Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil 5

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Resident Evil 5

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Resident Evil 5.

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Man I was hoping you would do this one, not surprised though. Great review yahtzee.

"Capcom aren't bad people there just idiots"

It's "Cliff's Notes."

What's up with Resident Evil 5? Has someone pronounced Resident Evil 5 weeks at the Escapist?

Back on topic, nice episode. "Capcom aren't bad people. They'Re just idiots!" sums up the whole racism controversy quite nicely.

Giant Crab: Unimpressed.

Geeky American Tosser: Unsurprised (but amused as always).

I would have paid more attention if Iknew I was gonna be quized...

Well, who didn't see that one coming that he'd do RE5...'

EDIT: That said, very funny. It's pretty obvious Capcom are morons, I mean they only made Mega Man 9 in 8-bit NES graphics LAST YEAR when Mega Man 8, released sometime around the late 90s if memory serves, was done in at least 32-bits. I've never really been into the Resident Evil games, or any survival-horror games, and it doesn't look like a good time to start.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "Capcom aren't bad people. They're just IDIOTS." Good LORD I love Yahtzee :D

Triple-c*nted hooker strikes again.

Another great video review. I like Resident Evil 4, but sometimes I hate it for it's quicktime events which ends in a rather nasty death if you don't hit the right buttons at a split second. Resident Evil 5? Same trash except it's just not the same as RE4.

And the creepy Merchant guy died.

Resident Evil 2 is still the best game in the series.

Thank you!! Sheva and the story have been my main complaints!!!! Thank you!!

Excellent review, especially the bit about the co-op AI. This game sounds like its full of hillariously entertaining shenanigans... as long as you're not the one playing it.

hmm, I can see how the inventory space could be just down right annoying. I also loved Resident Evil 4 but one of the things I liked about it was that any achievement tended to be without help. To be honest I'm not a fan of shoehorned in multiplayer coop experience (the idea that some have suggested of coop in Bioshock 2 actually makes me want to face off) and this game seems to be guilty of that. This is probably the most useful review of Yahtzee's I've seen in a while (better than the bile that was unleashed).

wow this makes me so glad I was semi intelligent and didn't go wait for a midnight release like my idiotic "friends" who thought this game would be amazing and that capcom wouldn't phone up a good thing

Awesome video Yahtzee!

Love the bootnote...

hences to Escapist store to fill 9 inventory slots

I was sort of expecting some line in the whole it looked like Farcry at the start and then in the middle had a weird Tomb Raider feel. but i liked this game even though i didn't play res 4 and we played co op the whole way through the game. Also Yahtzee you could have removed the pistol from her lovely intuitive inventory screen and just leave her the machine gun.

I agreed with everything he said in that review. Fuck you new inventory system, eat shit. Ahhh... I feel better now

Great review, but old jokes need to stay dead.

Resident Evil 2 is still the best game in the series.

And the scaryest.

Yeah I agree with most of the point you made in there especially about the co-op ai. I had to take that pistol away from her to encourage her to use the flippin machine gun. Also the removal of the attache case was a pain as it mean item management was extremely restrictive again.

That was great one of the best you've ever done I thought. I was suprised you didn't touch on the chest high walls/cover system though, but I suppose there's so many little flaws and bad new ideas, you couldn't talk about them all.

very interesting review Yahtzee... 5/5 (of course i'm not actually thinking about the number, i give all his vids 5/5 DON'T KILL ME)

but yeah still wanna buy a PS3 soully for this game still

Ahh, this one made me laugh very hard especially when the pic of Chris Redfield comes up with his head being smaller then his biceps (HOLY SH!T)

I agree with nearly everything Yahtzee said in this review, which, while not unheard of, is not guaranteed by any means.

And about time someone mentioned the good feature of your escort mission in RE4: When you told Ashley to stay in one place, SHE DID.

It seems like as games evolve the A.I. gets more held back in the brain department. Especially in games where they need to do some exact thing quickly. Worst ever is Dead rising.
PS: hahaha, when you are running from your support character with more desperate terror than any of the other monsters. I cannot remember the last time I thought of that. Keep it up!

I'm surprised that there were no complaints about the quick time events, both RE4 and 5 had this habite of switching the order of the buttons every now and then just for the sake of it.

Sheva's AI is flawed, but it's not that bad, that said, i can't imagine playing on professional alone. Also, the whole thing about the tribal africans is (very briefly) explained in the game as just a village in a swamp were all their habitants started to wear their ancestors habits after being infected, makes sense to me. Why nobody complained about spanish people being protrayed as crazy sect people in monk habits?

Also, i love Yahtzee for doing a brief but highly accurate description of the previous RE games, RE4 is also my favorite, and while 5 is fun it certainly feels that they didn't tried hard enough this time. Why not new types of enemies? I can live with the same gameplay, and even the menu system, but why everyone had to be a rehash of a RE4 enemy?

right.......... memory quiz time!!!

Gun, Knife, Nintendo DS(Old Version), Cadbury Creme Egg, Jar Of Branston Pickle, Copy og the Beano, Captain Pickard .....thing, The TARDIS, a purple Dildo

yes, you don't have to say it-I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy to much time on my hands.

let's not forget: boss with gayest voice ever (which is kind of insulting to the gay comunity)

A friend of mine picked up this game and ALWAYS plays it co-op with my brother. Given the mountain of complaints toward the AI, its hardly surprising.

Something that does surprise me, though, is that it took the Escapist this long to use that Zero Punctuation clip for advertising.

Carrying armor in the pocket of your armor

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