Review: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Review: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is a bit lacking for a remake, but it's still got something to offer.

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I really enjoyed the two entries released in the States, so I definitely am interested in this.

It doesn't really sound like it uses the DS to do anything special, which is a shame.

There were four entries in the US, though, not counting Shadow Dragon.

Milkman Dan speaks the truth. Two for the GBA, and then the Radiance saga (which I maintain was the best out of the releases Stateside).

Decent review. I really did miss the support convos, and the magic system was what really felt emaciated to me, not the animations. Maybe that's just because I only use on-map animations in Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance.

Eh, maybe I'm just a humbug.

i hated how you had all these new characters withing the first 7 missions. it kinda ruins the fun if leveling up what few characters you have in order to make the ultimate team.

Who did you kill at the start, I killed the paladin muhaahah!

It's kind of saddening that support conversations and magic triangle have been booted out, but I'm still getting this soon as I can afford it.

I have it, and while pretty fun, is not as good as the other stateside releases. It is missing the magic triangle, and combining the sheer number of recruits you get, with being able to change a character's class kind of made me value individual characters less.

My biggest complaint is that they got rid of the feature where the game saves after every move, which is awesome in a handheld, because you can just cut the power with no progress lost.


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