We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"They're quite helpful. Bit preachy at times, though. And there's no indication it wasn't a natural occurrence." Rinia told Dala. She then said to Candace, "It varies, but there's a reason lots of roads go unused and lots of towns are empty."

"I'm sure it's nothing." Candace said, the smug smile evident in her voice.

Ory'hara smiled slightly, and whispered conspiratorially; "We'll fly."

Sarah read the message, then read it again, then read it aloud. "Seems like these Tombstone guys are not of one mind ... and we could stop them." she said.

"Alright. Interesting. Hmm ... was magic a thing on your world before those meteors fell?"

Anik was quiet for a second, then said, quietly: "Huh. Nice. How do you fly?"

"I've got a shuttle on auto-pilot coming down. It'll reach us in a few minutes." - She paused, then added; "Going into orbit can be a little... uncomfortable when you're not used to it. Don't worry though, I've done it thousands of times."

Rinia nodded to Dala, then looked over at Candace, scowling under her mask. "Are you an idiot or something?"


"In ... orbit? You seem to have quite better tools, now.
It can't crash, right? Or be followed? Or ... do you trust the technology?"
Anik asked, anxious about technology she did not know.

"Of course not. I'm highly educated. But I've hunted dangerous beasts before and come out unscathed. Why should this be any different?" Candace called back.

"Ah, then it makes sense that it could be natural ... and Candace is kind of an idiot, yes.
I'll try to protect her, though."

Candace didn't hear what Dala said, looking around for signs of the beast.

Candace, and the others, would eventually spot in the distance a large feline creature, snoozing under a tree. Its fur had a dark brown colouration, and it appeared to have rock-like natural armour on its back.

Candace chuckled a bit, drawing her blade and gun, then looking back to the others. "Get the rope ready."

"I'm ready to set the beast on fire if it threatens to kill you." Candace said. "Can't do much with rope, though."

"I'll make it bleed out a bit, then you can tie it with the rope when it's weakened. Does that sound good?"

Dala shrugged. "I don't think I'm good with tying up things with my feet, but I can try."

Dalahar stands up. "Yes, it's fine. Nothing new. If Sarah is correct then we can end this all now, just need transport to the facility"

"Right. I might need to take a second however. I pushed my armour to the limit to get here in time. Brigette is on her way."
Lambda looked concerned, floating off to the side.

Candace began advancing on the beast, slowly to try and not spook it, blade drawn and ready to cut.

The animal slowly raised its head as Candace approached, and snorted softly, staring at her.

Candace did not slow, but held out one hand in front of her and spoke softly. "Easy... Stay..."

Slowly, the beast rose up to its feet, snarling at Candace.

Dala watched how Candace was dealing with the beast, curious, from medium distance.

"Well, it's quite a while away. We need a plane or something ... I don't know how to get one, and how to stop them, anyways.
Unless we just send in Dalahar and Reinhardt, that is ..."

"I'm sure we can get transport from Ella. This has to stop, i won't see such things occur and stand idly by when it could be prevented" Dalahar states

"Easy..." Candace continued her slow forward movement.

Reinhardt lifted his hammer wordlessly, ready for action.
Lambda floated to to the others. "What's happening?"

Rinia stayed next to Dala, also watching curiously.

The beast continued staring down Candace for a few more moments. Then, suddenly, it let out a loud roar. Clouds of dirt exploded from the ground between it and Candace, creating a screen of mud and rock around the animal. Candace would faintly see its silhouette, through the cloud, continuing to stare at her.

Candace hopped back as the ground exploded, drawing her pistol with her free hand, waiting for the dust to settle and full visibility to return before she made her next move.

the silence:

"In ... orbit? You seem to have quite better tools, now.
It can't crash, right? Or be followed? Or ... do you trust the technology?"
Anik asked, anxious about technology she did not know.

Ory'hara grimaced; "When I first met you, I had been ship-wrecked for a few months. The tech and gear I have now is a little more advanced than I had back before that, but not much." She paused, looking strangely at Anik before continuing; "Every ship can crash, and most can be traced one way or another. But it's a good ship, and I'm a good pilot. Don't worry, you'll be fine."

Anik smiled. "That's good to hear. I guess I have to trust you on this ... you are my best bet to finally get out of here."

Dala still waited on the beasts or Candace's next move, but in her eyes, a small flame seemed to flicker. If she made it bigger, it would allow her to move and react a lot faster.

Rather than settle, the dust cloud began flying at Candace, and was followed by the beast charging at her. A low growl would allow Candace to get a general idea of its position.

When Dala's eyes started flickering, Rinia's fingertips slowly began emitting black smoke, and small black hooks appeared out of the smoke.

Candace, with her boosted reactions, sidestepped the roaring dust cloud and shot into it.

Dala kept watching Candace and tried to make out where the beast was.

Dala would faintly see the shape of the creature, obscured mostly by the dirt cloud, moving towards Candace. When she sidestepped and shot, however, the beast skidded to a halt and roared again. The floating dirt and stone condensed into a number of clumps, which shot towards Candace like bullets.

Candace's enhanced reflexes let her dodge again, but this time she didn't get a shot off, rushing with her sword drawn.

Dala stood ready to move in if Candace would get injured. But only then.

When Candace rushed at the creature, it simply stood its ground and growled at her. When she got close, however, it pounced forward intending to slam her into the ground with its full body weight.

Candace blurred, dodging under the beast and giving its leg a quick light slash.

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