We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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"Honour is for a duel, not for a battle. If you don't understand that, then you should throw your sword in the river and focus on your healing." Viyang replied, as she stood up and began walking out of the alleyway.

She smiled softly in response, trying to show a bit of hope. "Thank you."

"Enough of this bickering now. This is my fault and its done." He muttered "I've got some explaining to do to the authorities "

Nina would see a fair amount of snow on the ground, with a few flakes falling around her. The sky overhead was grey, blocking out the sunlight. The town she and Ed were in was, they would see, situated on the southern shore of a lake that would be icy due to the cold.

"I also have an errand to do." She said to the others. "I need to find a pawn shop to sell these gold trinkets. We can have some cash for food in a jiffy a few of you could help me search for one."

the port
Dalahar arrives at the port, wondering how best to explain himself. They probably had that happen from time to time

Gash tended to everyone else's wounds in a similar fashion to Viyang, then approached Shana. "I guess I'll come along. Nothing better to do."

Interdimensional Port

Dalahar would find the security officers, as well as a pair of paramedics, standing around outside, talking about what had happened. Nearby was a news van, and Dalahar would hear the reporter talking about the anomaly and resulting panic.

"That's him there." a guard stated, pointing at Dalahar. The paramedics approached him, and began asking about his symptoms.


Viyang approached Shana and said, "I'll need food after all that." As she spoke, the barrier faded from existence.

"First, let's get out of this alleyway. Um, actually... Viyang was it? You were hopping on top of the roofs right? Did you spot a downtown area by any chance? Although I don't blame you if you couldn't because of the rush."

Dalahar is cooperative rather than agitated. His first step is to assure them he is not contagious. He explains in as simple terms as possible the nature of what he is, what had happened and how he is taking steps to overcome the problem.

"It's mental more so than physical, im confident I can control it. I have help." He was explaining as he saw overheard the reporter, seeing the panic among natives. thats a problem. Glad they didn't see me like that. Need as little panic amongst the natives as possible

Dalahar had a bad feeling still but continued to explain himself, making sure to stick to what the medics needed to know.

Interdimensional Port

"If it's not contagious, then that's good. But you need to be certain this won't be a danger to the public, or else we'll need to find some way of dealing with you." the medic replied.


"I don't know how this city is organised, so I can't say. But it seemed like the area further north is more built up, so I would thing that is a good place to investigate." Viyang replied, pointing away from the river, towards Mont Royal.

Candace, for lack of much else to do, followed Gash.

"I'm taking steps" he answered bluntly. "I see the danger that I represent here." He glanced over at the reporter. "If it happens again when I'm not in control just put me down, heavy ordnance and such.i can pull myself away from General populace too. Worst case scenario I'll still have enough control to steer myself away from areas like this until it burns out." He realised his vox net still worked, meaning he could give his local frequency out. "I can remain in contact, give updates and such." He then gave the medics the channel his vox was tuned to.

She smiled. "Very good then. Let's move on." And she proceeded out of the alleyway in the direction Viyang pointed.

"Just like old times, huh?" Gash joked to Candace. She followed Shana.

"Perhaps with more devils..."

Anik followed Shana, Viyang, Gash and Candace, with or without Miia after she was healed by Gash.

"Food sounds good." she stated. "Food, and something to relax, maybe some weed. Do you think we can get some here?"

"Pardon me? Weed?" She said to Anik. "And I don't think I ever caught your name."

"Hah, just makes things more fun!" Gash cheerily replied to Candace. "Maybe it'll happen again, and I can actually fight it!"

She turned her head to Anik. "Why would you want weeds?"

"Your lust for battle puzzles me..." Candace replied flatly to Gash, then looked to Anik. "What do you mean weed? I have some herbs for my tea if that helps..."

"Umm ... I think it's called ... marhuana or something like that. It's a special kind of weed. You smoke it, and it makes you very relaxed. I'd like to get some.
And my name is Anik. You are?"
Anik explained.

"Tea with herbs? ... maybe. I can try your tea." she added to Candace.

"Ah. Drugs." A beat. "My name is Shana Vang. Pleased to meet you."

"I don't like things that mess with my head, but I'll let you know if I find any of this weed."

"Glad to hear." Candace told Anik. "Lady Candace Ayers. Pleasure to meet, I'm sure."

Interdimensional Port

"Do you have access to the materials your armour is made from? We might have to test our weaponry on it, to see how effective it is." one of the guards told Dalahar.

Downtown Montreal

During their explorations of Montreal, a city which had changed a fair amount with the introduction of new, completely alien, cultures, the group of interdimensionals would see a number of grocery shops and similar stores, some of which were obviously owned by interdimensionals. They would also, with some time, locate a pawn shop.

"Pleased to meet you two, too." Anik said. "And thank you, Gash.
You might call it drugs, Shana, but it's completely natural, something nature gave to us. It's more like medicine for me, it helps me calm down a lot."

"Ceramite and plasteel." He said. "From the looks of you I'd say a few good hits from a infantry anti tank weapon should do the job." Dalahar felt quiete bad explaining this. He was however hesitant to reveal the weakness of his armour, at least the specifics. "Your small arms will have trouble, even large caliber." He continued. "I hope it doesn't come to that" he said solemnly

"I never said it was unnatural. But it is a drug nonetheless, whether or not you view it as medicine."

After a few minutes, Shana spotted something.

"Ah, here we are. I think I found what is supposed to be a pawn shop." She made her way over there and inspected the shop entrance or any windows.

"So... What is this medicine?"

"It's herbs, or weed, or whatever the technical term is. You put them inside a leaf, or a paper, then you smoke them.
It's pretty light. Alcohol, for example, does do much more. It still helps me if I am angry or upset, though."
Anik explained. "I hope something like that grows here as well. It's pretty cold."

She followed to the pawn shop, but then said: "I don't have anything I could sell, and I have no money. I even got these clothes just new. I'm not sure what I can do, apart from searching for a phone, call Lambda, and have her pay us some food."

Interdimensional Port

"We also have blastia technology and various vibro-blade weapon designs. You might be unfamiliar with them, so that's why I think tests would help."

Downtown Montreal

Shana would see a sign in the entrance announcing the shop was open. In the windows, she would spot a number of products ranging from phones to DVDs among other things.

"Seems non conventional. Very well" he said and detached detached his left elbow guard. "Not the thickest or strongest piece but it should give you a rough idea." He glanced at the press once more. He tapped the side of his helmet. "Keep me updated, I need to find some people"

"Oh. Dis you learn about that from one of the tribes?" Candace asked Anik.

At the other side of Quebec, Near a Pawn shop, Edward, Nina, and a bunch of civilians

Edward unwinds his shoulders and lets out a relived sigh. "Ah Canada!" Ed shouts out, appropriately weirding out the normans randoms on the street, ",oh have I missed your weather!" His trip to nostalgia lawn was brought down when he heard Ninna 'Ber-ing' and shivering like some sort of casual. Girl, do you even cold?

"Already ber'ing?" He turns to the #casual, "Be happy this isn't the Canada where I am from or else you would had been a popsicle," nonetheless, despite being a #casual, Edward does not want her to freeze to death. Partially because Child Protection Services would lynch him for it, but still.

He then turns 360 degrees in search of a clothing shop. Damn, if he had those cybernetic vision of his active he would have an easier time finding it. But then again, nothing beats a napalm flamthrower in terms of practically....

Eventually he found one after spinning like a record, baby. But when he tried finding Canadian Dollars on his person, all he found where his shekels gold coins from one his bizarre adventures.

"Um," Edward looks down awkwardly at the little girl, "you don't have any dollars, do you?"

If Nina says no, he would eventually have to man up and pawn his shekels gold coins to that pawn shop. Damn Child Protection Services.

"This stuff doesn't look foreign. It looks like it was made by humans from Earth, just very ancient."

Shana entered the shop and proceeded to go to the counter and wait patiently for a clerk to come.

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