We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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The girl stood up with Edwards help, giving him another "Thank you." After taking some time to dust off her clothes, she glanced around once more before meekly asking, "W-Where am I?"

Gash looked quizically at Edward. "You want to do what to me? Damn, you're nasty."

With that, she headed for the exit, but bumped into Tresh on the way there. She stopped in her tracks and stared at him- or his armor, rather- with an expression of complete awe. "Holy shit..."

The door labeled Counseling lead to a short hallway, which had a few more of the waiting room chairs along one wall and a plant on the other. At the end was as door with a Forster glass pane in it, open slightly.

Tresh looked down at the stunned woman. His cloak having fallen from his shoulders. He saw no reason to hide his armour. He was curious however as the woman wore stone, like a suit of rockrete. He wondered how she moved. "Stone eh? Never seen anyone make armour of that before." He grunted, stopping at the door to the counselling hallway.

Shana made her way towards the exit and patiently waited for the others to come.
"Sure would like to find a place to eat after we get out of here." She thought out loud.

Gash ignored what Dalahar said. "You just a golem, or is that actually armor?" She spoke slowly, still entranced by the suit.

"You're in Montreal, in Canada." one of the guards informed the young girl. "What's your name? Can you remember what happened to you?"

Shana would see a Tim Horton's near the port, through the glass windows, where she would be able to get food, assuming she could get Canadian money.

From within the office came the sound of a chair scooting back. "Hello? Who is it?" a voice inquired from within.

Arriving at the shops, Anik would take everything the guard gave her, including long trousers, boots, a bra, a pullover and a coat, as well as gloves, scarfs and toque. Even though she did not really like clothes, being really really warm was more important to her right now. She hoped the guard had at least some fashion taste, as she had to fully trust him.

After they were done, Anik mentioned the group the guard had spoken about before again, asking to be led there.

The guard, having decided Anik would be sufficiently protected from the cold, led her to the counseling group's door.

"There's flesh under this armour." He began. "Not a golem. This is just mk IV power armour."
He heard the noise from down the hall and set off to find the source of the voice

Gash grabbed Tresh's wrist, and though she was considerably stronger than an average human she still might not be able to stop him. Either way, she would stay with him. "Where can I get one like it?"

The source of the voice was from inside the office. A small, slim woman in typical business wear was inside, standing up behind the desk and sorting some papers. "Need a consultation?" she asked.

When the woman grabbed his wrist instead of yanking her with him he turned around. Remain calm. She doesn't mean anything by it. "Lengthy process, genetic augmentation, gene forging, sub dermal layer to fix the armour to. Doubt they've got anything like this hear." He gestured around. "I wouldn't worry, armour doesn't make the soldier" he said as he turned.

When he arrived at the office that made the noise and as the small woman he looked at her. "Getting a lay of the land, like to know my surroundings. Consultation for what?" He asked standing in the doorway, bending down to peer in

"Nnn... Nina. I think that's my name." The girl replied to the guard, seeming to be having some trouble recalling her name. She shook her head in response to his second question. She listened to Edward speak, tilting her head to one side as he did. After he finished, she closed her eyes and her head rolled back, snapping back into righted position with her eyes opening a moment later. "It feels like I'm supposed to be here." Now to find out why...

She found Tresh going into the door labelled "Counseling" and walked after him. She approached the woman behind the desk.
"Excuse me? What is this 'counseling?' Is this some psychiatrist?"

"Some people, especially those that come here by accident, have a hard time adjusting to this world. They need someone to talk to, to help them adjust or deal with where they came from. I'm here to help if you want to talk about anything." the woman explained calmly to Tresh and Shana, ignoring Gash. She looked past Tresh to the guard leading Anik in. "Is she alright?"

Arriving a little after the huge armored man, Tresh, Anik recalled his voice (especially because it came from such a height). Now fully clothed, however still wearing the colorful blindfold, she tried to stand next to Tresh, so she could understand more.

Not sure who else was there, she chimed in the conversation between Tresh and the consultant:

"Hello, my name is Anik. I'd like to know where people like us, who just arrived here, could stay.
And ... I would need someone to accompany me, so I can learn the lay of the land as well ..."

I wish there had been something like this where I arrived last time ... she thought.

Just like Cyrene
The pardoner of the serrated Suns, Cyrene. Space marines weren't troubled by their actions or ther was the general idea, the truth they were just as
Vulnerable to mental damage as the next person they just had a better outlet for it. "some kind of pardoner? Hmm I think adjusting won't be a problem."

Tresh resides he is blocking the door and stands to one side of the door, waiting outside. "I can still hear." He said to anyone who asked

"You can't remember? Well, that's an issue. What about... your family? Your home? Can you remember those things?" the guard asked Nina.

Viyang sat down on the floor nearby, having decided to keep watch over the girl, since she had nothing better to do and since Nina was likely the most vulnerable of the interdimensionals.

"Good to hear you're doing well." the woman said, raising her voice slightly so all could hear clearly. A synthetic edge became apparent in it. She went around the desk, her feet barely seeming to touch the floor. She had light skin, long braided blond hair, and a red left eye, her other eye covered by the fringe of her hair. She extended a hand to Anik, gently but firmly putting it in the blind woman's for a handshake. "Lambda. There's some rooms nearby, hotels and hostels and the like. I'll see if I can arrange someone to guide you around."

"... Shit." Was all Gash had to say to Tresh.

Eventually, she caught on to the current conversations, and decided to loudly voice her own concern, regardless of who she interrupted. "Hey! Lambchop! Where can I find some monsters to hunt?"

As Lambda knew the correct procedure to shake a blind woman's hand, Anik was able to shake her hand and did so, knowing the procedure, despite her earlier appearance.

Still, as she heard the synthetic edge, Anik was very wary of the counselor. "Nice to meet you.
And that really would be nice. I'll just need a guide until I know the area, where the important stores are, and can work out my way back.
Speaking of ... food probably costs something here, right? Is there work I could do?"
She was very hesitant about the last question, not knowing if her skills meant anything in this city.

Space marines didn't need to sleep but they could rest to recover and think on matters and this was just what Tresh needed.

OOC: gonna head off, I have work early tomorrow and I need some sleep. Tresh is gonna hang around until he's showed to a room. He will comment that it will most likely be small but he won't mind. He will answer questions but is still cagey about everything. I'm off Thursday so I'll be posting later on that night

"A wise policy in a situation like this." Shana commented. She exited the room. I should be fine. With any luck, the portal should reconnect to my homeworld in a matter of weeks. Until then, I shall remain calm.

Lambda waved to Ed,then turned back to Anik: "I don't know about work, but some food and a place to sleep will be provided, for now at least. We have some in reserve for accidental travellers like you." She looked to Gash, her expression hardening slightly. "Not here."

"That is incredibly nice. Thank you so much!" Anik said. She turned to Gash.
"Do you think you are something special?"

"Well... fuck. Guess I'm out of a job now. I guess I'll need one of those rooms too." She stopped to think for a moment. "Hey, are there any places to train nearby? Or just somewhere with a lot of heavy things I can lift?"

She turned to Anik. "Huh? No, why?"

Nina shook her head in response to the guard a second time.

She tilted her head to one side as Ed "Ehhh'd" at her and asked, "Did I say something weird?"

"You are welcome." Lambda told Anik, then looked to Gash. "There's bound to be gyms in the city, but those can cost a lot."

Anik, having expected a different response from the way Gash had talked before, was confused about her answer at first.
After thinking a bit, she said: "There are humans who are monsters too. You seemed to me like you wanted only the biggest monsters, like natural catastrophies, to fight. And the big ones are maybe not even evil.

I ... am sorry for my tone of voice. I judged too fast."

Gash listened to Anik, growing increasingly impatient and cutting her off at the last few words. "What the hell are you even talking about? It's not about good or evil, it's about proving that I'm stronger than anything nature, or any 'god' can create. I've already grown stronger than any other human, so why would I care if they do some bad things? I'm not gonna waste my time with them."

"So you kill monsters just for sport? Like dragons and such? And you don't even care about injustice in the world? Preserving nature? Anything?"

Lambda focused on Gash. "Careful. That attitude can be unhealthy. Do you want to talk?"

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