New Year's Gaming Drinks

We at The Escapist enjoy The Drink. Alex, our Commander-in-Chief, makes a mean martini, and a really mean Long Island Iced Tea (I'll tell you that story when you're older - and my memory finally comes back). As a gift to you on this New Year's Eve Eve, here are a few gaming-themed drinks for you to enjoy, and hopefully share, with your (of age in your particular jurisdiction) friends.

Three drinks after the break!

I think Alex made me that Indigo Prophecy drink once - but I can't remember.

The Super Mario Sunshine remines me an awful lot of a certain... sunrise.

Hey, similar doesn't mean it has the same name! And you come up with something. I defy you to make a Luigi drink.


Original Comment by: Saengwen

JR, you should throw in the Electric Watermelon! That one's great.

Original Comment by: Evil Timmy
I'm a huge fan of the Long Island...I've tried them at well over 100 bars around the world, and found them, in their many varieties and splendors, to be the perfect drink (when mixed well). If you want to get trashed, they'll accomplish that quite effectively, and if you're looking for something you can sip slowly and enjoy, they fit the bill for that as well. That said, if I'm looking for a bit of variety, I'll go for a Caribou Lou:

1 part pineapple juice

1 part Malibu

1 part Bacardi 151

See, that sounds like trouble, Timmy. Delicious, delicious trouble.

Original Comment by: FhnuZoag

Hey, BTW, the Escapist is today's ALOD on Something Awful. ( )

Don't take it too seriously.

No reason to, man. A chunk of the team are goons, actually - including yours truly :).

We kinda got a kick out of it.

Original Comment by: Patrick Dugan
My friend had a party last night, cops busted it at 1:30, generally making jerks of themselves. My friend was arrested for an outstanding warrent which had already been cleared but hadn't passed through the system yet. God bless Virginia.


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