Sunday Funnies: Intervention


A humorous look at gaming addiction.

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Yeah, that was totally humorous.

"Catching your cloak in a car door is a symptom of gaming addiction."

hahaha. This was pretty funny, it's a shame I don't get a couple of the jokes because I've never played WoW, but this was still good :)


well, not really. I cracked a smile at the other guy calling for a port in the room, but... nah, this video was actually meh.

Better luck next time.

The moral of this story, kiddies, is this: RE-ROLL HORDE.

Lok'tar ogar.

I can't help but think that the people who didn't find it funny are definitely WoW players. Anyways, I'm not gonna flame you for no reason, you can like what you want.

"Catching your cloak in a car door is a symptom of gaming addiction" was what made this funny for me.

making fun of fanboys is like shooting fish in a barrel of dynamite with a cannon, and the fish are small and weak and most of them are half dead anyway.

I liked it though, more as a parody of that intervention show than of gaming, but it is still funny.

I wasn't all that impressed. It was ok. I smiled at the "Catching your cloak in a car door..." part and the random guy in the motel room, but other than that it wasn't laugh out loud hysterical.

PLus, it's not new. I've seen similar things before.

I was sort of hoping to see a video showing the ridiculousness of the claim that video games are unhealthy or lead to violent behavior. Instead, I got gamers making fun of gamers on a gaming site. What's up with that?

Sort of funny, in a crack-a-smile sort of way.

Keep Trying, Better look next time, Generic Compliment #1

Yeah, this idea's been done to death.

A lot of harsh sarcasm in this thread...

Nice idea, but poor acting. I can forgive it, since its the first one (at least from what i have seen), but even if it's a parody, acting should be better than your average "flesh movie".

If you can improve that, i'm definitly looking forward to some entertainment on my sundays.

i have to be honest here... this video hit a bit too lose to home in that i have actually played wow (albeit on a private server) and i can actually see this happening to quite a few people. then again there are really not that many people who will continuously play wow after they have reached the level cap. actually given the instability of most of the community bases in WOW, i am fairly sure that most of activision-blizzards profits must be made from people who only play up to a certain point and then quit. maybe that's a good thing after all...

I can't help but think that the people who didn't find it funny are definitely WoW players. Anyways, I'm not gonna flame you for no reason, you can like what you want.

"Catching your cloak in a car door is a symptom of gaming addiction" was what made this funny for me.

Well, I found it sort of funny, but not really hugely as I've not played WoW and didn't really get the jokes so much. I'm vaguely aware of the Alliance and Horde, but thats about it.

Writing was decent.
Acting needs to be tightened up a bit, but not too bad.
Quality execution.

I'll be back next week.

Oh, and I loved the Tank Class joke.

Pretty entertaining.

meh, writing was decent, acting sucked, also needs to work on timing. ill keep watching cuz there is some promise here, but you got to make it tighter.

try to get more into it, it felt like you didnt care much.

It depends. If you look at it like you look at Sunday Comics... Simple, careless, and usually unimaginative. However, just enough to be entertaining while you watch.

I think it fit the mold.

LF1M addic :P

Wasn't that great. I got most of the jokes, they just weren't funny. Maybe if I played MMO's or something, I don't know. Nothing felt original, it was just retreading the WoW addiction that has been done to death.

The song over the credits gained a smile though.

not working for me error 63 not found video clip :( can't cure him, after all.

Since I saw the Pure Pwnage episodes of the WoW trauma, nothing can compare. "MAH BAAAWLS!"

i think quite a few of the jokes are probably more funny from a LARP point of view than a WOW point of view (i dont play wow)

the car door one was funny (unfortunately i have done that but my cloak was better than his (and so is my car lol) and i have LARP addiction)

It was alright (nozorz, me no fanboy. I don't play WoW), it lacked something though. I don't really like any of the "live" videos on the site. I stick to the reviews, Yahtzee and Unskippable. The acting in all the others are terrible.

And on another note, who hangs out with their sister?

Woops, late to the party, but I'll comment anyway, so sue me.

This is bad. Yeah. Not that bad, really, it has potential to become good if it's the Escapist latest series (not really sure), but still, as it stands, it's bad.

The acting is... underwhelming. It's like the actors didn't care. Or had the flu. They delivered their lines with no energy.

The writing is well done, just unfunny. This subject has been done to death and back, you need to do something awesome to stand out, and you didn't.

Likewise for people being unable to tell the difference between the real world and the game world and continuously trying to do game stuff in real life. No one acts like that, not even the completely, irremediably addicts. You can sometimes pull this off if it works in an uncanny way (and I'm really trying to avoid Pure Pwnage on this post, but making the antics actually work is definitively such an uncanny way) but just showing someone asking for mana and hoping people will think "Oh my, what a most queer event! Certainly that rapscallion is all diddly in his brain membranes!" and laugh simply doesn't work.

There's a difference between addicts and fanboys, don't use the two terms interchangeably.

Your style went from "A Modest Proposal" subtle satire to all-out jokefest without missing a beat. This doesn't really help your consistency.

A small (not really) bit of constructive advice from a person with no training in cinema or funniness, but I still hope I can help. The 'catching your cloak on the door' part was indeed really funny, and the only part in the video in which I showed physical signs of amusement, so you're not a lost cause. Heck, the first de-rez video is light years below this. I'll keep an eye on you, right?

lol, "he was last seen trying to solo heroic naxxramas"
i liked that video more than a few of the other things on the escapist, i hope it becomes a regular thing.

I enjoyed it :)

meh not funny tbh

funny >.> oh and just because i admit im addicted to this darn laptop dose not stop me from using it >.> so it might be the first step but admissions is not the last >.>

not that great, but still better than the pilot episode of apocalypse lane. I also find it slightly ironic that to find half of this funny you sort of have to be a wow fanboy, which means that half the people watching will find it uncomfortable to watch due to it's subject matter and the fact that they have to face the truth sometime.(I says this as an ex-WOW player)

After two months without wow u really can't get back into it. I know this from experince. :,(

I didn't find this funny at all, it was pretty weak, but full kudos for trying.

i thought that was funny.

Points for trying, but the acting, writing and shots were pretty weak. You were reading from a script and not actually acting at all. Work on all that and actually get enthused about it, and it'll improve. It's up to you as to whether this becomes god like Doomsday Arcade or below average like de-rez.

Edit: Archived after one episode? Blimey.


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