We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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with a clank Dalahar falls backwards and hits the floor with a thud. He recover d surprisingly quickly for his size. "Hmmm" he said. "Don't do that again" he warned. "If i didn't roll with with that you could have damaged the armour and I doubt there are any tech adepts here who could repair it."

"I noticed it before, I just ..." Anik began saying to Gash, but was interrupted by her punching, and then by Miia.
She felt her fear, and then heard her speak to herself.

Slowly and carefully, Anik got a little bit closer to Miia. "I think I can keep you safe." she stated, confidently. "I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and I think we are more similar than you think."

"Guess you and that armor aren't so tough after all! Fuck yeah, that felt good!" Gash said excitedly, picking up her sword as she listened to Dalahar's reply. "Yeah, whatever. You said I could, so don't expect a fucking apology. I can fix it, anyway."

"Thank you for your time. I'll be sure to locate such a shop during my stay here." She bowed her head and returned to the crowd of people that were collecting outside the office. She came in just as a punch was delivered.

"Did I miss something here? What's going on?" She asked. And now there's a snake person. She chuckled.

For those new to my character, this is a close up of Shana:

Dalahar wasn't interested in a contest of strength nore a bashing of heads. "I concede to your greatness, might one." He said before swaying slightly. He placed a hand on the wall to
Support himself. A voice scratched at his head, blabbering gibberish frantically. Through his vox grill he coughed thick tar like blood up and onto the floor and splutters as the substance oozes out of his helmet

"I hope this place gets better for you." Anik said. "At least you already have a little bit of experience in world traveling, even though this seems ... not perfect. When I first came into another world, I did not even know I had changed worlds! And ... much changed after, as well.

If your friends are universe travellers, maybe they at least how to look for you. I guess we have to wait for one way or another to open up, and just entertain ourselves here."

Gash dropped her sword yet again and rushed to Dalahar's side. "Shit, I probably ruptured something. Sit down and take off that damn helmet." She instructed, but not with any urgency. She actually sounded annoyed, like this kind of thing happened often.

"What is ..." Anik started, but the smell of tar answered the question before she could finish it.

"This does absolutely not smell right." she stated instead, again kinda lost on what she could do.

Lambda, hearing the commotion,stuck her head out of the office. Hearing the request for aid and seeing the black blood, she scanned Tresh, trying to get a measure of his injuries.

The guard who had previously been speaking with Miia radioed for medical assistance once Dalahar began coughing up blood. He then began moving the group of interdimensionals away. Before trying to get Miia to move away, however, he suggested she move Dalahar over to the side of the hall.
If anyone refused to be moved back, the guard would warn them that Dalahar could be carrying an interdimensional disease or virus that the local medical staff might be unable to treat.

Viyang stood back, having no medical training that would be relevant in this situation.

"Oh dear. I think I came in at a bad time..." She soon kneeled down to Dalahar. "Let's wait to see if he has a response. He seemed to have something irritating him when he first arrived through the portal."

Shana moved herself out of the way as per the medic's directions.

Dalahar swoons feeling his body not become his own.
no! Not here you basterd, not around this. You're part of me. Help me instead of
Fighting me.

The tar stops oozing as Dalahar shrugs those holding him off. Clearly
It was taking great effort to remain in control of his actions. A shaking hand pulled a black bladed knife from a scabbard in his left arm. "If can't win" he managed to gurgle. "Use this.
My name is Dalahar Tresh." He began stumbling away to the exit. "Speak the name to that blade and stab me. It should stop me." With that a twitch wracked his hand and the blade fell to the floor. "I hope I get far enough away" he said as he began to awkwardly run at quiete the speed towards the exits, clutching his helmet. His size, strength and conditionin make home hard to approach and he is hysteric, not in control.

Gash just watched in confusion as Tresh left. "On second thought, maybe it wasn't my punch that did that."

She left as the guards instructed, more because she was confused than actually respecting thier authority.

Lambda left her room, floating down the corridor at high speed after Dalahar, continuing to scan him to see how he was hurt and what was going on with him.

The portal in the room spat out another person, a pale woman in a long blue coat. She fell onto her backside, a sword and pistol landing next to her.

So many people going after Dalahar, Anik stood back, even walked slightly out of the way, so as to not get overrun by other people. She waited until the biggest commotion was over, then was about to go after, but a new smell had arrived.
So she hesitated again.

The guards in the portal room helped the new arrival to her feet, and asked her for her name as well.

Viyang was quite startled by Dalahar suddenly rushing off, though the feeling was quickly replaced by concern both for his safety and for the potential outbreak of whatever illness Dalahar might have. Her feet sparked with electricity briefly, and she began rushing down the hall. Careful observation would reveal that she was actually taking a series of long leaps, rather than sprinting.

The woman stood, grabbing the sword and pistol, holstering them both. "Lady Candace Ayers." she replied haughtily.

Casting his head around Dalahar burst through the door outside. Scanning around to see if anything secluded was nearby. ill starve you, you simple beast. I don't know what you're doing to me or why, but I won't let you ruin my new beginning!
He couldn't remember he layout of the area from earlier and he was too frantic to see anything better than running down an alley.

Biologically scanning Dalahar shows his bone structure beneath his armour his expanding, growing and fusing with his armour.

Gash just barely heard what the new arrival said as she was in another room, but she immediately recognized the voice. She ran over, shoving aside a few guards that were in her way, until she was right next to Candace. "Holy shit, well ain't this a fuckin' surprise!" Gash said cheerily, and gave a short laugh. "Long time no see, Princess!"

Shana sprinted after Tresh.

"Wait! Get a hold of yourself! The medics want to help!"

"His bones and armour are connecting." Lambda announced her findings to the others going after Tresh.

Candace looked at the armoured woman. "...Gash?" she asked in disbelief.

"That sounds like a good idea." Nina replied to Viyang. After a moment of thinking, she nodded her head affirmatively and followed Edward.

Seeing what she assumed to be a crazy robot running off with half a dozen people chasing after it, Nina decided it was probably a matter best left for the grown-ups to deal with and just stood back and watched.

Viyang skidded to a halt before she collided with the front of the building, the delay as she opened the door causing the gap between her and Dalahar to widen. Once she was out on the street, she leapt up into the air, landing gracefully on the roof of the building, and looked around for Dalahar.

The medical staff present, with their patient escaped, began cleaning up the blood in order to have it tested.

"Do you remember what happened before you arrived here?" the guard asked Candace.

"You're goddamn right! Welcome to the world of Canada!" Gash reached to shake Candace's hand, almost crushing it in her grip if she returned the gesture. "Hey, did you bring any of that tea? I left my stash behind when I went through that portal."

As she heard no slowing down, and running after them was, in such a tight area, not the best thing Anik could do, she decided to instead check out the new arrival.
She was quite surprised to hear that Gash seemed to know her, a lady. Anik had not been too fond of ladies, but that was ... before. She carefully came closer.

Candace gasped with pain abit at Gash's handshake. "Only some I'm afraid..." She looked to the guard. "I was on a ship. It was rough, I went overboard, and... Landed here." She noticed the blind woman and the little girl, but said nothing.

Lambda eventually gave up the chase, unsure if she could help Tresh, at least while he was like this. She slowly returned to her office.

in the alleys of the city
ah, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit. Knit the flesh, weave the bone. Oh how you writhe fleshling oh how you long for this suffering, an appearance to match your deeds. Twist and turn. Bend and break. So many improvements to be made. You let that sodden woman-thing touch us Tresh. TOUCH US? Feculent and rotting. Without higher without lower. There is nothing for here, but my own pleasure. TWIST!! And TURN!! Little fleshling. BEND!! and BREAK!!
I'll make such decidable chunks of those bone walkers, Those I know deep
Down you like so much. I'll have you shatter Shana's eyes and drink the sweet sweet sweet haaaarrr. Nearly done, nearly done hehe. Right on que.

The Dalahar thing writhes and churns on the ground as its now fused armour and flesh warp into blades, his helmet parting to reveal a sickly grin with hundreds of teeth and eyes burning like coal.

OOC: @Frappe. Sorry, I didn't see your thing. I had my attention on Tresh.

"Your guess is as good as mine. I came here about 10 minutes before you arrived." She said while panting.

"I'm a Fenrir. My ancestors were genetically modified to have nuclear powers. The gene splicing was stabilized through wolf genes."

She caught up about 10 meters away from Tresh and stopped. "Halt."

Seeing him squirm on the ground gave off a haunting vibe. "I have a bad feeling the situation has escalated beyond our control. It would not be wise to stick around here. If you have a plan, I suggest you should execute it now."

Tracking Dalahar and the two animal people from above, Viyang was able to drop in not long after Miia and Shana arrived at Dalahar's location. Her skirt crackled with electricity as it seemingly vanished into nothingness, leaving her legs and feet bare from mid-thigh down. "Stand back. I think I have a better chance of slaying the beast than either of you do." she stated, lowering her spear to point it at Dalahar. Though, I'm not too confident in myself. she silently conceded, sparks flying from her weapon.

Dalahar thing stopped writhing. Such a strange sensation physicality, being able to touch and taste and smell and feel and breath. With a hiss Dalahar thing began to rise. Not so much resistance now that fleshing not-corpse was shaped right. Bladed and boned.

The thing is larger than Dalahar by another 2 feet, various horns sprout from his armour and two great horns rise from his helmet, now a snarling face. His volkite charger is fused into a third appendage growing from his lower back, an big eye formed in the centre of the weapon as it is now as much a part of him as an arm. His left arm had enlarged to a degree and was clawed with extra digits, the right arm was smaller than the left but the talons were longer and sharper. His back Mounted generator was rent open by his spine erupting from his back and flame burned within. His feet now large multi cloven hooves. His legs now resembles a bird or reptiles, bending the other way.

He was unnaturally still for now, save for his head and arms which would twitch violently and shudder occasionally

Lambda arrived back in the offices, noticing Anik and co. "Your friend has something wrong with him. He's transformed." she informed them sombrely.

"He did not smell right ..." Anik thought out loud, then decided to head after Dalahar. After all, Miia seemed to have gone after him ... which might not have been the best idea.

Clicking rapidly, she slowly walked out. Her nose led her outside safely.

There, she called out, while keeping her nose and ears focused on the dark mass: "Miia? What's happening?"

"About time something fun happens." Gash replied to Lambda, then started to leave the building. Just as she reached the exit, she looked back. "Which way?"

Viyang raised her empty right hand, fingers splayed, as letters began forming in a circle in front of her body. Arcs of lightning connected the letters up to Viyang's hand, and a series of concentric circles began forming along the arcs, encircling Viyang's hand and the lettering. Once Viyang lowered her arm, a faint purple disk hovered in the air before her, creating a barrier which would slow the momentum of anything that came at her, enough to potentially prevent a fatal blow, up to a point. Dalahar, or whatever the being in his place was, would likely be strong enough to break through with an attack and still do significant damage.

Slowly, Viyang backed off to retrieve the knife from the ground, keeping her eyes focused on Dalahar. "What was his name, again?" she asked.

"I'm not a fighter either. But let's see what our electric spear girl can do."

After the Tresh transformed, she said "I'm not quite sure I have the words right now..."

"His name was Dalahar Tresh." She informed.

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