We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"Then what? I won't allow you to sell it on another world. And not bring to another world.
Bringing a living beast will upset the balance too much. Most of all, it won't be nice for the beast itself. So ... no to that."

"Well, this is... a little underwhelming." Shana said to herself as she examined the 5th bookshelf.

"Yes. A few at least. We met back in Canada"
He says

"Can you just not put it in a suitcase or something?"

Once they were at the library, Nova instructed Sylvia and Cybil to look around and bring anything relating to recent events of the past decade to her.

Lambda stopped in place and thought for a second. "...what did I never think of that before..."
"Ah, right." Brigette nodded.

Outside Bounty Store
"I could keep it contained."


There were a few fiction and nonfiction books in particular about the arrival of extraterrestrials in the library. Otherwise a few history books related to South Africa, and to world history in the recent 20 years.

"We could go to another library ... but I don't know what they have, either. So I would try my luck here."


"And how would you keep a magical beast contained, exactly? Last I heard you were missing magical artifacts, not having enough to keep a magical beast in something.
Not to mention that the beast really would not like that."

Lambda began figuratively and literally scanning every boom she could get her hands on.

Bounty store
"The only thing greater than bringing home a magical artifact would be a magical beast. And we already have a zoo, it's just not as important."

"Back to waiting around it seems. I don't mind too much now. Id rather wait for Ella and XPOL to sort themselves out, don't want to get on their bad side. She says she's a law enforcer but I see the eyes of a warrior when I look at her"


None of the books had any magic or fighting capabilities.


"You can't contain a magical beast in a zoo. Do you even know what a magical beast is? Have you asked what it is? And it's not greater if it eats all people."

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"We could contain it. And imagine the spectacle of having beast from another world!"

"You could not contain it. And I could, I don't want to, either.

And your spectacle means nothing if the beast itself is not happy with it. ... You could try to befriend a really harmless animal maybe, which does not need companions of its own kind. Now tell me, what kind of beast do you want?"

"Not really much glory in that..."

Having went to the library, I start to play on my phone. Good old Tetris.

Zevrisya peered over Taner's shoulder at his phone and asked, "What is that thing?"

"It's a cell phone." I say without looking away from my game.

the silence:
Anik and Ory'Hara managed it off the compund, and Ory'Hara did not hear another voice ... seemingly it was too far away to get more control.

There were very few cars driving through the night, but at least a taxi stand was near, with a few taxis standing there.

Behind them, the compound filled with water.

Ory'hara hurried over to the nearest taxi, and opened the back-door. After getting Anik into the back-seat, Ella took a quick glance over at the compound entrance before hopping into the seat behind the driver. "Drive out of the city, as fast as you can. And stay away from the water!" - She said, pressing the still warm barrel of her blaster against the driver's neck.


"So it's more glory to get roasted and eaten by a dragon in a foreign world, where noone knows you and noone cares you died?"


Anik was shaking on the backseat of the taxi. The taxi driver started driving, very unsure of what to do but following the instructions. He considered pressing the emergency button for a while.

Just a few seconds later Anik's disguise fell off her, and left a large water puddle on the floor and seat of the taxi. She was soaking wet, but wore the prison uniform of XPOL she had had before.

"Oh I wouldn't go down that easily. I'm quite good at hunting actually."

"I can't say. I think she is oblivious to it herself" Dalahar said thoughtfully

"Well it shouldn't be too bad. Reinhardt likes to get stuck in a fight but he's still the nicest guy I know."

"At hunting magical bests, too?"

"Animals are animals."

"Don't even think about trying something. I'll blow your head off without a second thought." - Ory'hara said threateningly, before adding; "But if you just drive as fast as you can for an hour, you'll be no worse for the wear."

"You seem to revere him. You have naught but praise for him. You are more than just someone who fixes his armour" Dalahar states bluntly.

"He's my friend. And... honestly I spend half of my time looking out for the big guy. He's really dedicated and strong, but sometimes he forgets how old he is. Left alone he'll fight until his last breath. I don't want to see him die out there because of his own stubbornness."

"Maybe that's what he wants. He is lucky to have the choice in what manner he shall face his death." Dalahar said. The concept of ageing lost on Dalahar, a faint memory of biological entropy. His death had been decided for him over a century ago when they made him a Word Bearer. "When Word Bearers march" he began after a contemplative pause. "We march knowing we are dead. We march without stopping, stepping over the broken bodies of our brothers. We march because we know that death cannot claim our faith. It's choice no Word Bearer makes, I was enslaved to my nature and duty"

"Who would enslave someone like that?"


"That's absolutely not true ...

hmm. Want me to prove to you that you are in over your head if you want to hunt magical beasts?"


The taxi driver nodded, put his hands on the wheel as calm as he could, and continued driving.

Anik was just shaking.

The water was actually falling behind - it did not seem like it was in the mood to flood the whole city.

"How ... did you do that?" Anik finally asked.

"It's our legacy." Dalahar said "there's a lot of history to go into but the short version is that I'm made to win the stars for humanity. I was part of the Legiones astartes, engineered to be warriors without peer. Each legion has its flaws, quirks and such. Derived from our progenitors, the primarchs. The Word Bearers are the 17th legion and my primarch was Lorgor Aurelion. From him came a fanatical devotion beyond loyalty. We all loved our primarch. We all believed in his vision and the emperors vision. We believed him a God and would do anything for his crusade."

"That sounds dangerous..."

Bounty Shop
"You may try." Candace said smugly.

"Do you want to do it on a particular world, or should I choose one?"

"It was never meant to be safe. It was meant to create armies that could defeat any foe and they could. The emperor knew there was risks involved." Dalahar said. "Since I've been here I've found that most have a negative reaction to my universe of origin due to its apparent grimness. They don't understand what it means to live in such a galaxy"

Ory'hara looked over at Anik, replying; "Do what?", quickly followed by; "Oh hey, your disguise went away."

Anik smiled weakly. "I think ... I think you surprised her. Completely.

She could not get out and fight herself, because it would have destroyed her disguise. And you ... what did you do to the guards?"

"It does sound bleak. Is it... weird coming to a place like this?"

"Your choice."

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