Review: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Review: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Is it possible that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is the best GTA yet?

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Im guessing GTAIII is when the series started for you; note the III part & ponder.

Sounds pretty awesome, if I can find a copy at non full retail price (which can be anything upto £50 in this stupid place) will definitely seek it out. Ive missed the oldschool GTA style.

Hmmm.. my best mate was recently talking about getting this. I've decided that he now needs to, otherwise I'll have to buy a DS, which is not something I really want to do. Even if it does offer me with a full version of drugwars, which I was insanely addicted to.

It's a lot like GTA 1 and 2, only with physics and better AI, making it an overall better game. It's super fun though, I love being able to engage in a high energy car chase where ever I am.

this game is da bomb. period.
It's better then the psp gta games imho and just as good as all the others.
ok it's also better than the gbc and gba GTA versions but even those game were quite fun to play.
So if you own a DS and/or like GTA this is a must buy.

Ohhh I might actually give this game a spin after what Metacritic is saying.

This is one of those games that makes me happy I bought a DS.
I too was hesitant after seeing the travesties made of Burnout and Resident Evil on the DS but they custom made this game for the DS and they really did a great job.
I'm having more fun with this than I did with GTA4 including Lost & Damned. Of course it doesn't look as nice but it recreated the map really well (only leaving off the relatively benign Alderny) has things to do that are fun. It's also half the price of GTA4.

I've also spent most of my time in "drugwars" and I hope they don't get sued by the guy who originally made that. Now I really want to see the next GTA if only so that it lays down the map for a new DS GTA. Then again, maybe they should have the Leeds team make the next console GTA, y'know, so it can be fun.

I have been playing through this game, I'm up to and around 20 hours, and it is just so goddamn addictive! I consider this game (Along with Chrono Trigger DS and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia) to be the best game on the DS, period. This game not only does what San Andreas did (Minus the Airplanes/Helicopters, unless I haven't gotten there yet >_>) but it also does **** that both just isn't possible on the consoles and wouldn't work for characters like Niko or CJ.

Seriously, if you have a DS collecting dust or your still playing Chrono Trigger, take some time and pick up Chinatown Wars.

I think this is a better game comsidering the system limitations for it than GTA4. The thing I really missed in GTA4 was the tanks, the miniguns, the ridiculous side of things. I love all the minigames with the DS touch screen - far from being tedious, they add nice depth.

Hope people give this a chance.
It feels like what GTAIV should have been.
Much of the insanity in SA is found here.

Best GTA so far, in my opinion.

I think this is a better game comsidering the system limitations for it than GTA4. The thing I really missed in GTA4 was the tanks, the miniguns, the ridiculous side of things. I love all the minigames with the DS touch screen - far from being tedious, they add nice depth.

My feelings exactly.
They brought tanks, miniguns, and fun back to GTA.

I don't like it better than San Andreas but it's a step back in the right direction for the franchise. Then again, we got a whole game; not something they plan to complete with DLC eventually, a couple of years down the road.

I haven't bought it yet for my ds (waiting for payday next week) but I'm so HAPPY that there are some mature games being made for the ds.... yay!

Wow, I was expecting this to suck, maybe I'll go buy it now. Thanks a bunch

By far the best GTA so far. Hands down. They've got a cool site up with a little more plot info at . Might wanna check it.

I'm just glad that the risks they took payed off. I'm buying it not only for the game, but to help support free thinking in an industry of sequels and remakes. Thank God it still exists.

Only time I ever wished I had a DS. But of course I'm not going to buy one for one game. Oh well.

The one problem that got on my goat was what you mentioned earlier about hiffing grenades with the touch screen, but I kept hitting the gps instead, My fault really, but Its a wee bit of a pain in the ass. But definatly an awesome game, the best thing thats happened to the DS in a long time. Loved it. And good review, you got all the main stuff across.

Hopefully Rockstar will learn to put the fun back into GTA V. Planes, choppers, jetpacks, parachuting and lots of ridiculous weapons again please, and better missions!

This is actually a real game... Wow... THe first time i saw an add for this was when a comedy show was on, and i thought it was just paying out GTA, but, wow, its an actual game...

At first, I was bummed out about it being on the DS, but now I can't wait to get this. It looks really fun.

Cant wait to get my hands on it.

Ok, I finally got my hands on a copy of GTA Chinawars and I have to say "Its great!" Alot of fans and others where unhappy with various things in GTA IV, mainly to do with the plot. To be honest, I liked GTA IV as much as I liked GTA III, VC, and SA. I would have tried the PSP version as well, but lack a PSP.

Anywho, with a borrowed DS, I'm getting to play this one, and I here is my brief summary so far:

Good points:
+ Wacky GTA humour and fun ("We're getting buggered by alot of guys, and thats just not my scene" is one very memoriable quote for me ;))
+ The Cell Shader engine works well on the DS, and I think Rockstar could do well if they tried cell shading on the next GTA for the other platforms.
+ The DS's touch screen mini'games' work well and are enjoyable, and short enough not to wear on the nerves.
+ The drug trading system adds to the game and is a good subgame.

Bad points:
- The DS's monitor and size are and will continue to be uncomfortable for long gaming sessions.
- The dual screen system can make it hard to look at the minimap for directions and drive at the same time.
- The drug trading will probably cause the game to be demonised by the media, but thats not new.

Note: I've only been playing it for about 2/3 hours so far.

I absolutely love this game. I've put in about five hours, and it's fantastic! The drug trading, the car chases, its all a blast. Also, one guy mentioned that he missed the tanks. I don't know what he means, because there are tanks in this game. I played the PSP games before this, and I love this a heck of a lot more.

fantastic game. i couldn't put it down at all. and the sniper rifle was genius.


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