We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"He went into an alleyway." Lambda heard Anik and Miia shouting. "Just follow those two."
Candace popped her head out. "What nonsense is going on now?"

Gash nodded back at Lambda, then turned to Candace. "Just another monster, I think. Come on Princess, it'll be fun!" With that said, Gash sprinted to catch up to the commotion and would arrive shortly.

"Unless you are warriors, I would advise you all to run." Viyang stated, as she held the knife up in front of her face. A little unsure if she was doing it properly, she said, speaking towards the knife, "Uh... Dalahar Tresh!"

time to play play children of bone
A high pitched scream and the creature falls to all fours and charges.
It's strides so large it covers large distances in each loping stride. Screeching all the while it leapt at the disk with no thought for itself

Candace ran after Gash, trying to make sure she didn't hurt herself.

"RUN!" Viyang commanded, forcefully, as she leapt up into the air, high enough to clear Dalahar and then some. The magical barrier remained where it had been before, offering some protection to the others if they didn't move in time.
When Viyang landed on the ground, hopefully directly behind the charging beast, she quickly swiveled in place and made a thrusting motion towards Dalahar with the knife.

Being pretty much hugged by Miia, Anik froze at first, not at all having expected this, then relaxed. She made no attempt to break free, but still said:
"Satan? I don't know ... it doesn't smell like church or something.
But I can protect myself, you can let go of me."

This however, was fastly disregarded, as she heavily flinched when she heard the scream. "I don't have any weapons for this ..." she realized.

Gash finally caught up to the fight, running past Shana and Miia to get closer to Dalahar. However, she stopped when she saw that Viyang was already fighting him. "That's bullshit, I wanted this fight!" She complained, standing out of the way and watching.

Shana screamed and started sprinting. "You two! Get out of here!" Referring to Anik and Miia.

Candace followed Gash, seeing the demonic marine. She stopped in her tracks, going even paler.

Behind. The creatures head disjoints Itself to face its attacker. Seemingly instantly it dislocates arm to catch the thrusting arm. The rest of the body follows the movement in a second later and it is facing its prey, it's strength is obscene and it chuckles deeply. It's mouth sealed behind the helmets faceplate is revealed as the helm cracks and splits, the mouth forming out of the metal. The creature bellows completely and utterly lax in its attack, gloating rather than finishing its enemy. It roared in
The spear users face, delighting over how it would tear her apart, the arms first of course, then the legs then separate the body. Thinking of such carnage intensifies the creatures roar

Viyang took advantage of the creature's gloating behaviour, seemingly unperturbed by its screams, and thrust the knife up towards its body. She responded to its own roars with a scream of her own, her sounding more like a thunderclap than any human noise, as she lunged at the being that had formerly been Dalahar. The creature, due to its close proximity to Viyang and the amount of metal in its body, might find itself being stuck by small arcs of electricity.

Other side of Quebec

The sudden opening of portals was still quite unusual, at least on the streets, so the pedestrians and shopkeepers witnessing Ed and Nina's arrival were fairly startled.

Gash set her sword on the ground and leaned forward on it, looking bored and disappointed as she watched the fight.

Through the sparks the creature chuckles again, able to hold the knife away from its
Body. It raises its right arm to strike, poised and ready. The strike doesn't come however, the beast snarled in frustration.

Viyang pushed against the beast, attempting to force the knife blade into it. "Hit this thing in the back!" she ordered, hoping Gash would jump at the opportunity.

"I'm not going to fight two on one! If I fight this thing, you back off!" Gash called back to Viyang. She picked up her sword again and rested it on her shoulder, hoping Viyang would retreat.

Regaining control of itself the beast twisted
And flung Viyang through the air towards Gash. Before it could return to its assault, it's
Right leg moved forward but the left didn't follow at first. It spat a curse in a forsaken tongue.

Viyang thrust her spear at the floor, using it to arrest her momentum before hitting Gash, though it did cause her to thud into the ground on her back. She then held the knife up to Gash, glaring, and said, "Your turn. Take this."

Gash grinned at Viyang as she took the knife. "About time."

With the knife in her left hand and her massive sword in her right, she dropped into a combat stance and approached the beast. "I guess that punch earlier made you pretty angry, huh? But it IS your fault." Gash shook her head. "Tsk tsk tsk. Guess I just have to floor you again!"

As Miia did her thing, Gash took a few steps back, and made no move to attack or even just hand over the knife. "Come ON!! I just want one simple fight, one on one, is that so fucking hard to- Okay, you know what? I'm just gonna let it kill you. Or, you could just get out of the way."

Viyang pulled herself to her feet with her spear and snatched the knife from Gash, before walking up to Dalahar and thrusting at him a third time. "Someone call me a healer." she said, weakly, as she made her attack.


Getting free, Anik hesitated at first, but when she heard Miia getting into the fight as well, and even started to smell blood, she got closer, trying to avoid the fight between Gash, Viyang and the monster, but still trying to help Miia somehow.

"You don't need to do this, Miia!" she called out. "Gash is a seasoned warrior! You don't need to get in!"

"Wha-" Gash didn't even notice the knife being stolen until Viyang was already stabbing at Dalahar, but her confusion quickly changed to anger. "What the fuck is WRONG with you people?!" She grabbed her sword with both hands and looked about ready to just swing at Dalahar and anyone else in the way, but instead just screamed with frustration and stormed away in the other direction.

Candace sputtered at Gash, so angry that she could no longer form words.

This girl has to be the biggest load of self-absorbed ego I've seen in my life. She thought as she turned back to the situation as it was being handled.

"There has to be something I can do to help. Um um um um um um.... fusion blast?" She panicked to herself. "But I'll hit the snake girl." She waited for an opening if possible.

"It's ..." Anik started, not really knowing what to say. She called out, not knowing who might hear: "WE NEED A HEALER, A DOCTOR, ANYONE!"

Finally, she followed Miia.

"It would not have slaughtered us all." she stated calmly. "But you smell like blood. We should get you a healer as well. Now ... be calm. I could carry you, if you want."

Gash stopped in her tracks and said a few sentences under her breath, deciding whether or not to go back. Eventually, she dropped her sword and turned back to the others. She slowly approached the wounded. "I'm a healer." She said monotone, trying to suppress her anger.

She reached for a small carved wooden statue that was in a pouch on her thigh, covered by the armor plating. The statue seemed to be of some sort of animal, but was so crudely carved that it was difficult to tell. It was also completely covered in bloodstains.

"I've heard those words before, you know." Nina replied to Ed, explaining why she didn't show much of a reaction to the foul language that had gone on around her. She seemed confused by the portal, especially after Ed walked into it and disappeared. Instead of immediately walking through it, she gingerly pushed her right hand into it, then immediately pulled it back out. Seeing that it wasn't harmful, she spent the next few minutes sticking her hands, feet, head, and various combinations thereof through the portal and pulling them back out, giggling to herself as she did. Once she felt satisfied with playing around with the portal, she hopped through completely.

If it happened to be daylight when Nina had finally stepped outside, her shadow would appear overly large and rounded. If there was any visible snow around, she would start shivering while rubbing her arms and going "Brrrrr."

Dalahar is seemingly held in place. He wants to move
But can't and struggles as if unable to move.
Roaring in frustration and seeming to panic as the thrown blade becomes like fire as it
Cuts deep.
The pain is too much and Thr Dalahar creature
Slumps to the floor, still once again

Since the threat had been seemingly dealt with, Viyang dropped the knife and backed away, slumped against the wall. She didn't seem to be injured severely, though bruises were just starting to form along her bare back.

Gash kneeled next to Viyang. "Where are you hurt?" She asked, still monotone and trying to suppress her anger.

Dalahars body slowly shifts back into its normal shape and size as well as the armour repairing and receding. It's raga and anger are abruptly ended by a mix of his opponents abilities and like of coordination on his part.
The daemon slumbes now but Dalahar is in the process of recovering his space
Marine constitution locking him in a form of stasis to preserve lofe functions.

"What happened to him?" Candace asked, slowly stepping forward.

Dalahar still doesn't wake up. He resembles himself once again. The anarhame is still embedded in the weak joint of his shoulder armour and chest plate.

Updated character sheet

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