We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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Gash paused for a moment after Anik finished talking. "Do you normally question the morals of everyone you meet, or is this a special case?" Gash said, growing more irritated. "Hell if I'm gonna stand around and explain all my life choices to someone I've never even met before."

She turned back to Lambda. "Come the fuck on, is everyone here to judge me? This is why I don't like dealing with people."

"Fine. I won't push. I apologise." Lambda told Gash, then looked to the nearby guard. "I assume we have some space for them?"

"Ehh, I think what I meant to say was that it feels like there's something I'm supposed to do here. Does that make it any clearer?" Nina looked like she was having a difficult time explaining herself.

"I wish I felt like that." Viyang commented, looking over at Nina. "Do you have any idea what it could be?"

The guard thought for a moment, then said, "Well, I think there's a motel nearby with rooms available, and sometimes that automail shop has empty beds. Other than that I can't think of anything here in Montreal."

"Could you guide them there? I can make some arrangements."

"I'm still on duty here." the guard replied. "And we do still have an active anomaly. Something dangerous might come through."

Gash immediately perked up when she heard the word 'dangerous'. "That's it! I'll just stay here and wait for some kind of monster to come through that portal!"

"Right. I apologise." Lambda told the guard. "I can handle things from here." She looked to Gash. "Well, at least you're happy."

"No you will not." the guard told Gash. "You're a civilian."

"Fine by me. Any monster worth my time could probably kill all of you anyways, so I'll step in after that happens."

"You are a confident woman, miss..." Lambda tailed off, unsure of the armoured woman's name.

Gash chuckled at both Lambda and Ed. "Call me Gash. I don't think I'm ladylike enough to be a 'miss'."

"As for other things I like to do, tea time is my favorite. Always need to work it into any training routine."

"Nice to make your acquaintance, Gash." Lambda said with straight faced politeness that was almost comical given who she was talking to.

"It is a nice feeling." Nina said to Viyang with a smile. "I don't really know anything about this place, so I wouldn't have any idea what I'd need to do." She shook her head. Nina looked shocked at what Ed was saying, but giggled a little as he announced it was a playful ruse. "Hmm... I'll try."

"Heh, so polite." Gash said with a smirk. "Reminds me of all the nobles I used to deal with. But nah, you're just... Uhh, what are you? A magical construct? Elemental?"

"Cyborg. A living being with mechanical parts." Lambda explained.

"It's ... a personal thing. Sorry." Anik answered Gash. "If you promise me you won't just start killing every big monster thing you see, maybe I can tell you."

outside the arrival centre, Canada.
Dalahar had exited the building, power armour and enhanced constitution meant the cold did not trouble him. He was waiting to see where space could be found for him. When asked about he said he didn't need furnishings or a bed, just some space maybe a bench. Like an unused storage room or something similar. While he waited he had glanced at his shoulders, gauntlets, torso and leg armour, each had several gold seals that fixed scraps of parchment to his armour. All recounting deeds done and batte oaths sworn. He would
Have to remove them, along with their seals. They meant nothing now.

Now outside the port, Dalahar would see that it was a fairly large building, around the size of a train station. While he would've observed shops and waiting areas on his way out, and might presume the existence of employee-only areas such as break rooms, there would still be some sections of the building he would not have seen.

Dalahar, and any others who followed him out, would see signposts informing them that they were on Rue Marc Cantin, right before the point where it began to curve towards the St Lawrence River. The river itself was situated behind the port.

All the while Dalahar had been here he had been gathering information in his head, a habit he picked up in his time with the Alpha Legion. It kept his military mind focused outside of combat while he poured over numerous nuances and details. Observe and report. The word bearers had scouts of course but not at the level the Alpha Lefion used, where every legionnaire was trained as a scout among other things. The size of the building indicated the scale of this trans dimensional event and its frequency. Typically natives and arrivals in such a situation wouldn't interact so well and he could see why an organisation opposed to this had sprouted, the planets government must spend significant funds and infrastructure space to dealing with the problem. The ground workers at the simplest level to what he guessed would be ministers and officials with long distance goals and targets in mind. He had walked into a social battlefield, a clash of many worlds t one. He could see that this was a melting pot of potential global threats.

He dwelt on these thoughts for some time as he looked st various sign posts to map the area in his head, always be prepared.

"Huh, thats new."Gash replied to Lambda.

"I always wait for them to attack me first. Is that good enough for ya?" Gash explained to Anik. "I don't know what else you have to tell me about this 'personal thing' though, and I'm not sure I care."

"Perhaps you two should talk another time." Lambda said, attempting to defuse the situation.

"Very well, that's good enough." Anik replied to Gash, kinda down. "I guess you aren't one fit to join us anyways, so I'll just keep quiet now."

She was silent for a bit, then said, to whoever was still there: "So ... someone willing to guide me around? Exploring the area a bit together?"

Dalahar shook his head when imaginary battle lines began forming, supply lines, armament requisitions and troop movements. It was how his brain was wired to work. "Enough of that" he said aloud, as if to dispel the thoughts. theres no war here, no cause, no truth to find. No one to follow, nothing to believe in.
These thoughts of being without purpose wore on him and he didn't like dwelling on them. He returned inside the station to find a distraction.

Shana exited the building, too eager to sit around and inspect the gate. As soon as she exited, she took a fresh whiff of air and could smell the scent of the river. She smiled genuinely.
First step on another planet. Even though it's entirely different than what my history books depicted.

"I should probably head back inside at some point to stock up on supplies." She murmured.

Lambda looked to Anik. "The guards are busy with the anomaly, but there is a waiting room nearby. Perhaps you and the others could wait there?"

"Not fit to join you? Do you ever make sense?" Gash rolled her eyes, not that Anik could see. "But I am thinking of getting out of this building. You can come with, if you want."

Dalahar passed Shana as she turned to head back inside. "Saw some kind of market through there". He passed her by before waiting for her to catch up. "Not much use to me but I'm sure you can find something"

"I ... guess." Anik replied, though it was not clear if to Lambda or to Gash. She turned, and started making her way outside, while again creating clicking sounds with her tongue.

Lambda looked to Gash. "Perhaps be a little... Gentler. I appreciate that you are a warrior, but things here are peaceful for the most part."

"Mmmm. Thank you." She said when she caught up with him. She went in the direction of wherever the indoor market was in the hallway.

As they walked Dalahar was quiete silent. "You have any idea what you are going to do?" He asked breaking the silence as
They arrived into the market area

Dalahar and Shana would find a variety of small shops, selling various products from food to clothing, though with rather limited ranges.

"Well, I first need to know how much rations are going to cost so I can figure out a budget. I also overheard something about food and rooms being available for a short time until we can figure out money."

"Best place to start." A mundane task but something occupy his time and distract his thoughts. "I'll take inventory, may have some spare trinkets and the like to trade of you like. I have no use for this."
As they walked he checked and double checked his gear and weapons as well as any finery on his armour that was redundant.

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