The Escapist Avatar Adventure: character sheets

This thread was created for the purpose of conveniently gathering all relevant character sheets for the lengthy Escapist Avatar Adventure into one place. It is linked by an announcement from the user group.

Want to join the Escapist Avatar Adventure? Introduce yourself over in the group, then go ahead and drop your character sheet information in here for easy reference. Try to keep things neat and organized, and drop me a PM if you want to make sure I add your name to the list below. Thank you, happy playing!

Current character sheets (alphabetical, by participant's name)

bluerocker (Part II)
bluerocker (Side Characters)
Caramel Frappe
Caramel Frappe (Part II)
Generic NPC 22
Generic NPC 22 (Part II)
Generic NPC 22 (Part III)
Texas Joker 52
Texas Joker 52 (Part II)
TheMehKingdom (Post-Timeskip)
the silence

LATEST UPDATE: 24/7/2016

Major Characters

Side/Minor/Arc Characters

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Good Aligned Characters

Current Characters

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Current Characters

Minor Characters

Retired Characters

Generic NPC 22's Character Sheets for Avatar Adventures

------------------------------Works in Progress------------------------------

Texas Joker 52's Character Sheets

Main Characters

The Seven Fundamental Destructive Vices (Part I)

Continued in Part II


Silence's Character Sheets

Overarching Characters

Supporting Characters

Active Characters

Minor Characters

Active Characters

Part 1:

Part 2:

Side Characters

----Works in Progress----

The Seven Fundamental Destructive Vices (Part II)

Part I