We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"Good to hear you're doing well." the woman said, raising her voice slightly so all could hear clearly. A synthetic edge became apparent in it. She went around the desk, her feet barely seeming to touch the floor. She had light skin, long braided blond hair, and a red left eye, her other eye covered by the fringe of her hair. She extended a hand to Anik, gently but firmly putting it in the blind woman's for a handshake. "Lambda. There's some rooms nearby, hotels and hostels and the like. I'll see if I can arrange someone to guide you around."

" Eeeeeh?!" was Edward response to what Nina said.

Once he's done EEEEH-ing he faces the counsellor. ".....hoi."

"... Shit." Was all Gash had to say to Tresh.

Eventually, she caught on to the current conversations, and decided to loudly voice her own concern, regardless of who she interrupted. "Hey! Lambchop! Where can I find some monsters to hunt?"

As Lambda knew the correct procedure to shake a blind woman's hand, Anik was able to shake her hand and did so, knowing the procedure, despite her earlier appearance.

Still, as she heard the synthetic edge, Anik was very wary of the counselor. "Nice to meet you.
And that really would be nice. I'll just need a guide until I know the area, where the important stores are, and can work out my way back.
Speaking of ... food probably costs something here, right? Is there work I could do?"
She was very hesitant about the last question, not knowing if her skills meant anything in this city.

Space marines didn't need to sleep but they could rest to recover and think on matters and this was just what Tresh needed.

OOC: gonna head off, I have work early tomorrow and I need some sleep. Tresh is gonna hang around until he's showed to a room. He will comment that it will most likely be small but he won't mind. He will answer questions but is still cagey about everything. I'm off Thursday so I'll be posting later on that night

"A wise policy in a situation like this." Shana commented. She exited the room. I should be fine. With any luck, the portal should reconnect to my homeworld in a matter of weeks. Until then, I shall remain calm.

Lambda waved to Ed,then turned back to Anik: "I don't know about work, but some food and a place to sleep will be provided, for now at least. We have some in reserve for accidental travellers like you." She looked to Gash, her expression hardening slightly. "Not here."

"That is incredibly nice. Thank you so much!" Anik said. She turned to Gash.
"Do you think you are something special?"

"Well... fuck. Guess I'm out of a job now. I guess I'll need one of those rooms too." She stopped to think for a moment. "Hey, are there any places to train nearby? Or just somewhere with a lot of heavy things I can lift?"

She turned to Anik. "Huh? No, why?"

Nina shook her head in response to the guard a second time.

She tilted her head to one side as Ed "Ehhh'd" at her and asked, "Did I say something weird?"

"You are welcome." Lambda told Anik, then looked to Gash. "There's bound to be gyms in the city, but those can cost a lot."

Anik, having expected a different response from the way Gash had talked before, was confused about her answer at first.
After thinking a bit, she said: "There are humans who are monsters too. You seemed to me like you wanted only the biggest monsters, like natural catastrophies, to fight. And the big ones are maybe not even evil.

I ... am sorry for my tone of voice. I judged too fast."

"Yeeh," he replied, "it's the first time, I think, I heard someone saying 'I feel like I belong here' after getting ripped from their home world."

Gash listened to Anik, growing increasingly impatient and cutting her off at the last few words. "What the hell are you even talking about? It's not about good or evil, it's about proving that I'm stronger than anything nature, or any 'god' can create. I've already grown stronger than any other human, so why would I care if they do some bad things? I'm not gonna waste my time with them."

"So you kill monsters just for sport? Like dragons and such? And you don't even care about injustice in the world? Preserving nature? Anything?"

Lambda focused on Gash. "Careful. That attitude can be unhealthy. Do you want to talk?"

Gash paused for a moment after Anik finished talking. "Do you normally question the morals of everyone you meet, or is this a special case?" Gash said, growing more irritated. "Hell if I'm gonna stand around and explain all my life choices to someone I've never even met before."

She turned back to Lambda. "Come the fuck on, is everyone here to judge me? This is why I don't like dealing with people."

"Fine. I won't push. I apologise." Lambda told Gash, then looked to the nearby guard. "I assume we have some space for them?"

"Ehh, I think what I meant to say was that it feels like there's something I'm supposed to do here. Does that make it any clearer?" Nina looked like she was having a difficult time explaining herself.

"I wish I felt like that." Viyang commented, looking over at Nina. "Do you have any idea what it could be?"

The guard thought for a moment, then said, "Well, I think there's a motel nearby with rooms available, and sometimes that automail shop has empty beds. Other than that I can't think of anything here in Montreal."

"Could you guide them there? I can make some arrangements."

"I'm still on duty here." the guard replied. "And we do still have an active anomaly. Something dangerous might come through."

"Maybe you need to bring forth the end of humanity through arcane blood rituals" He said in a completely monotone voice, the orange glow of his visor further adds to his menace.

"Just kidding!" his monotone voice drops.

"Whatever it is, I think it's something valuable to you. Try to think of something that's very important to you. Or maybe I am spouting a bunch of nonsense. But eh, doesn't hurt to try." He suggested.

Gash immediately perked up when she heard the word 'dangerous'. "That's it! I'll just stay here and wait for some kind of monster to come through that portal!"

"Right. I apologise." Lambda told the guard. "I can handle things from here." She looked to Gash. "Well, at least you're happy."

"No you will not." the guard told Gash. "You're a civilian."

"Fine by me. Any monster worth my time could probably kill all of you anyways, so I'll step in after that happens."

"You are a confident woman, miss..." Lambda tailed off, unsure of the armoured woman's name.

"So...... what do you do for fun BESIDES killing monsters? Edward asks the Havel Monster.

Gash chuckled at both Lambda and Ed. "Call me Gash. I don't think I'm ladylike enough to be a 'miss'."

"As for other things I like to do, tea time is my favorite. Always need to work it into any training routine."

"Nice to make your acquaintance, Gash." Lambda said with straight faced politeness that was almost comical given who she was talking to.

"It is a nice feeling." Nina said to Viyang with a smile. "I don't really know anything about this place, so I wouldn't have any idea what I'd need to do." She shook her head. Nina looked shocked at what Ed was saying, but giggled a little as he announced it was a playful ruse. "Hmm... I'll try."

"Heh, so polite." Gash said with a smirk. "Reminds me of all the nobles I used to deal with. But nah, you're just... Uhh, what are you? A magical construct? Elemental?"

"Cyborg. A living being with mechanical parts." Lambda explained.

"It's ... a personal thing. Sorry." Anik answered Gash. "If you promise me you won't just start killing every big monster thing you see, maybe I can tell you."

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