We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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Swiftly regaining balance the curious humanoid had mere moments to dodge the magical blades fired at it. It twisted, contorted to flow around the attacks. This allowed Cybils attack to land. Cast Away stumbles back slightly, holding an arm in front of its face.

Reaearch facility
"We've seen something like this before. Peak agility, strength, aggression. Countless EDs come through with abilities like that, my Sirens and I the same. I know it can do more. Raise the data parameters to 20%. Let's see what makes Cast Away so special." Helena send, now very intrigued by what she saw and the information that Cast Away was gathering.

"Ah, I can imagine. I like standing on a mountain at night, looking at the moon, as well. But the sound of the sea, it brings calm as well ...

but we should get moving, I think. The people in the village over there probably can help us."

It took a bit of time until Sarah had changed and squeezed herself into her suit, the burgers having taken a toll on how it fit her. Still, she managed to do so, put in her black contacts, and wore her jet boots. She then stepped back out of her room, meeting up with Nova.

Candace nodded, heading there.

Brigette met back with the others. "Ok, I woke him, but it'll probably take him a while for him to get down here and get his armo-"
"WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!" Reinhardt bellowed as he can thundering down the stairs and out the door, in full armour and with the rocket on its back blazing for extra speed. Brigette sighed.

Lambda prepared another, larger energy blade, waiting for an opportunity.

South Africa

Zev circled around to Cast Away's side, then charged in, bringing up her cane as she did so. With a powerful swing, she attempted to club CA in the neck with the dragon skull-shaped head of her cane, the force of the blow being enough to shatter bones if it connected.

Dala followed Candace to the settlement, enjoying the sand under her feet.

Cast away raises an arm in defense of the skull cane. In a split second the lights along its black suit glow greyish blue as a series of 3 blue particles emerge along the fore arm. In another split second a long, curved blade forms, a few inches above the forearm where the particles once were. The blade forms in time to block the attack. Not even looking at Zevrisya it extends its right arm which releases a single blue particle that coalesced into an angular and sharp pistol with jagged fins and a toothed muzzle. The pistol falls into Cast Aways hand which then opens fire on Dalahar who had been charging Cast Away. Dalahars charge falters as small but dense spikes of any known metal type impact into his armour. Not penetrating far enough to do much damage. Dalahsr redoubled his charge however as Cast Away kept firing yet turned its attention back to Zev with a counter attack with its newly formed blade.

Rinia's World

Entering the village, Dala and Candace would see a number of people milling about. They would likely notice that most of them looked like normal humans, some of them having white hair and fair skin despite seeming young. A number of them had their bodies completely covered, wearing black helmets and light, armoured clothing, however a couple of these figures were not wearing helmets revealing freckled brown skin, pointed ears and blue hair.

Walking around the town they would, eventually, spot Rinia sitting on a bench eating a sandwich.

"If you're going back out there, don't wait up for me. I'm staying here until things cool off." Nova told Sarah, seeing she was back in her combat suit.

Cybil's sword ceased glowing yellow shortly after her strike, and she sheathed her weapon after coming to a stop several meters from Cast Away. Seeing the enemy reveal new abilities, she stood by and observed once more, figuring that crowded around a single target wasn't the best idea.

Sylvia arrived on scene and stood by as well. She readied her arm cannon, but refrained from shooting into melee. The barrel of her cannon began building up a bright red glow as she waited.

Lambda, seeing an opening, threw a large energy blade at Cast Away, seeing none of her allies were nearby. Reinhardt arrived too, but stood by, shield ready.

"Hello there!" Candace waved to Rinia as the they entered.

"Hmm ... someone might have to protect you. I think the others should be able to deal with that ... thing."

Dala nodded towards Rinia.

Rinia's World

Rinia waved back at the pair. "Hello."

South Africa

Zevrisya quickly moved away from Cast Away when it made to attack her, ducking low as she backed off.

Cast Away back presses away from the energy blade and comes to rest in a crouched position. It raises its left arm to fire the blade at Lambda with great velocity while it processes how to use the space it had been given. A few moments later and segmented tail emerges from its lower back, metallic and jagged. The tip of the tail are two prongs and at the base of these prongs is a focusing crystal for a laser weapon which hums and begins glowing as it charfes. It's right hand pistol ceases firing at Dalahar and dissapates. Holding its right arm forward an series of the blue particles emerge to form a halo of small conduits that orbit a few inches in from of the arm. The perimeter of the conduits covers all of Cast Away.

"I'm going back in" Dalahar announced as he charged once more, not wanting to see what the tail weapon could do.

"I'm going to see if I can't fire a burst at the tail! This will have a lot of radiation from it, so take cover!" She announced.
The palms of her hands moved together, but didn't touch, and created a loud 'bang!' as the nuclear plasma was formed. "I'm ready to fire at any target!" A second bang is required to fire the plasma.

Dalahar halts his charge and moves back wards behind Shana.

"So, where are they?" Candace asked.

Reinhardt charged forward with his massive energy shield raised. "Get behind me! I can cover you!" he called to the others. Lambda did so.

"Hi, I'm Dala." Dala said.

Shana emits a loud "BANG" from her hands as the blue hot plasma fires from them. This shot is hot enough melt most metals and stone and is fired at highway speeds. Its AOE size is roughly the size of a laptop.

Rinia's World

"I'm Rinia." the catgirl informed Dala. "And what do you mean 'they'?"

"You this world had great beasts, didn't you?"

Cast Away tilts its head and the shield array shimmers as it detects directed energy. The burst hits the shield and explodes. The heat not dissapated overloads the shield which explodes, detaching Cast Aways right arm and sending it flying backwards. It lands on its feet in a braced position, glances at its stump of a right arm and back at Shana. The whirring noise from its tail becomes a high pitched shreak as it emits a focused laser beam of great strength,

"Down!" Dalahar had said, pushing Shana to the floor before diving down himself, the laser slicing a piece of his shoulder armour clean off. Cast away sweeps the laser horizontally, left and right to attempt to hit as many of its targets as possible.

"Ahhhhh!" She screams.
Shana shows no resistance as Dalahar moves her body.

Reinhardt rushed forward with the shield raised, trying to get close to Cast Away to block his laser shot as Lambda threw a fee small energy daggers at him.

Rinia's World

"Ah. Them." Rinia stepped up and pointed further inland. "They're all around but the ones you could probably catch are that way."

"What do you usually with those creatures if you have caught one?"

Nova shrugged. "Whatever floats your boat."

With allies continually insisting on getting right next to the enemy, Cybil and Sylvia continued standing by.

Candace was about to head inland, but stopped. "Wait. The ones we can catch?"

Rinia's World

"Normally, we just kill them. Not much use alive, honestly." Rinia informed Dala. As she moved towards Candace she said, "There are sea-dwellers and flying ones, but those would be impossible to capture. The former, due to size and the latter due to height."

South Africa

Hearing the command from Dalahar, Zev immediately dropped down into a crouch. She quickly moved her eyepatch back into its normal position, as she looked around.

"Why do you kill them? For food, or something else?" Dala asked, non-judgmentally.

Sarah shrugged too. Then she said: "Oh! I should look up where the weird jet was flying to. And then disable my signal."

She took out her phone, and looked to localise her tracker by gps.

The laser burns out, it's hear sinks ejecting from the tail with a burst of steam. With its targets in the deck aside from Lambda and Reinhardt it focuses on them as the right arm stump begins fabricating into a weapon. The left arm generates another pistol to fire upon Reinhardts shield.

research facility
Helenas attention is drawn away from the fight for a moment as the AI on her triton passively notes another anomaly. She notifies a tech operator back at HQ to look into any data transmissions that may be foreign in origin. She also sends a pair of immortals stationed at the research base to investigate her Triton. She turns her attention back to the fight. Cast Away, even in this stage of data puppeteering, had her interest and she had the idea that it would be the perfect case of deniability. She could use Cast Away to avoid involving tombstone in taking out the XPOL agents and their ED allies.

Reinhardt kept up his shield, but cracks started forming in the energy barrier. "This won't hold forever!" he warned the others. Lambda continued taking potshots at it, scanning for a weakness.

"How big and high up are they?"

Rinia's World

"We eat them, yes, but mainly it's to protect our settlements. As for how big and high they are, we don't really measure that stuff. Or have a way to, honestly."

"Do you not hunt for sport?"

"Would we get paid if we dealt with some of them?"

Rinia's World

Rinia shook her head and said, "Hunting for sport isn't something we can afford to do. And independent hunters don't get paid for it, but you can still sell the parts."

"It's that expensive?"

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