We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"Destroy is a harsh word..."

The trinket in question is a seal. Perhaps 4 cm in diameter.

OOC: I'm making a guess.

Downtown Montreal

"Because that's what Pevettel are. We are closely connected to flickering flames and cracking thunder, flowing water and shifting sand." Viyang explained. "And we have lived in cities just as long as the Emarians. If we didn't, the Pahana would likely have led to our demise."

Schefferville, QC, Canada

Ed would have few issues pawning his coins, unless he attempted to scam the pawn shop, and would also be given money at a similar rate to the one Shana was receiving. Due to Schefferville being a small town, however, the pawn shop didn't have a large amount of cash, which would limit how much gold Ed could pawn.

"Yeah Anik, don't worry about Princess here destroying nature." Gash said with a chuckle. "She can't really destroy anything, even when she tries."

"But it's true." Anik stated to Candace.

"Humans would be closely connected to the earth, to trees and waters as well, if they didn't just forget where they came from." she said to Viyang. "And I am more than a human now, I have a much older connection.
I ... did not understand everything you were saying, sorry. What is the Pahana?"

She actually chuckled about the comment Gash made.

The seal was 7 grams, the weight of a gold doubloon. She would receive 350$ if the shopkeep agreed to the trade.

"...what?" Candace asked Gash.

Downtown Montreal

"I don't think you get what I mean by 'connected'." Viyang replied. She then continued, "A couple of decades back, our world was hit by a storm of meteors, rocks from space, containing arrays of magical crystals. Not only did the impacts destroy infrastructure, but the magical energies within them began corrupting the world. Many animals became aggressive, and mutated into... well, monsters. The impact is the Pahana, and many saw it as the end of the world. In some ways, it was." As she spoke, Viyang stared into the distance almost blankly, blinking only after finishing.

Finding the trinket to be of decent quality, the pawn shop owner agreed to the trade and handed over Shana's $350.

Schefferville, QC

After weighing the coins, the pawn shop owner offered Ed a few hundred dollar bills in exchange for two of the coins. "You must be really desperate, if you need this much money." he commented.

"What?" Gash replied to Candace.

"Much can be the end of someone's world ...

So you are ... literally fused with nature?" Anik said, very confused about what Viyang told her. "That's ... something I never met before, to be honest. I don't know how to feel about this."

"Thank you very much." She bowed her head as she stowed the money in her satchel.

"That thing about me not being able to destroy anything, what was that?"

"What about it?"

"Does it really matter that much?" Viyang asked, looking down at Anik.

"... No. It's fine. It's just alien to me ... and I spoke to gods." Anik said, feeling confused. "I think I would like to smoke something, now."

"Was that an insult or a friendly rib or..."

"Yeah, pretty puch."

"I never understood why you make those..." Candace remarked.

"Its your fault, you make it so easy!"

"We should get something to eat, and you two should smoke together to relax." Anik said in a chill tone of voice.

"Noted. I shall be more careful with my words in future." Candace replied sarcastically.

"N-N-N-Not r-r-really." Nina replied to Ed, clearly not getting his reference and still shivering.

Nina, thoroughly confused by Edward's manner of speech, had to take a few moments to parse through what had been said to her. After she appeared to have a grasp on Ed's general message, she nodded her head and replied, "Okay!"

She walked into the store, losing balance and falling face first after Ed's sudden outburst startled. After getting back up, she finished going inside. About half an hour later she would come back out wearing a white parka and a matching pair of sensible pants. "Thank you!" She happily told Ed as she handed him the leftover money.

Lambda, hearing from the guard's chatter that Tresh had been located, stepped out of the office to look for him.

Tresh had just recieved directions to the market district but he was taking his time💷

Lambda, via her scanner and info from the guard's, caught up to Tresh. "Wait." she called to him.

"Let's see... We have Gash, Anik, Viyang, Tresh, and...." She directed her voice towards Candace "May I ask your name? I just need to figure out how we're going to split up the money. Or if we should keep a money pool."

Dalahar stopped and turned around. "Oh it's you, the pardoner. Glad to see you safe after what I did" he said

"I stayed out of the action. I am not very fond of conflict. I came to see if you were well." Lambda stated.

"Wouldn't call it well." He admitted. "Coping but bearly, this feeing....its strange to experience it, this sort of.....emptiness."

"Emptiness?" Lambda asked.

Dalahar sighed. "I'm not made to move on. Soldiers and mortals all fight to put there weapons down." He shook his head "I should have never left, I'm designed to fight wars, for centuries lve fought, killed. I knew it was all for a cause then that cause proved false and I fought for the truth. I have nothing here. Nothing to believe in or fight for. No vision of my own, no desire or want to give up fighting. No astartes was ever meant to encounter this, old age can't claim us. I have to die on some
Battlefield somewhere"

Lambda was quiet for a second, then pushed back the hair covering her right eye. What was revealed was an orb of bright, electronic red light. "I was made to fight too." She put the hair back into place. "But I walked away from that." She looked around. "This isn't really the place to talk about something like this. Back to my office?" she proposed.

"very well" he simply said

Lambda turned around, motioning for Tresh to follow, and started floating back to her office.

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