The Escapist Classic Videos: Unforgotten Realms Ep. 6

The Escapist Classic Videos: Unforgotten Realms Ep. 6

After years of community requests, The Escapist is bringing back some of the community's favorite classic video series.

The Escapist has long been known for the wildly popular video series, Zero Punctuation, but our oldest community members remember some of the other killer classic videos. We're following up the conclusion of Doomsday Arcade with another fan-favourite, Unforgotten Realms!

If you're more of a binge-watching type, you can find all of them right here!

The comments will be fresh here, but if you want to see the originals, just hit the video's comment page itself!

Unforgotten Realms Episode Six - WTB Ogre Slaying Knife


Sir Schmoopy sent mix messages to Eluamous Nailo by telling him to get onto his female wolf butt at 9:57. Then ruins it with male homophobia at 11:47 despite being trapped in a female wolf body.

He really should've trapped himself into a male wolf body if this is how he was going to react....


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