyways.

That in mind she dialed Mina's cell and waited for her to pick up, opening with "Hey I'm getting bored here and people aren't paying me enough attention, we need to set up something impressive, me taking down some villain or something, could you set that up?"

It was overly direct certainly, but she got the feeling that Mina was not someone who enjoyed wasting time.


One minute he'd been walking down the street, enjoying his day and considering going to the fair, the next he saw a number of cop cars go screaming past sirens blaring. The next thing he remembered was blackness as part of him was pushed back and another part took over.


Damn something was happening, something bad given how many cars were heading in that direction. Come to think of it hadn't he heard gunshots a minute ago? They'd been faint but he was certain he'd heard something popping. Likely muffled by distance and buildings. Whatever the actual circumstances he knew one thing, there was an emergency and he was close enough to help.

Stopping only to take a bite out of a chunk of sidewalk, quickly transforming his skin to have the strength of concrete, he started running after the cars, quickly arriving at the scene and finding not only cops but a pair of supers and what looked like a number of injured men. He pushed past the cops, who parted quickly upon recognizing him as a super, to find the Crick holding his sonic drone things hovering around a man with a gun.

"What's going on here?" he asked, the man with the gun looked like the culprit but it was obviously more complicated than that given that the Crick was giving him a chance to let him get away "what are you waiting for Crick?"

Frederick Rolls

Frederick didn't even have the chance to enjoy himself before someone started acting up. All he had gotten the chance to do was enter, look at a couple of booths, and exchange a couple of words with a friend from college. Then, chaos had happened. A youth, apparently a hero of some kind, was threatening a member of the mob with a shotgun. The Crick, who seemed to be just about everywhere by now was there, as well as some... other hero.

"Criminals like him don't learn in prison. They learn through things like this."

"I'm gonna give you a chance to just poof out of here. But the window is closing. So what's it gonna be?"

"What's going on here? What are you waiting for Crick?"

Frederick sighed. Did he really want to do something like this?

I mean, what can the Specter do?

Judging from what had happened around a week ago, not too much. However, then it dawned upon him, and he stepped into the whole mess as himself. Frederick Rolls, judge.

"I thought that a hero would try to have better knowledge of the law," he started, and stepped closer to the youth with the gun. It was completely foolish of him to do so, but Frederick wasn't afraid, if only because he had a way to avoid the bullet should the worst thing happen.

...provided he was fast enough first, of course.

"If you shoot this man it will completely invalidate anything you have to say. Any testimony you could provide to ensure that the rest of the mob gets locked up, or even your claims of kidnappings would be worthless. Taking out one man isn't going to do much good. Even if you take out everyone you were gunning for, and it won't be enough. You've already shot him, but if you really have proof of his wrongdoings, that can still be used."

It was an olive branch of sorts, a chance for the anti-hero to still get out of this mostly intact.

"If not, you'll be the one behind bars. Run away, and you'll do nothing good whatsoever, take revenge, and that'll be the last thing you do as a free man. It's not a threat, but reality. I'm trying to help you, and I am inclined to believe at least some of your claims."

If he had been the Specter, he would have reprimanded the Crick for almost letting this guy get away. Now, however, all he could do was to hope the two other heroes understood his intention.


Tim Merridy

"What time is it anyways?"

As soon as Tom got out of bed, Tim jumped into it, getting underneath the cover before the other had a chance to react. He replied, chuckling.

"About half past five, no need to get up yet." The other seemed surprisingly eager, perhaps he was thinking of playing hero again?

Silly Tom.

Thoughtlessly, he spoke. "You know, Tom, there's no one to save right now either way, anyone'd be asleep now." It took a couple of moments before he realized what he'd just said. When he did, he gasped, and tried to correct his statement, though, without time to think, it was hard to do. While he was a decent liar, it wasn't always the right words sprung to mind. "Err... I mean... I don't think anything's up now."

Was that good enough?

Probably not. He slid the rest of his body, head included, underneath the cover and pretended to be asleep, though not especially convincingly so.

He's not that easily fooled, of course not.

"Hey, you don't mind me borrowing your bed, right?" he finally murmured.


"What are you waiting for Crick?"

"I'm trying not to let this whole thing get out of hand-wait a second, who-"

"I thought that a hero would try to have better knowledge of the law," Said a brown haired man in a suit.

Terry was about to tell him to stand back when the man straight up just told Red Mist the facts. Any chance at justice would be diminished and squashed out if he killed that man. The Crick watched the man, seemingly unafraid of being shot. Of course his heart rate increased, but only ever so slightly. Was he another super or just a guy with conviction. Suddenly it him. It was obvious who this man was.

A pretty badass lawyer.

"Run away, and you'll do nothing good whatsoever, take revenge, and that'll be the last thing you do as a free man. It's not a threat, but reality. I'm trying to help you, and I am inclined to believe at least some of your claims." The man finished.

Terry listened to this and it was sound. Pretty obvious really. The only choices available. Running away fixes nothing except keeping himself out of jail and taking revenge turns him into a full-fledged criminals in the eyes of the law while the rest of these men go on unpunished. It was simple sound logic.

Which is why a sense of sadness fell over Terry.

Red Mist didn't care. He didn't. Or at least it seemed like he didn't. For two reasons.

Logically, Red Mist knows that if he goes to court, they'll have to investigate these claims. Of course, in all this investigating, it'll come down to his sister. Which in turn means looking into her family. And this leads to the identity of Red Mist.

Which is why Terry couldn't help but see a specific air of selfishness emanating from then anti-hero. Under all the claims of "short prison sentences" and "they only learn through violence" was a scared man saving face.

This was a reason 1.

Reason 2 was a lot simpler. Naivete. These men see their own kind slaughtered every single day in one way or another. Sometimes by eachother. Did Red Mist really think one man's death would change anything? Ultimately, if one goes down, another would take his place. Like clockwork. So why kill them at all? Revenge of course, but spitting into the ocean doesn't change a damn thing on either ends. So in the end, it was just self-satisfaction for not standing up to his brotherly duties sooner.

The Crick wasn't a psychologist but those were the two thoughts that passed through his head about Red Mist. Selfishness and insecurity. He didn't say these things out loud. He merely thought them. Which is why he stood ready to spring in front of Frederick when Red Mist ultimately threw all what Frederick was saying in his face.

But still, he couldn't help but feel a tiny bit of pity and hope.

Dr. Schwertner

The doctor was lost in his observations as he walked along the streets, pulling a Red Flyer wagon full of electronic and metal scrap behind him. Often he would look around in a mixture of confusion and disdain. This world was very different. Too different for his liking. People dressed strangely. Cleanly, clearly removing the likelihood the grand majority of them were vagrants, but strange nonetheless. Many people had their undergarments showing, weirdly colored clothes, haircuts that looked as if they were more at home in a work of science fiction--it was all very unfamiliar. Vinzenz was out of touch with society before, but this was a disconnection on an entirely new level. He supposed if he hadn't known that things would've been different, it would have been significantly more shocking. He just hadn't guessed the world would've changed so much.

Regardless, it wasn't something that concerned the doctor--he certainly wouldn't be dealing with those people. There was the matter of getting his laboratory fully functional. It was very near completion after having a full week for him to work. He supposed that was another silver lining in his situation. There wasn't anyone to tell him what to do. Sure there wasn't much in the way of control over his work on the part of the Reich, but just their presence and requests were obstructions to his vision. But in his position, the path to his vision was clear as ever.

There was a small chime coming from the doctor's pocket and he quickly fished out his own communicator he constructed.

Ready the warehouse

was the message displayed on the screen. Perfect timing, Vinzenz thought as he approached his makeshift laboratory. He let the wagon rest next to a pile of scrap off to the side and made a quick mental checklist of the things he had prepared. The audio transmitter was simple to build, it only took an afternoon to get it in a minuscule, durable device. As for the warehouse which would undoubtedly serve as a safe house for a time in the near future, it was as ready as it had ever been. Vinzenz managed to procure himself a real desk, a couple of workbenches fashioned from junked kitchen counters, a few chairs, and some notebooks. It was really starting to come together.


He was drawing them out or at least those who looked to be heroes. He wasn't sure himself who the man in the suit was but him stepping close to him despite him having a gun gave off some telltale hints. It seemed to be that he was a lawyer by the way he described his wrongdoings through logic but none of that concerned him. He couldn't stand here all day and parry wits all day. All the attention was on him now and it was beginning to cloud his judgement but he stuck to the plan. His finger was on the trigger before he lowered his firearm and tossed it to the side. Alex watched as he saw the police let off their triggers and relief pour into the others around him.

"Alright, you've made your point. I don't know what I was thinking..." Alex said, looking around and scanning the crowd but most importantly, the surroundings. He didn't attempt to hide his glances but, acting as how a desperate vigilante would act but then again, he was a bit desperate at this point. He bent over to pick up the wounded Ditelli, stealthily placing one of the Doctor's minuscule sound devices onto the man's body.

He looked back to the police and grabbed the Ditelli by the collar. "Close your eyes." Alex advised the battered man before he teleported to the police officers. The police leaped back by Alex's sudden teleporation. He grinned at their surprise. "Take this man to the hospital as soon as you can. He's lost a lot of blood." Alex said before he teleported to the heroes that had stepped up to confront him. All of this happened in a manner of a few seconds.

"I'm sorry I let my emotions get the better of me." Alex apologized to the Crick before he looked to the brave man in the suit. "You are one brave lawyer. Maybe you should teach me how to argue like that the next time we meet."


Mina was mildly embarrassed by the hug. It wasn't so much that it was wrong as how odd it was. Here she was, hugging one of her former friends, the one who was "dead". Considering how the rest of the group of friends were no longer even on speaking terms, it was strange in the extreme.

"Reports of my death where exaggerated. I'm not surprised you all thought I was dead though, I almost was, and with where I was and what I am now, and the shattering of my pendant, the link to Kitsu is gone, there'd have been no way for him to know to tell you I barely survived." Karen said, looking at her office. Based on her words, Karen had missed a great deal of time somehow, suggesting everything was even stranger for her than it was for Mina. "It's kind of a long story though, you free for a bit or do you have some important meting or appointment coming up soon?" Karen asked.

Mina shook her head. "I've got a few appointments, but nothing more pressing than the return of a "dead" friend." she said. She went to her desk to make the movements when her "special" phone rang. "Well, almost nothing." Mina mentally added. Certain projects needed to take precedence. "One moment Karen; I DO have to take this one."

"Hey I'm getting bored here and people aren't paying me enough attention, we need to set up something impressive, me taking down some villain or something, could you set that up?" Tess said almost immediately after Mina picked up. Mina, cognizant of Karen's presence, answered more vaguely than she otherwise would have. "I'm in an important meeting at the moment-" she said so Tess would understand the need to be vague, "-but your request should pass through sometime in the next few hours. I'll send you more details momentarily."

At that, Mina ended the call and sent a quick message to her suit; careful to send the message in such a way Karen couldn't see it. "Weather during festival, watch the skies." At the same time, she smiled and said "Sorry; confidential information." to explain her secretiveness to Karen.

Finally, with that task complete, she phoned her secretary to reschedule all her meetings for today, turned to Karen and said. "And now, I'm all ears."


"You know, Tom, there's no one to save right now either way, anyone'd be asleep now."

Tom froze up for a moment before forcing a laugh "Ha ha, yeah we journalists are always saving people," he said, then yawned. He could only groan inwardly from the knowledge of how early it was, but it didn't look like Tim had already commandeered his bed.

"Hey, you don't mind me borrowing your bed, right?"

"I do mind," he grumbled "I told you that you got the couch..."

He sighed "Whatever, I guess I'll get a head start on the festival, need to attend so I can write about it later. Just stay out of trouble ok? If you want to you can find me at the festival later."

That said he turned and left, grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading out for the festival, hopefully Tim wouldn't get up to much with him away. No doubt he will, I need to figure out some way to handle him I can't risk people getting hurt. There was another worry now as well though, did Tim actually know about his superhero identity? Or had he simply mispoken? It's starting to look like I should confront him anyways, he already seems to know...


"-but your request should pass through sometime in the next few hours. I'll send you more details momentarily."

"Excellent," Tess muttered to herself as she put the phone away, now she just needed to bide her time. Might as well check out the festival in town, could even go as Coil see about drumming up some attention in that way.

It was an easy enough decision to reach and she quickly dressed in her costume and set out for the festival with a spring in her step. Hopefully this proves amusing and not irritating, if some idiot spills something on my costume... She doubted she'd get as much attention as some other heroes but there were people out there who paid attention to her already.



"I'm trying not to let this whole thing get out of hand-wait a second, who-"

Gorge nodded, though he refrained from introducing himself as another person entered the scene. An official type judging by his attire and how he spoke, and who fortunately managed to calm the situation down significantly. The teleporting anti-hero turned his target over to the cops even.

No point in my sticking around I suppose. He was certainly glad the situation had turned out the way it did, though part of him felt annoyed that he hadn't been able to do much of anything in his short time out. I'd better get us to the festival then, that's where we were headed to begin with.

"Good work," he said to the man who had defused the situation "I'll be going now."

With that he turned to leave, mentally considering the best spot to drop George off at.

Frederick Rolls

The moments of waiting before a reply was somewhat difficult for Frederick. However, it was hard to scare someone who had been stabbed before, at least when there was no knife in the picture, so he kept calm. Finally, the anti-hero spoke.

"Alright, you've made your point. I don't know what I was thinking..."

Frederick couldn't help but smile a bit, relieved. Watching the man give the hostage away to the police, and everything calming down made him feel good. Not as an ego boost, god no, but because there was a chance to bring justice into this case now.

If what he says it true, however...

Why hadn't he heard about that before? It was rather horrible, to be sure.

"I'm sorry I let my emotions get the better of me. You are one brave lawyer. Maybe you should teach me how to argue like that the next time we meet."

"That's fine. The next time you hear something about it, or are unsure of how to proceed, you can give me a call. Let me give you my number," Frederick gave the youth his number, figuring that Crick hadn't learned it by heart. He still wasn't sure why this had gone well.

"My name is Frederick Rolls, by the way, I normally work as a judge, but if you need someone to build a case against the "family", I can help you out. If not... well, stay out of trouble." He smirked, a joke having crossed his mind, but he decided against it. Instead he just looked at the youth. "Got it?"

"Good work. I'll be going now."

Frederick nodded, and watched the odd hero leave, wondering who this individual was as well.

I need to read up on heroes and villains in this town.


Tim Merridy

"I do mind. I told you that you got the couch..."

"Just this once?" Tim replied, smiling innocently, peeking up from the cover.

Didn't he noticed? Really?

How dense was this guy? More so than Tim, at least, and he would easily admit that he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

I think it would be a little too rude to ask him if he was dropped on his head, but sometimes I wonder...

Okay, that was just a little bit too mean.

Sorry Tom.

"I'd let you borrow my bed every now and then," he said out loud. "If you were crashing at my place. So please?"

"Whatever, I guess I'll get a head start on the festival, need to attend so I can write about it later. Just stay out of trouble ok? If you want to you can find me at the festival later."

"Why do you keep asking me to stay out of trouble? I'm a good man," Tim replied. "And completely innocent. Have fun, though, I'll probably go find you later today."

However, now I'm going to sleep.

He closed his eyes, and fell asleep quickly, spending the night committing crimes was exhausting, after all.


"I'm sorry I let my emotions get the better of me."

The Crick relaxed. He was glad to see Red Mist wasn't fully lost on the war path. It seemed like this vigilante was still one of the good ones. He called back the Fiddlers, holding one in his hands.

"It's alright," The Crick said quickly. "A lot of people in your position would've tried to do worse. Trust me. All you needed was a moment to think."

He let Red Mist walk off and watched the vigilante speak to Frederick, listening in on their conversation. Frederick Rolls, a judge. He must be a very good judge if he's willing to step in front of a gun just to make sure justice is delivered properly. Hopefully Red Mist would utilize that number and let Mr.Rolls help him handle things properly.

Terry turned to watch the trafficker being carried away but jumped as a high frequency noise sent a shiver through his body.

What the hell was that, Terry asked himself. "Sounded like feedback. But from what?"

Terry walked over to Frederick Rolls.

"Mr.Rolls? Thanks for helping diffuse the situation. Always a good day when everyone goes home in one piece. You did a very brave thing today but something tells me this isn't your first time on the end of a dangerous situation."



"What a nice way for this all to end, don't you think?" Gerald said to the man operating the sound booth.

The sound operating was sweating profusely, shaking slightly, a short whoosh passing over his head every few seconds. He finished wiring the sound ports from Psyclone's suit into the sound board and cranking up the volume. He slowly put his hands in his laps and looked up, staring at the claymore above his head as it slowly rotated. The sound operating looked at it with fear and horror. It seems as if it was waiting, eager for blood to be spilt. He looked back at Psyclone. A weapon is only as good as the wielder.

"Let me tell you something? I've got some amazing friends in amazing fucking places let me tell you. Of course I've never met them, but shit, look at this suit! I mean, these fucking speakers! So compact, so protected, so fitting! They don't obstruct me at all AND they have sound ports! They didn't need to do that but they did! It's fucking beautiful!"

The sound operator only nodded.

W-well, I'm ready to broadcast when you say so...have fun crashing the fair...

Psycone glared at the man.

"Before I have you broadcast, we need to address some shit. You think I'm crashin' the fair? Hell no man! I had a better idea," Psyclone said staring at a particular ride on a security monitor.

"I was thinkin' I'd just open the fair up to everyone! Expand the fair! All. Over. Neutropolis."

"I've got a few appointments, but nothing more pressing than the return of a "dead" friend." Mina said, then a phone rang "One moment Karen; I DO have to take this one.", Karen snickered a bit at the timing of this call, but continued looking around the office at some of the pictures and awards on the walls. "Sorry; confidential information."

Karen simply nodded, figuring it was some important project or something. One quick phone call later Mina said she was ready. Karen sat down in the chair in front of Mina's Desk and began to tell her tale. Karen started with a brief 'what she'd been doing' since the team broke up, which was pretty much exactly what she'd been trying to get the group to do, keeping evil spirits in check while branching out into more 'normal' crime-fighting. She also mentioned some of the heroes she end up meting and becoming friends with, such as Might Guy and The Magnificent MockingJay.

Karen then spoke of The Circle of Throns, a group of evil mages who worshiped a demon as though it where a god, the massive under taking it was to put them down finally. Five teams of eight heroes, and it still didn't sound like it was quite enough man power. Karen mentioned some of the friends she'd lost during that fight during her retelling of some of the battle finer points. But in the end Karen said the mission had been a success, the Thorns leaders where dead or depowered and locked up, though from what Karen had said about the battles there wasn't many left alive, and the Thorns Archives suffer a similar fate, ether caught in the crossfire and destroyed or now safely tucked away in a vault some where, wrapped in layer after layer of protection to keep them out of the wrong hands.

Karen then moved to the part she figured Mina was most interested in. Karen said that a couple months after they broke the Circle she went to investigate some strange disappearances around the Vermont/Quebec border, and found a surviving Thorn mage, a mid ranking one but his 'rank' didn't matter by the time she got there. The mage had just finished summoning, at the cost of his own life, an avatar of the demon they worshiped. Karen said she reported this to Might Guy and his team but they where tied up with Doctor Mechno's latest scheme. Karen said she had no choice but to challenge the demon alone, it was that or let the thing get free and do god knows what to the people before some one could stop it. The Battle Karen described was not a heroic last stand, but a long desperate struggle, Karen's powers not harming the demon as the earth shifted an trebled around them. Karen said she didn't know how long they'd been fighting for but late in the fight the demon suddenly howled as if in pain and looked like it lost a lot of energy. She didn't know what happened but it looked like an opening and she took it, and in finding she could actually harm the demon now, reactivated her 'Leviathan' mode, which in her condition was a bad idea, but she was dieing regardless so it didn't matter and made one last desperate push to put the demon down.

Karen said she the slew the demon but it had barely hit the ground when her pendant shattered and she finally gave into her injury's, and as her vision faded she saw some one with brilliant green eye coming over to her, and as she finally black out, the feeling of some one lifting her. Karen's next line, was literally 'and then I woke up', specifically she started to tell Mina of Ninahallia, Jeduh, and the other Ninahallians, and how Jeduh had saved her and her change, which she showed Mina by materializing her wings and horn. Karen went on the say that even after fully recovering she didn't come back, because she really couldn't come back, the portal that links Ninahallia and other worlds isn't really a good idea to try and use with out the crystals Ninahallian's have, and motioned to the one on her arm, and showed her the one on her belly, as well as the meaning behind there placement. She also said that her time in Ninahallia is why she's still young, as it exists out side the normal flow of time.

It was at this point she pointed out that the Crystals are not given, they grow, and where they grow is based on certain character traits, again using her 'Warrior and Guardian' crystals as an example. She also said that because she had effectively become like them her self, she could not only return, but had new powers of her own. karen then formed a golden orb of energy in her palm.

"'The Light of Evils Bane' is what the Elder, Yahlin called it. Anyway, after I got my powers back, I took some to get get used to them before coming back. Didn't really waste any time once I was back ether, first day and I was helping some rookie take down some tornado creating jack ass, and healing the people that where seriously wounded." Karen said finishing her story.


Mina listened closely to Karen's story. Partly, this was to finally solve the "death" of one of her old friends and because she'd been worried about her. Partly however, it was to find some set of facts she could check her story against to see if she was REALLY working for Kitsu from beyond the grave.

Mina was of course shocked to discover Karen had not only survived, but replaced her powers with something wholly different than what Kitsu had originally given. It didn't take Mina a lot of effort to put Karen's words together to figure out who her new secret identity was. Aside from Coil, the only unaccounted for superhero in town hero involved in the battle with the weather villain was the woman with the sword.

The moment Karen used her powers in the office, an alarm started ringing. Security started to gather outside the door and several pieces of anti-superhuman technology began to trigger to stop the potential threat. Mina quickly pressed her thumb on a pad on her desk and told the system to "stand down". Unfortunately, being extremely wealthy required certain precautions.

Once everything had settled down, Mina turned to Karen. "Sorry about that; you can't be too careful in a city with this many heroes and villains." she offered in explanation. "Particularly in my line of work." she added with a laugh. After everything had calmed down, Mina became more serious. "Truly though, it's great to have you back Karen; let me know if there's anything I can do to help. I can only imagine how much paperwork you have to do to come back from "legally dead"." Almost as an after thought she asked "Are you going to be in city long?"


Aldric stood near the main stage, waiting for a show to begin. He figured it would only be a matter of time before some fool villain did something big and flashy and dumb, and when they did it would probably be center stage. As such, he had a large bag of snacks which he slowly munched on while sitting in a folding chair he'd "borrowed" from another would-be mugger.

"Any time now..." he muttered to himself, yawning.


Theodore was currently hiding behind a speaker, the reason for which required a rather long story. The short version was there was some kind of crazy villain type in the sound stage. He couldn't be certain, but Theodore thought he might be the same weather villain who'd destroyed half of downtown.

The long version was as follows. After leaving, he'd made his way down to the festival area to setup. He'd spent some time talking with the sound techs, musical artists, and even the crowd. Everything was going well until it was time for him to get ready to broadcast. He'd slipped around into the sound booth only to find the villain threatening one of the sound techs. Acting on his journalistic instincts, he hid behind a speaker and listened.

Apparently, the man wanted to do something with the sound system to "spread the fair". Theodore quickly sent a message with his mind to The Crick's new hero communication system. From there, Theodore did something he never liked to do: he tried to play the hero and delay the villain. It wasn't that he wasn't a good person, he just preferred to make news rather than be news. Reaching out with his mind, Theodore took command of the sound system so that it wouldn't output Psyclone's sound and instead play nothing. Only nothing.

Now he just needed to "not die" - something of a difficult problem he suspected.

"Got it?"

"Thank you, Mr. Rolls." Alex said. "I'm sure I'll get into contact with you soon enough, especially after today."

Alex inputted Fredrick's number into his phone and giving him a nod as he finished. Alex also reminded himself to text the Doctor about the plan but he needed to talk to the Crick first. He turned to the Crick but he seemed like he was in a hurry so Alex had to be concise with his statement.

"Crick!" Alex called out. "I'm sorry to interrupt but is there at time and a place I can talk to you? Its about the other heroes..."

Frederick Rolls

"Mr. Rolls? Thanks for helping diffuse the situation. Always a good day when everyone goes home in one piece. You did a very brave thing today but something tells me this isn't your first time on the end of a dangerous situation."

He smiled a wry smile. "If you think the only ones who get death threats are politicians, you're very much mistaken." He didn't have more to add to that, there had been a couple of episodes, the one getting him stabbed by far the most extreme, but he had no intention of letting the Crick know about those kinds of things.

"Now, I'm flattered, but I'm sure that you already had everything under control," he replied, and thought about leaving. This was a little too much attention for his liking, with a lot of people still looking their way.

I mean, I'm fine when I'm on a scene or in a courtroom. But this is... different.

He was called a hero, and he certainly did what he could to help. However, acts like these were just speaking, him doing something silly because he thought it was the right thing to do. Not... well, not heroic.

"Thank you, Mr. Rolls. I'm sure I'll get into contact with you soon enough, especially after today."

"I hope that's the friendly kind of contact," he joked and nodded. "I'll be waiting, then."

Is it dangerous for me to give someone else this kind of information?

Nah, it couldn't be. Violent or not, this was a hero.

Besides, I have the advantage of surprise, if anything ever happens.

He was about to leave, though, stuck around a little more when he heard that the anti-hero wanted to talk to the Crick about the other heroes and such.

This might be important.


Tim Merridy

Tim woke up at a more comfortable time than he had awakened Tom at, and stretched. It felt pretty good to sleep in a bed again, a week spent on a couch was 6 days too much, even if it was a pretty soft couch. He wondered if Tom really had left, and, glancing into the rest of the apartment, he had.

Wow, I thought he was joking.

He was sort of feeling bad now, having chased out his own brother that early in the morning. Then again, he was supposed to be evil, no use getting worked up over something like this.

Hopefully he's not too sulky about it.

Deciding to get food at the fair/festival, Tim put his jacket on and started walking. It was a pretty nice day, probably one that would be better with a little bit of trouble, but he was waiting for the evening.

Or... am I?

As he could see the festival stalls in the distance, he stopped, and smirked.

I have a feeling it will be much more fun if I do it now.


Sirius Hamilton

It was a bit regretful that Ash still had closed their bond. Because of that, Sirius couldn't borrow her emotions anymore. Even worse, he wasn't allowed to leave his apartment until he healed up, as the stitches could go apart. He'd have to cancel any sort of meet up, his date with Ash included. At first, he had thought that he'd manage to stay inside during that time.

Even so, Sirius found that it wasn't as easy as he had expected. He had paintings to finish, but he couldn't sketch anything due to his favourite pencil getting blown away to god knew where. Finally, he had gotten enough and gone to the art-shop. There he picked up pencils and a new sketch-book, though, when done he didn't want to go home.

There's no one to talk to at my apartment.

Even he got tired of the silence. It didn't help that his TV had started making funny noises and shut itself off a couple of days ago. Besides, he wanted to be walking around, something about him being supposed to be still made it a lot harder to do just that.

There's the festival.

He thought. Sirius doubted he could pull of a date like this, but he could at least take a look, sketch a sketch then go home. Following the crowds of people, he found the entrance quickly enough. It was very lively, people were talking everywhere, and the ones behind stalls were asking people to come see what they had there. Sirius took a look everything, though, really, it was a lot to take it. Finding a good place to stand, he started sketching, only to notice that something was off.

Haven't I... seen that guy before?

Walking over to the sound-booth, he found the wind-villain he had met before, talking harshly to someone. However, more so, he noticed something else, something, or rather, someone was hiding behind a speaker. Trying to be a bit subtle about it, he went behind the same speaker.

"What are you doing?" he muttered, tone and facial expression completely blank. He tried to keep his voice down so that no one else would hear him. "Who are you, hiding like this?"


The Winnfield Tower hotel was without question the most luxurious hotel in Neutropolis. Spotless rows of reflective glass wrapped around each of the seventy floors. The entrances were very modern and elegantly simple as one could expect the rest of the hotel to be. The lobby was just starting to come into full swing with bellhops wheeling around chrome-plated carts of luggage to and fro. Desk clerks and concierges were answering calls, arranging rooms and other services. Breakfast was being served in the restaurant and the gentle scent of fresh-baked croissants enticed the early risers into spending more time and money in the hotel.

Meanwhile, the man in black pulled in front of the Winnfield Tower's drive and exchanged his car keys and a crisp fifty dollar bill for a parking stub from the valet. The valet smiled and,

envy, thievery, resentment

as if they were written across his face, Daniel could see just the kind of person the young man was. No doubt, even with the fifty dollar tip, the valet would rifle through his things to see what could be taken without notice. Daniel didn't mind, it wasn't as if anything he left couldn't be replaced. He only returned a sincere smile as he chalked one up on his mental blackboard. He turned and climbed the three steps to the entrance where the doorman waited with a kind smile and held the door open. Daniel smiled back though was less genuine as it seemed that all in all, the greeter was a decent person. The desk clerk the suited demon approached, however

pride, covetousness, adultery

warranted an honest grin from Daniel.

"Welcome to the Winnfield Tower," Janine, as the name tag indicated, said warmly. "How may I help you?"

"Well hello, Janine," said Daniel, reciprocating the amiability. "I'm interested in renting a room undecided amount of time."

"Great! We do have plenty of rooms available, was there any specific accommodations you had in mind?"

"Something with a view."

"Well, we do have some Skyline Suites available," Janine said, motioning towards the outward-facing screen on the desk that now displayed an interactive slideshow of the room and amenities.

"While they do look nice, I'd like a room with a little"

"How about one of our Presidential Suites? There are two--both are currently available--and they each offer great views of the city."

"I don't doubt they're quality rooms, but I want something even more sumptuous, the very finest you can offer."

"Oh, I see. In that case, I think you'd be most interested in our Penthouse Suite, which is the most grand experience we offer. It costs thirty-five thousand dollars a night and although it's generally only available by reservation, for a fee of five thousand dollars we can have it ready for you shortly."

"Splendid!" Daniel chimed, gently clasping his hands together. In a very practiced, fluid motion, he retrieved his bank card and handed over to the clerk. "I'll take it."

Cheerily, Janine ran the card through the system and after everything checked out she handed it right back. "Thank you, Mr. Luxe."

"Please, call me Daniel."

"Okay, Daniel," she said with a sly smile.


"If you would like to go to your room right away, it should be ready for you when you arrive. I do hope you enjoy your stay."

"Believe me," Daniel assured her with an underlying tone of malice as he stepped away from the counter. "I most certainly will."


"Makes sense." Karen said after the alarms stopped. "I intend on getting re-established actually, an eleven year break is long enough I think, but..." Karen started as she got up and moved over to the window. "It's rather disheartening to see how much things haven't really changed." Karen continued as she looked out over the city, then let out a light and short chuckle. "Oh well, as ultimately pointless as all this may be, still the best job ever. As for the paper work" As Karen started to reply to Mina's comment about the paper work involved in bringing some one back from the dead a mischievous grin curled her lips "Save it for now, lets see how long it takes people to figure it out on their own. I mean, I am a 'unicorn' now after all, we're supposed to be elusive, right?" Karen said as she walked back over to Mina's desk, still grinning that mischievous grin.


Rias had spent most that morning at the bar, getting ready with Claire and the band, going over the set list, getting in one last rehearsal and generally just getting ready for the show she was going to put on. It still scared her, she'd be singing in front of the largest crowed she'd ever been in front of, but it scared her less now then it did at the beginning and she was about as ready as she was going to be. The band, along with William and Claire climbed into the van and headed down to the festival to do final sound checks before the show.


"Crick! Alex called out. "I'm sorry to interrupt but is there at time and a place I can talk to you? Its about the other heroes..."

Terry faced Red Mist. He was considering letting Red Mist in on the whole hero group he had planned. But he still had Slender Girl to contact and do a check on the winged-healing woman from yesterday. Even that newcomer Coil was doing good work. Ultimately, he figured he should tell Red Mist sooner rather than later, especially given his situation. The Crick wanted this group to act as protectors of Neutropolis but he figured that it only made sense if heroes had eachother's backs.

He looked over at the man with cement skin, who'd been eager for him to lash out at Alex. Eatman, he thinks the media was calling him. He'd seen him on the news biting into the side of a building. His power was strange but seemed one situation or another.

"Guess I'll talk to both of them." He muttered just as he got a message from Loveless.

Loveless is sent out a message? The only heroes with on the network right now The specter, Sir Awesome, and me. Is he running some sort of test? Trying to talk to me privately?

He read the message. He looked around at all the festival attendees, finally enjoying the fair now that things had died down. The Crick began to hop in place, back and forth lightly, as if trying to figure out what to do first. It was the guy from last week.

The guy who tore up half of downtown while taking on two heroes.

"Mist, Eatman, we have a problem," He said hurriedly, turning to face Mr.Rolls who seemed curious about the situation.

"Mr.Rolls, there's a villain here, the one from last week. Can you help tell the security and cops to start evacuating the fair and send a few to cover the sound booth? He's taken a hostage and Dr.Loveless is hiding from him."

If the Specter was here, he could pull some recon Terry thought to himself. Then again, knowing him, he's probably here.




"Alright, let's go live!" Psyclone said, finally ready to enact his plan.

The sound booth operator raised hit broadcast, but did a slight double take. Something didn't seem right.

"Ladies and gentlemen of-..." Psyclone stopped and stared down at the soundboard. Where were the sirens? His voice wasn't booming across festival grounds. This was supposed to be his actual attempt at putting some thought into all this madness he does. His attempt at some form of...

Gerald got bored of his lamenting and grabbed the sound operator by the neck, slamming him against the wall, and spinning his claymore behind him. The operator was terrified, feeling a slight breeze as the blade spun behind him.

" you think you're a hero? IS THAT WHAT YOU FUCKING THINK YOU ARE?!" Psyclone was breathing heavily and raggedly.

"Let me tell you what heroes are. Heroes save people, puppies, even fucking petunias if they can. But why? Because they care of course! Greater good and all that shit right?! But it's all a goddamn game, a fucking gimmick. Fear of failing a world full of expectations, perpetuated by the media. All the dashing, the semantics, all of it. It protects their profits. The public is just a secondary cause!"

Psyclone started moving the spinning blade forward, grazing the operators back as he screamed. Psyclone stopped for a second, considering the man's screams and looking back at the sound bored.

"You're not an're not jamming me. So who..." He looked around the room.

"Whoever's here, if you don't come out, I will cut this fucking sound guy in half and string him up with every other fucking who gets in my way!"


"What are you doing? Who are you, hiding like this?" a strange man asked, walking over to him. Theodore tried to shush the man but it was too late. "Whoever's here, if you don't come out, I will cut this fucking sound guy in half and string him up with every other fucking who gets in my way!" Psyclone called out. Theodore couldn't believe how stupid the man was; Psyclone would probably kill them in a second. How had he not noticed the wind villain was there? He had to walk right past him!

Still, Theodore didn't say anything to the man and instead just motioned for him to remain hidden. At least one of them needed to get out of this and - presumably - warn the cavalry. Hopefully, The Crick would get his message and respond soon. Theodore took a deep breath, centered his mind, and made his move. He spun out from his hiding place, slipped his hands halfway into his pocket in an attempt to look cool, and stared straight at the villain.

"Really? What will cutting someone in half possibly get you? I mean I get the whole "you're evil" thing and all, but don't most villains WANT something they're willing to kill for?" Theodore asked, eyebrow raised. All the while, Theodore was thinking to himself "Just keep him talking; villains are dumb and like to monologue. Just keep him monologuing long enough and the real heroes will arrive."

"Dr. Theodore Loveless by the way; I don't believe we've met. If you don't mind, I've got a few questions..."

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Psyclone, Theodore was broadcasting everything with a "special report" telling people to get away from the sound stage as quickly and calmly as possible in the way only an astoundingly handsome and popular media personality could.


As the crowd began to make it's way away from the stage where Psyclone was taking command, Aldric remained seated while eating popcorn. This aught to be good.


"Save it for now, lets see how long it takes people to figure it out on their own. I mean, I am a 'unicorn' now after all, we're supposed to be elusive, right?" Karen said, drawing a chuckle from Mina. "Great, now I'm associated with someone trying to dodge taxes; You sure you're not a super villain?" Mina said, clearly joking around and matching her old friend grin for grin.

After a few seconds, Mina's grin faded. "Karen... there's something you should know. It's not good. I don't know if you've made contact with any of the others; they might have been able to tell you if you have. Take a seat." she said, not sure how the old ally would react. Once Karen was seated - Mina insisted on it before she'd give the news - Mina continued.

"Kitsu... died a few years ago. I don't know what that means for a creature who guards the gates to the afterlife, but he's gone from this world. Since then... rather, since even before then, the rest of the group has kinda fallen apart. We're not really friends anymore and there's a lot of bad blood. None of them have a grudge against you - at least right now - but I don't think any of us can stomach to even be in the same room anymore. If they find out you were "faking your death"... I don't know how they'd react, but if they hear you spoke with me, I'll bet they'll have nothing good to say about either of us. If you want to talk to them, I understand. I an even give you their contact information just... just don't expect them to have anything nice to say." Mina said, almost entirely honestly.

"Even I don't have anything nice to say to them." she said, anger clear in her eyes.


Karen complied, Mina didn't seem inclined to speak till she did and actually insisted on it. The news was rather surprising, she didn't think Kitsu could die. As she let that sink in, Mina then brought up their 'friends' "Not surprised" Karen started, her disposition icing over a bit. "Seems obvious looking back now, back even back then, when we where a group I had the feeling we wouldn't be 'friends for life', and my run ins with them after more or less confirmed it. Karen said with a indifferent shrug. "Only reason I'm here talking to you is because we never actually crossed paths again after the split, so I didn't know if you'd turned out like the rest. So far, your the only one I haven't wanted to punch in the teeth."

Karen thought a few moments "As for Kitsu, I doubt he's dead. Least by our definition anyway, still surprising though. Didn't really think he could die."

Frederick Rolls

"Mr. Rolls, there's a villain here, the one from last week. Can you help tell the security and cops to start evacuating the fair and send a few to cover the sound booth? He's taken a hostage and Dr. Loveless is hiding from him."

"Theodore?" he muttered, before nodding. "Okay." Truth to be told, that probably would be an idea. However, he had something else in mind.

No need sending the cops in if he's still hiding, after all.

Walking away far enough for him to be able to hide, he put on the masks and went into his ghost form, though, not leaving his body. That was a little too risky, and, while he certainly wouldn't have minded the telekinesis, it wasn't worth it. He made himself invisible, and, heading for the stage, soon realized that things weren't looking as good as Crick had described it, as Theodore was now out in the open, talking to the villain.

Was he found? Is it because of the hostage?

The situation looked heated, so Frederick didn't doubt so. However, it became more clear what might have happened when he spotted someone else, hiding behind a speaker, surveying the situation with a calm even he couldn't manage to have.

Even so, this guy's in danger.

He could always wonder what had happened later, as much as he wanted to help Theodore, truth was, he couldn't go into the situation without further risking his own life, as well as that of Theodore's or the victim. He'd have to keep an eye out, if either got hurt, he could rush in and attempt to help. For now, however, he'd have to trust in Theodore's ability to speak, the same way he had trusted in his own.

Ensuring that the guy who was still hidden was fine, Frederick flew down to the man, revealing only his hand, ensuring that it was impossible to see from where the villain stood. He was hoping for the other to grab it and follow him. While the youth did so, he looked towards where his face was, though, obviously not seeing it, and whispered. He didn't look like the situation bothered him much, nor if a hand appeared in the middle of nowhere.

"Can I borrow your emotions?"

What did he just ask me about?

Did this man have some sort of ability? Or was he simply insane? Regardless, Frederick supposed it couldn't be that bad, and nodded, though with his head still invisible, that was somewhat of a wasted gesture.

"Ehm... yes? I suppose so?"


Sirius Hamilton

"Whoever's here, if you don't come out, I will cut this fucking sound guy in half and string him up with every other fucking who gets in my way!"


Was that Sirius' fault? He had attempted to be quiet, and he didn't think he'd been seen. However, that was probably wrong. He felt like apologizing, only that it would be making things even worse. Not saying anything else, he failed to stop the stranger from standing up and outing himself. As the stranger did, he also motioned for Sirius to sit still.

"Really? What will cutting someone in half possibly get you? I mean I get the whole "you're evil" thing and all, but don't most villains WANT something they're willing to kill for? Dr. Theodore Loveless by the way; I don't believe we've met. If you don't mind, I've got a few questions..."

Why did he step out?

Sirius knew the answer to that one, it was because of the hostage. He wanted to do the same, he had powers, after all. Then again, the villain had talked about someone jamming the signal, was it possible that this Dr. Loveless was responsible for that?

I suppose so.

The question was, did he stay quiet, or did he reveal himself as well? Sirius didn't have a lot of powers, at the moment, as the connection to Ash was shut. Besides, while he knew martial arts, stuff like that was a lot more useful when one wasn't currently recovering from injuries. Even so, he had to step out, it was his fault.

Always do the right thing, after all.

If he could draw attention to himself, then the two others could escape.

But how?

Just as he was about to go ahead, the answer presented itself to him in the form of a hand. He didn't know who the hand belonged to, or why it was there, but he grabbed it, and asked the owner a question.

"Can I borrow your emotions?" he was barely making a sound, yet the owner of the hand, confused, responded with a quiet voice.

"Ehm... yes? I suppose so?"

At that, Sirius started bonding with the stranger, the connection appearing in his mind as he did.


"Really? What will cutting someone in half possibly get you? I mean I get the whole "you're evil" thing and all, but don't most villains WANT something they're willing to kill for? Dr. Theodore Loveless by the way; I don't believe we've met. If you don't mind, I've got a few questions..." "

Psyclone stared at Loveless, a sense of eagerness falling over him. So here he was. He was an average looking man, tanned skin, graying hair, but his purple-reddish eyes perplexed him slightly. He was rather well dressed, looking like he'd stepped out of a pulp novel.

"Oh, I know who you are doc. I've seen a few of your interviews, I liked the one with the rockstar chick. She said some interestin' things...but this isn't about her. This whole thing is actually about you in a way..."

He moved away from the hostage, the blade still rotating in place behind him, waiting to slice into the booth operator. Psyclone grinned from behind his mask as he moved toward Loveless. He gently placed his arm on Loveless's shoulder

"You don't belong to some company or media outlet, you just do you. I like that. I like it a lot. Not because I care about 'journalistic integrity' or some shit. You're just as bad as the rest of em...well, not bad, just another gear turnin'. But that's okay, cause you make my job easier. You're the perfect person for me to start off with. Recognizable enough to pull some heartstrings, but small enough that the rest of the world can keep on spinning. Especially the media."

He squeezed Loveless's shoulder and sat him down in the chair hard.

"I know, I know. I'm monologuing. You think you're so fucking clever! But guess what, you're not. My plan was to make a grand entrance and single you out. Maybe chase you through the city for a bit while causing some mayhem. But it's a bit different now. See, now, I'm the reporter and you're my co-host." He gave Loveless a quick smack upside the head and chuckled.

"I recognize you, or, at least your ability. Knew a kid who could do something similar with televisions. So go ahead, ask your questions. Broadcast them as much as you want. Cause you can't stop me. We're going live soon. And we've got to get to our studio." Gerald stared at a security screen intently.



The Crick watched Loveless broadcast instructions to the crowd as he tried to organize some plan of attack and got the two other heroes. He winced as Loveless made himself known, but had to commend him for the effort and protecting the hostage. Now The Crick had to figure out a way to get him out.

"Red Mist, I don't want to ask too much of you right now, but if you get a chance, can you teleport into the booth and grab the hostages?"


With every word the villain said, Theodore edited them to keep things in his favor. There was no sense letting the villain just say what he wanted. Plus, if he didn't edit some of it the censors would kill him LONG before Psyclone got the chance. As such, all the public saw was the pair of them making their way to a chair, Psyclone forcing him to sit in it, and a heavily edited version of the conversation.

Theodore's responses followed, mostly unedited by his power though edited by his good sense and taste. The one last edit he made was a visual one to remove his next actions. Once the villain had sat him down, Theodore - still unflappable - pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket along with a lighter and brought one to his lips. He lighted it a moment later. After that, he held up a cigarette to the air villain saying "need a light?" Theodore figured if the villain was gonna kill him, he'd at least enjoy some of it.

Of course, the cigarettes were edited out; it was a bad habit he didn't want to inflict on anyone else.

As Psyclone turned his attention to more broadcasting equipment, Theodore raised a hand and shook his head. "I wouldn't bother; I'm afraid none of that equipment is gonna work while I'm here. The equipment likes me better." he said with a shrug. "Nothing personal, just don't think your message is all that important. Probably something about how "the big bad superheros are full of it" right?" Theodore said, remembering some of his words from the week before. He was also being remarkably antagonistic for a hostage; Theodore blamed his journalistic instincts.

"Now, if you let the other hostage go like a good little boy, MAYBE I'll consider letting you watch TV." Theodore added in a deliberately condescending tone. Theodore had interviewed superheroes, supervillains, politicians, CEOs, and even one foreign genocidal dictator; one more villain who was full of hot air was nothing special. Hopefully, he could a least negotiate for the freedom of the other hostage.

"So... first question? Do you think you were born a mild inconvenien... excuse me - "evil" - or did you become that way over time?"


Aldric laughed at the broadcast and wondered how long before the wind villain killed the reporter. More popcorn flew down his throat


Mina shook her head. "I've no idea how easy it is for a being like Kitsu to die." she said, freely admitting ignorance. It wasn't hard. She was going to say something else when there came a knock at her door. A few seconds later - without Mina's approval - the door opened and a tall Japanese woman entered. She bowed her head to Mina before Mina could berate her and spoke up. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but you should check the news. The weather villain from last week is on down at the festival." she said.

Mina would have argued, but Psyclone's work was relevant to her goals and Karen was a hero so she quickly turned on a large TV in her office and found the broadcast just in time for Theodore to ask the first question. When the Japanese woman left, Mina turned to Karen and quietly said "you probably should go."

Frederick Rolls

His eye color changed.

Normally, Frederick didn't care a whole lot about people's eye-colors, however, this one's had changed from a steel gray to what looked to be a mess of brown, green and blue.

Perhaps he has powers, then. Something related to asking me to borrow my emotions.

He could only hope. Frederick couldn't help but listen in on the conversation on the stage as this all happened, though the result left him only slightly less confused, a bit annoyed, and somewhat worried.

"I wouldn't bother; I'm afraid none of that equipment is gonna work while I'm here. The equipment likes me better." he said with a shrug. "Nothing personal, just don't think your message is all that important. Probably something about how "the big bad superheros are full of it" right?"

Wait, why he is using that tone? That's not what you do when trying to make someone not kill you.

Frederick should know, he was sarcastic most of the time, and look at what had happened to him.

Don't tell me he intends to keep poking the bad guy.

"Now, if you let the other hostage go like a good little boy, MAYBE I'll consider letting you watch TV."


"So... first question? Do you think you were born a mild inconvenien... excuse me - "evil" - or did you become that way over time?"

Dammit Theodore, do you need to be so hostile?

Frederick asked himself, and flew up to get a view of the situation. There was something about that slightly suicidal way of acting that struck him as familiar, he'd certainly seen how Theodore could talk to people, but was this really the time and place? If he was to help, he'd have to take out the thing that was the biggest danger right now, the sword flying around. He didn't know what the youth in front of him intended to do, though the red-haired man was looking at the conversation as well, perhaps trying to determine what to do. Frederick's hand appeared again, and he pointed towards the sword, then towards where he would be.

Does he get that?

The red-hair nodded, the expression on his face as confused about this whole situation as Frederick felt, then pointed towards the broadcasting equipment and the villain, separately. Not know what the other intended to do, and not at all certain if he'd have the time to find out, he made an okay sign with his hand, made it disappear again, and went over to do something about the sword.

Here goes nothing.

He grabbed the sword, lifting it up as far as he could, intending to move it somewhere else entirely. He did so while the villain was turned another way, though, at least the first hostage noticed and looked at it, wide eyes, slowly backing away from it. Whatever the other guy was intending to do, this was the time to do it.

Then, the red-haired stranger acted, put his hand on the sound equipment, and created sparks, enough to create quite the mess of sparks and unpleasant sounds. Not hesitating for a moment, the youth then ran between the villain and Theodore, and told the villain that he wasn't about to let him harm anyone.

Hopefully, he knows how to defend himself.


Tim Merridy

Tim hadn't gotten as far as to get to a hidden alley-way and turn into Lord Magnificent. Rather, him, as well as several others, had stopped outside the closest electronic shop when the villain and Loveless, whom he recognized from the interview with Rias a week ago or so, suddenly showed up on the TVs. While he normally wouldn't mind helping a fellow villain out, he still felt more like watching this out, not because of a petty grudge from a week ago, but because of that he didn't exactly agree with what the other villain was saying.

If you're evil, that means you're evil, and if you're good... well, then you're just good. A poor naive fellow. Like... well, like Tom.

This guy wasn't getting it. He wasn't getting it at all. Perhaps Tim would help him, or perhaps it was better to just let it be, Tim didn't really know. However, he did know that getting involved right now would only ruin the villain's broadcast, even if it didn't seem like Loveless intended to be a very nice hostage.

Those are some rather nice burns.

The reporter was on the good side, it appeared, but at least he knew how to reply with pretty decently sarcastic remarks.


Sirius Hamilton

It was certainly an unfamiliar feeling to feel confused again. He had felt shocked not long before leaving the UK, when he had told his father that he was leaving, but confusion wasn't really a prominent emotion in his father, as the man seemed to understand everything, or just about. He wondered what the owner of the hand was confused about, however, the situation at the stage had started heating up, some sort of interview going on and the interviewer sounding rather insulting to the villain.

I wonder who they are. I did meet the villain, but he didn't tell me his name.

Even so, he listened in.

"So... first question? Do you think you were born a mild inconvenien... excuse me - "evil" - or did you become that way over time?"

That was a curious question. Sirius wondered what the villain would reply, as he at least knew something about being born a mild inconvenience. Regardless, that wasn't important right now, he needed to act. But how? The power he got from this kind of emotion was electricity, and he didn't think--- oh.

I could use it on the sound equipment. Probably. Couldn't I?

The confusion made him unsure. Would he be ruining something? Loveless had said that it wouldn't do much to turn it on, but if Sirius used his current power...

That'll probably be a good distraction.

And then he'd run up and engage the bad guy, keep him away from this Mr Loveless. Right. But what about the sword?

A reply to his thoughts came in the form of the hand pointing at the sword, then at its body. Well, it wasn't really a hand, he'd heard the person speak, but either way. That had to mean that the other would handle the sword, right?

I'll do what I do, then.

He thought, and, as he saw that the blade moved ever so slightly, he put his hands on the speakers and started using his abilities, the whole system started creating sounds of feedback, before sparking and buzzing and being a little dangerous. As it did, Sirius ran out and in front of Loveless, trying to shield him from the wind that might be coming. After all, that was the villain's power. Speaking of which...

Oh, right.

The feeling of confusion had almost made him forget, and he turned off his emotions so that he could use his other ability. Being able to do that gave him the advantage of switching between two kinds of powers, though only those two. He had no idea what kind of ability he might have when turning the connection back on, as humans, even invisible heroes, always kept changing between emotions.

"Step down," Sirius said as his eyes turned back to grey. "I won't let you hurt anyone."

Alex had been watching the entire situation with growing interest. Now there some other villain in the fair holding hostages, one of them announced who they were although that one fell on deaf ears as Alex didn't recognize the man. Something had to be done and done fast. He didn't like the sound or the look of the situation and there too many variables to set this off the wrong way. He went to his phone and texted the doctor.

The listening device is in place but I'm held up at the fair. I could use some help

As he finished texting, the Crick offered him an idea.

"Red Mist, I don't want to ask too much of you right now, but if you get a chance, can you teleport into the booth and grab the hostages?"

Alex looked to the booth and saw the hostages and while this villain was still in the middle of talking to one of the hostages, he seemed to have his attention averted elsewhere. This offered an interesting opportunity.

"My teleportations aren't exactly subtle." Alex said to the Crick. "Besides, I called in a friend to help us out. He's new in town, I think you might like him."


"Mist, Eatman, we have a problem,"

"Gorge if you must call me something," he said, somewhat irritated by the stupid nickname. Granted Gorge wasn't much more intelligent sounding but he enjoyed the personal joke of how close it was to George's name.

He listened carefully as Crick described the problem, following him and Red Mist as they moved to act. It seemed that the villain had taken a reporter hostage, that makes this difficult. He'd grabbed a few more bites of concrete on the way there, to have something to spit out while still being able to hold onto some of its properties.

"Besides, I called in a friend to help us out. He's new in town, I think you might like him."

"Hope he works fast," Gorge replied "Our psycho seems rather unstable."



Crap crap, fucking shit. Tess thought as the psychotic weather-freak made his reappearance, she was already in the Coil outfit so no doubt people would expect her to act. But at the same time she knew this wasn't a confrontation Mina had planned for her, at least I think she would have called first about something like this, if not then she's even more of a bitch than I thought.

Where are the other heroes? This can't possibly be all on me, this is a superpower fair after all. Still as much as it irked her she had to act. If the other heroes were planning something then they were nowhere to be seen, and this job was supposed to be easy. As she moved towards the booth one did intervene though, Tess was surprised to see the bystander from the earlier fight intervening but there he was. Is EVERYONE in this city empowered? Well let's hope he holds up better than last time.

Still she was close enough now to make a declaration, and she knew there were at least some eyes on her "Psyclone! You want a rematch?" she said "Let the hostages go and I'll happily fight you one on one."

He'd be a sucker to believe that, but it sounds heroic enough to work.



Tom had done his best to cover the fair, but his rude awakening finally took its toll and he had fallen asleep on a bench in the fairground. The sudden clamor and 'interview' being broadcast roused him though (after a few moments of grumbling and fumbling for the snooze button of course) and he sprung into action.

Ah no no, this is bad! I like Loveless, can't let him get hurt and I missed out on my chance to punch this villain last time. Not letting that happen again! This time Sir Awesome will show him what any villain in this city can expect from the awesome hero-ness of Sir Awesome! Rested and recharged, no that doesn't sound right, restored? Revived? Rejuvenated! That's it!

These thoughts in mind he darted into a now vacant tent and began to transform, he'd need a lot of goo for this battle, and even then he wouldn't be able to attack until Loveless was safe. I know! I'll challenge him, that worked against Doctor Blowhard and the Egomaniac, bet it'll work here too! No villain can resist a good challenge after all!

Dr. Schwertner

The listening device is in place but I'm held up at the fair. I could use some help

Vinzenz looked at his communicator and a look of determination appeared across his face. "I vill aid you, mein freund, for I know sat you vould do see same for me," he said to empty warehouse. He went to one of the makeshift workbenches and withdrew a device that resembled a flamethrower with a giant metal hubcap on the end. in its current state, it was little more than that. Minus the flamethrowing. He carried the device towards the generator and hesitated. To charge the energy pack the device needed to operate would require too much power to allow the generator to keep running. There was also no way for him to transfer the energy back into the generator. It must be done, thought the doctor.

Vinzenz led the energy pack's input cable to the generator's port and with a heavy sigh, pushed it into place. With a loud crackle of electric energy and the rattling of metal plates, the generator shook as the power was being forced out of it. Light on the new device's pack flickered to life as the droning sound of the generator was reduced to a low whir, then silence as its inner workings came to a halt. The transfer was complete. The doctor strapped the energy pack onto his back and held the rifle-like firing mechanism of the device. There was a lever on the top of the 'rifle' and he slowly pulled it towards himself while keeping it pointed at the dead generator. The magnet at the end of the 'rifle' activated and the generator scraped against the concrete as it drew nearer. Vinzenz set the lever to the resting position again and the generator stopped. A smile crept across his face. Next, he pushed the lever forward gently and the generator responded just as well, only this time it moved away. "Voll gut!"

With his device at the ready, he just needed a way to get to the fair. This caused him to scratch his head as he didn't have a car and, if he was being completely honest with himself, didn't know how to drive. He turned and paced for a moment before something caught his eye. Something that made his shoulders slump begrudgingly. He looked from the device in his hands to the rusted Red Flyer wagon several times before finally committing to the idea. This is, without a doubt, the least dignified thing I've ever done...

Pedestrians watched with raised brows as a child's wagon flew towards downtown at well over thirty miles per hour with the occupant shouting what were undoubtedly expletives in German. The doctor's eyes were wide in intense concentration behind the lenses of his goggles as he was certain even the slightest misstep would turn him into a stain on the pavement. Back and forth, the Red Flyer's occupant moved the lever, using anchored light poles and large vehicles to pull the wagon toward and push from when he made sharp turns. The whole thing was equal parts frightening and exhilarating--he felt as if he was in a race against his own heart. Thankfully, for his cardiovascular system, the fairgrounds were coming into view. Not so thankfully, the path ahead had very little metal for his device to interact with as it was packed with the fleshy bodies of fair-goers. "Scheisse!"

Barreling towards the crowd, some of which appeared to notice the faded-red box on wheels, Vinzenz was quickly running out of options. Many of the people began to move out of the wagon's path, but too many either hadn't noticed or reacted for the wagon to pass through without incident. Vinzenz looked off to the side and seeing an opportunity, pointed the 'rifle' at one of the decorated light poles and pulled the lever sharply. The force of the magnet lifted him out of his seated position and sent him flying through the air. He came to abrupt halt along with the magnet when they both impacted the light pole while the wagon careened and skidded across the asphalt, stopping before it could do any damage. Vinzenz probably would've dropped to the ground if it wasn't for his death grip on the magnet. A few of the onlookers stepped forward to lend a helping hand before, shakily, the doctor released the magnet's hold and stepped from the pole. Vinzenz broke the stunned silence by taking a big gasp of air and sighing the heaviest sigh he's ever managed in relief. Without word and with 'gun' in hand, he made his way through the crowd and moved deeper into the fairgrounds in search of his comrade.


"you probably should go."

Karen simply nodded and got up "Good seeing you again Mina, well have to talk again soon" Karen said as she slipped her jacket back on and headed out of Mina's office. She'd thought about just jumping out the window, but figured that'd cause to much panic, so she took the elevator down instead.

once she was back on street level she ran toward the festival a ways before making sure she was out of site of everyone then 'transformed' and flew off toward the festival.


The van she and every one else was in was stuck in traffic. The festival cause enough traffic problems on it's own, a villain showing up only made things worse. Rias how ever was not pleased. A villain meant Heroes, and that meant a fight which mean the stage was gonna get totaled, and what amounts to a 'sorry but oh well' from them after the villain got away.

Rias sat there silently with the other, pondering what she should do.


Psyclone could feel the world swirling around him. The movement of festival goers, the voices of police herding them, the heroes plotting against him, and even the villains watching on from afar judging his performance. He got a quick look at The Crick and three other heroes following him. He'd always been curious about that fucking power ranger. Coil was yelling something. What a little shitty upstart that heroine. He just knew Aldric and his "employers" were watching, waiting for to see what how their newest asset would do.

All this made Gerald stop and think about himself in the open. He realized people were actually gonna listen to him. People were gonna be able to hear him in full honestly. Well, as honest as Loveless would allow him, if his power was what Gerald believed it to be. He knew he had a show to put on a show, get as much attention as possible, but still...

Loveless's voice brought him back to that moment.

"So... first question? Do you think you were born a mild inconvenien... excuse me - "evil" - or did you become that way over time?"

"TYou know something Loveless, I've thought about it. I really have. You think I'm just another guy lookin' for attention. And I suppose you're right. And I'll admit, I'm not too worried about killin', or death, or even hurtin' people. I don't ever strive for it but I find in an odd pleasure in, not the act itself but the look of confusion and fear and just that look people give when they feel the world spiraling away from them. Shit, I guess that makes me evil! But I...I don't believe people are born evil. You aren't just 'evil'! You're..."

Psyclone stopped for a moment staring down at security screens. Loveless was probably editing this out. Changing his message around. He spilled a cup full of pens and sent them spinning on their tips.

"I'm not just a weather guy, I make things spin! That's all it was, I could make things spin! But then I was taken, molded, forced to choose. To choose a choice I never had! The rest of my mates wanted to be heroes after what they'd done to us! Why?! Why heroes? Why not just forget it all? Simple. They let the ones who trained us into their heads. They were shown their abilities and at some point, it was ingrained in them that they had to make a choice! That's what happens here. We're all lead to believe there's a side baby! Of course, we can say it's "our side." But at our core, every villain and hero has been subconsciously...shaped. By many things of course, many things our own choice, but right now I gotta focus on the main foe in front of us."

He stared Loveless in the eyes. He didn't care if anyone got it, he just needed to say it.

"Every heroic deed. Every villainous act. All of it, broadcast every day. On every screen."

Psyclone closed his eyes momentarily, taking a breath.

"But enough about all that shit, let's talk about something really interesting! I spin shit, spin it real good. Now question, what happens when I try to spin something that's already spinning pretty fucking fast?"

There was a loud metallic snap as the tilti-whirl was sent flying across the festival ground, like a spinning top.

"Ah, pack up your things Loveless, our studio is making its way over! Now let me get my-"

Psyclone turned and watched as his sword drifted away from the hostage.

"What the fuck-" Psyclone was cut-off as the sound equipment sparked up, nearly frying him. He reached out to grab Loveless by his collar but a man with red hair and gray eyes stood between them.

"Step down," Sirius said as his eyes turned back to grey. "I won't let you hurt anyone."

"Oh hey, it's you..." Psyclone said, a hint of enthusiasm and annoyance. "You're not really going to try and get in my way are you, buddy?!"

The sky above the festival darkened.



The Crick watched as the tilta-whirl tore it's way towards the sound booth.

"I think I hate this guy", The Crick muttered as he started running.

Dr. Schwertner

As the doctor squeezed through the dense crowd, there was a sudden groaning of bending and twisting metal as the support struts that held one of the fair rides in place snapped, sending the giant metal disk and the people strapped to it twirling across the fairgrounds. Vinzenz watched, mouth agape, as it twisted and turned, spinning right towards him. "Oh...oh dear."

There was screaming and shouting from both within and around the Tilt-A-Whirl. fair-goers scrambled to get clear of the wheel's path. The doctor reached behind his back and flipped a few switches on his pack. The hum and whir of the machine grew stronger as the internals worked harder. He walked briskly towards the giant rotating disc with his gizmo at the ready. "Move, out of ze vay! Raus, raus!!" Vinzenz shouted, clearing a course for him and his device. Once there was enough space, he planted his feet firmly on the asphalt, raised his magnet gun, then pushed the lever as far as it would allow. With a loud thrum, the super magnet was activated and pushed against the Tilt-A-Whirl with great force. The doctor felt the resistance and leaned into to save himself from flying backwards. Even still, he was being sent backwards, the soles of his shoes scraping the pavement.

The big wheel showed signs of slowing down, but the doctor wasn't confident it would stop before it reached him. Risking destabilizing his hold on the device, he reached back and flipped another switch. There was a snap and crackle of electricity as the machine discharged energy from an exhaust port in the rear. Any more power and it would certainly go critical. Like a wave, Vinzenz felt more resistance and was suddenly sent further back but he held firm as he could. The amusement ride drew nearer, close enough for Vinzenz to see the bubbles in the bright, colorful paint. A smell of ozone became noticeable as the reaction between the ride and the magnet intensified. The heel of the doctor's back foot hit the curb and he used that to his advantage, grounding him more firmly in his position.

A sharp Bzzt! came from the end of the magnet as an arc of electricity formed between it and the Tilt-A-Whirl. The ride was just meters away from the doctor before it was hit with the full force of the magnet and brought to a near-halt. Vinzenz was nearly thrown off his feet from the resistance and he let out a yell as he put all his effort into keeping himself standing. Finally, and with great relief for the doctor, the rotating wheel was stabilized. He took a few steps back to prevent another electrical discharge and was safe enough to take a moment to wipe the sweat from his brow. Laughing nervously, he felt confident the rogue machine was under control and shouted loudly so as to be heard over his machine's hum. "Everyvon inside, remove yourself from see veel if you can! Take care to stay clear of zis device! Is highly dangerous!"


"Is the weather here usually this unpredictable?" Mr. Luxe asked, looking at the fresh storm clouds through the glass wall of his suite. He was standing on a small polished wood box with his arms out to his sides, level with his shoulders. He was only in his undershirt and boxer-briefs, allowing himself to be more easily measured.

"Eh, clouds come. Clouds go. Hard to say," said the short, old Italian man with a thick, raspy accent as he wrapped a strip of measuring tape around Daniel's waist. The tailor adjusted his glasses as he scrunched his nose and furrowed his brow, focusing on being precise with his evaluations. "Worried about the cold? I can increase the blend. Some more wool to keep warm, yes?"

"No thank you, I'll manage."

"Okay, suit yourself," the tailor said with a soft chuckle at his own humor.

"I hear this city has quite the number of super individuals."

"Ah, sì. Molti, molti, molti--you cannot go anywhere in this city without seeing one. Some are not so easy to tell, some...well, they like the bright, flashy outfits. Some err, canaglie, scoundrels. They like to make trouble. Usually nothing big, but they like the excitement. Most people in the city do too. At least they know what they are getting into when they come here. Maybe that is why you come to the city, yes? Some excitement, eh?" The tailor chuckled some more at this. "Mi scusi, I like to joke. Your business is no business of mine."

"Please, no worries," Daniel spoke kindly, his mind half-occupied with the thoughts of the supers that could be in the city. He'd seen plenty in his time, be they hero, villain, or those just getting by.

"If I may, a man such as you, who likes luxury suits must have a luxury car to match, yes? Go to my grandson, very good with cars. Tell him Vinicio tell you. Good price for a good customer, eh?"

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Grazie. Truth be told, he could use the business. Tells me, 'Nonnino, I am doing just fine,' but I do what I can to help him. Anyway, we are just about finished."


Aldric just watched Psyclone and the Heroes get into a standoff. He knew at some point someone would do something stupid and the whole powder keg would explode in a glorious conflagration of media coverage and property damage. Oh, and blood; LOTS of blood. He had a great show, plenty of snacks, and not a single reason to move.

Well, one reason to move. As it turned out, the "powder keg" was actually a tilt-a-whirl and was moving in his direction. Grabbing onto the arms of his folding chair, Aldric pulled up on them violently several times to move his chair out of the "line-of-whirl" Once the thing had passed him, he was going to turn back to the awaiting show. However, something interesting happened; he heard a voice.

The voice wasn't really all that impressive or meaningful; really it was the accent that got him. A superhero of some form he'd not seen before had stopped the tilt-a-whirl with some form of electro-mechanical device. He had a German accent. German super scientist? He hadn't seen one of those since the 1940s. The whole "helping people" thing was new; most of the German Super Scientists he'd ever encountered had a thing for puppy kicking. He usually returned the favor... BUT WITH KNIVES!

Aldric made note of the man for later before returning his attention to the much more pressing powder keg on the main stage which, he decided, he was going to refer to as "The Balkans."


And then half the city's heroes appeared. Don't get me wrong, Theodore was happy to see them. He was, after all, technically a hostage. However, his primary concern had been the lives of the many innocent people around them. Fortunately, it appeared some of the heroes had the good sense to at least stop what was possibly the worst disaster in tilt-a-whirl history... and that was saying something.

"Ah, pack up your things Loveless, our studio is making its way over! Now let me get my-" Psyclone said. As Psyclone reached out to grab him however, a pair of heroes got in his way. Theodore, desperate to keep the villain's attention on anyone but the crowd, spoke again. "Thanks, but I'm just fine where I am."

From there, he added another question. "So... you're some kind of "cultural warrior"; fighting the... ahm... "good" fight against media, businesses, and - evidently - innocent bystanders? Most people would organize a protest or something..."

Some people.

Frederick Rolls

Frederick kept carrying the sword away from the villain, the hostage running off with no doubt or hesitation whatsoever.

Good, then that's fixed.

Frederick thought. He hid the sword inside the closest building -somewhere no one would find it, the thing was a little too sharp for his liking- and returned.However, there was another issue, along with the fact that Theodore was still being held hostage. The villain
had started using his powers, attempting to ruin anything and everything on the festival.

This festival was bound to get messed with, huh?

It happened every year, after all, yet they insisted on setting it up, rebuild it, and continue on as if a large lizard-guy had not just trampled the political stands.

I don't think I can do much to help Theodore and the... other guy now, I have to trust in that they'll manage.

Completely ignoring the other villain that had appeared -that one only seemed to want attention either way- Frederick started helping civilians evacuating.

Tim Merridy

Tim kept watching, the situation escalating at a high speed. However, it wasn't before heroes, a lot of them, appeared, interfering, far too many of them for the storm-villain to have a chance.

Haha, this might actually become something worth watching.

Tim thought.

Of course, that means that I want to be a part of it.

Of course he had to do that, it was a given. He was a villain, one that would soon have his first real appearance. With a grin, he walked away, eager to find the closest alley.

It didn't take long for him to get into his goo and start running, and run he did. About 9 feet tall, a sturdy armor with the spikes and horns, Tim arrived at the scene in time to engange one of the heroes, a woman in some sort of armor. She was flying using a pair of wings, and while she seemed well adjusted to doing so, Tim figured that she would have to land somewhere, that's when he'd strike.


"No you don't!" Tim exclaimed, and stepped in front of her. In -or rather, as- his hand, a large spike appeared, sharp and just as sturdy, if not sturdier than his armor. "Fight me, hero!" He gestured to the rest of them. "All of you! Come on, lets have some fun before I crush you all!"

That's promising quite a lot.

Oh well, it wasn't exactly a secret that villains were supposed to be arrogant.


Sirius Hamilton

Sirius had heard most of the ranting that the villain had done, yet he had no intention of backing down. Well, unless there was no need for him to do this, of course.

"Oh hey, it's you... You're not really going to try and get in my way are you, buddy?!"

"I think so," Sirius said. "You can't act like this. It's against the law, and you're hurting people."

"Thanks, but I'm just fine where I am. So... you're some kind of "cultural warrior"; fighting the... ahm... "good" fight against media, businesses, and - evidently - innocent bystanders? Most people would organize a protest or something..."

Sirius turned to look at the man, and stepped slightly to the side so that journalist could face the one he was asking.

I suppose they're not done talking yet.

"It would be better to be calm, Mr... ehm, villain," Sirius said. "I'm sure you'll get to talk before they try to arrest you, and it would do you no good to harm anyone else. As long as you behave, I won't try to fight you, so please stop using your powers."

While his words sounded polite, the dull tone made it clear that he wasn't trying to be careful or indirect. Simply stating how he saw it. He still stood ready to fight, though he had felt it in his side when he had stood up so quickly, being hasty hadn't had the best effect on his stitches. Feeling at them, he noticed that while he was bleeding, they hadn't gotten completely ruined, simply moved a little. The bleeding wasn't good, though.

I wonder if I could heal myself if the ghost gets sad or scared. I don't want to have to go to the hospital again.

How to scare a ghost, though?


As Karen got closer to where the villain from last week was stirring up trouble again, she flew a bit lower, nice as her armor was, it did make 'sneaking up' kind of a pain being that it was silver/white and shiny.

"No you don't!, Fight me, hero!" Said some villain she'd not seen before as he jumped out of where ever he was hiding to confront her, his hand ether changing to a large pike, or he formed on in his hand, was difficult to tell He was tall, taller then her, covered in spikes and generally came across as a 'evil knight'.

Karen having stopped mid air when he jumped out at her just hovered there a moment, eying him a bit, Her wings relaxing a bit, with the two smaller ones dropping down a bit and hanging just below the two larger ones. Karen cracked a smirk after a few moments "Well, bet you never need to look far for a can opener do you, even if it does come off as a bit like 'over compensation' " Karen said, deciding to take a jab at this guy while she raised her right hand out to the side a bit, a golden light forming in her open hand, before she wrapped her fingers around the light, the light then forming into a blade as a circular shield formed just off her left forearm, also golden in color. "I'll warn you only once, stand a side and no harm will come to you, persist in challenging me and I WILL hurt you." Karen's tone shifting as she spoke, less humor and more serious, her statement ending with her glowing golden sword pointed at her would be opponent.


Tom emerged from having generated his armor only to find that things had gotten even worse, a number of other heroes had shown up sure but the villain had also attempted to throw a ferris wheel at people, and worse still Tim had made an appearance. He's my responsibility, other heroes shouldn't have to waste time on him.

"I'll warn you only once, stand a side and no harm will come to you, persist in challenging me and I WILL hurt you."

"Leave him to me," he said "You go after Psyclone."

Tim's armor was more spiky and he'd even generated a large spear looking thing, whereas Tom's was currently blobby and without much of a shape. That needs to change. Armor plates appeared on the surface of his shell and soon he stood in what resembled a large armored sphere with arms and legs.

"Come quietly villain," he said "There is no need for violence."



Tess was not happy about being ignored, other heroes were stealing a spotlight that was rightfully hers, even that random bystander from before held more of the psycho's attention than she did. Of additional concern was how the villain had thrown a ferris wheel around, sure another hero (she assumed the strange german man was such) had halted it, but such a thing was far outside her power to stop.

"Hey Psyclone!" she yelled "Listen to me, let the reporter go and face me you coward!"

Hopefully he wouldn't back down from a challenge like that.



This was heating up fast, and Gorge didn't want to move with the situation so chaotic, someone would get hurt if he did likely the hostage. The other heroes are stirring things up enough, I need to sit back and wait for an opportunity. Besides the teleporting antihero and the Crick both seemed undecided on how to act as well, though the Crick had moved towards the ferris wheel it had quickly been stopped by another individual.

I just need to wait until I have a good shot on that psychopath. He could spit his chunks of concrete relatively far, so all he needed to do now was wait for a good opening.

Tim Merridy

"Well, bet you never need to look far for a can opener do you, even if it does come off as a bit like 'over compensation' "

"Ah, sorry to disappoint you then, unicorn-lady, but everything is big with me!" he grinned, and, as she magicked forth a shield, he did the same, even if it was unneeded. Of course, it was more like a second weapon, seeing as it was mostly spikes on a round surface.

So I'm fighting against the shiny warrior of light? Sounds like the perfect first hero to take down!

Tim was eager to get started, and when the hero spoke again, he just laughed.

"I'll warn you only once, stand a side and no harm will come to you, persist in challenging me and I WILL hurt you."

"Haha, I'd like to see you try! Silly paragon of Justice, don't you know that chaos and evil is the more interesting side?!" Tim was about to step forward, still laughing as he did, when Tom entered the brawl.

Well, I suppose I did challenge all of them! I wonder if they'll go with the whole; one on one duel thing that heroes like to do! That'd certainly be interesting on it's own.

"Come quietly villain. There is no need for violence."

Tim couldn't reply instantly, though, he was too busy getting over Tom's... shape.

"HAHAHA! NO WAY!" Tim said, Tom would just have to deal with the fact that he was going to fight someone else first. Also, the guy looked ridiculous! "What the heck happened to your form, though?! It's--- it's so ridiculous! Seriously dude, are you some sort of ball?! I'd say that you have balls, but that might sound like a compliment!" His tone was cocky and mocking, perhaps because of the fact that it was so worth mocking!

T-tom, what the hell, hahaha...

"That's no moon, it's Sir Awesome! HAH!" He then gestured for both Tom and the female hero to come at him.

I'm fighting against a ball and a unicorn, that's... epic.

One day, that would be the stuff of legends, and the movie would certainly be awesome!

"Come on, I can take both of you, though I couldn't challenge your combined silliness if I tried for a hundred years!"


'Psyclone'? 'Sir Awesome'? Names sure have gone down hill since she was away ... not to mention the walking black pincushion was making her eye twitch already, only one other villain did that, and she hated him for how annoying he was more then how dangerous he was.

"Leave him to me, You go after Psyclone."

"No, I think I'll stick around here, The rookie and the other two have the blow hard covered, besides, rule one of a hostage situation is 'your very presence can escalate the situation' Karen said after taking a quick survey of the situation "and since my plan of quietly keeping an eye on the situation was blown a part by Cracker Jack the Second here, might as well just deal with him first. Karen added, then said something that one would not expect to hear from any hero that 'only been active for a week' "Besides, I've lost to many friends to that stupid 'one on one duel' bullshit, I might not know you, but I'm not going to leave only to hear later you got badly hurt or killed by this clown." Karen floating down a little and assuming a 'ready stance' once she was a little closer to the ground, her wings out stretched, and still as they had been since the 'dork knight' stopped her.


"Come on, I can take both of you, though I couldn't challenge your combined silliness if I tried for a hundred years!"

"Besides, I've lost to many friends to that stupid 'one on one duel' bullshit, I might not know you, but I'm not going to leave only to hear later you got badly hurt or killed by this clown."

What? Didn't she know it was a basic rule, no a common courtesy to allow rivals to duel? Maybe she doesn't know we're rivals yet, I mean this is sort of our first battle but we've got to start somewhere. Of course Tom was sorry to hear about how she'd lost friends, but he knew Tim was hardly about to kill him, besides with his goo suit he was nearly invincible! (Setting aside that boulder that had given him some trouble not too long ago of course). Then of course there was Tim's taunting to deal with, and that would not be tolerated.

"He is my responsibility," he said to the heroine "I assure you I will not be harmed."

With that it was time to answer Tim's taunts in the best way possible, through ACTION! Tom charged forward then flung himself with the large powerful limbs, retracting them inside the armored shell as he flew like a giant cannonball at the laughing Tim, hopefully flattening him. The limbs of course remained somewhat substantiated even inside the shell, ready to extend out to try and catch Tim should he try to dodge and try to tackle him to the ground.

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