We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"Hee hee hee- who cares? Nobility is worthless. Now get going, I want to test my bombs..."

Rinia looked from Plague Knight, to the nearby figures dressed in black, then back to Plague Knight. "No, you don't look like a Knight at all." she said, bluntly. As she spoke, she began marching out into the plains. She led the small group along a dirt road, until they reached what was obviously an old motorway, however the surface was cracked and worn. In the distance, anyone with good eyesight would see mountains, large stone buildings covered in plant life and animals moving around.

Candace's brain broke for a moment at the statement that nobility was worthless, but they arrived at the deserted motorway before she could think of a response. She looked around, searching for signs of life.

Dala inspected the new arrival, a bit confused. She kept an eye on him as they walked towards the motorway.

Candace looked to Dala. "Any thoughts on this knight?" she whispered.

Plague Knight followed everyone else's lead, tossing a vial as he walked. "What are we hunting? I almost forgot to ask..."

"A magic beast." Candace answered.

"That's, heh... Not very specific."

"Well, there's a few different beasts. We don't know which one we will find."

"Ooh, that sounds fun, hee hee hee.."

Cast Away twists away from the thrown cane before sinking into a crouched postion. Several glowing orbs are released from from its back which fly away from the main body at extreme speed, the body itself begins rapidly eroding.

Reinhardt charged towards Cast Away with the rocket boost, trying to grab him before he vanished.

"It's been too long since I've had a good hunt..."

Dala whispered back to Candace: "Seems kinda untrustworthy. But this openly ... could be just some kind of charlatain, too."

Reinhardt grabs the body which is now inert and decaying. Dalahars convulses and twitches on the floor as the daemon possession subsides.

Reinhardt turned away from the body, seeing Dalahar twitch and tick. He approached slowly, his hammer stashed away. "Are you alright my friend?"

"I'm still wondering how he became a peer of the realm." Candace whispered back.

"What's a 'peer of the realm'?" Rinia asked, her ears swiveled around to point at Candace and Dala.

As the group investigated the area, they would come across a set of large paw-prints in the dirt, not too far from the motorway.

"A Knight, a lord, nowhere you want to say it." Candace explained, then turned her attention to the paw prints, examining them.

Plague Knight knew the others were talking about him, but he didn't care. Instead, he briefly looked at the prints, then ran off in the direction they were facing. "Her hee hee! The escence of this beast will be a powerful ingredient!"

"Well, I thought he just invented this title ... and we should stop him, he might do harm to this world with reckless behaviour.

Although ... Rinia, how common is traveling through worlds, here?"

As Dalahar's demon side subsided, Sarah came closer as well, wanting to ask the same as Reinhardt, but not repeating it unnecessarily.

Ottawa - In a cab
Ory'hara glanced over her shoulder to check for pursuers, replying; "Yeah, I know that 'home' isn't the same the same thing as nativity." She paused, then said; "Hey driver, get us somewhere open would you? We'll be getting off soon."

Candace followed after Plague Knight quickly, scared of what he may do to the beast.

"In Ciercia, where I'm from, we've had world-hopping tech for a couple decades. But when it was first developed, apparently, the bio-construct that got sent through lost connection with the lab and ended up getting killed on the other side. So the tech is still fairly limited in its usefulness." Rinia explained to Dala. "At least I can go through without getting amnesia nowadays, though, so that's something."

Candace would see that the track was feline, larger than that of a normal big cat such as a lion, and seemed to be depressed deeply, suggesting the beast was heavier than the average big cat.

Zevrisya retrieved her cane, and walked back over to the others. Those of them that paid attention to her might note that she seemed paler than usual, which was saying something.

"You mean to a field or something?" the driver asked, unsurely.

"It's good that you know. Apparently it's not obvious to some ..."

Candace took note of the deep, cat like tracks, keeping her eyes peeled as she looked around, following Plague Knight.

"Is Ciercia on this world?
It's something, at least. You should be careful, always send through scouts first. And don't bring in life from other worlds, it can upset the balance immensely."

Rinia nodded. "Yes. If we're still here come nighttime, you might be able to see it. And we do send scouts through; that's what bio-constructs are for." she replied. "And we're well aware of how the balance of things can be upset by the introduction of something new."

"Never get used to that" Dalahar said pushing himself to his feet. "Sorry you had to see that"

With Cast Away gone and the location known it's clear what the group must do. Sarah recieves the encrypted message from Gilson at this time as well.

"It's fine. Are you alright?" Reinhardt asked Dalahar.

"That's good. Honestly, you seem far better suited to deal with that stuff than most people.
... but this world did have some kind of downfall, didn't it? Can you tell me about that."
Dala asked, pointing to the motorway with her foot.

Sarah still looked on, then let out a sigh of relief.

Immediately after she got the message. Curious, she looked at it ... then tapped on her phone rapidly, activating secure and decryption software. "Someone just contacted me ... from the place I tracked. Huh ..."

"A park or a plaza or something, preferably not with too many people on it but at this point I'm not picky." - Ory'hara replied. She still had a nagging sensation that they were in danger, and she longed to be protected by the thick steel hull of her ship.

"Okay." the taxi driver said, and drove to Thornecliffe Park, not too far away.

Anik was more quiet than before, but still anxious. "How do we get away?" she asked Ory'Hara quietly.

"Around here, it's known as the Pahana, though different places call it different things. Essentially, the world was hit by meteor showers. Inside these meteors were magical stones, and the magic they emitted caused a variety of effects. Animals changed, some caused plant growth... it made the land dangerous. So roads went unused." Rinia explained, kicking a loose stone away as she spoke. "Vamestra was relatively unharmed, being a series of islands. The Vamestrari spent about ten years killing Pahana Vatra in the waters around their islands, before coming to the mainland. Those guys in black you probably saw back in town are Vamestrari Crusaders."

"So how dangerous are these creatures?" Candace called back to Rinia.

"Do you know if it was a natural occurrence?" Dala asked, curious. "And do those Vamestrians help, or are they more of a bother?"

The message decrypted by Sarah includes evidence that Tombstone was behind Cast Aways attack on the group. The source names himself as simply Gilson and included the information that Tombstone would be stuck at the traces location trying to decrypt their own files that he locked.

Research facility
Helena was not oblivious to Gilsons actions, the fool had forced her hand now. She had some technicians work on jamming the groups communications while the rest recalibrated Cast Away. She would have to fight here, they had to die or they would tell the world and ruin everything.

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