Experienced Points: No Man's Interface

Experienced Points: No Man's Interface

Shamus Young takes on No Man's Sky NEXT

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Oh so you're back too? That's very nice. I always enjoyed reading your articles and found it a loss when you had to leave.

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the Escapist, Shamus!

Glad to have you back Shamus - I've always dug your columns!

Hey Shamus, welcome back. Good to have you. Also, another No Man's Sky write-up? Don't get me wrong, I don't blame you. There is a lot to talk about.

Shamus, my man! I missed you. Welcome back!

The Escapist being updated again with normal content. I don't know how to feel about that... I'm frightened.

I keep thinking something clever is gonna show up if I leave my cursor on an images long enough, am disappointed... or maybe I need to wait longer.

Anyway seems like the escapist really is getting back into gears with all the old band members, wonder how long before shit hit the fan.

Shamus Young:
congratulations you crazy masochist.

That comment makes me think I have missed the perfect game for me.

PS: Welcome back!

Gotta say, it sounded like Shamus had an axe to grind in this column.

Or he would have, but he would have needed to hit K to open his inventory, triple-clicked the grindstone to use it with the axe, then had to rapidly tap ` in order to actually grind said axe. :P

Welcome back to the Escapist Shamus!

Is it bad that while reading this I had the urge to play this game just to experience the madness for myself? I fear I may be a crazy masochist after all...

Lol look at you, Shamus, posting this article like nothing happened! good to have you back, looking forward to reading more experience points.

I agree with you about the aggravating UI, and feel that it should get a rework along with the flight model (in order to scare FDev into pulling a finger out).

Wow, you're back too? This is starting to feel like a revival of the old Escapist I used to visit daily.

I'll join the choir: welcome back!
I really never had a lot of interest in playing No Man's Sky, as I like my games to have at least some goal that I'm working towards. Or ignore, as I do have fun faffing about in sandboxes, but even then I feel like I'm making some progress, if just filling in the map, getting exp or resources, or taking out enemy strongholds or the like. I have registered that they've added quite a lot recently, which was a promising albeit small and late start, but with this article and my initial disinterest, I can't imagine I'll get it anytime soon.

Welcome back man!

Yeah I know exactly where you're coming from with No Man's Sky. It recently released on XBL, so I was lucky enough to play it for the first time with a lot of the content that people were saying should have been in the original version from the start, but I must admit it is quite a chore. I spend more time searching for the resources needed to allow me to go out exploring than I do exploring. I had assumed that this was simply because I was a rookie, that once I learned a few tips and tricks and had established myself stockpiles of the resources I needed would accumulate (much like the very early stages of a Minecraft game until you have your farms and plantations set up) but your article doesn't exactly fill me with hope - it sounds like that problem never really goes away.

The whole time I was reading this, all I could think of was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI0MRyUFIXU. Regretably this clip misses a key part of the quote.

The interface is idiocy in code form, really. Who decided it was a good idea for functions to be represented by indistinct abstract symbols, rather than by the keys/buttons you bound to them? And what sadist is responsbile for creating the waypoint system which creates its own unerasable waypoints that the game all but forces your ship to lock onto when jumping, if you aim anywhere near them?

Shamus is back! Oh my god, thank Russ Pitts and Entusiast Gaming, this site is alive again. Bob, Shamus....please, someone, anyone tell me they're getting Robert Rath back!? Unskippable?

Shamus Young is back, happy days ahead.

Sounds like they drew their UI inspiration from Dwarf Fortress.

I keep thinking something clever is gonna show up if I leave my cursor on an images long enough, am disappointed... or maybe I need to wait longer.


Welcome back Shamus. I've enjoyed reading your columns at Twentysided.com and am looking forward to seeing them here again.

Welcome back, Shamus. It's a pleasure to see your return. I've enjoyed your long-form articles (not to mention satirical comics like DM of the Rings) for some time.

Ooh, let's not forget that you can lose millions of units in a single mis-click, which neatly puts paid to the "hold a key to make sure you mean it" malarkey.

I was delighted to see your byline again, Shamus. :)

Having you back is probably one of the best things about the rebirth of Escapist :D.

Also, I'm surprised that more people didn't talk about NMS's interface, cause holy shit does it sound bad.

Came back lurking to see what was happening here and... WOAH!! Experience Points and The Big Picture are both back.I always enjoyed your articles and look forward to reading a few more :)


Shamus Young:
The interface for No Man's Sky is a crazy funhouse of random behavior that will make you question your sanity.

This is my favorite sentence I've read all week.

Also I've missed editing lines from columns into their creators' OPs. It feels like the good old days again.


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