Poll: Summer Rp Interest Check (Poll closed moved back to Trespasser Temple thread)

For the next 4 months I?m free from university so wanted to try GMing an RP again if there?s interest in new games on these forums.

I?ve a 2 ideas and I?m happy to expand on either these if there?s interest.

None of these games are intended to be too mechanically intensive instead focusing on character interaction and a more improvisational style

Any feedback or questions are welcome.

For either game I'm looking for between 6 and 10 players.

Thanks for reading/ answering the poll.

For the interest of the two other people who voted here are character sheets including examples in case you?d like to start preparing or it helps us decided between games. (I voted TT preference so that'll be the one we go with in a tie (and I don?t try running both)).

Thanks for the people who answered the poll. With 6 responses (including me) we've enough to run Trespasser Temple with room for more people if we continue to get interest.
If TT launches and goes smoothly I'm happy trying to start HW again (but if someone wants to start running HW themselves earlier then I'm all for that).
To save on making a third thread I moved the extra OOC information from this poll to the original thread for TT so I'd appreciate the people who answered the poll saying hi there so I know who you are.


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