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I like Jordan's comment at the end, in that he felt like a rat pushing buttons for food.

Somewhere in a grave plot, a deceased B.F. Skinner is cackling ominously.

I suppose i fall under the category of not addicted but would rather be playing games than dealing with reality. And yes i prefer 1 player games more than multi-player online games there all just stupid to me, well some i like but that's another story. I like older 1 player RPGS strategy and adventure games i.e legacy of Kain, Diablo 2 almost all the real time strategy's like age of empires and civilization all those are fun. So pretty much i like to stick to one game for quite some time then move on.

Eric the Orange:
There have been games over time that have really grabbed me and pulled me in. They would become my whole life. Not that I'd stop going to work/school, but while I was there all i'd think about is playing this game. The kind of games that you could play for 12 hours and not get bored. So yes, at times with certian games I have been addicted.

I agree 100%. I remember bakc in junior high, i spent one summer completely immersed in Renegade: Command and Conquer. I just could not stop playing that game which is why i have sworn off online games forever, its just too tempting. Although, for a game you spend hours playing and not getting bored; Fallout 3 has no equal in my book. I must've spent and entire month playing that game. The scenery and hidden stories in the game just never get old.

I don't think I would say that I'm addicted, but I am enthusiastic about gaming and whats happening in the gaming world. I used to play WoW for a bit because a few of my friends were and I wanted to see what it was about. I played for about 2 months, and haven't touched it since. I think the game I was most addicted to was Pokémon Silver, I sunk about 800 hours into that game, leveling the perfect teams etc. But then I grew out of the Pokémon phase and moved onto yo-yo's and scooters. Hooray for being a fickle child.

Oh boohoo listen to the babys' cry for their mommies ;_;

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