We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"He seems to have gone feral." Anik stated, like it was a pretty normal thing that happened. "If he wakes up, we need to ask him how to prevent that from happening again, or if he needs to be imprisoned somewhere."

She then sniffed, and smelled Miia's injuries. As Viyang already got treatment, Anik got close to Miia and started softly feeling her wounds, stopping when Miia signaled that it hurt her. "Let's see how badly you are hurt." Anik said. "Maybe we can just get some bandages."

Dalahar stirs with a groan. "Damn it" he managed to say. Everything feels heavy and even he is exhausted. You are the one who is pathetic creature, all that power means nothing without the pair of us coordinating, you'll never have control of me. You can start your penance now, by swearing an oath with me to these people. To right our wrongs. That is our crusade. That is my offer. That is my purpose. I choose to believe that these people who put you down have some great purpose and I will defer to them, out of humility and respect. You have to understand we are so far away from all that used to matter, help me creature, help me and we can find a purpose together
He hadn't the energy to stand and just lay there in silence.

"My back." Viyang replied, turning to face away from Gash, so she could heal Viyang's injuries.

With laboured breaths Dalahar rises to his knees, clutching the Anathame in his left hand, the blade still burning inside him.
He wrenched the blade free with a grunt, still hazy and looked around. "What have we done?" He murmured. Sheathing the Anathame he found he could remove his helmet once more,
With a click and a hiss it comes free. Dalahar gasps for the taste unfiltered air as he rises to his
Feet proper, helmet held at his side.

"You... Changed." Candace said, unsure of what to say.

"That is unfortunate" he said. "I should have mentioned that earlier,I thought I could control it and I had no idea that it was the anointed time." His tone was solemn. "I hope no one is badly hurt. I guess forgivess is out the question. I should be in cage"

"What was that anyway?" Candace asked.

Dalahar sighed. "I'm Gal Vorbak, it means blessed sons." He began. "39 years ago my chapter, the serrated Suns, ventured into the warp to find the truth of the Galaxy." He looked at Anik. "We stares into the abyss and it stared back." He xontinued "we fed on eachother to survive the 9 months journey out of the warp, are bodies changed, forged some purpose, an anointed time to be prepared for." He explained.
"Put simply, I am possessed"

Viyang glanced over her shoulder at Dalahar, upon hearing his voice, and said, "I would think of a new name if I were you. I don't see how turning into a Pahana Vatra is any kind of blessing."

"I agree." Dalahar said, about to place his helmet back on. "Where I come from I'm living proof that creatures dwell in the warp, that the truth of it was that gods existed." He placed the helmet on his head "Hear I'm just ammunition for those anti-interdimensiknals and a liability until I can find purpose to drive the daemon." He noticed that Viyang was hurt from his rampage. "I'm sorry, I did all I could to stay it's hand but an apology isn't enough" he begins walking towards Viyang before stopping and placing himself of both knees. "If you think it best, take the Anathame and repeat my name to it. I will not survive in this state." He bowed his head. "I pledge my life to those I endangered, do with it what you wish"

Gash drew a small knife from the same place she had the statue. She then took of her gauntlets, revealing that her hands were completely covered in scars. She made a small cut on her finger, just enough to draw blood, and let a drop fall on the statue. Without asking, she held Viyang's hand out and did the same to her.

Now that the ritual was prepared, she began to speak the magic words. "Alright you fucking blood god, there's your offering. Now undo the injuries to this bitch's back so she'll stop whining."

Surprisingly, it worked. But rather than heal gradually, Viyang's injuries were gone in an instant. Gash stood up and looked around.

Now that the ritual was prepared, she "Anyone else?"

"I'm not going to execute you, unless this situation worsens." Viyang said, not caring about Gash taking her blood. However, Gash's comments caused Viyang's eyes to spark and glow, and she turned around. "If you weren't such an idiot, I wouldn't have even been injured. If your foolishness, or cowardice, or whatever that was, gets anyone else hurt, I'll beat some sense into you. Understand?" she hissed.

Shana paced herself towards the group surrounding Dalahar Tresh. She was able to pick up most of what he was saying.

When she arrived she spoke up.
"I am not sure that I quite understand everything since there's no such thing as possession by a demon where I come from. But I know that there are people like my own who have gone feral and wish death on others, only to return back to a more civilized state. Even if they don't fully heal. Through days of meditation, bio-feedback, and relaxing can they find inner peace. Maybe you could find some equivalent."

"Then I swear myself to this. Oathed to this moment with you all to witness." He said "I'll forge myself with this purpose, to owe my life. It should sate the beast and provide us both with a purpose." He rose after he finished speaking, having not been sworn to a moment for so long. "I will try Shana"
He said. "I will try"

Gash turned and stared down Viyang. "The words you're looking for are 'honor' or 'fairness'. If all of you just did what I said, nobody would have been hurt."

"Honour is for a duel, not for a battle. If you don't understand that, then you should throw your sword in the river and focus on your healing." Viyang replied, as she stood up and began walking out of the alleyway.

She smiled softly in response, trying to show a bit of hope. "Thank you."

"Enough of this bickering now. This is my fault and its done." He muttered "I've got some explaining to do to the authorities "

Nina would see a fair amount of snow on the ground, with a few flakes falling around her. The sky overhead was grey, blocking out the sunlight. The town she and Ed were in was, they would see, situated on the southern shore of a lake that would be icy due to the cold.

"I also have an errand to do." She said to the others. "I need to find a pawn shop to sell these gold trinkets. We can have some cash for food in a jiffy a few of you could help me search for one."

the port
Dalahar arrives at the port, wondering how best to explain himself. They probably had that happen from time to time

Gash tended to everyone else's wounds in a similar fashion to Viyang, then approached Shana. "I guess I'll come along. Nothing better to do."

Interdimensional Port

Dalahar would find the security officers, as well as a pair of paramedics, standing around outside, talking about what had happened. Nearby was a news van, and Dalahar would hear the reporter talking about the anomaly and resulting panic.

"That's him there." a guard stated, pointing at Dalahar. The paramedics approached him, and began asking about his symptoms.


Viyang approached Shana and said, "I'll need food after all that." As she spoke, the barrier faded from existence.

"First, let's get out of this alleyway. Um, actually... Viyang was it? You were hopping on top of the roofs right? Did you spot a downtown area by any chance? Although I don't blame you if you couldn't because of the rush."

Dalahar is cooperative rather than agitated. His first step is to assure them he is not contagious. He explains in as simple terms as possible the nature of what he is, what had happened and how he is taking steps to overcome the problem.

"It's mental more so than physical, im confident I can control it. I have help." He was explaining as he saw overheard the reporter, seeing the panic among natives. thats a problem. Glad they didn't see me like that. Need as little panic amongst the natives as possible

Dalahar had a bad feeling still but continued to explain himself, making sure to stick to what the medics needed to know.

Interdimensional Port

"If it's not contagious, then that's good. But you need to be certain this won't be a danger to the public, or else we'll need to find some way of dealing with you." the medic replied.


"I don't know how this city is organised, so I can't say. But it seemed like the area further north is more built up, so I would thing that is a good place to investigate." Viyang replied, pointing away from the river, towards Mont Royal.

Candace, for lack of much else to do, followed Gash.

"I'm taking steps" he answered bluntly. "I see the danger that I represent here." He glanced over at the reporter. "If it happens again when I'm not in control just put me down, heavy ordnance and such.i can pull myself away from General populace too. Worst case scenario I'll still have enough control to steer myself away from areas like this until it burns out." He realised his vox net still worked, meaning he could give his local frequency out. "I can remain in contact, give updates and such." He then gave the medics the channel his vox was tuned to.

She smiled. "Very good then. Let's move on." And she proceeded out of the alleyway in the direction Viyang pointed.

"Just like old times, huh?" Gash joked to Candace. She followed Shana.

"Perhaps with more devils..."

Anik followed Shana, Viyang, Gash and Candace, with or without Miia after she was healed by Gash.

"Food sounds good." she stated. "Food, and something to relax, maybe some weed. Do you think we can get some here?"

"Pardon me? Weed?" She said to Anik. "And I don't think I ever caught your name."

"Hah, just makes things more fun!" Gash cheerily replied to Candace. "Maybe it'll happen again, and I can actually fight it!"

She turned her head to Anik. "Why would you want weeds?"

"Your lust for battle puzzles me..." Candace replied flatly to Gash, then looked to Anik. "What do you mean weed? I have some herbs for my tea if that helps..."

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