Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars

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Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Halo Wars and Unskippable guest reviews X-Blades. See Yahtzee's crossover appearance in Unskippable: Star Ocean.


also it was awesome

yahtzee do you have a ps3 username if so what is it
mines lightfeet

Did anyone besides me here ACTUALLY watch it, or just LOLRUN here to attempt a ZOMG I R FURST, I M SHPESHAL!!!...?

Watched this now I think 7 times, and I've question (for anyone who reads this OR if Yahtzee or Graham etc see this or w/e, not very Earth shattering), Was he winging it or did he have a script like Yahtzee does(or just pointed out...I think during the SSBB fan review where he showed a picture of it)? If he did, great job, if not, then I guess the point where Big Y got angry was staged, but was still really, really funny. Still did a great job though, even if he doesn't have years of honed cynical humor talent that we've come to know and love.

he should review DOW 2 instead

also Graham and Paul were bad

Heh, YAhtzee's "RAAHGR I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" seemes like a Homestar ref.

I actually prefered G+P's section to Yahtzee's.

jeez....unskippable is crap, they really shouldnt do another guest review, especially not before yahtzees.

well...while I might disagree...It was amusing none the less.

that guy from unskippable diddnt do too bad

For some reason, the video isn't loading for me this week. Any one else having this problem?

Wow the guy reviewing X-blades has such an annoying voice. Although I did love Yahtzee's bashing of halo fanboys.

That opening was hilarious!

meh it was alright

Wooow - didn't like the start honestly - and I also hate RTS-s soo I thought this review was going to be bad - but that rant at the end - it was awesome - and the imp part after the "credits" - I have to say : brilliant work as always!

unskippable guy wasn't TOO bad, it just sounded like he was trying to be like yahtzee. halo wars part was pretty good. i don't blame his for hating strategy games. the only one i ever liked was fire emblem.

Woow that was another awesome review.

excellent best yet

I have been waiting for this since yesterday, checking every 15 minutes since daybreak. WOO HOO.
I just thought of something concerning the Biki Armor.
String Theory.

Hahaaha; the last part was hilarious!

Last part was the best! XD Although the beginning was kind of weird. =P

Nice work finally being able to fit in the sarcastic air quotes, Graham.

Yahtzee's bit was great, Graham's was a bit iffy. Certainly an A for effort, but it simply paled too much in comparison.

the opening confused me for a second...then i got it

Ohh 3 reviews in one! Hooray! Graham bit was cool. The Halo Wars part seemed to have too much hate in it. The peedigree one was the best. :P

I reckon they were about equally funny, good video this week. Also, RTS are awesome

It was a shame they didn't make better use of the Unskippable guy. That being said, the Chinese zookeeper joke at the end was brilliant.

Halo wars is bad as an RTS, im not going to rip is review apart but he should play different ones, like Endwars, but oh well, each to there own.

Also the guy from Unskippable was OK at it, not Yazhee greatness though, i do find them funny from time to time on Unskippable, especailly with yazhee this time :p

Best Zp angry reviewers:
3rd - Graham
2nd - ZP
1st - weird demon thing

He always goes out on a great joke...

What was up with the imps at the end?

Anyway, it was awesome and also by the way. I am going to throw an RTS title at you

Starcraft! Play the second one when it comes out! I command thee!

*faded background voice* "Oh I can't take this anymore!"

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