8 Weirdest Endings That Left Us Saying "Huh?"

8 Weirdest Endings That Left Us Saying "Huh?"

It's never easy saying goodbye. These 8 weird, terrible endings didn't know how to present a denouement, and left us (and everyone else) just saying

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With Monkey Island 2, Ron Gilbert worked on 1 and 2 but apparently not 3, so 3's attempt to explain the ending doesn't work very well. Ron has mentioned he knows what the real meaning to that ending was but isn't telling. Apparently he'd love to buy the rights to MI, but so far Disney isn't selling(or is asking too much for the IP).

Never played the LOST game but it sounds like it operated on the same lack of explanation the show did. Did you want answers to everything in this show? *Cue Maniacal Laughter* Kinda telling that the explanation for the numbers came from a browser game that only ran between certain seasons, because apparently putting the explanation in the show was too hard, being it was too jammed pack with....stories about how Jack got his tattoo and Hurley chasing frogs.

...wait. Minecraft has an ending???


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