We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"So, how did you come about to this place? Was it completely by accident?"

OOC: I think I'm just going to have to RP passively, not expect to accomplish all that much, and hope that I can spare thought for semi-regular posts when the current panic and madness hopefully yields positive results and a calmer lifestyle.

With the fight having come to nothing and the portals being explained away as nothing of tremendous consequence, Ahriman had refrained from getting further involved in the disturbance. Remaining with the group for the present, he occupied himself with a large grimoire that would be terribly cumbersome for a smaller person, bound in ancient, but well lacquered leather. He studied the expansive and slightly yellowed pages with a finger tracing carefully across them, his lips moving in silence and his eyes following the lines. It made for a strange, yet scholarly appearance.

"Shana Vang." Zevrisya informed Faa. She then told Shana about her job looking for the demon.

"Yes, that's me." She said to Faa. "And who might you be?"

"Wait... demon? Who is this demon?"

"That's a Scath name! Shana at least" he blurted out. He remembered his decorum and hummed "I mean that name is one I know of, it is familiar at least"
He bowed his head "I am prince Faa, given of flame and heir to the throne of Scathis"

"Picked a fight and lost, so now I'm 'banished' here, I guess." Nina answered the robeperson, making air quotes with her fingers as she said the word "banished", the display being made more gruesome and comical than usual as she attempted to do so with her lack-of-right hand.

Forefront HQ, portal room. Previously

"Right, then. I'll go start it up, again", the engineer said, giving a small nod. "Just give me a nod as the go signal, when you're ready."

Returning to the control booth, the engineer moved back to the console, then looked to the mages preparing. When signalled to do so, he activated the portal again.

Throne room, otherworld. Presently.

"Madam ambassador", the representative began, approaching Blue, stopping a few paces in front of her. "I hope your cohort hasn't put the plan into motion yet, because I'm afraid her deciding to work with you has become known.

One of the EDs that confronted you, earlier, has informed XPOL of the change of heart. It is very likely XPOL already suspected this, when she would have been filmed entering through the portal, but this tip will have cemented any suspicion."

Candace's looked to Dala. "Oh, yes, that. Um... I... I guess..."

Shana backpedaled a bit when Faa shouted. "Sorry, you startled me. Anyways, a pleasure to meet you, Faa." She bowed her head. "Is 'Shana' also a name native to your species?"

"Then let us go. I don't know how the times here and there relate to each other, and I need to rest on Avinah because of that." Dala said, then breathed out a portal, into her room on Avinah. "After you."

Forefront HQ

Once the portal was starting to form, five mages took a circle around it, and energy in five colours flowed from their hands. The particles in the machine were influenced, changing speed and direction ... a lot of things could happen.

Otherworld, Throne Room

Blue frowned. "Well, not to say Red was right in something, but these people keep messing it up for themselves.
And my cohort did nothing yet, and I doubt she will meet the others, so it should be fine still.

I ... I will see what I can do about this. Thank you for informing me."


"You are banished? I thought you came here on your own volition.
Ah, well ... you might be able to get back to where you came from, if you speak to the right ..." the person said, only to cut themselves off, as they noticed something behind Nina.

"GET DOWN!" they called, jumped, and pulled Nina towards them after grabbing her.

Behind them, another black rift had formed, pulling on everything around it.

Candace looked to the portal, then back to Shana and the others. "I should be back soon. Is there a way to stay in touch?"

"Some jackass that went around blowing people up. Apparently he's in jail so... worst thing he could do is cause a massive flaming prison riot. Should be pretty easy for the locals to deal with." Zevrisya said to Shana. "But that's enough about me. What do you do for fun?"

When Dala created her portal, the sparking line in the air became more violent, and after a brief moment a green flash of light surrounded the area. The area around the portal changed, with the pavement and road turning to grass. Flowers and trees appeared out of nowhere, some of them inside cars which would cause the vehicles to vibrate wildly.

The ETR squad arrived just as the portal opened. They hurried forward, glancing cautiously around at the extradimensionals that they hadn't met before. The lieutenant called out; "What happened here?"

Dala sighed. "Who the fuck is interfering with my portals ... anyways, yes, there should be ... if it doesn't cause grass explosions or something because someone is fucking with my magic." She sounded incredibly annoyed.

"Ah the flaming guys from earlier. Some tattoo business if I recall correctly." She took a breath. "Well, outside of studying politics and history, I like exercise. Especially sprinting. My favorite food to eat is steak." She licks her chops at the prospect.

Being small and light, Nina was very easy for the people to pull around. Seeing this was an emergency situation, she didn't try fighting back against being grabbed.

"I have a friend called Shana. Had a friend" he mumbled "it's a rare name, quiete old." he hummed through the collar

Candace jumped back from the explosion of green, slightly worried she would turn into a plant or something.

Must be a translation collar or something.

"I'm sorry to hear that. So what is a 'Scath'? Is that what you are?"

"I'm a fan of sprinting, too, but I prefer endurance runs. And steak's pretty great but my diet is generally more, y'know, fluid nowadays." Zevrisya replied. "I can stomach the occasional bit of beef if it's really rare, though."

After a few moment, the greenery would flicker and fade away.

Faa could see the slight shift in posture that denotes those suprised in his appearance and of the strange nature of his collar. What good was a translation collar to a
Species that could apparently speak Hrem language anyway. "Scath is what I am yes. Newly arrived here. Only just settling now. I was a frightened mess before admittedly" he hummed

Dala walked through her portal instead, and looked back, if Candace was following her. She seemed tired.


The person let go of Nina as soon as they were a safe distance away. "You alright?" they asked.

Several of the black-clad figures from the tower walked to the rift, surrounded it with some distance, and started a chant, while holding impossible looking metal-devices.

Candace followed, noting Dala's lack of energy. "Are you well?"

Dala smiled at Candace as she followed, then breathed in, causing the portal to vanish.

"Yes, just tired." she answered her. "Need to sleep now, to get some rest."

Forefront HQ, portal room. Previously

Altering the speed of the particles as they sped around the accelerator wouldn't have much effect. Making them slower than usual before they collided resulted in the collision not packing enough punch to create the tear, while making them go faster made the initial tear larger, for the following portal to become the same size as usual.

Attempting to change the direction of the particles would trigger the machine's emergency failsafe, shutting the machine down as a safety measure.

"You're focusing on the wrong part of the process", the engineer stated, walking out of the control booth.

Throne room, otherworld. Presently

"Well. This development obvious puts her meeting with an XPOL officer that knows the key information we want out of the question. It stands to reason XPOL wouldn't send such a person", the representative stated, then held up the pad he held in front of himself.

"But I'm afraid there has been an other set-back", he stated, tapping on the screen of the pad, then turning it around for Blue to see, showing footage of Nina fighting Dala, and the result of the girl losing. "Assuming this is the other ED that decided to help you, the problem speaks for itself."

Pointe St. Charles, Montreal. March 6th.

Still with its camera fixed on the group, the Watcher in the area focused on Dala's portal seemingly malfunctioning. It zoomed in on the various plantlife, making a sweeping shot, and zooming out again as the flora faded away.

"Fine, yep. Thanks for the help." Nina nodded and replied to the person. "So what's that all about?" She asked, pointing over at the black rift.

Candace looked around the place for something she could sleep in, eyeing the treasure as she did so.

Forefront HQ

"Do you have another idea?" one of the mages asked. "Should we try to manipulate the portal itself? But you would need to keep it open for some time."

Throne Room

"Annoying..." Blue said. "I would have hoped that the plan had at least some foundation.
If not ... well, there are other rituals to find out where someone is. Maybe they still work, maybe not ..."

She then watched the fight. "Well, this was pointless." she stated at the end. "She decided to help me, but did do nothing yet, so I really am not sure if this is a loss, seeing as ... well, you don't put your hand in fire, do you?"


After a bit of chanting, and colourless glow coming from the devices, and closing in on the rift, it closed again.

"Result of an accident. We had ... unrestricted planeswalking here, for a long time. At some point, reality decided it had enough of it, and broke down.
These rifts are the result of this. Untended, they would get bigger, finally absorbing our world.

At least we are equipped to deal with them. They don't spread to more than this country. But we always have to care for them, keeping them in check. I guess this is the price of unlimited power."

"You could sleep in this bed." Dala said and pointed to the bed with her foot. "I could get another room, or sleep next to you. Would be more practical. It's only for one night."

There was not much treasure in the room, as Dala had taken nothing with her into it, but a portemonnaie of earth money.

"I would prefer my own bed, but that is yours. You should take it." Candace stated. "I'll take the other room." With that, she looked for said other room.

"Why don't you just move somewhere that isn't doomed?" Nina asked, feeling like she was pointing out the obvious to these people. "That's what I did when my home was destroyed."

Since Dala had not ordered another room, there was not another room.

Candace might be able to find someone in the lobby to ask about another room, though.

Dala was too tired to discuss this, and laid herself down in the bed.

"Because this is our home, and we would be driven out from most other places.
We don't even have the means to launch an offensive ... all this power, but not enough people to wield it.

And that's not even counting the likely possibility that we would cause these rifts in another world, too - because of our mere presence. There is a reason why we are wearing these clothes."

Anise shrugged gently toward Shana. "Um... I'm into this and that... and a few other things. There's too many to list. But one I should list... is probably photos." The girl smiled before seeing that this 'Dala' character was on the move. She gave a quick nod of the head to Shana before trying to follow after.

"Sucks to be you guys then." Nina chuckled to herself. "So, you have any ideas why I got put here, or what I'm supposed to do?"

Not much of a talker is she? She chuckled. "Well that's good." She said before Anise went off.

"Well I am part wolf. I could sprint for quite a while in fact. At least 15 minutes." She looked around. "It looks like people are retiring for the night. I really have no clue as to what to do for tomorrow. Dala's plan to shut down Blue's portal has failed due to two betrayals: Nina and Yauna. I suppose we could use all the help we could get in getting back that portal."

OOC: I could be over-exaggerating when I say 15 minutes.

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