Spyro Developer: You Don't Miss Spyro As Much As I Do

Spyro Developer: You Don't Miss Spyro As Much As I Do

The producer of the original Spyro series looks back on his life lived in the shadow of a purple dragon.

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Spyro 2: Gateway To Glimmer - or, you know, Ripto's Rage - was the very first game I ever owned, for the very first console I ever owned. Hell, I was so oblivious to gaming hardware at the time that I didn't even know you needed a memory card to save your progress. My parents only allowed me to play half an hour a day, so, for like a month, I kept playing the same levels again and again. And I loved it. Hell, when our TV broke and we had to borrow an old black & white TV from my grandparents, I just kept playing, colors be damned.

I remember buying the first game as soon as I had the money - and when Year of the Dragon came out, that was a day one purchase.

I even bought Enter The Dragonfly on the day of its release, I didn't even own a PS2 yet! If you could point to the exact point in time when I lost my innocence and became a cynical teenager, that would be it.

The melancholia truly is big with this one... An interesting article.

Wow! Reading this article almost made me tear up. Now this is the kind of content I want more of! It's beautifully written and above else, it's written from a former developer's perspective. That's the kind of insight I'm after.

I've always wondered what it might feel like to create something that has had such a profound effect on an entire generation. It must be emotional - seeing the game you've worked on so long ago for so many years of your life brought to life again in HD. I wish I could hear from more former Insomniac developers about their experiences making Spyro but I haven't been able to find much else than just a few short interviews here and there.

Which is a shame because it's something I'm insanely curious to learn more about. Behind these amazing worlds are humans after all and you can't create something so profound without pouring a little bit of yourself into it. And you never really get those parts of yourself back - they follow the character and the world out through the release and all the rest of it, to be enjoyed by fans.

Well I really hope it comes to steam since I've wanted to play through those games again but back in the day I only rented them. I think I 100%ed the first 2 though... at least the first one. But yeah, good times.

Beautiful article, and I'm so glad to hear from his perspective. I'm very glad he's teaching; hopefully more games with heart will come from it.

This. This is content. Well done guys, you did a good.


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