Starting A Dark Tower Campaign- looking for some friendly advice and ideas!

Hello, Escapists.

I am about to run a campaign based loosely in the Mid World of the Dark Tower lore created by Stephen King.

I am thinking of starting the characters, the players of whom will ideally know nothing of the campaign material, intentionally, through some subterfuge on my part, in d20 Modern, so that they are mundane characters to begin with, and easily controlled, until they begin to form a 'Ka- Tet' (or rather, a true group). I was also thinking of trying the Fate system of rules, but I think I want a little more control over the characters at the beginning of the game, and am admittedly a novice to the mechanics of that system (but, am willing to consider it).

I reckon I'm just looking for some feedback on my execution so far of the premise... tomorrow is the first session, and as I recall I'll have an audio recording made of the game (which will likely include vulgarities and possibly offensive comments, but I assure anyone who might somehow listen in, the slander is merely in the name of getting a rise out of friends, and not a reflection of any real prejudices- just horsing around among friends).

The point of the thread thus far: Any real Dark Tower fans, I'd love any thoughts on the concept of executing a Dark Tower 'table top' campaign through the d20 system (or any system, actually- I'm open to suggestions), and I'll try to update this with the campaign status/summary as I go.

My first DMing session is to be Saturday night.

P.S: I have the Mid- World speak pretty much figured out for role-playing purposes, but any posts of quotes from the books would be amusing, and appreciated!

At prompting, I'll update the status of this campaign.


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