We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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Welcome to We Are Our Avatars XI! This is an open world, character driven RP, meaning you can do pretty much what you want (within reason, of course).
I'm TrilbyWill, and I'll be running the thread. Mostly, this just means I'll enforce rules and do world-related stuff. However, as this is character-driven, plots and the like can, and mostly will, be done by you players.

The premise is simple. Your character is your avatar. They have the same powers, personality etc. OCs (Original Characters) are allowed, just find an image for your avatar that best represent them. But remember to make sure they fit the rules.

Rules and Guidelines

You only control your characters
You can't use other players' characters, with a couple of exceptions;
1; The character is plot-necessary, but the player is unable to post. You should play in character and I would recommend this be pre-planned between the two players (this also includes things like reminding other players that someone else's character is following the group by saying "Dave followed the group").
2; If another player allows you to use his/her character, for whatever reason.

No Over-Powered Characters
Whether or not a character is OP will be decided on a case by case basis. If you think your character is OP, ask us.

Posts Must Make Sense
This applies to grammar, spelling and roleplaying.
Basically, a Skyrim character shouldn't know what an iPhone is, etc. This rule takes a back-seat when it comes to language barriers, however, otherwise a load of characters wouldn't know what's going on.

Various Codes
You can do a lot on the Escapist, from underlining and emboldening to putting in YouTube videos and sound files. You can find a guide, complete with examples, here.
Generally, we use colours for character dialogue, to differentiate between multiple characters and often to demonstrate a change in the character's voice (though this isn't necessary). Italics are usually used for thoughts.

Location, Location, Location
As I mentioned, you can have your character go off and do stuff separate from the main group (though if you don't have other players' characters with you it could get boring).
Because of this, I'd ask that you specify location of your character at the top of your post, to both let other players know who is near their character and to remind us of where they've gone.

Plots and Subplots
If you want to run a plot/subplot, try to wait until the current one is over before introducing it. The reason for this is so we don't have a whole bunch of villains running around at once. Though you can also try to have them work together, if you want.
I also recommend asking another player to help GM it, especially if you're in a time-zone that limits how much you can take part.
In this thread, traveling between worlds is possible. Functionally, these are the same as plots. So, don't bring in a new world while people are still busy with another world.

A word for new players
Though it isn't necessary, we have a TVtropes page which you can use to see what's happened before.
Also, we have a chat group which we use for Out Of Character stuff.

Character Sheets



Dalahar Tresh

Prologue: In the Presence of Another World

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 11:43AM, March 1st, 2025

As had happened a number of times over the past decade or so, a rift in space began opening with no obvious cause. This time, it was contained within a large circular structure, around three metres in diameter. Surrounding it were a number of armed guards, whose attention was immediately drawn to the anomaly. They took positions around the portal, while one of them radioed for the portal to be official shutdown. Overhead, a screen much like those used in airports to display flight times, changed to state that Portal 3 had been closed.

Character sheet.
Dalahar Tresh

circular room
A huge figure emerges from the portal, his armoured boots just visible beneath a large black travelling shawl. Easily 8"6 and his bulk creating loud noises as he walks. He stops and regards his surroundings. What appears to be a helmet is just visible beneath his hood. Ahead of him stood a man, with a large mechanical arm and beyond that, armed guards. He was given pause by his arrival and stopped. "So I've finally arrived" his vox distorted voice cracked deeply.

The guards looked at the two figures warily, though they didn't seem hostile. "Did either of you travel through intentionally, or were you caught up in the anomaly?" one asked. The mechanical arms and clunking figure didn't seem to shock the guards, as though they were used to such things to some extent.

As they spoke, another figure passed through the portal, this one a woman standing around 180cm tall. She was wearing a sports bra-like top and a pair of bike shorts, which were mostly covered by a purple skirt. Her black hair was sticking out from her head, as though it were electrically charged, and her purple irises had a faint glow to them. In her left hand was a long metal spear.

And another person stepped through the portal, at first like it was a pretty normal thing to do, stepping through portals.
She was around 172cm, looked around the age of 30, had red, frazzled hair with several braids in it. She wore a cyan dress, which looked incredibly strange, with patches of different colours and materials, some of them seemingly ancient, some of them from some alien civilization. The dress and a red cape with a yellow fringe, which hung straight down, were held by two leather shoulderpads. If looked at closely, she apparently did not have arms.

In short, she looked very strange.

She looked around, where she had arrived, observing the place, finally announcing her conclusion:
"Oh, fuck."

others? Many different roads, the same destination.
His head turning slightly as another emerged as he had done. As he had guessed he didn't recognise anything about her. The guards held their nerve, disciplined and drilled. He was no messenger of his legion or his cause, just a traveller. He hadn't anticipated such a situation however. "Didn't know where I was going." He said. "Walked through one door some time ago, came out here. First place that's resembled anything.......sane"

A female figure stepped through the portal cautiously. She was in her late teen years and stood at nearly 162 cm (5' 4"). Her hair was long and silvery gray. Her ears were not that of a human but a wolf. Poking out the back end of her knee length gray skirt was a grey bushy tail about 75 cm long with white hairs at the end. She sported a cobalt blue sleeveless turtleneck along with matching loose sleeves. Both the sleeves and the top sported a symbol, the mark of the Nuclear Winter Clan. It was the radiation trefoil symbol, but morphed into the shape of a wolf's paw. It was a wintery blue color. Below her skirt were a pair of blue stockings and some black leather moccasins. Although it wasn't apparent, the symbols on her sleeves acted as geiger counters.

She sniffed the air with her human shaped nose. Although it looked human, there were many canals inside the nasal passage that allowed for an enhanced sense of smell.

"Seems safe enough. I sure hope this'll make for an interesting winter break from school." Not sure who these guys are though. I better play it safe and walk cautiously.

OOC: A rough sketch of what she looks like:

"Well, in that case, I'll need to see your documentation." the guard informed the hatted man. "And yes, put your arms down."

Another guard asked the women if they had traveled through the portal intentionally. The taller one simply frowned and said, "I have no idea what just happened, so I'm going to say 'no'."

"Well, I arrived here intentionally, more or less." the woman said. "This is not good. What's happening here, I mean, not that I arrived here."

"There must be a mistake." He said."the entranceway I used was on a world dead for millennia. They don't issue travel documents."

Shana's ears drew attention from the guards, moreso than the mechanical arm on the hat-wearing man. However, they didn't comment on them.

"So you have no documentation? Great..." the guard sighed. "Any sort of ID?"
"At least this anomaly happened here, sir." one of the other guards commented. "It seems like a big one."

"Nothing formal or written." He said. "You'll have to take me on my word." He began walking forward his boot thudding as it hit the floor. "Will this take long? I don't want to be trapped in room all day"

"I will keep an eye on this. It could endanger a lot of things." the red-haired woman said, and then ... just left.

She breathed out, and a portal formed before her, smaller as the one already existing, only large enough for one person.
She stepped through and the portal closed behind her. She was gone.

Something seemed to glimmer and slowly take form at the large, original portal.

She picked up on what was going on, even if only on a superficial level.
"I think I might have an ID." She reached into her brown satchel that was slung over her shoulder. She pulled out pocket handheld computer that was black. Its screen displayed her picture, name (Shana Vang), date of birth (May 7, 3492 AD), height, and weight. There was an ID number at the bottom. At the top it read "Ulv, Apollo. National, Fenrir ID".

"Well, next time don't go through old portals." the guard told the large figure. He then asked, "What's your name?"

Another guard looked over Shana's ID, then wrote down her details on a notepad. He then looked at the taller woman who extended her right hand. With a crackle of electricity, a metal disk covered in strange symbols appeared. "My name is Viyang Bel-Ae, with the Pevett Guard Service." she stated.

He stopped before the guards, next to the woman with wolf ears as she was getting inspected. "Dalahar Tresh, former Legiones astartes" Behind his helmet he glanced at the animal woman. prejudice has no meaning, no justification any more

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. March 1st, 2025

As the glimmer faded, a person had arrived fully on this plane, and immediately collapsed.

It was a woman with long red-brown hair, wearing nothing but short blue pants, a colourful blindfold and tribal jewelry. Her skin had a dark tan, and she seemed very muscular. Her arm and her sternum showed red scars.

She groaned, but kept lying on the ground.

With most of the new arrivals' identities noted down, the guards seemed more relaxed. "Are any of you familiar with interdimensional travel, or interdimensional anomalies?" one of them asked the group. Viyang shook her head, then looked at the others to see their responses.

Shana put away her computer back in the satchel. Her ears perked around and her tail waved lazily in the air.

The human with the hat seems friendly, if a bit strange and quite loud. The colossus here, Tresh, is almost like a statue. I wonder if he still has a sense of touch through all that armor. The woman with the spear reminds me of hunter gatherers in my history books.

"Well, I've heard stories." She said to the guards. "I'm not certain whether they are true but... they were said to have taken place over 500 years ago on Earth and the details are scarce."

Dalahar did a glance around him, maybe he was fated
To encounter these people. "One dimension I know of." He began. "The warp, realities broken mirror. It's touch isn't present here however and it's mostly used as a way to transport ships faster than light."

"Well, I don't know if your Earth suffered the same ones as this Earth, but those stories might be true." the guard told Shana.

A guard helped the tanned woman up off the floor, or at least would attempt to, and asked her if anything was wrong.

The blindfolded woman accepted the help, and stood unsurely on her bare feet, leaning on the guard. She was about 165 cm tall.

She sniffed the air, much like the wolf-girl had done, then groaned and said: "... I think I had too much. Where am I?"

"You're in the Montreal Inderdimensional Portal Hub." the guard informed the blindfolded woman.

Edward's ID was returned to him. "Cut the attitude. The question was directed at the group." the guard stated, scowling.

"You can travel through worlds here?" the woman said, slowly finding her balance again. "Is this earth? ... and which year?"

She sniffed as she saw the blindfolded woman come through. She smells of alcohol. She was interrupted by Edward McInvasive.

"Um, excuse me?" She said as she backpedaled defensively. "Do I know you?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Your apology is accepted. You are forgiven. But for the record, please ask before touching. Usually people who touch me without asking are either my friends or people who want to harass me."

Dalahar glances around. This seemed a lot more like a meet and greet. He turned his attention to the guards, being s soldier.....formerly a soldier he felt he could identify quickest with them. "You run a tight operation here. Well practiced. You've been established for some time here I guess and this has happened before." His hand emerged from beneath his cloak and he gestured around.
"We are all from elsewhere are we? Other dimensions?". His huge gauntleted arm returned underneath his cloak. "What's next then soldier? I suppose you won't be letting us just wander off?"

"This is Earth, yes. Specifically Quebec in Canada. And interdimensional travel is possible here, though if you came through an anomaly it might be weeks or longer before we can establish a solid link to your homeworld." the guard informed the blindfolded woman. "And it's currently early 2025."

"It first happened in 2014. Over the past few years, there have been a number of anomalies like this. And we can't justifiably detain you. Illegally crossing dimensions would be ground for that, but anomalies are exceptions... So you are free to go, though we will keep watch on you. We can't have another Tokyo on our hands..." a guard said to Dalahar.

"I don't see much use in remaining here."
He said "I can never go home either." He pushed that melancholy from his thoughts. "Where's the exit then? I would like to see beyond this small room."

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. March 1st, 2025

"Canada, 2025 ..." the tribal woman thought loudly, then remembered that she was half-naked, and put one arm over her chest. "It's cold here, isn't it?
I was actually trying to travel, but I really think I had too much of this stuff. I don't feel a connection back right now ... I probably would be able to get back on my own, but it also would take some time.

Say, how many people are here? It does seem pretty crowded."

She raised her left hand.
"It's quite alright. I imagine that you didn't know before hand." She placed it down. "As for the harassment, the history behind my people is long and I'd rather tell it at a later date. At this point, all you need to know is that there are other Fenrir who would rather kill humans than make peace with them like I do. For the record, a Fenrir is what I am." She cleared her throat. "In any case, this security officer is informing us of the situation."

She listened.
"So this is Earth and much further in the past." She said with a murmur. "I wonder what I'll see beyond this encapsulation. Or if it will be anything like my history textbooks depicted." I wonder how these people maintain laws across such vast distances. Surely whole universes must be hard to handle, let alone a whole planet.

"It's below freezing outside right now. So you might want warmer clothes than what you have right now." the guard responded. After a quick head-count he said, "And there's eight people here that I can see."

A second guard pointed at the wooden double doors. "There's the exit. Turn left to head towards check-in and then you'll be able to leave the port." he told Dalahar. He then turned towards Ed and replied, "That was the first known anomaly. A group of people came through, including some sea-dwelling beings who attempted to take over parts of Tokyo. They were stopped by the other interdimensionals, who located an uninhabited island for them to relocate to. When the details were released to the public, there was a lot of outrage about it, and groups like Earth First formed." After a short pause the guard said, "And if you meet any of those guys, please don't punch them or something. It's tempting but it just makes things worse."

Dalahar was paying little heed to what was happening around him. He felt weird, not himself. Upon arriving something had been stirring within him. the anointed time? But there is no heresy here. No rebellion, no Horus, no emperor. This is terra in the past, at least an alternate one. What could possibly awaken you?
"My thanks" he said as the guard finished his address. He began walking over to the door, swaying slightly. Just as he reached the door he felt as if something was twisting within his body. Groaning he dropped to a knee with a loud thud. Laboured breathing coming from inside his helmet.

"Precisely that." She said to Ed.

"I think I can manage the cold weather." Other interdimensionals? I wonder if that was connected to the stories in the year 3023.

"Thank you for the information." She said towards the guards.
She began walking towards the door as well, but went towards Thresh as he lowered himself. "What's wrong?" She said with a concerned look.

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