We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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Reinhardt swung with his hammer, trying to crush Cast Away with an overhead swing while avoiding attacking his allies.

"East of capetown, apparently. Seems like they had a base here before the invasion ..."

"I'll keep her from dying, but not from being harmed.

... and I probably can roast anyone of your creatures, unless it is immune to fire."

Rinia raised her hand up, palm towards Candace, and said, "Punch me as hard as you can." She then glanced over at Dala and said, "Some of them are."

Upon opening her eyes, Zev noticed her cane wasn't currently embedded in Cast Away's body. Looking a little stunned, she rushed around the fight to retrieve her weapon, and waited for an opening.

Candace did so. She was surprisingly strong for a woman of her size, but still within reasonable limits.

When Candace's hand impacted with Rinia's hand, she would be entirely unable to move it, and it would feel a little more solid than a normal hand. A glowing green circle would appear over the palm, displaying on it in white numerals the force of Candace's punch. "You are pretty strong, I'll admit. But probably not strong enough to restrain a Pahana Vatra with a net."

"I'm willing to try. I could sound it first, sap its strength."

Cast Away releases a burst of electricity around it, the charge making it dangerous to be close by. It then weaves itself around its attackers and backs off so it isn't surrounded as Dalahar thuds past everyone to continue charging, gibbering all the while.

Reinhardt followed Dalahar, worried about the possesed man.

"Possible, I suppose." Rinia said, as the green circle fades away and she lowered her hand.

Zev slowly backed away, looking at the others. "What the fuck do we do about this?" she asked, pointing at Dalahar.

"So, shall one of you get the net?"

Dala waited, not sure if Candace knew what she was getting into. "Pleease don`t pick a fireproof beast." she stated.

After some time of waiting, Sarah got nervous. "I am going to check on the others." she stated, then walked out of the hotel and towards them, slowly and carefully, listening to the sounds of the fight.

Research lab, hills east of Cape Town

"We can't leave" Imogen said from her station "Gilson encrypted everything and it's going to take 24 hours to get past it all." The other technicians were still controlling and maintaining Cast Away. "Cast Away needs to clear some more space before it can pull out too."

Helena calmly sat down in one of the many now vacant chairs "Gilsons locked himself in his room, we will get him soon enough. As for Cast Away its our main means of stalling for now. We need it back here, finish what we can on the project and send it back out.
We can't risk our incolvement being discovered"

"And if you are?"

"I have a contingency in place, one that appeals to their humanity"

Dalahar barrels into Cast Away in a spastic flurry of bladed limbs, the mechanical opponent twisting and dodging. Again forming its own blades to parry as it devised an escape method

"I don't think any of these are."

Reinhardt activated the boosters again, getting behind Cast Away, partially to try him and partially to get a good look at Dalahar.

Rinia nodded and walked off, beckoning for Dala and Candace to follow. "Let's go get a net."

Candace followed, feeling confident.

Dala followed as well, feeling worried.

Candace looked to Dala, noticing her fear. "What are you worried about?"

"That you get in over your head and I can't help you."

"Oh we'll be fine." Candace said, smiling.

Dala just continued following Rinia in silence.

"What is with you?" Candace asked Dala.

Reinhardt would see Dalahar in his true gruesome form. Armour rent open and spiked protrusions erupting from his expanded body. Arms formed into viscous claws and legs bent into raptor like forms.. His helmet was a snarling face that moved if alive and the eyes burned like coals. The speed and ferocity that he fought with wqs hard for Cast Away to deal with who had resorted to evasion as a single swipe from the daemon could bisect him.

"Well, you are ignorant, do not listen to warnings, and I don't even know what purpose catching a beast should be. And I can't be of much help.
So ... everything's fine, go ahead."

Rinia approached a pair of the helmeted figures and began talking to them, while Dala and Candace had their discussion in the background. After a short talk, one of the figures walked into a small building, and then returned with a net. Rinia carried it back over to Candace, then tossed the heavy rope net into her arms.

"...I admire your commitment, concern and drive, but it's misplaced. I can handle this." Candace said, heaving the heavy rope.

"Dalahar, what happened to you?!" Reinhardt said loudly, trying to shout the man back to his senses, not even bothering with attacking Cast Away any more as the space marine had that covered.

"Well then ..." Dala said, "Time to search for tracks or something like that."

As Sarah walked towards the combat, she saw Dalahar, and immediately stopped, only watching, ready to jump and fly any second.

Candace began tracking as well as they left the town.

With a sickening crunch Dalahars clawed limb grips and tears Cast Aways left arm off, synthetic blood dripping from the limb as well a flurecent blue liquid. Cast away is able to back away fully now, as Dalahar roars in triumph. A second later the arm detonates in a flash of light that releases a concussive blast throwing Dalahar to the floor as Cast Away makes its escape

Near Candace and whoever else was with her, a cloud of smoke suddenly burst out. It quickly dissipated, revealing a short person- or what appeared to be a person- wearing dark grey robes, a green plague mask, and carrying a scepter with a crow's head design on the handle.

"BOOM! Hee hee hee, now I... " he said, stopping as he looked around. "Hmph. This isn't the Exploditorium.. That fool Percy must have messed with my potions!" The strange man paced back and forth as he spoke, then looked up to Candace as if just noticing her.

Candace looked to the strange, short man, waving her hand in front of her face to clear away trace smoke, not really sure what to say but surprise and confusion clear on her face.

"Oh. Err... Hello." He said awkwardly, then started reaching in the pockets inside his robe. "Hee hee, just a moment."

"Um... A moment for what?" Candace looked and sounded bewildered.

He didn't respond directly, instead rummaging more and more frantically through his belongings, the clinking of glass heard as he does so. "Hee hee hee, oh, nothing, just to get out of your way. I know I have another transportation brew in here somewhere..."

"A what brew?" Candace asked, still a bit flat footed.

Rinia looked over at the short figure, the eyes of her mask glowing blue as she attempted to scan the creature.

Zev rushed after Cast Away, hurling her cane at the back of its legs as she went in an attempt to trip it.

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