The Escapist Show: Episode 21: Pandemic, Atlus, Obsidian

Episode 21: Pandemic, Atlus, Obsidian

This week, The Escapist Show visits Los Angeles-based studios Pandemic, Obsidian and Atlus USA with sneak peeks at their latest games.

This week's musical guests:

Ian Dorsch - "Escapist Show Theme"
Younnat - "Dr. Verhovtsevs Dream"

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It's quite sad that I can tell which RPG books were on Oblivion's shelf, but if that RPG is anything like Jagged Alliance, I'm there.

"I'm one of the 5 owners, that's alot of owners, there's 5". Sorry, that made me chuckle.

That guy from Obsidian made a good point. I play RPGs because they make me feel like I had a big effect on the world around me. That's why I stopped playing Oblivion, I felt it didn't deliver in that department.

I live in southern California on the coast and I love it here!

The guy at atlus looked like Syler.

good job

Um, about 50 seconds into it. I believe the French were the people who brought about the modern motion picture.


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