We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"Hey, sometimes you just need to get something off your chest. Nothing wrong with that."

Candace was about to make her way down when the dragon reappeared. She glared at it, continuing as far along the branch as she could go.

The dragon kept clearly out of range of Candace, but seemingly looked at her and made a glittering sound.

"Can you just stay there for a brief moment?" Candace asked the dragon, aware of how mad it was but willing to try. She made another grab for it with one hand, keeping the other on the branch to steady herself.

North Carolina

Not long after the reveal of Tombstone, people began researching it. The presence of augmentations was, to a limited extent, uncovered. This led to some people drawing a connection between Tombstone and the previous augmented military forces; Desperado and XCOM. Due to this, some people became concerned that this could lead to the same issues that caused XCOM to be disbanded.

That same day, a pastor from Fayetteville, who had been outspoken about interdimensional acceptance and critical of groups like XCOM, decided to use Tombstone as a stepping stone for his own political career.

The faerie dragon kept staying out of range, clearly. It looked at Candace, and made another sound.

"You could come back down, now." Dala said, worried.

"But I just need to-" Whatever Candace said was lost as her grip failed and she fell, landing on a pile of leaves with a soft thump.

Dala gasped, but breathed a sigh of relief as she saw that Candace was unharmed.

Lewis was in his residence. His schedule had become increasingly full as varying parties vied for interviews with him......and any Tombstone staff. Lewis had once been a staunch advocate of Earth First. Since his inception as a politician it had been one of his key motivations due to his paranoid and xenophobic nature. This was all gone now, replaced by a calm and calculated mind set that followed the mind set of Helena. The ability to step back from emotion, detach the human part of himself and gaze at events with a cold, heartless clarity. The claritty of the White Sphere. He had spoken with Helena about the White Sphere. Why he always thought about it. She had said it was normal for converts to think of the implanted information in their new brains. He did understand his role now, to liaise for Helena with government. To make sure Tombstone had the increase of money and man power it needed. Helena couldn't change the world with what she currently had. Lewis was now waiting to speak with Helena once she had checked on CA. The success of that project would be the success of Tombstone, the silver bullet it needed.

Candace got up, brushing leaves off herself, then stomped back to Dala wordlessly.

Dala examined Candace for a bit, also wordlessly. Then she said: "You have experience in hunting, huh?"

"Large game. Bears and wolves and stags. Nor... whatever that was." Candace glares at the small dragon hatefully.

Dalahar shrugs. "Some things are better left unsaid if needed"

"That's a magical beast for you.
I actually think it likes you."

"Eh... not too sure of that. But we can agree to disagree, right?"

"Then why is it running from me?" Candace pouted like a child.

"I think it values it's freedom, and does not want to get grabbed."

Candace thought for a moment, then held out her hand. "Here little... thing. Come here." Candace called out to it, as one might to a cat or a dog.

The faerie dragon actually came closer to the ground, and looked at Candace curiously.

Candace held her hand out quietly, occasionally making little beckoning gestures with her fingers.

The dragon faerie came close and made a glittering sound, then sat down on Candace's hand.

Candace gave a small smile. "Got him." Her usual smugness was tempered by genuine softness.

"Do as you please" Dalahar said. "I'm getting ready to move. We shouldn't stay here much longer "

"Huh. Did not expect that." Dala said. "What do you want to do now? It can blink out of this plane at any time."

"Well have proven that I can hunt magical beasts now, have I not?" Candace asked, moving her other hand close to attempt to pet the small dragon.

"I need to go grab Reinhardt anyway."

The faerie dragon made a glittering sound, and let itself be pet.

"You have only proven you can be friendly to a friendly animal. Which is a good thing, but does not really have much to do with hunting.
You could ... try taming this one."

"I thought you disapproved of taking things across dimensions."

"I do, but this ... this one can cross dimensions itself."

"So no harm then?" Candace asked.

"I honestly doubt you can use it for much more than petting, and it probably will vanish if you want to show it to other people, but yes - no harm."

"It's a start. Thank you." Candace said with a hopeful smile and as large a curtsey as she could manage without disturbing the tiny dragon.

Dala smiled. "I did not really think you could be friendly to it, or it would be interested in you. But it's nice that this is the case."

"Thank you, I think..."

"Ehh ... before I bring down the mood again or anything, let's just head back. Or ... well, what do you want to do now?"

"Meet back here when you find him. We will gather together to move off" Dalahar said, even without autosenses he would have heard the small girls hushed whisper.

"Well I've proven I can get magical monsters, can not? Let'sgo for something bigger."

Dala frowned. "You completely failed in hunting, though."

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