We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"I learned this from my tribe, yes." Anik said.

Gash held out the bloody wood carving from earlier in front of her. "I wonder how much I could sell a god for?" She said idly, walking into the store.

"Fitting. They often do things !like that." Candace remakes to Anik, then looked at Gash. "You had best not sell our only source of healing."

"I'm not gonna sell it, I just want to see how much a god is worth." She replied to Candace, then looked for a clerk who wouldn't cower from her.

"You know a lot about tribes?" Anik asked. "I would not have expected ... with you being a lady. I only knew ladies who stayed back in their high castles, marrying wealthy knights and lords."

Downtown Montreal

Shana and Gash would see a clerk behind the counter, who approached them both. "How can I help?" she asked, looking at the group that had accompanied Shana and Gash to the shop curiously.

"I had to venture out. It is a long story." Candace told Anik.

"I have a god of blood who tried to enslave the world once, contained in this carving." Gash slammed the statue down on the counter. "How much will you give me for it?"

streets of Montreal
Dalahar had left the guards, content with his answers and his ability to control himself. He knew Anik and the like were looking for supplies so directions to the area where he could find them were received and he was on his way, trudging through the streets oblivious to the cold and trying to avoid people as much as possible due to
His appearance and size

Nina giggled to herself a little at Ed spun about. When he asked if she had any money, she looked down at her dress to point out it's obvious lack of pockets, and answered, "N-N-No." Her speech slightly impaired as her teeth had started chattering.

"I respect you for it." Anik said. "Ever thought about maybe joining a tribe?"

"Oh god no. Why would I do that?" Candace asked, slightly offended.

"Lot's of benefits. You are closer to nature, you are much more honest by hunting your own food. And you can learn secrets you never knew existed." Anik said, not irritated. "And, at least in the Brazilian jungle, they don't care about what you wear."

Downtown Montreal

"Well, what can it do, if it's got a god in it?" the clerk asked.

"One thing at a time, please." She said to Gash. And she turned back to the clerk.

"Well I have these gold trinkets that I'd like to sell. I feel like that might be the easiest transaction to do right now." She chuckled as she handed over the items Tresh gave to her.

"That all sounds horrible!" Candace sounded genuinely shocked that Anik was enjoying this.

Anik was very confused by Candace's reaction.

After being silent for a bit, she said: "I am very confused by this. We are pretty much better than other people in most things, and you think it all horrible? I ... don't understand."

Downtown Montreal

"Unless you're like me, I doubt you're truly close to nature." Viyang commented idly, leaning on her spear while she watched Shana and Gash converse with the clerk.

The clerk examined Tresh's various trinkets, then weighed them before coming up with a dollar value based on the approximate value of gold (around $50 per gram).

"Why would you want to live in the dirt and wear rags?"

Gash made an annoyed expression at Shana, but backed away from the counter. "I wasn't gonna sell it anyways."

"Because that's how people were before they started to destroy nature." Anik said to Candace, then turned to Viyang. "Like you? How do you mean that?
Sadly, I need to wear these clothes so as to not freeze to death. Otherwise, I probably would look much closer to nature as well."

"Destroy is a harsh word..."

The trinket in question is a seal. Perhaps 4 cm in diameter.

OOC: I'm making a guess.

Downtown Montreal

"Because that's what Pevettel are. We are closely connected to flickering flames and cracking thunder, flowing water and shifting sand." Viyang explained. "And we have lived in cities just as long as the Emarians. If we didn't, the Pahana would likely have led to our demise."

Schefferville, QC, Canada

Ed would have few issues pawning his coins, unless he attempted to scam the pawn shop, and would also be given money at a similar rate to the one Shana was receiving. Due to Schefferville being a small town, however, the pawn shop didn't have a large amount of cash, which would limit how much gold Ed could pawn.

"Yeah Anik, don't worry about Princess here destroying nature." Gash said with a chuckle. "She can't really destroy anything, even when she tries."

"But it's true." Anik stated to Candace.

"Humans would be closely connected to the earth, to trees and waters as well, if they didn't just forget where they came from." she said to Viyang. "And I am more than a human now, I have a much older connection.
I ... did not understand everything you were saying, sorry. What is the Pahana?"

She actually chuckled about the comment Gash made.

The seal was 7 grams, the weight of a gold doubloon. She would receive 350$ if the shopkeep agreed to the trade.

"...what?" Candace asked Gash.

"Do you like shekels?" He asks the pawn shop owner, while slowly pulling his coin purse like some sort of dirty magazine. "Of course you like shekels!" He then pulls out two coins from the purse, each weighing in about 9 grams.

Downtown Montreal

"I don't think you get what I mean by 'connected'." Viyang replied. She then continued, "A couple of decades back, our world was hit by a storm of meteors, rocks from space, containing arrays of magical crystals. Not only did the impacts destroy infrastructure, but the magical energies within them began corrupting the world. Many animals became aggressive, and mutated into... well, monsters. The impact is the Pahana, and many saw it as the end of the world. In some ways, it was." As she spoke, Viyang stared into the distance almost blankly, blinking only after finishing.

Finding the trinket to be of decent quality, the pawn shop owner agreed to the trade and handed over Shana's $350.

Schefferville, QC

After weighing the coins, the pawn shop owner offered Ed a few hundred dollar bills in exchange for two of the coins. "You must be really desperate, if you need this much money." he commented.

"What?" Gash replied to Candace.

"Much can be the end of someone's world ...

So you are ... literally fused with nature?" Anik said, very confused about what Viyang told her. "That's ... something I never met before, to be honest. I don't know how to feel about this."

"Thank you very much." She bowed her head as she stowed the money in her satchel.

"That thing about me not being able to destroy anything, what was that?"

"What about it?"

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