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Taumel - 17/35ap, 2mp - Paschendale

Taumel's spell had backfired some, especially when it came to Flora. Somehow he was able to fight the suggestion of doing actual work at the smithy, and instead he had become the bard of the establishment. Not that a smithy would ever need a bard, but it did raise the work ethic and morale some.

Laila had been angered at first because Taumel hadn't told her much at all about her plan. However, now that her guide had explained it to her she figured in some centuries it might be good to have one of the first "factories" ever in her own city. Apparently Taumel had grand plans including mechanized workers for the smithy in the far future. Now everything was manual though, and the noise and smoke that came from the large building was unpleasant. Paschendale had been more beautiful without it. Yes, Laila could appreciate beauty. There was beauty in death and war too for her.

Taumel had gone to speak with this Flora, after she had calmed her banshee down. She wondered how someone could resist her suggestion by twisting it to their own personal desires. Such an individual must be impressive indeed. What Taumel found wasn't what she had been expecting though, Flora was a male painted even if he tried to hide it.

She heard his voice from outside the smithy, despite the noise coming from the building itself and the city. It was the most amazing singing voice she'd heard in her life, not just since coming to the planet and the reef.

Taumel met with the crossdressing Flora. It was an interesting meeting. She learned a lot about him, or her, and what he wanted out of life. Her two current assistants... were less positive and hopeful in comparison. Oh, the Banshee could be positive when it came to her own expertise on death, but that was due to the confidence that came of never having lost a fight. Esther was a trickster and a cynical bastard. Taumel had seen visions of what she had recently done with Leliani for example. She hoped she wouldn't have to meet with the plant woman for the next millenia after that. It would be too awkward for Taumel.

Flora seemed like a genuinenly good individual though. Taumel knew those could be close to impossible to find. She struck a deal with him, saying that she would give him the ability to chose his own form as long as he agreed to join her in eternity. Flora was noticeably insulted when she referred to him as a he, instead of a she. Taumel remarked that he would truly be a she in every way if he simply joined her and swore to use his potential power for the better of the Reef Nation.

So, they shook hands. Flora would use her newfound power to inspire more acceptance and tolerance foremost. Even their spiritual guide needed to learn that. She did say it to Taumel's face to her credit.

Bolt-23/35 2MP - over dusk city

Bolt and spike were flying their new ship back to dusk city. Well, flying would be the generous way of saying it.

"How do you fly this thing!" bolt said as he spun the wheel back and forth as they approached dusk city.

Spike looked over the ship seeing the city was close by "well it looks like got it from here" spiked then looked at bolt "all you have to do is park" he then turned to Bolt "I would do it myself butI need to talk to someone. Bye!

"Wait don't...." Was all bolt was able to get out before Spike teleported away "MOMMY!"

Venom/Whisker - dusk city

Venom and Whisker were sitting in the main plaza of the city still being a little scared of the surroundings but getting used to it

"he can't do this" whiskers said as she sat on a bench next to venom holding her hands on her head "if he goes there than"

venom put his hands over her "we can find a way out of this everything will be all right. we have gotten out of worse than this." venom then look at her "we just need to...."

"Holy fuck!" bolt said as the ship crashed into the big hole in the center of the city. Luckily no one was there to get seriously injured except for bolt "Ow"

"That just happens" Venom said as he looked down the hole

"I'm alive Bolt said in a very painful voice deep within the hole.

spike/"Henreitta" IV-fanged hill capital

"It's good to see you again Henreitta, you have them ready" Spike said as she walked into the building with her

"Yes and I have another surprise for you" Henreitta said as she opened the door

"what is thaAHHHHHHHHH" Spike said as Vulture jumped out with the helmet and used it on Spike

"Surprise your a slave now hahahahahahah" Vulture Laugh as he took over his mind

Leilani-19/35 2MP- Yggdrasil

As the pregnancy went on, Leilani couldn't do as much as she wanted to. She was confined to the room most the time. Nissa was with Leilani every chance she could get. She had to run Yggdrasil and the surronding area while Leilani was pregnant. Leilani wanted to do more, but realized it was probably better that Nissa took over for the time being.

While Leilani was in her room relaxing, she noticed someone was trying to make someone into a demigod. It was Taumel! Without much thought, Leilani decided to help her. She hoped her and Taumel could see each other and talk about the baby when it is born.

Arora - 31AP, 2MP - Utanokogen, 412

Once the shepherd boy had completed his contemplation he was quick to return to the yak shelter. Arora could see disquiet in the way he moved. It was as if the boy had just climbed out from a familiar river, one that he often swum in, having almost been swept away in currents far stronger than he was used to.

The love goddess decided that she would follow him in her moth form as he herded his yaks home. She fluttered about his head as he walked, examining the plain, somewhat malnourished face and lank Nirn-grey hair. There was no objection from the boy to Arora's intimacy; he even let her ride on his shoulder.
Later, once they had reached his village by a stream in the hills, she discovered that his name was Sukido.

Venari - The Arctic Circle - Nordvind

Venari walked quietly through the frozen snow as day came again over the settlement of Nordvind, the fortress that he had been paralyzed so close to had grown a village around it which expanded in the years he was trapped until its walls protected him in his hut shrine as well as the ship he had constructed the fort near. Beyond the village as he walked he found that his trees had flourished, forming grand forests as he intended with a thick layer of his moss underneath the snow and growing upon the trees, forming a symbiotic network in which all of his 'plants' lived by sharing with eachother. Herds of elk walked paranoid through the forests as light came again, watching Venari, seeing both a predator, something that rarely found them in this now unnatural land outside of the Nirn, and oddly as kin, a thought he supposed that he had wired into them being responsible for their living in this age.

Snow began to blow through the forest and Venari moved a bit faster. He saw the walls that he had passed through on his way out before, he hadn't noticed before but the gate was closed. In his haste he realized he had glided through the walls forms without acknowledging their existence. The walls he saw were composed of fragmented and bolted together pieces of the hull of the ship that he had brought them to, as they were with the original walls he had established. Surrounded by ice to reinforce the structure as he had expected them to do as well. As he approached he saw men armored in bark, carrying blades made of the same bark.

They gave him odd looks as he tried to pass through the wall, asked him some questions and gave even more odd looks as he answered them. One accused him of heresies, asking how he had arrived at the city when his name being Venari came up. Eventually priests of the land were brought as he was brought to a building past the wall. They asked him questions, he responded, and after some time a man he recognized the face of arrived. The man which he learned was named Alexander, had the job of Keeper, he was one of many before him to have the duty of watching over what most had thought to be his dead form. Alexander having other duties within the city had yet to visit the shrine and realize that he was missing from it, left before rushing back after finding it empty as the presence of the creature calling itself Venari would imply. Alexander looked him and the relics upon him over intently and reverently. The change in his shape, that he was moving, living, and breathing. It was what those in charge of the city had been waiting for.

His teachings had been passed down over the generations, changed, refined, and ultimately mutated from what he had taught them. Method and technique became ritual, knowledge of the past and the deities that had came to them became dogma, beside slow absorption of the beliefs in the south. As he learned, he learned of the beliefs of Utanokogen which were also the beliefs of Silverholt beside the beliefs of Nordvind. Their lore rather than his teachings had become over the generations his teachings as through the view of the Utanokogen faith. They understood that the descent of him and the others, rather than a gift from 'Him of the Eternal Blue,' was their escape from him and that the benevolence of him that those in the south preached was false. They understood that those they deified were once like them, stolen from far off places beyond the sky. And they understood that 'Him of the Eternal Blue' and those who came as his servant were the enemies of all on the world in which they live. Beyond that it slipped back into the shamanistic beliefs in the south.

They keeped the beliefs to the fort as he had asked, to protect them, though as time passed they realized that they needed new members and that the truth as he had taught them it was needed to be spread to those they believed could be trusted with it so as to better prepare for what Venari had warned them of. The first they had reached out to were those Venari had left behind to manage Silverholt, and by then those that had been left behind had followed his instructions to find a new Chancellor. The most capable person they could find was one not of Silverholt, a man known in Utanokogen as the Huli-Xia who was leading the tribes that recognized him in a war against those in Utanokogen who didn't. Scouts who had for decades been trading with the tribes came to offer the forces of the Republic in the North, that had layed claim to the entirety of the land known as Silverholt and even the Arctic as well. It being proud of its survival and it being ignorant or pretending to be ignorant of those beyond its borders for the sake of maintaining the momentary peace of the land.

The story of the Huli-Xia was what came next and it came beside the story of Silverholt. The Huli-Xia became the head of the system in which Venari had established, though he had little actual control of it in his time, and the Republic entered into a full alliance with the tribes. Eventually this alliance fell apart as the first Huli-Xia died, and with it the system fell apart eventually resembling the kingdom that had came before. Those he had left behind and granted longetivity kept order and carried his teachings as he had intended, though for sake of stability one of them had to become King themself. A new nobility was born from those he had chosen, and while they were better than those that had come before it was incorrect as they understood. Under these men Silverholt became a bastion of progress in the North. New alchemies were developed from the gifts Venari had left them, beside the gifts of the land, and what they could trade for.

It was in these times of progress, that those of long life began to pass and the system passed into the hands of their apprentices. The kingdom fractured once again and as the wars began again a new Huli-Xia came, but while the teachings were retained this time the instructions were lost. They weren't accepted by most and those of Venari killed eachother until the order of the Huli-Xia and Utanokogen replaced that of the kingdoms and the old Silverholt. The apprentices after their power was stripped of them continued the alchemies of the land as was their duty to those that had come before them and in turn their own apprentices carried on the work when they passed.

Venari listened to the stories that were given to him with happiness at some and worry with others. The history of Nordvind as he had been told it was named was left mostly out of the stories once the topic of Silverholt had come and it made him wonder as the stories continued for days like this. At the end though it came again. His cult as it had reformed became based within Nordvind, and his secrets as they treated them were shared with the leaders of the cult within Silverholt which in turn came to recognize the authority of Nordvind over them as they were brought to Nordvind and shown the form of Venari. Agents of the cult spread as they could into everything they could. The eyes of the cult either controlled or became part of everything within Silverholt and placed members within what they thought they could within Utanokogen.

News of what lay even further South worried him as he realized that whatever Taumel had instilled into the minds of her followers had succeeded in driving them to begin wars to annex and control everything that wasn't them. He had failed in his final effort before he was dragged into his paralyzed state, and he had failed in disrupting the threat to his order as he had failed in protecting it from itself. The new order as he saw it was fine and stable uneeding of change though, likely able to survive what was to come if he acted properly.

Venari looked at Alexander as the conversations went on and eventually manifested the beginning of a new people. The machine would alter and reinforce his being as time went on and as it reproduced inside his body. to alter and reinforce him so that he could last. It would be some time until it replicated enough and began to show effects but it was a start... And it would likely be some time until it spread into the population of the new city. Then he released more of himself into the air and began to alter those within Nordvind. The alterations of the one were to some day become the alterations of the many, and the second set of alterations would help ease and negate the flaws of the first process.

It had been a long time, and he needed to rebuild again.

Henreitta - Guran - AP 28/MP2
There had been progress in the lower parts of Guran, perhaps it hadn't been noticed by the authorities perhaps it hadn't even spread beyond a sense of dissonance, an increase of material possessions in those of lesser means an general untraceable crime wave, that crested and fell slightly beyond anyone's ability to find a find a ringleader.
Although a crafty young group of feyeath had managed to band together, too weedy to be thugs or mindless workers they had thrived under their new powers. If Henrietta had had her way she would have called it a thieves guild but such young ones had little time for the old crones.
That didn't matter they were the start of a shift in the state, some ability to take a better station than that of virtual slavery beyond years of labor. But petty thieves were not enough to bring about a greater degree of authority, they needed some ability to organize some kind of representation.
She once again drew from her new-found power to aid them

Gi'zeal had tried teleporting out of this sea of the dead for what felt like months before he finally found himself somewhere different. The trick he thought was not to leave the dead realm. Just to find another gate. He yelled for joy, he was in some dark place yes, but he could move, he could breathe without pain. He could escape, and get revenge. It was about five seconds into his celebrations when he was swarmed by thousands of tiny deathworms.

Esther and Era Bloodwitch 22AP location: Moondira Castle

Era lays her hand on her belly. The twins moving slightly. She sits down on the small settee.Esther opened her eyes with a grin, even though she had just used Taumel's avatar to trick Leliani into giving her what she wanted, she craved more. She went up to Era's quarters and let herself in.

"Oh hey." She said and sat down next to Era. "How are you feeling?"

Era smiled and pulled her now silver hair down, brushing her hair.

"Hi there. I'm doing okay. How are you adjusting?"She smiled at Esther.

"Well enough." Esther answered. "I could be adjusting better if the three of us had some more fun like last time." She moved closer to Era, and ran her own fingers through her silver hair.Era shivered and looked up at the woman before her.

"That's all it will take?" Era hummed softly.

She leaned into Esther's hand and kissed her palm.

"Miranna! Come in here please!" Era called out.

Miranna came running into the room and glanced between the two women.

"Yes my Lady?" She mumbled.

Era smiled at Miranna and Esther.
"Our new guest wants to play."She purred at the two.

Miranna smiled and closed the door behind her.

Esther found herself staring up at the ceiling again, hours later, from the same position she had been in earlier. She had each of her arms around one of the women she was laying in the middle of. Oh this was heaven, and she didn't need to die. It had felt a bit different this time. She wasn't sure why. Maybe it was more passionate, or maybe it was because she had gotten to know what each of her lovers enjoyed by now.Era opened her eyes and looked at Esther as she stared at the ceiling.

"Hey. What's on your mind darling?" She whispered softly.

She looked and Miranna was soundly asleep. She fiddled with her hair and watched Esther.Esther rolled over towards Era, and kissed her.

"I don't know. It felt different than last time." She kissed her a second time. "In a good way, I mean."

Era kissed her back tenderly.

"It was different. It was wonderful." She hummed and traced circles on her cheek. "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

Miranna's eyes flicked open and she turned to look at them.

"Good morning. " She smiled softly.

"So am I any better than him?" Esther laughed, and patted Era's belly. She turned around to wish Miranna a good morning by making out with her.

"You're more interesting " She giggled and shivered as Esther touched her stomach.
Era stretched out as Miranna moaned against Esther's lips.

Era got out of bed and wandered over to the washroom. She stopped at the door as the two women moaned and kissed each other. She looked in the mirror and smiled.

"Now, we wait." Era whispered to her belly,rubbing it in circles.


Using Gi'zeal's power, Henreitta makes a cloak of leadership. Whoever wears it will become more charismatic and becomes stronger based on how many follow said person.


Arora inspired Sukido so he became more curious about the iron-bark. This curiosity would lead to great things in the future.


Venari blessed the people of Nordvind, making them resistant to fire and other such energies. This trait is transmittable and would be passed down to the children.


Taumel, with the help of other gods, was able to change Flora into a demigod, giving her new powers and a new name: Sonitus.

Domain: +2 Sounds

Drawback: -2 Vision. Sonitus became blind when her original form was destroyed. She deeply regrets never seeing herself as a true female. Her reaction to things that can't be heard is very poor, and she may have trouble moving about at times.


Between the mixture of Era, Esther, and Miranna's DNA, a child-like creature began to grow in Miranna's womb. It looked a lot like Miranna, but also had traits of Era and Esther.

Era BloodWitch 19AP Location: Moondira Castle

Era sat in her washroom alone; the flat was still and quiet. She perked up as she heard the music of the village below. She removed her robe and stared at her body. Era was slender, even with a large baby bump, her hair ran down to her low back, and her skin was darker compared to that of Miranna. She slipped the thin robe back on and walked down the empty stairs to Ezaran's room. Opening the door, she gazed into the shatters of what was her sons bedroom. His curtains were torn and there were icicles jutting out from the walls. Era sighed and sat down on what was left of his bed.

"Oh, Ezaran, how could I have done this to you." she sniffled, guilt dripping off of every word.

Era tucked in her knees and cried into herself. After a few minutes, her muscles tensed. She felt a deep contraction ripple across her pelvic region. Era let out a shriek of pain. The bed soaked as her water broke. She shrieked and Miranna ran into the room, half dressed.

"Messing around again?" Era panted with a small smile.

Miranna blushed and got ready to deliver the twins. Era shrieked out in pain.

Era created a small crib out of ice and snow, Gealaí and Domhan nuzzled in together on a fur comforter. They slept soundly.
Era paced back and forth.

"What is wrong with me? Growing soft because of my own spawn. I'm supposed to be ruthless, uncaring, but," she mumbled nervously, "on the other hand, I don't ever leave the castle. Hell, I haven't left Moondira in 400 years!"

Era snickered. She walked down to the village and discreetly rounded up 40 of the villages strongest. Putting them in her dining hall, Era walked up to her abode and picked her daughters fingers. A few drops dribbled into a large crystal bowl. She cut her own palm and let the drops fall. After mixing the two bloods, Era walked over to her potions cabinet and dropped a large glob of slime that was created by the arctic leech. Era smiled and filled syringes with the mixture. She went down to the mess hall.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I selected you to be apart of my special militia group. You are going to be my new mutations. But first, I must know all of your names." Era smiled.

One by one, Era injected her virus into the Nirn group. With each passing one, they introduced themselves. The group now consisted of 20 females: Adsila, Awinita, Donoma, Kai, Nascha, Ebele, Marjani, Hadiya, Zuri, Subira, Aella, Apphia, Ekho, Hekate, Karme, Celina, Edyta, Lucyna, Wera, and Zoja. The group also consists of 20 men: Hathor, Ales, Cezar, Cyryl, Lucjan, Baako, Amadi, Gero, Emeka, Katlego, Achim, Bardulf, Dierk, Hraban, Killian, Adahy, Sewati, Chusi, Yiska, and Kohana.

Phantom-secret base

the pain was excruciating, if only he was a little bit faster everything would want to plan at least darkspawn was a lot more resilient than most other creatures. luckily his men were able to find his body and bring him back to his base but he could hardly hear see or even think. he can only barely understand a few words coming out of his men mouth. "is he still alive", "the city is going crazy", "why do they have so much power now". all that was on his mind was that one single day. Phantom mumbled under his breath "why shade. you knew you were going to die."

(20 years ago)

"will you stop kidding yourself" I screamed as I punched the wall. "how many years have we been at this 5,10! How many times have we almost died! how many people have already died!"

A story about five darkspawn heads being cut off to put on spikes by the purifiers was recently reported in a local news

shade was sitting down in a chair contemplating the situation "No one said it would be easy"

"Shut up" I screamed in front of his face "We have trying to take the easy route for 10 years and look what it got us, just more dead bodies"

I tried to convince him that his way was foolish but he wouldn't budge "what you're talking about would be murder you would just prove them right" I start to walk out the door in anger "we would become just like them"

I stopped at the door "but we would survive." I said before leaving. it was the last time I ever saw him. I think he knew what was in happen sooner or later he was just too stubborn to back down. In a way I guess we're the same. I still miss him, if only he could see things my way, if only he knew what needed to be done.

I finally managed to get myself back into consciousness but I wasn't where I expected to be. "He's finally awake" one of my darkspawn allies said as he looked over my body.

"What happened?" I said as I realized I was in a wagon. "what's going on?" I said in the panicky voice

"Vulture attacked, took over the whole city" one of them replied

"What?" I said still sitting in the wagon unable to move

"we will explain more when we get to dusk city" one of them said "just stay still"

Buzz-medical hospital
I laid there in pain, with a knife in my stomach, with all my allies dead and me being the sole survivor. Apparently fate likes dragging my pain out.

(20 years ago)

"It's good to see you again shade" Paul said as he brought him to his table to have a seat. "So what brings you to the neighborhood."

They both sat down and started talking. I didn't hear what they said after that I was too far away to hear them as my parents walking out of the room. I still remember their faces, it feels me with joy when I look back at those days before I knew how horrible it really was. As a kid all I knew I was surrounded by friendly faces then I remember when it came all crashing down.

"Run to the closet!" my mother said as she pointed to a Closet. I ran towards it following her instructions what I saw next I will never forget

Two Kaish walked in carrying swords and ropes. They tied them to to the sacred Arora cross. They drag it out stabbing and cutting pieces off of them. I still hear the screaming when those monsters were done they let them on fire burning in the death sitting house on fire before running out. I was lucky or if you think about it unlucky enough escape.

The next few years Paul took care of me but he never understood what needs to be done. he didn't see what I saw what those monsters he tries to befriend and gravel to can do. I ran away, I knew he would never understand. that image for burning and bloody cross gave me my symbol by symbol of vengeance.


vine-outside of Fanged Hill

"We need to move quickly the city is being overrun" I have one of my men say they as I started to regain consciousness "we can't trust anyone he seems to have moles everywhere" Sound like things were getting a lot worse. I never thought it could be years ago.

I was nothing but a tool 20 years ago. past to person-to-person mistreated in multiple ways. one day I was rescued by the weeds and brought to Genesis. I was happy at first I could be in a place where I didn't have to fear from them life. Sadly Genesis was still a shithole and the life I try to make for myself only led me towards misery and hate.

I joined the weeds and grew in the ranks but the more I fought for them the more I realized they were fighting the wrong targets if we needed to save save our people we need to get rid of those monsters in Genesis so we could truly be free. Seems like all that work was pointless now.

Venom/whisker/bolt- dusk city

it with a few hours after the crash. A couple of guards helped bring the ship on the hole. Venom, Whiskers, and bolt were standing on the ship waiting for Spike to return.

"We seriously need to talk him out of this" whiskers said as she paced back and forth.

"how the hell are we going to do that" venom said as he got his chair "it's not like roses just going to appear out of nowhe.." before he could finish his sentence a loud bang and a bright light suddenly appeared revealing rose standing there "never fucking mind"

Rose started to look around seeing the Wooden she was standing on. "what the hell" she said in confusion as he turned to face the three thing on the deck "why is a ship in the middle of dusk city there is no water"

"It's a flying ship" Bolt said as he walked towards her

rose looked at him and came to realization "My god" she said as she fell to her knees with tears coming down her eyes. She then grabbed bolt by the arms "where have you been?"

"Um, do I know you?" bolt said in confusion

"don't play one of your stupid games bolt"

as soon as she said those words everyone on the ship fell silent for a few seconds before Venom and whiskers let out a big "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!"

Bolt-19/35 2MP

Leilani-18/35 2MP- Yggdrasil

Nissa had done an admirable job in Leilani's place. Yggdrasil and the surrounding area was prospering and development of Yasmin, the city in Steelcoast Swamp, was proceeding along nicely under the work of Helio. The only problem was the people they were sharing borders with. Tensions had been high with these people, Nissa fearing they might strike at any moment on the surrounding villagers and possibly even Yggdrasil. This was something Nissa didn't want to bother Leilani with, especially with her being pregnant.

After Nissa was done with everything, she went to see how Leilani was doing. She heard loud moaning and screaming. She quickly rushed into Leilani's room.

"Is it happening now?," Nissa said.

"Yes....I think it is.", Leilani said with great difficulty. "You're going to need to help me through this."

Nissa was a bit shocked. "I've never really done this before. If you wait I could go-"

"NO! It has to be now," Leilani said. "There isn't time for that."

"Well if you insist. It can't be that bad can it?"

After several hours the pregnancy was complete. The baby had been born

It looked very small for a creature, even for normal sized babies. It had long white hair and wings on it's back.

"Well that is an interesting creature. So who was it that got you pregnant exactly?"

"Oh I thought I had told you before.", Leilani said. "It was Taumel when we were in the dream world. It was a rather.....interesting time we had."

"Wish we could do some of that right now, but I should probably give you some rest considering the pregnancy. I just wanted to let you know that tensions have been high between our borders. It feels like something is going to happen soon."

"I didn't realize we were close to other people. Well that is something we can deal with in due time. I just want to rest and spend some time with Airy. That's her name."

"Oh I understand. Well hope you sleep well." Nissa than walked out of the room.

Leilani looked at Airy. "You're just so beautiful with the wings and all. Taumel can't wait to hear the news!"

With the limited energy Leilani had left after the pregnancy, she made a crib for Airy to sleep in.

Alexander - The Arctic Circle - Nordvind

Since his conversations with Venari began, the Silver Nirn known as Alexander had begun to feel odd. The light felt cold to his skin when he went to warm it in the sun, the blood in his veins screamed a noise only he could hear, and his senses seemed to dull, even the sight. As the weeks went on his skin took on a waxy pallor and his nose and eyes bled without reason. After a month of sickness he woke up, to see things as they once were again. Vibrant, detailed... oddly warm though. When he saw his reflection, he was shocked at what he saw. Everything was glazed over, shiny, as if it was ice. His eyes in particular and they were blue now. Clear blue and there was no white part or the black... just blue and it felt like the colour of it was moving, vibrating. As he examined it confused he touched the mirror with his hand and he noticed another oddity, his arm was cracking. It wasn't painful but he saw that it was spreading and it scared him. He recoiled from the mirror and shook his arm, violently trying to shake off whatever was happening to him. He blinked as he moved and it was gone, or most of it was. The cracking and the glaze had disappeared, but his eyes were still blue and glossy and as he looked at himself the details of his face were subtly different. His hair was grey and his skin was a bit paler, the colour almost gone from it entirely. His mouth felt a bit off as well and as he probed with his tongue his teeth were pointed like the half-remembered creatures of the south and... he thought perhaps Venari. The teeth he saw in Venari's mouth whenever it was opened weren't that of a Nirn. Alexander opened his mouth and looked at the odd things where his teeth once sat. Sharp looking things that reminded him of the things he saw skulking around his dreams.

Alexander didn't know what was happening to him, but with the returning presence of Venari made him think that he was responsible. He noticed he had a bit of resemblance to Venari now so it seemed obvious to him now that he considered it. Venari seemed nice when they spoke and with what he had told him, and what he knew of the man... perhaps this was something like what he knew of what had been done to his ancestors. Though this was different. He wondered if he had been granted something new like his ancestors were.

Alexander slowly walked outside of his home and carefully picked up some of the frozen snow from the ground. He brought it inside and placed it in one of his bowls one of the old ones made from the bark of the odd trees brought to what he told was once a wasteland by Venari. He placed the bowl in its slot near the fireplace and watched as the ice slowly melted. He smiled at the water and lifted the bowl away from the flames.

Alexander drank some of the water as the bowl cooled. It tasted better when he used fire to melt it rather than his powers, the powers of his people. He wondered how his ancestors knew how to shape the ice as they did, what thought drove them to try to. He didn't feel anything in his mind telling him to do anything, nothing in his flesh twitching and looking to be used differently. As he began to contemplate what was becoming of himself, anxious about it but somewhat pleased that his lord saw fit to grant him something, he pulled his cloak over his clothing and walked from his home to begin his duties.

Venari walked silently through the old halls of his once home in Silverholt, observing those within, studying them and contemplating how to strengthen them. They had moved closer to the ideal of how he thought they should act and within they had become adept at a simple scientific process. Weapons of a chemical bent and simple medicines.

He thought perhaps to grant them similar gifts to those he had affected before he had been paralyzed but the main thing he had granted didn't seem as appropriate with him having granted a form of permanence in the east. Granting refined minds or the sight seemed to be a good idea though. And so he began alterations upon a populace again, though he spread it out further this time and influenced more. He chose those he believed would be able to make use of his gift, or remind those within what he saw as his territory of his being. With the cult having been made aware of his return through careful messages sent by Nordvind, he hoped that their primings would grant him enough control over the lands to begin organizing against the empire in the south.

As time went on and he felt his work spread he returned to his fortress in Nordvind and began or in some ways continued his writings and his musings on the subject of those who stole him.


Bolt created a holographic map that could be used for the ship. It would allow the ship to navigate anywhere no matter how the weather was or the different environments they would encounter.


Venari attempted to bless the people within Northvind, attempting to give them increased awareness of reality and their surroundings. He hoped they would have faith in Venari as well, but it seems that the blessing didn't work.


Leilani made a crib for Airy. She laid her down in it so both the baby and her could go to sleep after the exhausting day.


With the combination of her blood, her daughters, and an artic leech, Era gave a form of transmittable immortality to 40 Nirn men and women. These select Nirn would have long, white hair with shadowy grey skin and eyes that burned like the sun. Their strength was also doubled. The only downside being all their emotions of compassion and love didn't exist anymore.

Gizeal -23/35AP 2MP - Various dead-realms

Gi'zeal sulked in some part of the gloom that was devoid of monstrosities, crushing pressure, suffering or gates that were eternally mockingly blocked.
This was literally a hell, every part of if, he cursed Oswald for creating such a place and himself for perpetuating it,
Every soul he could find here was of no help, those that willingly followed him or could be manipulated to his will were of such little consequence he might as well have been commanding flies.

There had apparently been no escape for someone bound by the rules of a corrupt "death" massively in debt to the dead-realm, he was dimly aware that if he were to clear his debut with oswalt somehow it might grant him his freedom but he was in no mood to be compliant. he needed something to get what he wanted on his own terms, something to break free of here.

He'd put these souls be better use.

He lay the bricks himself, dredged from the silt of the debtors depths, agonizingly transporting it across to a hidden corner of the black wastes between realms... any soul willing to help being forced into the foundations.

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