GDC 2009: Mind = Blown: Experimental Gameplay

GDC 2009: Mind = Blown: Experimental Gameplay

At GDC '09, Emily Balistrieri reports on the cutting edge of experimental game design: Time-traveling RTS and shadow-based physics, anyone?

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"Meta-Time Strategy". 8O

Finally, all that time watching Back to the Future, Quantum Leap, Star Trek Voyager, and Enterprise is about to be put to practical use!

If my brain doesn't melt first.

Some very brilliant minds at work here.

This is the direction video games should be heading.
People say video games are still in their teens, but there is hardly any experimentation going on anymore.

All of this bold experimentation is very exciting to hear about!

God, that was awesome just watching it.

I don`t know the words to describe how badly I want some play time with something this awesome...


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