The Big Picture: Polarity Contest

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Polarity Contest

The Oscars want to give blockbuster hits a new award for Achievement in Popular Film. But does it make the problem it's meant to solve even worse?

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Welcome back to the place I first found you! Congratulations!
Looking forward to some new Comics Are Weird pieces sometime in the future!

(Kudos to whomever included some moderation rules to agree to before posting. Good call.)

Good to have this back

Yayyy, finally some reason to visit this site again. As much as I love Zero Punctuation, it alone was not enough to make it worth coming back here.

Slipping back into the show like an old pair of jeans that still fit just right.

Welcome back Bob, don't those alt-right dumbfucks keep ya down! I wonder if Escape to the Movies is also coming back?

Well I did always like this show, good to have it back.

As for the topic at hand, they could just drop all pretense and stop pretending the Oscars actually mean anything.

Ive dusted off an account I swore id never touch again, all for you Bob.

Welcome Back Bob. You win, and you've brought the rest of us along for the victory party.

Welcome back.

Guess who's back?

Back again.

Oh shit, Moviebob's back?

Who's next, Jim Sterling?

Comebacks are indeed weird. Welcome back.

I kinda agree with what Bob is saying. I still remember when Best Animated Film became an Oscar, because that pretty much guaranteed that animated films were stuck as being seen as nothing more than "kiddy" stuff.

If only Beauty and the Beast had won that Oscar for Best Picture...

"So... That happened."

Hah! Best comeback line. Welcome back.

Who's next, Jim Sterling?

Don't get your hopes up. Sterling enjoys his independence.

Congrats on the return. Great episode. It feels right to see you back and be back myself.

Welcome back Bob, don't those alt-right dumbfucks keep ya down! I wonder if Escape to the Movies is also coming back?

I guess that may depend on his contract with I rather like his movie reviews generally (though I personally prefer the prior style which utilized clips rather than speaking at a camera, but YouTube's MDCA screen killed that, so it's been balanced out with quantity so we get to see some lesser-known gems, including things like TV one-shot documentaries that are particularly topical), so I'll watch them wherever they end up.

Welcome back Bob. It really feels like something big has been fixed about the world.

Its great to see The Big Picture back on Escapist. Not just because its more content after years and years of less or not much content. Not just because its a giant middle finger to the worst users here. Not just because its genuinely great content. But well... well for those reasons. Welcome back Bob.

I like Bob's content, so long as he's not telling me I should be genocided for not worshiping his progressive idols, I'll be happy to listen to this.

Joining the chorus here: welcome back!
I've been watching a lot of your stuff on YouTube, but it's great to see you back here. The Big Picture was always one of my favourites.


Who's next, Jim Sterling?

Don't get your hopes up. Sterling enjoys his independence.

For the Jimquisition yes. Would still be awesome to see him back with something, even if it's not for his tentpole (innuendo intended).

Welcome back!! I didn't know how much I missed this show untill that slow jazz started playing.

Who's next, Jim Sterling?

It was offered to him, but he declined. There's a number of possible reasons, but I think the risk of blowback from The Jimquisition affecting the site is a big one.


WB Bob, and yea I agree. The whole idea was likely brought about by Disney to add some gold to the stacks of money the Marvel films are making. It took 3 films for LOTR to get recognition, not so much for ROTK as a singular film but as a full body of work. That came about as a 10-award streak that Peter Jackson simply was unable to carry on his own near the end. And this was a film series based on a novel, not comic books which, regardless of actual content, will always be viewed as children's fare and therefore unworthy of recognition. Even with the oodles of money and the fanfare, we are 20 films in now, these films don't quite have the dramatic hits, the historical gravitas, the Italian-sounding orchestral numbers that the more oscar-baitey films seem to carry.

A small part of me hopes that the academy goes through with the award AND gives it to Black Panther if only to ensure that the resulting backlash would guarantee it never happens again. It will be forever viewed as the most racist thing the academy has ever done.

I've been watching your stuff on Youtube but it's good to have you back here Bob. Looking forward to all the things to come.

Even caring more about movies than the average person, I can't claim I ever enjoyed the Oscars much. Watching rich people congratulate each other is something I have extremely little tolerance for. Making a new category for popular movies isn't gonna do anything to change that. The idea itself, though... I don't know, popularity is something mostly determined by success and if that's what they're gonna go for, they might just give it to the highest grossing movie of the year. The thing about the Oscar is that it's given to movies for their alleged quality as decided by a jury of alleged experts. Giving popular movies their own category raises the question what determines if a movie is popular or not and by which standards to judge its qualities. Don't get me wrong, I want to see a Michael Bay movie win a Best Picture award as much as the next guy (Actually, no, I 'm pretty sure I want to see a Michael Bay movie win a Best Picture Award much more than the next guy) but to make a seperate category so that the Academy can acknowledge those superhero movies that kids love... well, seems like a marketing gimmick to me.

At that point, why not just swallow your pride and make a category for Best Action Movie? It would, effectively, amount to the same thing and come off as much less condescending than the implicit "We don't actually care for these movies but the peasants seem to enjoy them" that the term "Best Popular Movie" has.

Oh, and... good to have you back.

Over 10k views on the video so far, nice!

It's really great to have content back on the site again. It's starting to feel a bit like old times.

It's good to see Chipman's knowledge and expertise on the Escapist again.

Welcome back, Bob! Glad to have a reason to finally come back to the escapist, too.

Glad you're back!


Holy shit, what's going on? Someone explain this to me. I'm old!

Also I want to watch Wings now.

EDIT: and Bananaman again.

I disagree about that last point. This comeback wasn't weird; it was as if absolutely nothing had happened in the years between last episode and this one.

Who'd have thought bending over backwards to please a hate group would backfire?

Welcome back Bob!!!

This site truly needed some good news right now.

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