We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"This is the place." Candace said, stepping into the beach confidently.

Lambda eyed the being warily, drawing her armour close. Brigette hid back in the store, really resenting her lack of any gear.

The black figure doesn't respond. Instead beginning to walk towards whoever was nearest it.

Dalahar began to move towards it too, trying to keep Sarah behind him knowing that the trio had their eyes on the other non combatants.

Lambda went alongside Dalahar, tagging along behind him cautiously.

Sarah followed slowly, to keep herself out of harm's way.

Dala followed Candace through the portal, then closed it behind her. "Seems like a nice place." she stated.

Shana followed as well, keeping her ears perked up.

Cast Away breaks into a sprint as it nears Dalahar who stops moving and motions to the others being him. "Get back! I'll take it on" with that he opened into a sprint towards Cast Away. His heavy steps thundering through the ground

Lambda hopped back as Dalahar called, and deciding that combat necessity trumped modesty right now, threw off her dress and let her armour form around her. Once armoured up she hung back, waiting for an opening.

"I used to have a place like this. I loved it, though not in the summer..."

Sarah oriented herself, then quickly took the way back to the hotel.

"Because of your skin?"

"How did you guess?" Candace asked wryly.

Dalahar and Cast Away clash with a mighty impact as Dalahar shoulder barges into the dark attacker. Cast Away braces itself and recieves the charge, being forced back many metres against the overwhelming strength of the space marine. Dalahar however is worried that a human sized opponent didn't explode when he impacted them let alone hold against his momentum and mass. Dalahar raised his left arm to punch the foe straight in its face. Displaying agility that Dalahar had only seen in Eldar, Cast Away bent its head out of the way before swirling its way away from Dalahar's blow before attacking with its own kicks and punches. Dalabars armour holds but the impacts create mighty crashes against his power armour.

Shana stood with Lambda.

"I'm afraid the energy of the fight here is too much to engage with."

"I've met a few albinos, before."

"It is rather nice at night. Just the moon, the waves, and what I bring with me..." Candace reminisced.

"Not for me." Lambda said, then floated forward. "Dalahar, stand back!" she shouted, preparing an energy blade.

Rinia's World

Now on the other side of the portal, Dala and Candace would be able to see a settlement just a little further inland. It consisted mainly of stone homes, with roofs covered in solar panels that glimmered slightly in the sunlight.

South Africa

Zevrisya approached the thing as well, moving her eyepatch to cover eye and letting her eye-tongue out.

Sylvia escorted Nova and anyone else retreating from the fight back to the hotel. "Alright, this should be safe. I'm gonna go back them up." She pulled off her dress and tossed it to Nova. She traced a line up her arm from her bangle, and a grey mist quickly surrounded her body. A moment later, her armor materialized around her. "Stay safe." She took back off the way she came.

Cybil stood by, observing the fight and making mental notes of how Cast Away moved and attacked. "You need help there big guy? I could probably take him."

Brigette, been taken to the hotel by Nova, ran inside to find Reinhardt.

Dalahar stomps the ground after a blow. Shaking the earth and forcing Cast Away to rebalance itself. He leaps backwards a few feet. "Hit it now" he bellows.

Lambda cast her hand forward, a small hail of energy daggers flying towards Cast Away.

Cybil took one running step towards Cast Away, then rapidly accelerated to the point of becoming in indistinct blur. In a moment, she was on Cast Away, coming back into focus, then drawing her sword and swinging for it's mid-section in a single fluid motion. The cutting edge of the blade glowed yellow, and would harmlessly pass through Cast Away's body if it made contact, leaving only magical energy that would attempt to paralyze the target by rending it's limbs unresponsive.

Regardless of whether her attack connected, she continued running on her path past Cast Away, so as to not interfere with any other attacks directed at it.

Swiftly regaining balance the curious humanoid had mere moments to dodge the magical blades fired at it. It twisted, contorted to flow around the attacks. This allowed Cybils attack to land. Cast Away stumbles back slightly, holding an arm in front of its face.

Reaearch facility
"We've seen something like this before. Peak agility, strength, aggression. Countless EDs come through with abilities like that, my Sirens and I the same. I know it can do more. Raise the data parameters to 20%. Let's see what makes Cast Away so special." Helena send, now very intrigued by what she saw and the information that Cast Away was gathering.

"Ah, I can imagine. I like standing on a mountain at night, looking at the moon, as well. But the sound of the sea, it brings calm as well ...

but we should get moving, I think. The people in the village over there probably can help us."

It took a bit of time until Sarah had changed and squeezed herself into her suit, the burgers having taken a toll on how it fit her. Still, she managed to do so, put in her black contacts, and wore her jet boots. She then stepped back out of her room, meeting up with Nova.

Candace nodded, heading there.

Brigette met back with the others. "Ok, I woke him, but it'll probably take him a while for him to get down here and get his armo-"
"WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!" Reinhardt bellowed as he can thundering down the stairs and out the door, in full armour and with the rocket on its back blazing for extra speed. Brigette sighed.

Lambda prepared another, larger energy blade, waiting for an opportunity.

South Africa

Zev circled around to Cast Away's side, then charged in, bringing up her cane as she did so. With a powerful swing, she attempted to club CA in the neck with the dragon skull-shaped head of her cane, the force of the blow being enough to shatter bones if it connected.

Dala followed Candace to the settlement, enjoying the sand under her feet.

Cast away raises an arm in defense of the skull cane. In a split second the lights along its black suit glow greyish blue as a series of 3 blue particles emerge along the fore arm. In another split second a long, curved blade forms, a few inches above the forearm where the particles once were. The blade forms in time to block the attack. Not even looking at Zevrisya it extends its right arm which releases a single blue particle that coalesced into an angular and sharp pistol with jagged fins and a toothed muzzle. The pistol falls into Cast Aways hand which then opens fire on Dalahar who had been charging Cast Away. Dalahars charge falters as small but dense spikes of any known metal type impact into his armour. Not penetrating far enough to do much damage. Dalahsr redoubled his charge however as Cast Away kept firing yet turned its attention back to Zev with a counter attack with its newly formed blade.

Rinia's World

Entering the village, Dala and Candace would see a number of people milling about. They would likely notice that most of them looked like normal humans, some of them having white hair and fair skin despite seeming young. A number of them had their bodies completely covered, wearing black helmets and light, armoured clothing, however a couple of these figures were not wearing helmets revealing freckled brown skin, pointed ears and blue hair.

Walking around the town they would, eventually, spot Rinia sitting on a bench eating a sandwich.

"If you're going back out there, don't wait up for me. I'm staying here until things cool off." Nova told Sarah, seeing she was back in her combat suit.

Cybil's sword ceased glowing yellow shortly after her strike, and she sheathed her weapon after coming to a stop several meters from Cast Away. Seeing the enemy reveal new abilities, she stood by and observed once more, figuring that crowded around a single target wasn't the best idea.

Sylvia arrived on scene and stood by as well. She readied her arm cannon, but refrained from shooting into melee. The barrel of her cannon began building up a bright red glow as she waited.

Lambda, seeing an opening, threw a large energy blade at Cast Away, seeing none of her allies were nearby. Reinhardt arrived too, but stood by, shield ready.

"Hello there!" Candace waved to Rinia as the they entered.

"Hmm ... someone might have to protect you. I think the others should be able to deal with that ... thing."

Dala nodded towards Rinia.

Rinia's World

Rinia waved back at the pair. "Hello."

South Africa

Zevrisya quickly moved away from Cast Away when it made to attack her, ducking low as she backed off.

Cast Away back presses away from the energy blade and comes to rest in a crouched position. It raises its left arm to fire the blade at Lambda with great velocity while it processes how to use the space it had been given. A few moments later and segmented tail emerges from its lower back, metallic and jagged. The tip of the tail are two prongs and at the base of these prongs is a focusing crystal for a laser weapon which hums and begins glowing as it charfes. It's right hand pistol ceases firing at Dalahar and dissapates. Holding its right arm forward an series of the blue particles emerge to form a halo of small conduits that orbit a few inches in from of the arm. The perimeter of the conduits covers all of Cast Away.

"I'm going back in" Dalahar announced as he charged once more, not wanting to see what the tail weapon could do.

"I'm going to see if I can't fire a burst at the tail! This will have a lot of radiation from it, so take cover!" She announced.
The palms of her hands moved together, but didn't touch, and created a loud 'bang!' as the nuclear plasma was formed. "I'm ready to fire at any target!" A second bang is required to fire the plasma.

Dalahar halts his charge and moves back wards behind Shana.

"So, where are they?" Candace asked.

Reinhardt charged forward with his massive energy shield raised. "Get behind me! I can cover you!" he called to the others. Lambda did so.

"Hi, I'm Dala." Dala said.

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