The hunt for subject 221:experimental scifi rp (looking for players)

A quick introduction to the setting:

'The union' is the name for the overarching authority that governs the many worlds settled by the Evonn race throughout their long history. It is a very militaristic system that can often be described as downright tyrannical but so far it has managed to keep order between the many different cultures of the various worlds. The act of rallying against a common enemy has been used much in the past and to that end alone, the Union has declared war on any and all spacefaring aliens they encountered. Sadly, the most recent alien race they encountered pushed back, hard. Known only as 'the surge', these part mechanical, part organic creatures pose the greatest threat to the union's existence it has ever faced. The surge seem completely dedicated to the utter destruction of anyone that opposes them and have launched a terrible campaign against both the Union and its former alien enemies. With access to seemingly endless numbers of ships and troops they have swept across hundreds of worlds already and overwhelmed almost all of the fleets and armies sent to stop them. What drives them is unclear but what is known, is that they are a hive mind, knowing no individuality whatsoever and that they have a strange fixation with keeping life-bearing worlds, so called 'garden worlds' intact. The union now pours all its resources into military development to stop the surge advance but as more and more worlds fall, their plight becomes ever more desperate.

As the surge move in to attack the union garden world of Tarran, a single special operations frigate makes its way to the planet's capitol of Anvay City. On board is one of the most respected special forces squads in the entire union military, squad Toth. Their mission is to secure a vital component of a highly advanced electronic weapon being designed and built by a local division of Seynon IG, one of the union's largest corporations.

The practical matters of the rp:

This rp will consist of five players in the major roles and a possibly unlimited number of players (depending on interest of course) in supporting roles. Who gets which character is decided by the age old rule of first come first served.
The five major roles consist of four players playing as the spec. ops. team and one player playing as 'subject 221'. The team will have four classes, squad leader, combat engineer, ghost and guardian each with their unique talents and weapons I'll describe below. Their objective is to capture subject 221 and the tech he or she holds while it is subject 221's objective to escape the world without being caught.

Minor characters can be people throughout the world just trying to stay alive during the invasion. They can choose to be soldiers, civilian engineers, doctors, basically anything they like. Their objective is simply to stay alive though they can choose to help or hinder the spec. ops. team or subject 221 as they see fit.
Everyone will play in the forum but given that the various characters will be in different locations most times I will start my posts or paragraphs within posts by stating who they are meant for. Subject 221 and the spec. ops. squad leader may sometimes get PM's from me with secret information that they can choose to share or not share with the other players around them.

The classes:

The squad leader: he or she is in charge of the entire team, they decide the global course of the mission and have permission to give orders to their subordinates. They are in direct contact with the command centre aboard the frigate 'lost vector' and will in turn receive instructions and advice from them. They do not have access to any special weapons however and can only handle he following classes. (Assault rifles, shotguns, SMGs, pistols)

The combat engineer: he or she is the technical genius of the team and can hack into all manner of computer systems to deactivate or reactivate turrets, drones or other defensive measures, open doors, access city services, etc. In addition they carry special reconnaissance and combat robots or drones that can navigate small spaces and spot enemies or act as mines or remote controlled grenades if need be. In addition, they are also the team's vehicle pilot and the only member of the team trained to use the 'pylon' power armour if such a suit is encountered on the mission. Their weapon choice is limited however. (SMGs, pistols)

The ghost: he or she is the teams designated reconnaissance and stealth expert as well as the team sniper. Their armour is equipped with a special cloaking system that can render them invisible for extended periods of time. They will also be the only class with access to sniper rifles, which are usually highly powerful armaments. Their weapon access is split between long and short range encounters. (Sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols)

The guardian: he or she will be the team's "tank" seeing as that the guardian is equipped with the heaviest armour of the entire group as well as a portable energy barrier, a shield if you will, mounted on their arm. When the shield is active they can only use a single-handed weapon but otherwise they can also wield heavy weapons such as nanite missile launchers or portable beam cannons. They can equip themselves with (Assault rifles, shotguns, heavy weapons, pistols)

Subject 221: he or she is trained to use computer systems much in the same manner as the team's combat engineer but does not have the same access to military drones or other defensive measures. They have a pilot's license and can therefore use any flying machine they get their hands on with reasonable effectiveness. Other than that they have some minor training in small arms and can use pistols effectively however they have no armour, unless they find some, and are therefore best not engaging anyone or anything in actual combat. They will however, be able to count on some 'unexpected' assistance.

Interested in guardian role here. Would be my first RP so that should probably be kept in mind if you would select me. A support role would be fine as well if you don't want a newbie in a major role.

Interested in guardian role here. Would be my first RP so that should probably be kept in mind if you would select me. A support role would be fine as well if you don't want a newbie in a major role.

Oops double post somehow...

Interested in the engineer

Interested in the Squad Leader role. Here's a character sheet:

Color me interested as the subject. Gunna need a bit more info on the subject, but definitely seems like a fun role.

I'm interested in filling one out for the ghost position, but looking at the original post of this I want to be sure the gm is actually active before I make a sheet

I would be very interested in doing a supporting role. But if ya don't need it since I don't think you've started yet, that's fine too.


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