GDC2009: A Closer Look at Dragon Age: Origins

GDC2009: A Closer Look at Dragon Age: Origins

BioWare showed us a bit more of its next big RPG, Dragon Age: Origins and we liked what we saw. A lot.

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Oh man, I'm so psyched for this game.
I Love Bioware, and I'm very excited this game is coming to 360. I don't have a gaming PC (Nor the money to build one) but I've got my 360! WOOO!
Bioware: Will you marry me?

This may be the evolution of narrative video games: dynamic story telling.

Oh sure, you might have previously had different endings based on your choices, but to have a different beginning, middle and end? My mind is officially blown.

I'm already excited to replay this game that I've never played. ;-)

This is probably one of my most anticipated games of the year, but since I'm stuck with the console version due to my lack of good PC or the funds by which to acquire one I'm less than psyched, since we don't really know how good the cibsike versions will be or when they will come out.

Mirroring the sentiment here already, this is one of the few games I have let myself really get excited about without any hands on time. I'm really hoping it will live up to my expectations. Of coarse, I am once again faced with the dilemma of PC or 360.

Awesome, sounds like it's shaping up nicely. Now if they take the good dialogue from Mass Effect and erase the heavy modern undertone I think this will be even more awesome in that department.

The anticipation for this game will see me through all of 2009. I was devastated when I found out that it was moved from early March to later in the year, but I see it as something of a blessing now. It means that BioWare now has more time to look over its formula and decide how it can be improved.

I have the utmost faith in BioWare, moreso than any other developer. Ever since BG II, they have exceeded my expectations in every game they have developed.

I'm not sure if BioWare can topple Valve in March Mayhem, but I want them to win. Not even Valve compares to BioWare for me.

Thanks for the update, Susan!

I hope they lower the dialouge system emphasis. That was Mass Effect's most overrated feature. If so, I may try it.

This might be the game of 2009 for me. :)


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