We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"I have an idea. You fight me. If you can beat me and tie me up, you can deal with magical beasts."

"Deal. But perhaps not here..." Candace suggested, mindful of her newfound pet.

Sarah was silent for a bit, not comfortable with the idea of talking animals being processed into clothing.

"Hmm ... I actually know where the position of the weird woman is, or at least her aircraft. Not sure what to do with that ..."

"Yes, not here. How about a mountain-top? Or do you prefer some other place?" Dala said.

The faerie dragon made more glittering sound, because it was happy.

Candace though for a second. "Actually, we have no need. I think I know someone we can talk to about hunting a magic beast. I met her in the bounty shop."

"So you had a specific place in mind? Why did you not tell me before?"

Shana, having read her fill of the history on South Africa, moved to where Sarah was.

"I was going to, but you insisted we come here first." Candace replied.

"Can I have that book?" Lambda asked Shana.

"I asked you if you want to go to a particular world, and you said it's my choice ...

Anyways, where to? To the bounty shop?"

"Whatever. And... can you find a specific world or person?" Candace asked.

"Sure thing." She handed it over to Lambda.

Lambda took the book, flipping through it incredibly fast, her mechanism red eye glowing brightly as she scanned the pages. She handed it back to Shana within twenty seconds with a small smile.

"Very much depends on if I know the location or not."

"Well I'm not sure how to get there exactly, but I know the woman who told me about it. A woman named Riana. She was the one in the bounty store, she had the ears of a cat..." Candace explained.

"Hmm ... I don't know her. And there are several people with these kinds of ears.
But we could enter the bounty store, I might be able to track her from there. Unless you even know the name of her world, or something else that might give me a hint. Maybe you have something from her world? A piece of her hair?"

"It's good information to have, if risky. She may have the capability to track you back through it" he warned

Shana made a small chuckle, somewhat amused by Lambda's quick reading. She returned the book to the shelf.

"Well, then we must simply find a means to get on the aircraft."

OOC: Off to get fabric.

Candace though for a second, then checked her pockets.

"...why are you laughing?" Lambda asked.

Candace would find some paper with a bunch of numbers on it. Specifically, Rinia's phone number.

"Forgot that you were a type of Savant.........wait" Dalahar said "autosenses picking something up, high velocity" he warned

"You read the book quickly. Found it funny is all." She shrugged and smiled.

"Ah, here!" Candace hekd the number out for Dala to see.

"I can scan the contents and read them later. I do get spoiled a lot however..." Lambda admitted.

"COVER" Dalahar roared as a metal cylinder landed 25 metres from his position.

"Oh shit. I don't have my power suit!" Sarah called out as she hid behind Dalahar.

"Nice. Let me take a look at it, I should be able to travel to the world where it's from."

"Of course." Candace held out the number for Dala to see.

Lambda, floating above the ground, was not affected by the shaking ground. However she did still notice it, looking to where it came from. Brigette was thrown to the ground by it, looking surprised and annoyed.

"That should work. Remember the number, I'm going to need to burn the ink." Dala stated.

Candace looked at the number, staring at it intently for a while, then nodded.

The cylinder itself is a dull grey container. Big enough to carry a person. It's design is rather standard and there are no identifying features. After a few seconds a seam appears lengthways in the cylinder. The freezing air inside expelling mist as a single black gloved hand appears to grip the seam, then anothe and the seam is slowly pulled open with the sound of creaking metal. There is silence aside from the hissing of escaping gasses as the hands withdraw inside the mist. After several moments the hands re emerge as a humanoid figure covered from head to toe in a black over suit emerges slowly from the cylinder. It's head covered by a faceless black mask.

Lambda, heading outside, scanned the tube and the person emerging from it.

After Candace was done, Dala breathed out a tiny flame, which did nothing more than burn the ink, but not the paper. It went further however, spreading out next to Candace, and turning into a portal.

It would be a random position on Raina's world, but the possibility that it was in a place where there had been a portal previously, was much higher than another.

"Oh shit." Sarah said, and kept ducking.

Candace poked her head through the newly created portal, seeing if it was safe.


If Dala and Candace could see through the portal, they would have before them a golden sandy beach, situated next to sparkling blue water, and with clear skies overhead. Candace would recommend this as being the place Rinia had gone to when she left the bounty store.

South Africa

Zev stared at the figure, then began sniffing at it to smell if it had blood and normal human circulatory systems.

"After you."

The slender black figure flexes its hands and tilts its head quizzically. It has a functional and normal circulatory system with a few tweaks here and there. It had blood, again this was ordinary. After a few seconds the body suit and helmet it wore lit up suddenly, as symmetrical and angular lines and channels that ran over the suit began to glow blue.

"Hit the deck!" Cybil called to her companions before the object struck earth, giving them all time enough to duck and avoid possible shrapnel.

After the dust settled, the trio stood back up to investigate what had happened. Cybil was the first to respond, taking hold of her scabbard in her left hand. "I've got a bad feeling about this." She started slowly stepping forwards, glancing back over her shoulder for a moment to say, "Sylvia, get ready to get the Doctor and anyone else who can't fight out of here."

Sylvia nodded and began backing away from the scene, not looking away and keeping Nova behind her.

"Can you please tell us who you are!?" She shouted, shakily.

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