Zero Punctuation: Sonic Forces

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I enjoyed the episode. Surprised the minor controversy is about rape jokes rather than the pronunciation of 'gif'.

But I'll be honest- as long as they're not actually suggesting raping someone or that rape is okay, it's a bit of a relief to hear someone mentioning rape in a humorous context. It feels a bit like everyone is holding their breath right now. Yahtzee referred to an inanimate, non-sentient object being raped in a metaphorical sense, and yet the earth didn't open and swallow anyone.

Welp, first time I come around here since gamergate essentially ruined the entire place and fuck me I'll be backing the fuck back out again, ciao o/

Lot of bestiality and pedophilia jokes in this one. Sloppy writing

Especially since everyone knows the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

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