Trespasser Temple- Fantasy/ Adventure Rp (Still Open)

The same temple appears in many different places, skeletal stone bleached bright white. Bearing no marks from its surroundings, super imposed over the landscape. Each of the infinite exteriors is exactly identical. But even odder, is that there is only one inside. Enter and you may meet strangers who claim they came in from their own temple worlds away. But as hard as you try to follow them when they leave you can only ever come out the same way you came in.
That is until today (or night depending on what?s outside for you).

You find the temple oddly empty, silent and still save for new strangers as bemused as you looking into a lantern left in the entry way. Coiled around it are two corpses, wizened beyond seeing a sex or species encircled with a crimson message.

A leader casts light
Bright enough to follow through
This thick foreign fog

So could it be you? Well we'll see soon but we'd need to know you first.

You do recognise one face, if you can call it that, the mosaic of Eyeless Guy that's always been there but certainly didn't see who did it.

Finally there's the horned helm, you're used to seeing it whole instead of in two halves. And you're used to seeing it atop the towering figure of one of the faceless from nowhere ones that show up in the temple.

You're free to beseech any gods you've got if there's more you need to know about your place in all this or what's required of you.

I'm still available to run this if there's still interest from people who answered the poll and there's room for people that didn't as well.


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