We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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The woman shuddered. "Yeah. I would be quite thankful if you could provide me with some warm clothes. And then ... I guess I'll try to talk to these others.
Do you need something from me?"

"There are shops in the building. Since you probably can't pay, I'll get you something warm. And right now, I'll need your name." the guard replied.

"Earth First? Well, the basics are that they just don't like interdimensionals. They want to stop all interdimensional travel and migration. Hypocritically, though, they don't mind things like blastia technology or Rachmana translation software and all that stuff. Just the people." The guard told Ed. He sighed heavily and said, "They were reasonable during the early months, with all the stuff in Tokyo, and those crazy knights, but when the people from Avinah showed up things went downhill."

Tresh steadies himself. Controls his breathing, he thinks of nothing but supressing the being within him. "Not now." He
Hissed as he stood up. He looked at the woman who had adressed him. His hood had fallen showing his full helmet. "I can care for myself." He said. "You're concern is noted." He was surprised, he hadn't expected someone to worry about him. It was strange. "Don't worry I am myself again." He said resuming a less laboured stance as the twisting subsides

"Thank you, that's so nice of you!" the blind woman exclaimed happily. "And my name is Anik. Just that, no last name, unless you count tribal titles."

"Tribal titles aren't necessary, no." the guard replied.

"Uh... basically, yes." the guard said to Ed, as another snorted with laughter. "And Avinah is another world that experienced an anomaly. They developed the interdimensional technology we use here, over a century or so, and made contact with us."

Just as everything was starting to calm down, a woman in heavy stone armor and carrying an absurdly large, dull stone sword came sprinting through the portal, weapon raised to swing. "Come get some you sons of-" She screamed, but stopped as she took in her surroundings. She took quite a while to stop her forward momentum, but managed not to smash anything or anyone. "Wait, what the fuck is going on?"

Another form was dumped out of the massive portal, landing on their back. This one was a short, slender figure, easily identifiable as an adolescent girl. She stood roughly 4'1" (124 cm) tall, had long, wavy blond hair that reached half-way down her back, and pale skin. She wore a white sundress accented with pink ribbons at the waist and neckline and matching white sandals also adorned with pink ribbons on the toe strap.

She appeared unconscious at first, but after a short moment sat up. She opened her blue eyes and looked around the room where she was, slowly and groggily at first, but then more panicked and quickened. When she apparently didn't find what she was looking for, tears began streaming down her cheeks and she began bawling as she rubbed her eyes.

"As you wish." She said, now back to pacing towards the door. Maybe it was a medical condition he'd rather not speak about. I hope he reaches out at some point if things get out of hand.

She raised her hand to open the door. She reached for whatever handle there was to open it and opened it.

He had heard what was said about this place. Seemed like run of the mill prejudice, the sort of squabbling the emperor had sought to quell. That didn't matter. He was concerns of this avinah and their capabilities. They may be hostile to him. His pace brings him beside the woman at the door as she opened it. when she moves through the door he follows, having to to duck under th door to fit.

"Alright." Anik said, then listened to the people in the room, kind of unsure on what to do. She heard a door open and a girl crying, and another woman arrive,, but she did not know with whom to speak.

Eventually, she started doing clicking noises with her tongue, and hoped the girl would stop crying.

The large stone-clad woman turned to Anik. "What's with the clicking? Are you part bat or something? Ah, forget that." She rested her weapon on her shoulder, and turned to look around the room. Suddenly, she raised her leg and stomped, actually making the ground shake a bit. "Where the fuck am I?!?!"

The second guard let out a loud laugh, but cut it short when the first guard glared at him. "No, he did not."

Upon opening the doors, Shana would see a long white waiting area, in which there were a number of blue, comfortable looking seats. Sitting in many of these seats were people of various descriptions, from humans to large ursine humanoids, and some people in suits which covered their bodies and heads completely. Behind the seating area was a large window, giving a view of the Montreal skyline.

Viyang tightly gripped her spear when the sword-wielding woman burst through the portal, though when the potential threat went away, Viyang's attention was drawn to the crying young girl. "Calm down, girl." she said, obviously trying to be soothing but coming across more stern than she might hope. "You seem to be in a safe place." When the other new arrival stomped loudly, Viyang glared at her, her eyes sparking with anger.

"You traveled to another universe, due to an anomaly." one of the guards informed the armoured woman. "This is Montreal."

"Are you fucking kidding me? I've gotten lost before, but I somehow ended up in another goddam UNIVERSE?" She groaned and shook her head in frustration. "Ah fuck it, as long as there are giant monsters here for me to fight, I guess it's alright."

She walked up to the guard and stared him down, probably even more intimidating since she was nearly seven feet tall. "There are giant monsters here... Right?!"

Anik seemed slightly angry when she realized the loud woman had adressed her. "No, I am something far better than a bat.
And you are in Canada."

Tresh glanced st all the various figures and people who had arrived here, like him they must have arrived here, intentional or otherwise.
Grateful for the long cloak he wore in case they would be worried by his armour and armament as well as his size. He walked over to the window and looked outwards wanting to see what kind of place he had arrived in. His size and fact he rumbled the ground as he walked turned a few heads but they were used to
It it seemed. He stares out of the window

The girl was intimidated into no longer bawling by Viyang's command, yelping slightly and toning it down to sniffling as she continued crying.

One of the doorways leading from the waiting room had a simple sign next to it, the kind one would see at an airport or train station. It read "Counseling".

Shana also went towards the window, taking note of the people here. "Must be some sort of gate check."

"No, no monsters." the guard stated.

"Take a deep breath." Viyang said to the girl, not as authoritatively as before but still quite commanding.

A human woman looked up at Shana, and asked, "Has the anomaly been sorted yet?"

When Tresh spoke he spoke quietly. "I've seen traffic similar to this too much. Refugees, asylum seekers." His voice then gre louder. "Your name? I didn't catch it earlier"

"That's bullshit!" She yelled, and stomped the ground even harder this time, making a tremor to rival that of Tresh. "Who the fuck are you, anyways?" She snarled at the guard, moving her face just a few inches from his.

Shana was startled when the woman addressed her. "The portal thing? If by sorted, you mean less people coming through... perhaps. I'm not an authority on this, sorry."

"My name is Shana. Shana Vang. The last name is a Scandinavian word for meadow." She said to Tresh.

"Stop acting like a child and calm down." Viyang ordered the armoured woman.

"Interdimensional Security Officer Pierre Gauthier." the guard replied, staring back at the woman calmly.

"Dalahar Tresh." He said turning around. He scanned the crowd of people."Well met Shana." He felt a rumble
As he spoke. "Keep your wits about you, Shana."

At Viyang's command, The girl took an exaggerated deep breath, held it for several seconds, then released. Afterwards she appeared calmer, only occasionally sniffling as she tried to wipe away the tears still on her face. She accepted the box of tissues from Edward with a "Thank you." and used them to clean off her face.

She yelped and fell over onto her side in response to the latest tremor.

"Ha, you didn't even flinch! I'm impressed!" She said as she backed off from the guard and turned to Viyang.

"Sorry cupcake, but this is about as calm as I get!" With a large grin on her face, she slowly walked up to Viyang, then extended her arm for a handshake. "The name's Gash."

She looked at the frightened girl and chuckled. "Relax. I'm not gonna hurt you. Eh... unless I don't see you and accidentally step on you or something."

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"Likewise." She nodded and made a soft smile.

"It must be that woman with the giant sword back in the portal room. She is quite loud."

Anik stood around, feeling a bit lost on what to do. She had thought about comforting the girl after all, but as she realized that several people already cared for her, she just listened.

Finally she produced a folding white cane out of her backpocket, which had been hidden by her hair, unfolded it and started carefully walking outside, until she stopped and hesitated. "How long until you can give me some clothes?" she said. "And I obviously don't have a home here. Is there some place I could stay?"

"You probably don't want to act like that outside of here. You might get arrested." the officer warned Gash.

Viyang looked at Gash's hand, but didn't take it. "Viyang Bel-Ae." she replied.

The guard who had previously spoken with Anik approached her, leading her towards the shops inside the port. "We don't have accommodation set up for people in your situation, but there are hotels and places like that. There's also a group for people that have traveled between universes in the area, so someone there might be able to help."

He nodded toward the sign that read counselling. "Plenty of people tumbled through at the same time back there. I'm going to check that out. See if there's a way out of here. I don't like being around civilians like this"

"Heh, good choice. I was going to crush your hand." Gash told Viyang. She looked around for a door. "Now how do I get out? I want to see your guards try to arrest me."

Shana looked for a map of some kind that would show where she was in the building, in addition to exits to the outside.

Anik let herself be led, hoping she might get comfortable clothing. She regularily switched between covering herself and not, not sure on what was appropriate.

"Hmm ... if I could get money, a hotel might be best. We're in the middle of a city, right? No hospitable wilderness around or something? ... umm ...

might be best to check out this group. Could you lead me there after we got clothes? Maybe someone of them would be able to accompany and help me if I need it."

"I wouldn't push your luck. You might get killed." the guard replied, pointing at the doors. "The way out is to the left."

Shana wouldn't see any sort of map, however the hall she was in was essentially just a straight line. It had been mentioned earlier, to Dalahar, that the exit was on the left after leaving the portal room, which Shana might have heard. There was also a sign informing her she was at Gate 2, and another sign overhead which pointed her to the exit. Both signs were bilingual, in English and French.

"We are in a city, yes. And there isn't any wilderness nearby, but there are nature reserves. And Mont Royal itself is less built up."

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