Digest: Blades and Charity

Digest: Blades and Charity

Play a Bethesda game on your iPhone, give to charity at GameStop.

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The Escapist Staff:
"Scenes like this used to only be possible in your living room on a high-end console," Howard said. "We can now do them on your phone."

Your $1,000 phone. Forgive me if I'm not impressed. Is it fun? Do the microtransactions and gameplay tuned to support them detract from the experience?

Last paragraph of first item in digest is unnecessary / poorly worded. It detracts with its negativity from positive impact news about charity has. People / companies doing noble things should be lauded for it. Period. Leading by example and getting noticed.

This doesn't need a footnote which basically reads 'these other guys aren't as good as them!'. When you start shaming for not acting noble, you basically cast shade on any future noble deeds (it can be questioned, if they are done out of kindness or just a cowardice of becoming target of shaming).

Other than this it's been good digest.


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